Meraki Ren has a minion!

Cheval Blanc 1947 the Dumplin

Meraki Ren

The Lilac Chai
Owner: kylonaberrie

Age: 1 year, 5 months, 2 weeks

Born: September 5th, 2018

Adopted: 1 year, 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: September 5th, 2018


  • Level: 22
  • Strength: 56
  • Defense: 57
  • Speed: 56
  • Health: 55
  • HP: 55/55
  • Intelligence: 90
  • Books Read: 88
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Funnel Cake Fryer

meraki (adj.) - to do something with heart, soul, and love; to put yourself into your work

pronouns & gender: ze/hir, they/them, or he/him; non-binary
real name: korrum
sexuality: bisexual
aesthetic: vaporwave nu goth; has a thing for safety pins
favourite colour: purple
favourite food: dango
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
leitmotif: blank space by taylor swift
("got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you i'm insane / but i've got a blank space, baby, and i'll write your name")

physical appearance: small, muscular, androgynous, and very pretty with fur dyed & shaved in patterns. ze dresses androgynously as well, usually favouring feminine aesthetics but not exclusively. hir eyes are different colours.
relationships: has something different and special with each of the knights, though is closest to eunoia, who ze is married to. besties with breakcore and camellia.

meraki is, in a word, everything. and everybody. ze's main nature is to mimic others' natures, or, to fall automatically into what people need from hir at any given moment, making hir an enigma to everyone except hir closest friends. ze picks up talents and affectations like nobody's business, and can in fact, do anything, or figure out how to in a matter of time. but ze has extreme identity issues, switching between easy acceptance and even enthusiasm of hir fluid nature, and falling apart about it.

in reality, ze does have a self, and it's curious, helpful, affectionate, bitchy, and flirty. ze's sweet with the ability to turn very cold or bitter, but is ultimately a very forgiving person, all too cognizant of hir own faults. ze has bpd, and hir rages are merciless, but usually short lived, and ze's just as likely to split on a positive emotion. ze's an overall very joyful and engaging person, with an endless amount of wonder and love for the world and learning new things, and meeting new people, and is very very likely to gain a crush on said new person. ze just likes people, and has appreciation for nearly everything, a trait ze and halcyon share and which wound up bringing meraki into the gang, given that the two of them fell in love in about 2.5 days.

this just happens with meraki. and halcyon, for that matter.

however, ze tends to flit from interest to interest, whether it be with people or hobbies or concepts, and the knights is the first lasting home ze's ever had. ze has hundreds of stories to tell, and serious insecurities about being left behind, from all the times that's happened after ze split on friends or lovers and was promptly dumped for it. ze perhaps over-recognises hir own faults, and is extremely insecure about them, and insecure about how they'll be taken. but the knights are a big pile of faults, and ze fits in just fine, and has found lasting relationships in all of them.

(plans: genderless berry)

Pet Treasure

Random Sticker

Random Candies

Purple Toaster

Purple Uncomfortably Short Shorts

Lavender Iced Tea

Double Ear Piercing Jewelry

Chin Piercing Jewelry

Safety Pins

Grape Newsboy Cap

Lilac Visor

Beaded Purple Short Veil

Dark Goddess Amulet

Purple Fashionable Scarf

Ce Soir Shoulder Puffs

Lavender Summery Dress

Lacy Purple Nightgown

Faded Purple Skirt

Purple Bustle

Purple Hikei Print Leggings

Dark Matter Longstockings

Purple Zebra Knee Highs

Lilac Vertical Stockings

Purple Fishnet Stockings

Purple Comfy Slippers

Purple Jelly Shoes

Purple Plastic Shoes

Purple Polka Dot Flats

Purple Flippers

Simplistic Light Purple Flats

Swirly Lavender Umbrella

Random Mystery Ring

Blueberry Stylist Shampoo

Dark Matter Subeta Shampoo

Dark Goddess Strands

Candy MaiShadow Kit

Licorice Lip Gloss

Grape Perfume

Lavender Bodyspray

Purple Mini Nail Polish

Berry Blended Smoothie

Box of Sube Violet Tea

Deadly Ambrosia

Grape Bubbling Vial

Haunted Grape Juice

Licorice Bubbling Vial

Soothing Grape Spice Shake

Wild Berry Umbrella Drink

Bat Decorated Morostide Cake

Berry Spice Macarons

Plum Glam Cupcake

Bubble Gum Frozen Yogurt

Darkness Freezicle

Blueberry Gummy Bat

Blueberry Taffy

Grape Bat Rock-Candy

Grape Fruit Jelly Candy

Grape Gummy Donadak

Grape Gummy Mushroom

Licorice Sugar Slug

Marshmallow Bat

Purple Bunny Lolly

Purple Cotton Candy

Purple Ghost Pop

You=Pretty Candy Heart

Berry Cream

Purple Pear

Pump Bottle of Blueberry Syrup

Aeon Cookie Cutter

Dark Matter Dishwasher

Lilac Mini Blender

Lilac Fish Straw

Lilac Spoon

Lavender Toothpaste

Lilac Lifelike Dragarth Doll

Lilac Telenine Plushie

Lilac Archan Beanbag

Lilac Escalade Beanbag

Lilac Lain Beanbag

Lilac Malticorn Beanbag

Lilac Oracle Beanbag Chair

Lilac Ruffie Beanbag

Lilac Terracoon Beanbag

Lilac Torrent Plushie

Purple Angelic Heart Pillow Plushie

Random Beanbag

Sapphire Sequin Bunbun Beanbag

Starry Night Sticker

Knotta Planet Sticker

Purple Cell Phone Sticker

101 Costume Party Ideas!

Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Japanese Dictionary

Galaxy Ukulele

Starry Electric Guitar

Stylin Sassy Guitar

Dark Matter Film

Purple Floppy Disk

Purple S-Pod

Purple Tangerine Laptop

Purple Webcam

Amethyst Stone

Bouncy Telenine Ball

I am Famous Sticky

Inflatable Purple Tube

Lilac Booster Pack

Lilac Feli Hot Water Bottle

Lilac Vandal Spray Paint

My Little Lilac Hikei

Periwinkle Lava Lamp

Purple Bat Sponge

Purple Blob Doll

Purple Eraser

Random Fluffy Dice

Violet Villain Plastic Raygun

Pet Friends