Reserve has a minion!

Minion the Generic Minion


The Scribble Mahar
Owner: Celestial

Age: 2 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: November 27th, 2017

Adopted: 2 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: November 27th, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed



Arabian Wish Strands
Platinum Blonde Lunar Tails
Gorgeously Deceptive Maroon Curls
Silky Windswept Native Locks
Beaded Drab Nymph Twists


Fast Twirling Dancer Waves
Snowy Claws Mini Guardian
Sandy Claws Mini Guardian
Fading Ocean Loose Braid
Grecian Locks of Love
Silver Cuffed Hera Haira
Cornucopia of Demeter
Singed Silver Angel Tresses
Twisted Lovesick Voodoo Tresses
Feather Brained Sister Twist
Golden Everlasting Love Locks
Iced Everlasting Love Locks
Short Lacy Number
Unforgettably Cute Circus Companion Poster
Rambunctious Muse Summoning Stick
Locks of Waverly Street
Black RightHanded Orchid Kimono
White Left-handed Orchid Kimono
Chocolate Timeless Corset Dress
Cream Timeless Corset Dress
Painfully Twisted Oblivion Strands
Heaven Sent Twisted Locks
Fluffy Red Panda Companion
Pearl Twisted Royalty Braid
Knotted Burnt Ponytail
Knotted Auburn Ponytail
Alienated Jungle Log
Oo La La Cafe Bricks
Cloth-weighted Scales of Justice
Chipped Stone Anubis Relic
Pink Cotton Candy Curls
Spiked Pauldrons of Judgement
Royal Dragon Forged Armor
Bag of Broken Cathedral Glass
Frosted Winter Tresses
Fluffy Snowbound Boots
Poofy Blizzard Skirt
Chilled Skies Sweater


Watercolor Dipped Braid
Dreamy Tail
Fairy Tale Castle
Jeweled Sunset Locks
Jeweled Sunset Dress
Everlasting Love Locks
Everlasting Love Ensemble
Tree of Everlasting Love
Stairway To Heaven
Truly Outrageous Wig
Locks of the Playful Seas
Locks of the Sunset Seas
Locks of the Calm Seas
Locks of the Stormy Seas
WAA Red Sea Strands
Locks of the Midnight Seas
Locks of the Moonlit Seas
WAA Black Sea Strands
Hieroglyphic Evening Gown
Passionate Rose Gown
Blonde and Pink Ink Stained Locks
Red Roped Princess Locks
Blonde Roped Princess Locks
Brown Roped Princess Locks
Burgundy Roped Princess Locks
Floral Red Layered Ballgown
Floral Vintage Layered Ballgown
Floral Glade Layered Ballgown
Floral Evening Layered Ballgown
Floral Seaside Layered Ballgown
Escaped Butterflies
Time Rewinding Clock
Dead Flowers
Molten Magma Half Bun
Imagination Destination Hanging Gardens Postcard
Imagination Destination Great Lighthouse Postcard
Sacred Tree Branch
Spring Tree Swing
Mysterious Glowing Bulb
Consulting Detectives Friend
Snapshot of a Terrifying Tornado
Twinkle Memory Charm
Item not found: well loved squeaky dog toy
WAA Sweet Cherry Wine Curls
WAA Road House Hops Curls
Curiously Fast Sprouting Seedling
Opalescent Butterfly Curls
Speckled Dragon Wings
Ashen Dragon Wings
Obsidian Dragon Wings
Pink Lily Pinned Blonde Braid
Blue Lily Pinned Candy Braid
Horns of the Dragon Queen
Cairn Companion Adoption Papers
Playful Hedgehog Statue
Obsidian Seraphim Feathers
Pure Seraphim Feathers
Crimson Seraphim Feathers
Guardian of the Grove
Doofus Companion Statue
Stylized Guardian Cat Sculpture
Spilled Bag of Snow
Style File Knockout Knees Lace Hosiery


Bleached Wolf Tooth Necklace
Aged Wolf Tooth Necklace
Charred Wolf Tooth Necklace
Decayed Wolf Tooth Necklace
Innocent Laced Dress Ribbon
Blazing Lucky Tail
Natural Tile Sample
Dusk Tile Sample


Evergreen TreeHugger Corset
Burgundy TreeHugger Corset
Sky TreeHugger Corset
Smoky TreeHugger Corset
Elegant Laced Dom Corset
Innocent Laced Dom Corset
Resourceful Laced Dom Corset
Understated Laced Dom Corset
Eau de Demon
Eau de Innocence
Eau de Terra
Captured Fiery Spirit Companion


Moonlit Pearl Strands
Kirin Crystal of the Pure
Kirin Crystal of the Corrupt
Scroll of the Mint Flower Obi
Scroll of the Vanilla Bow Obi
Scroll of the Blush Flower Obi
Vanilla Tea Stained Slip


Scaly Pearl Fabric
Deceptively Wrapped Cross
Innocently Wrapped Cross
Mournfully Wrapped Cross
Viciously Wrapped Cross
Enviously Wrapped Cross
Little Dove in Heaven
Item not found: pure stolen horse shoeItem not found: pitch stolen horse shoe
Dreamy Fairy Tale Castle Model
Nighttime Fairy Tale Castle Model
Little Dove of Remembrance
Modern Wolf Talisman
Bouquet of Devotion
Bouquet of Affection
Bouquet of Compassion
Vintage Strawberry Rag Doll
Bag of Dog Biscuits
Potion of the Pure Wolfabooty
Potion of the Infamous Wolfabooty
Potion of the Sly Impostor Wolfabooty
Potion of the Mini Impostor Wolfabooty
Full of Blush Rose Fabric
Sunset Lake
Sensual Floral Slip
Daringly Glamorous Pistachio Floral Beret
Daringly Glamorous Pistachio Floral Duster
Bell of the Mini Moon
Dark Bell of the Mini Moon
Dragon Eye Mage Staff
Dragon Heart Mage Staff
Cream Floral Jacket
Night Floral Jacket
Playful Child Tights


Bashful Tile Sample
Arctic Tile Sample
Picked Pumpkin
Etched Key of Mercury
Etched Key of Venus
Etched Key of Mars
Etched Key of Saturn
Etched Key of Jupiter
Etched Key of Uranus
Etched Key of Neptune
Etched Key of Pluto
Etched Key of Ceres
Ankle Ornament of the Valkyrie
Feathered Drape of the Valkyrie
Filigree of the Valkyrie
Shoulder Ornament of the Valkyrie
Winged Figurine of the Valkyrie
Feathered Accessory of the Valkyrie
Ankle Ornament of the Dark Valkyrie
Filigree of the Dark Valkyrie
Winged Figurine of the Dark Valkyrie
Feathered Accessory of the Dark Valkyrie
Kirin Crystal of the Galaxy
Kirin Crystal of the Timid
Kirin Crystal of the Sweetheart
Kirin Crystal of Nostalgia
Kirin Crystal of the Angel
Vanilla Vulpine Vino
Vespolina Vulpine Vino
Vanderpool Vulpine Vino
Victoria Vulpine Vino
Vignoles Vulpine Vino
Vulpecula Vulpine Vino
Volatile Vulpine Vino
Veneto Vulpine Vino
Valentino Vulpine Vino


Spoopy Gloomy Lantern
Spoopy Deathly Lantern
Chained Goddess Ebony Voile
Chained Goddess Ivory Voile
Chained Goddess Cherished Voile
Chained Goddess Dainty Voile
Chained Goddess Ebony Fabric
Chained Goddess Ivory Fabric
Chained Goddess Merlot Fabric
Chained Goddess Envious Fabric
Chained Goddess Midnight Fabric
Chained Goddess Plum Fabric
Chained Goddess Dainty Fabric
Rose Crown of Innocence
White Crown of Purity
Ruby Crown of Suffering
Blue Galactic Crown of Stars
Skull of Absurd Defense


Shady Mischief Kicks
Somber Violin Concerto No 1
Somber Violin Concerto No 2
Somber Violin Concerto No 3
Somber Violin Concerto No 7
Oddball Violin Concerto
Reticent Violin Concerto No 1
Purified Etched Key of Mercury
Purified Etched Key of Venus
Purified Etched Key of Mars
Purified Etched Key of Saturn
Purified Etched Key of Jupiter
Purified Etched Key of Uranus
Purified Etched Key of Neptune
Purified Etched Key of Pluto
Collection Of Cheerful Tales
Collection Of Bleak Tales


Spoopy Glowing Lantern
Spoopy Blacklight Lantern
Glimmering Feathered Candle
Sunny Halo of the Porcupine
Fashionable Wrapped Shawl


Heartbroken Mischief Kicks
Bonafide Mischief Kicks
Melodic Mischief Kicks
Vibrant Vulpine Vino
Vivid Vulpine Vino
Valentine Vulpine Vino
Vain Vulpine Vino
Blushing Lunar Rose Wand
Woeful Lunar Rose Wand
Friendly Lunar Rose Wand
Joyful Lunar Rose Wand
Energized Lunar Rose Wand
Blushing Bad Boy Ribbons
Dingy Bad Boy Ribbons
Bleached Bad Boy Ribbons
Blushing Bad Boy Pumps
Flawless Fennec Flute
Flawless Foxy Flute
Ferocious Fennec Flute
Ferocious Foxy Flute
Flirty Fennec Flute
Flirty Foxy Flute
Fresh Shark Bite Waves
Nocturnal Ocelot Linen
Nocturnal Ocelot Fabric


Sword of the Loyal Warrior
Sword of the Holy Warrior
Sword of the Demonic Warrior
Blade of Loyalty
Blade of Divinity
Blade of Demonic Power
Shield of the Loyal Warrior
Shield of the Holy Warrior
Shield of the Demonic Warrior
Versatile Wrapped Shawl
Fartful Wrapped Shawl
Cozy Wrapped Shawl
Questionable Wrapped Shawl
Abjuration Halo of the Porcupine
Enchanting Halo of the Porcupine
Arcane Halo of the Porcupine
Conjuring Halo of the Porcupine
Healing Halo of the Porcupine
Necromantic Halo of the Porcupine
Sassy Ears of the Savage Bun
Sassy Ears of the Picky Bun
Gentle Unicorn Horn
Gothic Unicorn Horn
Gentle Unicorn Figurine
Gothic Unicorn Figurine
Noir feathered Candle
Pylot Feathered Candle
Griffon Feathered Candle
Candy Feathered Candle
Nefarious Knit Bullie Companion
Divine Blind Mouse Tresses
Indecisive Blind Mouse Tresses
Supreme Blind Mouse Tresses
Lustrous Botanical Spire
Otherworldy Botanical Spire
Lantern of the Long Night
Graffiti Wings
Pristine Wings of the White Dove


Platinum Over The Head Braid
Red Wine Waves
Black Criss Cross Dress
Rounded Sheer Ruffled Dress
Spring Retro Shades


Collabs with Cherish

Waxen Wheat Weave
Auburn Wheat Weave

Collabs with Mesmer

Dreamy Cherry Cupcake Swirls
Mocha Dress Up Bag
Strawberry Dress Up Bag
Spearmint Dress Up Bag
Berry Dress Up Bag
Morbid Corpse Clip
Loosely Bound Scarlet Fishbone Braid
Loosely Bound Copper Fishbone Braid
Loosely Bound Flaxen Fishbone Braid
Tight Classic Coral Curls
Tight Classic Ebony Curls
Perfectly Pinned Sugar Waves
Perfectly Pinned Coffee Waves
Perfectly Pinned Golden Waves
Revenge Driven Hoodie
Experimental Monster Hoodie

Collab with odduckOasis

Celestial Sequins
Eau De Corrupt Fashionista
Fancy Pinned Tresses

Pet Treasure

Pet Friends