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Navilea has a minion!

Micah the Cando


The Glacier Devonti
Owner: Toki_chan

Age: 6 years, 6 months, 4 weeks

Born: November 25th, 2011

Adopted: 6 years, 6 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: November 25th, 2011

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  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Unemployed

"Escape your fate"

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Ice Princess
Name: Navliea Ezrael
Age: 17 Years old
DOB: January 1st
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4 1/2
Hair: blue hair
Eyes: Light blue eyes
Marks: Blue marks and dots, under and on either side of both eyes
Peircings: Snake bites
Other: Silver grey wraps around both arms and tail, pearl beads wrapped around left horn
Species: unknown
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Location: Earth
Occupation: Princess
Likes: Cold weather, Cute clothes, Bows, Jewelry, Animals, Beaches, Snow, Nail polish.
Dislikes: Being forced, Hot weather, Wolves, Reading, Writing, Smog

The world revolves around itself. It's inhabitants believe they are the only ones in the vast universe that exist. Self-centered and obliviously carrying out their day like no one was watching. Their buildings towering high above them made out of cement and metal. Their lights illuminating the streets at night for them to find their way home. Life has become a constant back and forth. Work, home, sleep and then the cycle starts all over again. Humans were naive creatures with closed minds, unable to welcome anything out of the ordinary into their very ordinary lives.
In another part of the universe, similar to Earth, there lived a world of its own. The Planet was called Nambroth, it was a planet much like Earth, the the ability to sustain life forms. The buildings were tall and bright made out of precious metals known the soils of Nambroth. The lights illuminated their world and painted designs on their streets. Shuttles floated from place to place and the people were as colorful as the lights. Taking a human form but with animal like ears, horns, tails, and wings! They resembled Earthly animals, as if they had found their way into this dimension and transformed into something much greater than they could have ever hoped to be on Earth. The planets around them were much like their own, able to sustain life, some of them were filled with just one type of 'peoples' like birds or fish. But Nambroth was the largest of the planets and the most populated.
In the capital of Nambroth was a city called Kitval where the king and queen resided. The name of their most gracious king was Veital, their queen was Prim. The people loved them, their world was populated with people from all neighboring planets, everyone was accepted and welcomed. The king and queen had tried many times to conceive an heir but it seemed impossible. But finally after many years the queen gave birth to her only child, a small sickly girl whom they named Navilea. Through her infancy the girl was sick and weak but as she grew signs of her sickliness seemed to disappear.

Young Princess
Navilea was a wild child. She ran from one end of the castle to another with maids running after her. Laughing all the while until she was finally caught and forced to take a bath. She was home schooled by the best teachers and scholars the city had to offer. She was quick to learn and even quicker to learn to control her icy touch. Her father having the ability born from the wind and her mother having the ability born from water it was almost suiting for her to have the ability of ice. There were many times during lessons where she would escape out of the sight of her teacher and make her way to the castle gates. Using an old tree to climb up and hop over the walls into the city. She played with many of the children, deprived of making friends due to her home schooling, but one boy was her favorite. Her best friend Dante was a rough little boy who pulled on her pig tails and never let her win at any game. He was like a ferret with a long bushy tail, small perky ears, and he was as quick as lightning.
They had a secret little hiding place they always went to together. Behind her castle was a forest where they escaped too. If they walked long enough they reached a small beach where they would play in the sand and play in the water. Of course her father always seemed to find her, perhaps their hiding place was not as secret as they thought it was. Veital would scold her for sneaking out and tell the boy to run home. Of course they knew tomorrow would be a new day.
Things changed as she got older, into her teens years where more pressure was put on her. To learn, to study, to be a proper young lady. When the relationship between Nambroth and their neighboring planet Akolo turned for the worst a new burden was put upon her. With the threat of war hanging over there heads it was arranged that she would marry Akolo's prince. Akolo was a planet populated by what humans would call Wolves. The young prince had pitch black hair and silver eyes. In all honesty he scared her. She was starting to think she didn't want to become queen. She didn't want to be married so early. She became difficult for her teachers to teach, she refused to participate in much of the lesson. Her mother whom she had been close too was now shut out as was her father. Unable to trust their daughter they assigned somewhat of a security detail to her, at the age of 13 she met Keilek.

Baby Sitter
According to rumors Keilek had come here from Earth. He had been a guardian spirit there, he was powerful and quiet which made him all the more deadly. Some say he was more of a demon that a guardian spirit but all the rumors had no validity to them because he never spoke a word about his life there. He had greyish blue hair and bright lilac colored eyes. His horns were more like antlers that faded from a lighter color to a darker color adorned with gold bangles and jewels. His wings looked delicately painted by whomever he was created by. He had become the general of their army since he had arrived and now he was in charge of watching the princess. If he was able to be in charge of a military force then surely he could watch a child. Perhaps the unknown extent of his powers and abilities also meant Veital was leaving his daughter in good hands.
Navilea who was now 17 and on the verge of becoming queen and all that included, sat along the shore line letting the water wash up along the shore and touch her toes. Once again she managed to escape from one of her lessons. Her arms wrapped around her knees and she let out a small sigh. Her ears perked up as she hear the soft sound of feet in the sand but she did not bother to turn her head.
"I don't want to go back to my lesson..." She mumbled.
Keilek sat down in the sand next to her, sitting on his long cape and letting the sand wash against his feet as well. He said nothing for a moment and she looked at him. He was just looking out into the water, the water here was a pink color, the sand here was a pink and cream mixture. For a moment she wondered what he was thinking before she turned her attention back to the waves.
"This is just stupid, Why can't they find someone else to marry the prince." She grumbled.
Again Keilek said nothing. She had always wondered why he was so quiet. Maybe he didn't like her? Well she wouldn't like her either if she went from being a general to a baby sitter. But the quieter he was the more she felt inclined to speak.
"You could marry the prince for all I care" He pouted.
Finally a soft chuckle escaped his lips. She looked at him and gave a weak smile, even in her anger making him chuckle was a bit amusing. She almost liked how he never pried unless he had too. He never forced her to do anything, perhaps because he only asked once and she was too scared to refuse. He was a handsome man, much older than her probably, but handsome none the less. She took a deep breath and stood up treading deeper into the water letting it come up to her knees. The hem of her skirt getting splashed every now and again. She turned around and looked at him with a bit of a frown.
"Can I skip my lesson today? I promise to go tomorrow."
He sat there and nodded his head. She smiled and leaped into the water. It didn't matter that her clothes were on she wanted to be spontaneous.

Helping Hand
One morning while walking in city a shawl over her head to hide her face she was stopped by an old man. His back was hunched over and his voice crackled but she flashed him a soft smile and asked if he needed any help. He nodded his head and told her did need help and in exchange for her assistance he would grant her a wish. The old man told her his name was Jaykar and he told her his wife was sick and dying. He said he had no money to pay for treatment, she could see the tears in the corner of his eyes and it made her feel like crying. He asked if there was any money she could spare, anything would help him. She told the old man to wait there for her. She could not possibly see the devious smile on his lips when she turned her back to run back to the castle.
Sneaking in and out was a little bit of a problem and took a little longer than normal. Thank goodness Keilek was in a meeting and unable to have his ever watchful eye on her. She made it back to the man who was still waiting for her as quickly as possible. She opened her hand and held it out to the old man with a wide smile and a little out of breath. There in the palm of her hand was a necklace with three precious jewels on it. They were called Circar's, a precious jewel worth a lot of money, something the old man could sell so he could save his wife. He took the necklace in his wrinkled and shaky hands. He thanked her repeatedly with tears in his eyes.
He asked her what she wanted from him, what her wish was. She stood there thinking, she hadn't really thought about it. She doubted the old man could grant her wish but she had wanted to do the good deed for him anyways. She looked at him again the man had tattered brown wings. He was a brown raven, how odd, he looked so worn.
"I wish I could go somewhere no one would ever find me" She giggled innocently.
The old man took a small brown bag out of his pocket and placed it in her hands. He told her to wait until night and take a trip to the beach. There were plenty of beaches but she knew exactly where to go where she could be alone, even if what he gave her didn't work. He told her to dump the contents of the bag into the water and wait. Then he told her she would know what to do. She thanked the old man and wished him the best before she went back to the castle, forgetting about going to go visit Dante. The old man slipped into an ally and a transformation took place. The old man turned into a beautiful young woman, a trickster, a wolf. She smirked to herself and looked up into the sky. She was apart of a coup d'├ętat. Stopping the marriage between the princess and prince would surely start a war.

That night Navilea asked Keilik to ask the cook to make something special for her. She wanted him to tell the cook to make her something from Earth. Keilik seemed slightly confused why she wanted something from Earth and him being the only one on the planet from there he obliged. Trying to think of meals they could make with the food on Nambroth that were similar to the food on Earth. She slipped out of her bedroom and once again left the castle walls for her secret beach. She told Dante to meet her there and he was already waiting for her, tossing shells into the water. She pulled out the bag and opened it, both of them pressing their foreheads together trying to see what was inside. It was just dust, dull blue and green dust. She frowned and Dante laughed, teasing her about being ripped off. Rolling her eyes she walked into the water and emptied the content of the bag into the water, what a waste.
The water began to glow a dark shade of pink and she jumped out of the water as it started to swirl and sink. The two of them stood back watching the light spectacle. Once it seemed to calm they both walked closer and looked down into the swirled tunnel. It was a bright light you couldn't really tell where the light lead too but Navilea smiled, the old man was telling the truth, it must be a portal. Dante tugged at her shirt pleading with her but she was too entranced by the vortex. This was her way out, this was the answer to all her problems, a hint of doubt stung her heart but it was too late. Dante had lost hold of her shirt, she had been pulling forward to look down to see if there was anything deeper into the light and she toppled forward into the swirling vortex. In a second the vortex closed up and the light was gone. Leaving Dante standing there with no princess in sight, tugging on his hair as he nervously tried to figure out what to do.
The bright light disappeared and she sat there rubbing her eyes until her sight finally returned. Her tail swishing behind her and her ears twitching sitting there rubbing her butt next. She looked around as the people walked past her, sitting in an ally way as rain drops fell from the sky. She stood up and peered out of the ally way at the concrete world before her. It looked similar to home but so different at the same time, the air reeked of fuel and oil, the people payed no attention to her as they walked under the cover of their umbrellas. She smiled and her heart seemed to skip a beat. Everyone here was human, they had no animal ears or tails, she wasn't on Nambroth anymore. She was on Earth now. She walked out into the rain, some people shooting her some weird glances. Of course a girl walking in the rain in a skirt with horns and a tail was a little weird but no one said a word. The cars screeched by on the street something she wasn't used to. On Earth she didn't have to become queen, she didn't have to marry a scary prince, she could be anyone and anything, no more baby sitters, she was free.


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