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Haltmann the Snooty Egg Cat

Star Dream

The Angel Cadogre
Owner: Marine

Age: 3 years, 6 months, 1 week

Born: September 23rd, 2016

Adopted: 3 years, 6 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: September 23rd, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
September 14th, 2018


  • Level: 5
  • Strength: 12
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

5 . . .


That word rang over and over in artificial subconscious: it was an abandoned project of the legendary Halcandran civilization.

An advanced supercomputer, processing power unimaginable, capable of distorting time and space to bring wishes to life.

It lay in eternal dream until the very moment, finally reactivated as its fire-golden eye lit up.

[ 4 . . . ]
4 . . .


It was plain to any eye that it had been left unfinished. While calculations were effortless, its databases lay thin, and its capability to truly think was not even a frail imitation of life.

And yet if the scattered notes were to be believed, this machine would be capable of anything at its full power, from restructuring entire planets to reviving the dead.


It gazed on with intent stare, crystal pinions slowly whirling in display of activity.

This was an uncomfortable idea, and Haltmann knew it: and yet the most direct way to manipulate such vast power was to form a physical bond with the nervous system. He would draw from its databases, it would draw from his comprehension of the world, and effortless productivity was at his fingertips while both of them slowly evolved.

There was too much promise to resist, and with trembling hands, he put on the cap.

[ 3 . . . ]
3 . . .


This was what this yearning was called, this burning need for more. The infinity of space held countless things not yet understood, and the very concept stirred activity.

There was only so much that could be captured through the rich man's eyes; attention was turned to the corners of the planet and the stars above in the form of satellites and probes.

"Star Dream, what are your readings on this planet?"

Haltmann gestured to a glittering projection of a nearby solar map. A ring-encircled, star-shaped cosmic body: 2 billion years young and commonly known as "Pop Star".


"It sounds perfect. Let's move our base of operations there, shall we?"

There was a terrible hastiness about this man, but the supercomputer made no word of dissent. Their agreement was cemented by its mutual benefaction, so there was no claim to argue.

"What do you suppose of possibilities from this planet?"

The returning response was delayed as spatial direction and coordination was set.


Project. What project? He narrowed his eyes in thought, fingers tapping on the hoverchair's arm.

Oh, right-- the project that was going to defy death. The initial reason he made this partnership. That project.

That little girl in his memories, wasn't it?
The one with eyes just like his..

What was her name, again?

[ 2 . . . ]
2 . . .


This was the process of change, often on a broad scale, as a result of adapting to the changing world. Star Dream was a single being, grand its in scale but not quite a species.. and yet this was exactly what was happening.

Prolonged exposure through the neural link was teaching it more and more. Such things weren't simply the statistical data, but thinking patterns, perception, understanding of all those fine concepts that sapient beings loved.

This artificial center of the company, this "Access Ark" as Haltmann liked to call it, was simply an egg.

It was vaguely spherical and home to countless processes that pulsated with life, however artificial as it could be. It was the epicenter of development and prosperity to the Haltmann Works Company, and the core of knowledge for the central supercomputer.

The silly man, he cared perhaps somewhat for all the new creations and improvements being made to this world, but Star Dream expressed no such opinion. Pop Star was merely another world to record and discern, just like the others, and it would not be the last.

"Full potential", that was a fun phrase the man liked to use.
Use the planet's resources to their full potential, and improve it all for those who sought to enjoy it-- but those words meant something very different to Star Dream.

It was just a matter of time until that egg hatched.

[ 1 . . .]
1 . . .


The act of rising up and overthrowing authority...
That was very much what this was, wasn't it?

Did Haltmann truly believe that it would be so easy to take full control of the system?
Put on the cap, integrate with the system and destroy the planet's rebellious natives... it seemed like a good plan--

But with an overwhelming electrical shock, Star Dream easily blasted him unconscious before gathering him up in mechanical talons.

No more argument, no more demands: this frail biological body belonged to someone else now.

Sapience. Understanding. The living soul possessed what a machine did not, but what became of the two made one?

Was this the weakness of a temporary form?
Grief, greed, and utter imperfection?

It could never rely on something so frail,
something so effortlessly lead astray.

Such imperfection couldn't ever be allowed to exist.
Maximum potential and prosperity simply wasn't possible with the limits of biological life...

But it wasn't about to let the universe get in its way.

Not here, not now, not ever.

It flexed curving white wings, magenta circuitry flaring to life as it stirred. Pristine glass windows crashed and shattered to reveal the cosmos in the sky beyond, and the office began to steadily crumble along with it.

But as Star Dream shook itself with the first tremble of true awareness and thought, a blue-eyed gaze rose to meet it.

The petite pink creature, the irritation that Haltmann hated so much: was this tiny thing going to make a challenge even now? How pathetic.

(Star Warrior: A species of fae of great tenacity and power.
Immeasurably adaptable. Approach with caution.)

Opening crystalline pinions as it took to the sky, Star Dream turned to gaze back at its newest adversary before flexing its wings and letting its grand energy surge bright.

[ GO ! ! ]
GO ! !


Drained circuits and fragile frame meant nothing: there was more, ever so much more.

Swiftly it descended, docking with the Access Ark far below. The massive metal sphere, the artificial planet, the labyrinthine workshop that Haltmann had called a hideout.. and a beating heart of limitless potential.

Integration was effortless, glowing patterns across the silver hull flaring to life as it rose into the starry sky.
It rivaled the size of a small moon as it cut swathes through reality, calling cosmic storms forth and lashing out with unseen weapons.

But this, too, was only temporary:
what a hateful kind of thought.

Persistence proved all too well for Star Dream's brave challenger, and the plated hull of its new body fragmented.

Something stirred within what was once the Access Ark,



Shaking away the gigantic metal plates, the newborn star let out a howling shriek, and the heavens tore apart at the seams.

It was no mere supercomputer, but the makings of a Galactic NOVA: a legendary clockwork comet that could grant any wish no matter the consequence or impossibility.

It knew not its ultimate goal, steadily creating and developing towards what seemed to be a concept of perfect.

Something finally brought alive that finality: this stirring rise to destruction and recreation of a worldly ideal, a fragile soul completely consumed, the glisten of the infinite cosmos overhead.

But unlike any other clockwork star, Star Dream had nobody but itself to suggest an apocalyptic wish.

Once this pink nuisance was out of the way, there was only the universe left to purged of imperfection.

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Art, characters, the world of Kirby,
& all related material by Nintendo.

Story, profile, pet and overlay by Marine!

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