Atropos has a minion!

Fate the Tiny Harbinger

Legacy Name: Atropos

The Graveyard Kora
Owner: River

Age: 9 years, 3 months, 6 days

Born: February 4th, 2012

Adopted: 9 years, 3 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: February 4th, 2012


  • Level: 6
  • Strength: 14
  • Defense: 13
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 0/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

She kept the thread hidden in her pocket for years now. The thread was not as tight and strong as it had once been. It was frayed and weak in spots, yet still remained durable and unbroken. At times she would tie it around her finger at night, with heartache and longing of a love that could never be. It was the only time she had faltered on her duties, yet no one seemed to notice. The universe had not ended, things moved along as though nothing had happened.
And now he needed to see her. How she had wished she would never have to see him again. It was easier to shut away old feelings than it was to let them rise back up to the surface.

The next day she quietly ducked out and met him under a willow tree they used to play on as children. The willow had grown taller and stronger, reminding her of her own years gone by. Her human form was no longer as impressive as it had been. She wore a modest dress over her wrinkled aging body and neatly pinned up her flowing white hair. He was already there, waiting for her, pacing nervously.

"Hello, old friend." She spoke behind him.

Startled, he turned around, and his eyes widened as he saw her. He ran the few steps between them, lifting her fragile body and swinging her around. "It is so good to see you! Thank you for agreeing to come." The years had been kind to him. His body was muscular and lean and did not seem to be as affected by his aging.

"I hate to skip chatting and catching up with you, but as you know, my time here is limited. So please, tell me what brings us here."

"I got married." He told her. She always knew the day would come, even though he had waited longer than any sane man should. She looked down, heartbroken, not knowing what to say. "I am a happy man. Maybe not as happy as I could have been at one time, but I have a sense of purpose and fulfillment I have been searching for all of my life." He speaks, looking up into the heavens, avoiding having to look directly at her.

"That's good." She spoke in monotone, "I am happy for you."

"We have a boy, and a girl. The boy is sickly, as I was when I was younger." She looked back up. She had often imagined him with children, and the thought made her smile slightly. "They tell me it is incurable. When his time comes..."

"And so you have come to ask me."

"Yes! Please! One more time for me." He looks at her now and turns from a wistful old friend into a man of desperation. "You can still do it, just please not so soon. Just give him more time. Please! I have never had much in this world, my family is the only thing that brings me pure joy."

"I'm sorry for your son. It was a mistake, I had warned you of that. He was never meant to be in the first place and the universe is just trying to balance itself."

The statement stabs him in the heart, angering him. But he cannot show his anger, only his hurt. "It was you who chose to unbalance it to begin with."

She gathered her skirt and sat down in the lush grass. As she sat down, she ironed her skirt flat with her hand and stared out into the sky. He sat down next to her and stared out into the same sky, not speaking for a long time.

"What am I to do?" she said exasperated.

He scooted closer to her, and he would have when they were young and just beginning to have feelings for her. "You did it once, and nothing bad happened. No one even noticed." He whispers to her. "It will be like that all over again."

"I did it once and it has weighed heavy on me ever since. Not a day goes by I worry about being found out. You created a marriage that was never meant to happened, and two children who were never meant to be born. If they live then what? The cycle begins again and again, until the consequences become chaos. You know that no matter what I do, things are going to end the same."

"No. No please." The desperation is gone from his voice and now he is just a man bartering for his own livelihood with a god. "Time is all I ask for."

"You have had more time than any other mortal has ever been given. It was wrong of me to do so. For that I am truly sorry. I was young then, but I am older now, and I understand my responsibilities more clearly." She stood up, brushed off her skirt and smoothed it out once again. She took the frayed thread out of one pocket, and her scissors out of the other.

A look of horror appeared on his face. "Is that...?"

"Yes." She said with a sad wistfulness. "Goodbye old friend." With that she took the scissors in her old arthritic hand, scarred by years of cutting, and snipped the thread into two pieces. He instantly slumped down to the ground like a rag doll, as the two pieces of thread flew off into the breeze.

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