Legacy Name: Mistreated

The Nostalgic Devonti
Owner: Saga

Age: 16 years, 2 months, 4 weeks

Born: June 30th, 2007

Adopted: 11 years, 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Adopted: September 4th, 2012


  • Level: 4
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 9
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 1
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Beach Comber

"Your friend Sui has given you the pet Mistreated!"
Thank you ♥️ I promise you won't regret it C:

A tribute to all children abused by their parents in the hopes of raising awareness.

Distressed looking sheep toy. Perhaps either missing a leg or with a leg badly sewn on. Meant to be white but more beige/pale grey from age. Keep similar style to original Nostalgic Devonti. Dull/dirty black face/legs similar to this. Eyes either bright green or blue as a sort of contrast however still somewhat dull due to dirt/dust on them.

May also make it so when you highlight over it colours change so wool is pure white and face/legs are a less dull/dirty black, destroyed leg is now well stitched, eyes shine more as opposed to being dull from dirt. Would match somewhere in the story about her new family fixing the toy for her. Unsure on it.

(By Khiton)

5 years old ish (use pet birth date as her birth date). Female. Grey eyes, dirty (as in not washed as opposed to colour) blonde hair. Hair in pigtails or two plaits. Dirty, well worn clothes. Try to make it obvious she attempts to care for herself even if her mum doesn't... somehow? Hugging her sheep toy to her or holding it in one hand down by her side. Give her a sort of determined look in her eyes.

Unsure whether to make a HA of her to base her off of or to give more artistic freedom.

Mainly dull colours. Try to find a good stock image of a sparse, old fashioned room - or maybe totally destroyed. If not, try to commission art of one? Full page scroll - gets lighter/brighter as you scroll down as the story gets better. Try to fit both human art and overlay on profile when completed. Overlay at top above story next to pet info (species, colour, gender, owner & birth date - no adoption date, minion or stats. Also no pet friends or TC on the page) & human image down side somewhere? Name somewhere in large letters at the top.

Will probably need to write story before commissioning profile so it starts to become lighter at the right point and actually matches the story as opposed to being in a random location.

Dull colours (e.g. dull yellows and so on. Look old, worn and unloved). As she finds the leaflet, starts to slowly fade to brighter colours as her life slowly gets better. Bright yellows? Greens? Pinks? Continues to slowly change (through her making a stand, escaping, being found by the stranger & being taken to the police - and hospital?) to the brighter colours until it reaches her happy with & trusting her new family. Now all bright. Generally happy: it is possible to get away from the abuse.
^ Still keep rather dull when finding a leaflet and making a stand though because she's still being abused by her mum. Escaping & being found = less dull but still pale. When she gets adopted, a lot brighter but still obviously a hint of dullness due to worry they might hurt her. Fully bright when she grows to trust them. Rest of the profile is the same brightness as she visits the zoo and so on.

Determined to make this perfect.

Let's try this thing...

Keira didn't really have a name - she had never been given one. The name "Keira" was one she had chosen just to make herself feel more like a person and like less of an object after hearing someone mention Keira Knightley when her mum was watching the TV. She was usually just called things like "you", "it" and "thing": her mum had told her she wasn't good enough to have a name, that only special people had names, so she kept the fact she had named herself a secret. She always listened to her mum and believed her because, after all, whose word did she have to compare it with? Her mum was the only person she knew: her abusive, drunken mum who she loved anyway because she knew no different.

For a five year old, she had learnt a lot. She could cook simple meals, clean and was good at reading for her age; reading was the only thing she enjoyed doing. Her mum had allowed it so she could read bills and make sure they weren't in debt: she was unable to make sense of most of the bill but, as long as there was no minus sign, she told her mum, who was unaware she couldn't understand the entire bill even if she could read it, everything was fine.

The day was like any other: she had woken up early and made food to give to her mum - who had gotten so drunk the night before that she had, again, passed out on the sofa not long after returning home. She was then forced to clean while her mum, trying to erase her hangover by drinking once again, watched over her with scrutinising eyes. Keira couldn't make a mistake: she knew she would be punished if she did and she believed that she deserved it, as her mum claimed.

Eventually, the inevitable happened. Keira slipped on the wet floor as she stood up to put the bucket away - spilling water everywhere. As usual, her mum was instantly to her side though not to help as she always hoped (though it was yet to ever happen). Her mum picked her up, carried her through to the living room and beat her before pushing the bruised girl into her room to deal with her injuries alone while her mum was drinking her way into oblivion once again.

Keira moved over to her bed and picked up the small tattered toy sheep resting on her pillow. Sammy, as she had named the sheep, was her constant companion and her best, and only, friend. He was the one toy her mum had allowed her to keep after her first birthday when everything else had been thrown away and, as destroyed as he was from her mum throwing him into the mud, standing on him and ripping one of his legs, Keira had done all she could to look after him including attempting to sew his leg back on properly despite the punishment it caused. She refused to let him be destroyed, however, because she needed someone to talk to and he was her only option. Whenever her mum hurt her, Keira would use Sammy as a way to comfort her and, if a day went past without her being hurt, the pair would celebrate together in a den made using her quilt.


The rest of the week passed much the same with Keira doing something wrong at least once a day and thus being injured due to it. Unlike usual, however, her mum left the house on Sunday - leaving the girl alone with strict instructions to leave the hallway spotless and not to eat anything.

While scrubbing the floor for the second time that week, Keira glanced up in time to see a leaflet being posted through the door. Curious and desperate to read something, she stood up slowly and walked towards the door: picking up the glossy paper from the floor before sitting down cross-legged to read.

Immediately upon seeing the leaflet up close, Keira's interest had been piqued and she read quickly. Determined to read the entire leaflet before her mum returned from her impulsive shopping trip. As she read, she realised the leaflet was easily defining her life and that the term for her situation was "child abuse." This thought made her frown, unsure whether to believe it or not after she had been indoctrinated to believe she deserved her fate. She slowly learnt that what her mum was doing was wrong and that there was a way out: a life far better where she could do almost anything she wanted and where she was allowed to go outside further than the high fences of her back garden. She smiled. Maybe, if she stood up to her mum, she would be able to have a better life - be able to see all the places she glimpsed on the TV when she door was open wide enough for her to be able to sneak a peek between chores.


When her mum eventually got home late into the night, Keira was sat in her room, hugging Sammy to her tightly. She was scared but determined: deciding she wasn't going to live in constant pain and fear anymore. Her mum's return was signalled by the slamming of the front door and the distinct click of the lock moving into place - swiftly followed by the sound of the woman stumbling and shuffling her way up the stairs and to the door of Keira's room. The young girl closed her eyes in preparation before looking to the door of her small bedroom as it was pushed open: slamming loudly against the wall to its side.

She listened to her mum shouting at her for five minutes or so before tightening her grip on Sammy as her mum told her to clean the stairs: answering with a simple "no." The response was instantaneous: her mum moving to her and picking her up by the throat while prying the sheep out of her grip and throwing it against the far wall where some of its stuffing fell out of the badly sewn leg. Keira knew she was in trouble, probably more than a long time, but she continued to stare at her mum defiantly: refusing to back down.

The same thing happened for the next few weeks. While Keira continued to do most of her chores, she still occasionally stood up to her mum and refused to do anything. Every time this happened, it was met by ever worsening punishment for being a "bad thing" - who was now ever frequently told she was lucky to be alive.

Eventually she decided it was time to get out. As a young child whose experience of outside was nothing more than what she had seen from brief glimpses of the shows her mum watched on TV and the back garden full of weeds and grass as high as she was, she wasn't sure what to expect but she had persuaded herself to believe that it had to be better than her current treatment.

When her mum passed out that night, she moved quietly to the front door and unlocked it with the key that had been left in the lock. As soon as she opened the door, she stepped outside and shut it quickly before waiting silently to see if she had woken her mum up. Ten minutes passed before she relaxed and moved off down the street: looking around in amazement at all the different sights as she did.


Keira was torn away from her dreams on what life must be like for everyone else when she walked into a middle-aged man. She stepped back to avoid the blow from being hit she assumed would come but blinked and looked up at the man's face, only just realising he was talking to her. When asked her name, she didn't answer which led to the already concerned man's brow to furrow.

"Let's take you to the police so they can work out who injured you like this then take you home." she vaguely heard the man say as he took her hand and led her off to the police station.

It didn't take much questioning for the police to realise Keira had been abused at home and a short description from the girl of her mum had them setting off to arrest the woman. When the drunken and confused woman was dragged into the police station, the child quickly confirmed it was her mum only to watch her be dragged off again to be put in a cell. She only half paid attention as a female officer explained she would be taken to an orphanage where she would be taken care of - but first, they needed to visit the hospital to have her injuries looked at.


Keira, now officially named as such, looked around the unfamiliar room full of playing children partially in fear and partially in awe. She hugged Sammy to her, glad the officer had been kind enough to fetch the sheep when arresting her mum.

She had been told that everything was going to change now: she was going to have friends and would eventually be adopted out to a family who would love and care for her. The thought of that alone made her smile and hug the small sheep in glee. Whenever someone tried to touch Sammy, she had panicked he would be taken away so the children had all been told to leave the toy alone which had allowed Keira to relax slightly.

It had been just over a week since she had moved into the orphanage and she was slowly learning to relax around the staff and children but she was still far from completely at ease with them. Hopefully, she decided, she would be able to make friends and play with them, though, and the thought alone helped her to relax. Reminding herself that no one was out to hurt her was the only way she had been able to calm down in the first couple of days but she now found that easy to believe as she glanced around at children who sometimes tried to get her to join in with their games and sometimes ignored her completely: she definitely preferred when she was left in peace.

As she settled into bed that night, different images of the children playing floated around in her mind and she slowly drifted off to sleep with a smile as she imagined finally being able to join in.


Not even a month later, Keira was at her new home - Sammy still at her side. The sheep's leg had been sewn more securely so stuffing would no longer fall out and then he had been put through the wash. Keira was now sat watching Mulan with the clean sheep crushed against her chest in a tight hug. Her new parents had tried to buy her other toys to replace him but she refused to touch anything other than her Sammy.

Relaxing was still hard for her but she had been assured time and time again that things were different now and she was safe. The young girl smiled happily and looked out of the window where the two daughters of her new adoptive parents were playing football. She was still yet to play with the pair but she enjoyed watching them and, to her surprise, she enjoyed talking to them too. Her adoptive mum, called Cassandra apparently, had told her the day before that they would be visiting the zoo when she had relaxed more and she had spent the night with her new sisters, asking questions on what a zoo was like.

She turned her attention back to the movie, quickly deciding Mulan was her new role-model. Before, she had considered her mum to be her role-model but it hadn't taken long away from the woman to realise that what she had done was not only wrong but illegal which had led to her deciding she wanted to be nothing like her. Shaking her head as if that would help, she pushed thoughts of her old life out of her head and turned back to Mulan once again where she sat without moving until the end.


Amazed, Keira looked around the zoo; her eyes moving quickly as she tried to take in everything. She had been with her family for over a year now and she had both settled in at home and at school - a place she found incredible because of how many books they had. Life had gotten far better and she had been looking forward to this trip since she had first moved in with her new family. The only animals she had seen before were birds out the window and her toy sheep, who she now held in one hand at her side, along with those on TV so seeing so many different animals in one place had been something she had dreamt of since her new sisters had explained what a zoo was. Most nights she had fallen asleep dreaming of lions and penguins.

Cassandra took her hand and she looked up at the woman she now called mum; smiling widely. She was led further into the zoo and her thoughts turned once again to her old life: wondering whether she would have ever gotten to visit a zoo with her birth mum. There was a difference in how she thought about her mum though. When she had first moved into the orphanage, she had thought about the woman in fear but, now, she had already managed to distance herself and felt nothing towards her - just curiosity about how things would have been if she hadn't ran away that night.

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