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Age: 3 years, 6 days

Born: August 19th, 2016

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Adopted: June 2nd, 2017

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April 30th, 2018


profile, artwork, overlay, and story by Balloon • "Smiley" lyrics written by Billy Corgan
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Lots of kids have imaginary friends, but mine wasn't human. She wasn't even completely imaginary-- in fact, she's still with me, sitting on my bed. Smiling.

Harvey Ball invented the smiley face in 1963 as an employee morale-booster for an insurance company, but as a child of the 80's, I didn't really discover the lemony yellow symbol of eternal happiness until 1990. Then, at the age of 8 while I was back-to-school shopping with my mom, I saw a red plaid dress that came with a little yellow smiley face purse. I claim that I don't believe in love at first sight, but I have to admit that when I locked eyes with that blank, black gaze, I lost my heart.

I didn't go home with that particular smiley, but I did get a vinyl yellow tote bag with a smiley face printed on it. (I still have and use that tote bag, although it's really more purse-sized for the adult I masquerade as.) That was the start of a smiley face collection that I've kept adding to ever since, but I received my most prized smiley item a few months later as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends. Those intervening months had been filled with an unstoppable obsession with all things smiley, and considering how obsessed I get with things now at the age of 35, I can only imagine how unbearable I was at 8. I'm amazed I had any friends left by Christmas, but I did, and she picked out the perfect present.

The present was attached to a cardboard backer that declared the item to be a "Suction Cup Smiley Face," like those iconic plushie Garfields that stick up in car windows. Smiley was round and fuzzy and yellow with a string loop on the top of her (of course she was a girl, because I was a girl!) head, black embroidered eyes and smile, and a tush tag that read "Smiley" in case there was any doubt as to her species. She had black arms and legs with knobby, somewhat arthritic-looking knees and elbows, natty white gloves, white socks, and for reasons that have never been clear to me, yellow tennis shoes. Her suction cups were sewn to the palms of her gloves, but I never attached her to windows very often because she's kind of top heavy. When stuck to a window, Smiley's head (and she's all head) flopped backwards, barely supported by her spindly arms, and she always seemed uncomfortable. I didn't want to let go of her long enough to stick her to anything, anyway.

In the months and years that followed, Smiley was my constant companion not only in plushie form, but also in my imagination. As I would many (many) years later for Poof the Drifblim, I invented an entire world for a living entity based upon my beloved plushie. Suction Cup Smiley Face came to life as Smile E. Face, nicknamed "Smiley," who lived in the town of... well... Smileyland. Smileyland was located somewhere up in the clouds, in close proximity to Heaven, I guess. I do know there were always a lot of rainbows around, and the smileys used sentient, sapient, talking unicorns as transportation. I don't know why the unicorns didn't mind this, probably because Sundance never minded ferrying Megan around on the My Little Pony cartoon. Although Smiley was a girl, she presented as completely agender and never wore clothing, as evidenced by my childhood drawing of her above. (In contrast, I made several skirts for the real world, plushie Smiley. Now that I'm much better at sewing, I make her much nicer looking skirts, but I've also fixed up some of the old ones she especially liked.)

Smiley's three siblings were more tightly bound by societal gender constraints, and by my weakness at coming up with good names. Her brother was named Smiley Boy and wore a beanie propeller hat. One of her sisters, who was also her best friend, was named Smiley Girl. Smiley Girl always wore a pink hair bow and had eyelashes. Because, you know, she was a girl. Never mind that Smiley was also a girl and had no eyelashes, or that none of the Smiley children had any hair elsewhere on their heads. Smiley's other sister was named Hippie Smiley, due to the romanticized peace-and-love notion I had of hippies thanks to Lisa Frank. Hippie Smiley also had eyelashes, along with a polka dotted hair bow and a bead necklace.

Before you wonder how I managed even to name any of my Subeta pets myself without breaking my brain, not all inhabitants of Smileyland had names like "Smiley [insert generic identifier]." The Face kids' parents were Clark and Clarice Face. Not bad, right? Although I didn't come up with "Clark" all by myself-- I got it from Clark Kent, because while Smiley's dad was a mild-mannered something-or-other by day, he had a secret identity! He was actually SUPER SMILEY, defender of Truth, Justice, and a Nice Day! (...I'm still kinda proud of that line.) As one might guess, Clark Face had black hair and nerdy glasses, while Super Smiley wore the requisite cape. Clarice Face (come to think of it, I don't know why I didn't name her Lois... apparently I was protesting canon hetero ships even at the tender age of 8) was a blonde who wore a blue apron. Because, you know, she was a mom.

Smileyland had many other inhabitants, most of them with normal human names (although I have to admit, I got a lot of them by using the phone book to look up people who actually had the last name of Smiley, Smily, or Smilie). Most notable was John Smiley, Smiley's best friend besides Smiley Girl, and her sometimes-boyfriend. John had spiky blond hair, sunglasses, and shorts which I drew as blue triangles but which were probably meant to be board shorts or something. John also has the distinction of being the only other inhabitant of Smileyland to have a real world counterpart: when my mom saw how well-loved (read: well-worn) Smiley was getting, she suggested we get a spare Suction Cup Smiley Face while Toys R Us still had them in stock. We did, and I named the newcomer after John.

While John Smiley has maintained most of his fuzz and bright yellow color, Smiley lost the string on top of her head after a few years, and her tush tag had to be cut off after it got worn and dirty. Eventually, she had a suction-cup-ectomy as well when they began to yellow and crack. (The fact that I tended to chew on them may have had something to do with that.) She went through the wash once when I accidentally put her in the machine with my sheets, and it so improved her appearance, I started giving her surface baths from time to time after that. Her plush is now nubby, her color has faded, and her once pristine white gloves are drab. I don't write stories or draw comics about Smileyland anymore.

But out of the 9,855 nights (more or less) that have gone by since Smiley came home with me that Christmas, she has been with me for 9,850 of them (approximately). She has accompanied me in six countries, three houses, and three apartments; through high school, college, and two graduate programs. Through it all, she's never lost her smile, and she's never given up on me, even during all the times I gave up on myself. I haven't always rewarded her as well as she deserves, but I keep her dressed in seasonally appropriate skirts (calico in summer, sweater knit in winter) and drop a kiss on the top of her round little head whenever I pass by my bed, where she sits each day. She gets her baths in Dreft baby detergent and frequent airings out in the sun. I don't talk about Smiley the way I do about Poof-- worn childhood smiley faces don't carry the cultural capital handmade Pokemon plushies do-- but she doesn't mind. Smiley's not the jealous type.

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