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Owner: Marine

Age: 6 years, 6 months, 3 weeks

Born: September 4th, 2013

Adopted: 6 years, 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: September 4th, 2013

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 15th, 2017


  • Level: 20
  • Strength: 45
  • Defense: 45
  • Speed: 45
  • Health: 45
  • HP: 45/45
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Books Read: 7
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Stock Worker

Retrieving logs of Project: Peacock . . .

ASG [Lab 8] --- 16:13 -- February 1st

At 14:01 today, an intern returned from New Meridian with a young girl in tow. She says that she rescued the child, who is in very poor condition, off the slaver's auction block.
We've determined that, due to current events and the yearly budget, we will provide physical and mental rehabilitation before hopefully utilizing this child in our program against the Skullgirl.

ASG [Lab 8] --- 23:22 -- February 1st

Patient 8-88

Patient Name: Answers to "Patricia", last name unknown.
Overseer: Dr. Geiger Avian

Physical Data:Human, female. Apx. 12 or 13 years of age, 4'2", 70lbs. Blood type B.
Malnourished and skinny, has probably faced conditions of starvation in the past.
Eyes and teeth appear to have been removed artificially; arms were similarly severed at the shoulder, and neither were cleaned up properly.

Family History: Unknown. Parents assumed to be dead due to circumstance of patient.
Behavior: Reacts with great fear towards masculine figures and voices, and tends to be less skittish towards those of feminine declension, but is overall extremely wary around all personnel and keeps a distance if possible. Rarely vocalizes outside of grunts and whimpers. Keeps exclusively to herself when left alone.

Plans: Keep in solitary confinement: her only socialization will be with doctors, physicians and psychiatrists. Initial work will be to bring her up to a healthy weight if possible. Followup work to focus on reconstruction of arms, eyes and teeth.

Notes: Blindness may be solvable with the Argus Project.

ASG [Lab 8] --- Subject 8-88
20:01 -- May 7th

Patient is taking gradual leaps and bounds towards rehabilitation. She has been brought up to a healthy weight after being steadily provided with a basic diet and necessary supplements, and shows no allergies or intrinsic health problems.
Her teeth have been all removed and replaced with a synthetic metal set, while basic artificial arms have been linked to her nervous system and are fully functional. It was found that her vocal cords were sufficiently damaged, making reconstruction necessary: she no longer has difficulty speaking, although her voice now has an audible robotic autotune to it.

She is still being tested in compatibility with the Argus Project, but it seems to be working thus far. Not only is her sight salvageable, but she may also be a candidate for proper biological weapon status due to the nature of the Argus Project and its capability to produce precise Z-rays.

In terms of behavior, she has begun slowly opening up to the staff who tend to her, particularly Dr. Avian, who visits her often and converses with her. Patient spoke rarely for the first few months, but after much positive reinforcement, she speaks readily.
Physical contact continues to frighten her -- she attempts to bite if restrained, and because of the nature of her synthetic teeth, this is a major hazard to any workers. As such, she has to be unconscious to be put under surgery.

From what she has told us, the patient's full name is Patricia Watson. Her parents supposedly both died in the recent war in Rommelgrad, and she was taken into an orphanage. After some time, she was then singled out and stolen into the slave trade, before she was rescued by Lab 8 six months afterwards.

She hesitates greatly on details involving these six months in the slave trade, and similarly becomes intensely anxious when questioned about her injuries. Given the initial condition of her injuries and amputations, it is safe to presume that these experiences are linked.

ASG [Lab 8] --- Subject 8-88
11:44 -- August 25th

Patient is growing stronger and more confident with each day. After many months of socialization, she seems to have established a bond of trust with Dr. Avian and one of the psychologists, Dr. Addena. Her timidity has diminished around them, and after much encouragement, has started to display the beginnings of an energetic and enthusiastic temperament.
She is eager to please, and readily answers nearly any question, although she still hesitates regarding her background. She no longer attempts to bite upon physical contact, but still displays significant amounts of uneasiness and agitation. This will be the next focus of therapy.

She will be taken out of solitary confinement within the next week in order to gauge her interactions with strangers. The first test will consist of her interacting with ASG Lab 0's Subject 0-84, who has been deemed stable enough for interaction.
The second test will consist of interactions with other children. They will be chosen randomly, will be around her own age, and will hopefully prove personable to her.

Further testing regarding the now-complete Argus System has proven successful with patient. The presence of functional, artificial eyes on her arms does not seem to bother her, and she is very capable of manipulating the individual floating eyes with her mind.
As such, her sight has returned in full, and is far superior to that of any normal human's. She takes a lot of joy in being able to see again.

Her compatibility with other synthetic parasites and mechanical systems has proven very good, as well. She identifies technology as a positive thing to be curious about, making her even more open to experimentation.

Because of her unassuming appearance, her fascination in technology, and her relative success in rehabilitation we have finalized our decision to develop her into one of our main focuses in the biological weapon department. With the concept of the Argus System in mind, we have named this plan "Project: Peacock".
She has started to answer readily to this name, and she will be referred to as "Peacock" from henceforth.

ASG [Lab 8] --- Project: Peacock
17:02 -- August 27th

Peacock's interactions with Subject 0-84 "Painwheel" were of little consequence.

After being introduced to 0-84, she retreated to the back of the room to give herself some space, but never stopped paying attention to her guest.
0-84 remained passive the entire time while Peacock stayed rather stubbornly on the other side of the room. She does not have an aggressive response provoked by 0-84's presence, and seems to regard her with an adamant wariness instead of the anticipated reaction of curiosity.

In fact, Peacock attempted to strike up conversation with 0-84 more than once, displaying the mindset that she identified 0-84 as human despite physical modifications and an obscured face.
However, after three tries of trying to connect, Peacock gave up on making any connections, and proceeded to observe quietly. 0-84 did not do much of note, keeping to herself and remaining silent.

The socialization session concluded with no consequence. Peacock seems to be fairly stable around other modified test subjects from ASG Labs, and, over time, will be put into interactions with other subjects from Lab 8. Hopefully, this good nature will continue around normal human children.

ASG [Lab 8] --- Project: Peacock
09:17 -- August 30th

In contrast to her behavior around Subject 0-84, Peacock displays violent tendencies around other human children. After watching the other children curiously for a couple of minutes, she instigated a scuffle with one of the boys, using her artificial eyes as sharp-edged weapons.

After being removed from the situation, she was asked why she displayed this behavior; her response was that she was "just playing".
With very little happening to logically trigger this violent manner of "play", this aggressive nature repeated over the next few sessions of socialization. There were no serious casualties.

This situation was somewhat more stimulating than the previous encounter, suggesting a possible link between auditory and visual stimulation and the subject's agitation. Another possibility is that Peacock may be hesitant to strike up violent play with people of authority or of personal importance, and that she cares less for the welfare of strangers.
Further research on her behavior around peers will continue, however under better-controlled conditions and with slowly-increasing degrees of familiarity rather than blindly introducing strangers.

Despite how prone she is to turning aggressive under stress, project work will continue. Peacock is still very friendly towards the staff who interact directly with her, and is very eager to learn how to use the weapons we will train her to use.

As such, development of a unique side-project has begun: this project will create a spacial link between Peacock and Lab 8, allowing her to, from any location, access anything from the storehouse. Initial plans for the project are to create various weapons and robotic assistants.

Between her massively-enhanced sight from the Argus System, and her natural dexterity and agility, Project: Peacock is definitely a success thus far, and will be improved further with time.

ASG [Lab 8] --- Project: Peacock
15:32 - Sept. 5th

Following initial interactions with unfamiliar faces of Lab 8, Peacock continues to behave well under simply being told to do so. Gentle words remain the best way to get her to do anything; if told about a situation in advance, she reacts in a much more stable fashion than if not warned beforehand.
She will need to be educated in behaving on her own, as there will inevitably be times in the future where we cannot aid her. It may be difficult given her unpredictable nature when left alone, but it will certainly be possible.

In a similar vein, positive reinforcement proves even more effective after a television was added to her room. She favors cartoons and other children's programs, and will happily spend hours watching them, often chattering happily to herself the whole time. She becomes very willing to tolerate surgeries, injections, and socialization if bribed with "peace and quiet hours" to do whatever she wants to do in her room.

Regarding her training in combat, she has started to channel her natural anxiety and stress into fighting, which will aid her future greatly. This is a dangerous habit to form, but will hopefully be mediated by continued sessions of emotion and stress management.

Under actual test situations, Peacock is very eager to take on a designated target, and displays a decent understanding of firearms and other handheld weapons. Her rambunctious nature persists into hypothetical combat, and she shows little regard for her own safety in a conceptual fight; as such, basic structural modifications will be made to her machinery to increase stability.

Another behavior of mention would be a strange liking for cigars. At apx. 18:32 on Sept. 2nd, Peacock took one of Dr. Jiniel's cigars straight from his hand and put it in her mouth there and then. She is not giving us a clear answer regarding why.
Though it seems to stimulate a positive mood, this will not do for her health. In response, we have created a line of placebos with a similar taste and scent. She doesn't seem to notice this difference.

Additionally, the side-project mentioned in the previous entry is now in full swing.
Named the Avery Unit after the project's central artificial intelligence core, this collection of weapons, explosives and robots has been created with the aim of working in perfect tandem with Peacock.

So far, it has proved very functional, and Peacock continues to surprise us with her swift mastery of concepts. She enjoys the idea of being able to reach into her sleeve and take out something like a handgun, and has a lot of fun seeing what might end up being handed to her next.

The interns and assistants don't seem convinced that they're perfectly safe around her, no matter how much we reassure them.

ASG [Lab 8] --- Project: Peacock
22:29 - Oct. 17th

She astounds us more with each passing day.
On her own terms, Peacock has figured out how to project her spatial link connection to places other than Lab 8. She is effectively capable of teleporting through this method, and is able to immediately switch back to being linked to Lab 8 within a second of teleportation. In case of disaster, we are capable of shutting down the spatial link system if required.

Overall, the Avery Unit is a massive boon to her, and she has become very adept at manipulating the full set of weapons and utilities that it offers. She particularly favors pistols, knives, bludgeoning weapons, and explosives, so much of the Avery Unit's weaponry has been developed as such.

Another concept that has been worked on intensively is utilizing the artificial eyes of the Argus System as dangerous weapons. Though it took some effort and time to master, Peacock seems to have the concept down. It's a simple process, consisting of a surge of energy directed towards her artificial eyes, which will then magnify the energy and form them into high-temperature lasers.

Her body has been modified and reinforced to reflect this capability. She now sports many more artificial eyes, which, suspended on long metal strands, fold up against her back. Reacting to the directed surge of energy, they will unfold through a hole in her garments before opening up all around her, which will increase offensive output and maximize potential eyesight.

With this new addition, she looks very much like a displaying peacock, living up perfectly to her namesake.

ASG [Lab 8] --- Project: Peacock
14:53 - Nov. 10th

Daily combat practice and positive reinforcement continue through the months.
Her shyness seems to have disappeared completely over time; she remains very excitable and enthusiastic in nature while her violent reactions to stress and anxiety persist. While Peacock does pose a danger to unfamiliar individuals, her vicious behavior is no burden to her well-being and ultimate goal.

She is overall very healthy and seems to have developed a tolerance to illness. Additionally, after opening up in an emotional sense, she has become difficult to keep occupied throughout the entire day, and keeps all of us on our toes with her energetic and rambunctious temperament. More than once, Peacock has teleported into the staff living quarters and proceeded to take food from the fridge, much to the indignation of the workers there.
She has been socialized successfully with other subjects, opening up new possible avenues of cooperation, and it is not uncommon to see her joining in on the poker games that some workers play in their spare time.

She has taken almost affectionately to the robots and artificial intelligence in the Avery Unit. Peacock gives all of the robots names, talking to them as if they're alive, and seems to have made them into imaginary friends of sorts. She also takes the project's central core with her everywhere, greatly enjoying the actual conversation she keeps up with it.

For all intents and purposes, Project: Peacock is in optimal state, and will be fully prepared to combat the Skullgirl once the opportunity arises.

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Character concept, the world of Skullgirls, and all related material by Reverge Labs.
Character artwork and background used in profile by Reverge Labs.
Writing, profile, overlays and pet are all by Marine.
ASG [Lab 8] --- Project: Peacock
--- Subsection: The Avery Unit

Named humorously after an lab assistant's favorite animator, Avery is a highly-advanced AI capable of learning, full self-awareness, and spatial distortion.
The engineers must have been particularly silly that day, as they also modeled Avery after Peacock herself, except "as a more literal peacock", complete with beak and tailfeathers.

He was initially posed as a simple assistant to Peacock, acting not only as a communication system with Lab 8, but also being a separate ally in battle. However, this soon evolved into the idea of Avery being all of these things and more.

After Lab 08 finished its work on a spatial transfer system, an idea came to mind: using this system to transport weapons and allies.

As such, Avery was designated as the artificial intelligence that would do this work of transportation. All in the space of approximately 0.3 seconds, he can travel back to Lab 8, designate what to take, and send it along to wherever Peacock may be.

This system is not only extremely efficient, but makes Peacock that much more dangerous and unpredictable. She becomes capable of pulling pistols from her sleeves or tossing bombs from her hat, all because of Avery being able to swiftly teleport back and forth with "the goods".

Avery himself is quite a character. Taking a handful of character traits from Peacock (or "The Boss" as he calls her), he is generally enthusiastic and outspoken.

General interests tend to remain fairly shared between the two, as well. It's not uncommon to see Avery sitting next to Peacock as they watch their favorite television programs, and on occasion, he might join in on a game of poker.
He's also particularly apt with a butcher's knife and searing lasers. Despite only being fourteen inches tall, Avery is a fearsome little force on his own, very quick and difficult to hit.

At the end of the day, Avery's a sort of caretaker for Peacock, a source of comfort and familiarity, and an indispensable companion.
The best of friends, they go everywhere together -- and even if Avery's not visible, he's probably just hiding in Peacock's top hat.

Pet Treasure

Burgundy Black Satin Floating Top Hat

Tattered and Toothy Bandana

Simple Red Bow Tie

Arms Of Clive

Red Jellied Eyeball

Professor New Zombelle Replacement Eye

Red Darkside Eye Burrower

Single Red Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Survivors Last Cigar

Twin Pistols


Archans Roar

Oddly Ornate Revolver

Black Bandit Plastic Raygun

Demonic Doomsday Device

Ol Blue

Rocket Launcher

Elegant Gunblade


Cork Gun

Experienced Archaeologist Excavation Kit

Used Firework

Red Firework Plushie

Rally Cocktail

Brass Clockwork Grenade

Explosive Snowball

Dark Bomb

Smiling Bomb

Little Sparky Bomb

Teeny Pie Minion Disguised Bomb


Mini Cannon

Mechanical Hound

Ziaran Lady Model Airplane

Chef Fillet Knife

Black Disposable Morostide Knife

The One-Hit-Kill

Fire Axe

Baseball Bat

Spiked Mallet

The Juicer

Fun Inflatable Hammer

Red Magnifying Glass

Boysenberry Pie Bomb

Coconut Cream Pie

Smiley Tea

Solar Powered Tulip

Mysterious Sack



Red Bowling Ball

Dark Matter Billiard Ball

8 Ball and Chain Shot

Possessed Television

Grand Piano

Giant Stuffed Elephant Toy

Red Paint Can

Red Paintbrush

Eye Bandage Scraps

Bloody Patch Kit

Skitters Favorite Needle

Subject Standard Issue Straitjacket

Over Exposed Photo

Upside Down Chemical Spiller 5000

Shiny Metal Binder

Suspicious Hatchet Sticker

Bloody Baseball Bat Sticker

Orange Saw Time Sticker

8 Ball Sticker

BAM! Sticker


Rusted Pumpkin Morostide King Film

Raffle Ticket


Pepperoni Pizza

Bag Of Burgers

Soft Drink

Chocolate Pieshake

Chocolate Steamwork Top Hat

Cinnamon Apple Pie

Onegai Maleria I

Onegai Maleria II

Onegai Maleria III

A Day at the Carnival

How to Punch a Zombie

How to Slap and Poke People

Murders 101

IOU Slip

Poorly Thought Out Apology Note

Ohno! Road Sign

Rusty Cigar Tin

Mustache on a Stick

Simple Peacock Plushie

Monocle-Wearing Peacock Plushie

Burgundy Zinnia

Pink Carnation

White Carnation

Too Cute Candy Heart

Pet Friends