Vahlour has a minion!

Lyla the Kumraph


The Hydrus Montre
Owner: Fluffy

Age: 6 years, 8 months, 3 weeks

Born: August 28th, 2011

Adopted: 6 years, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: August 28th, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 21st, 2012


  • Level: 59
  • Strength: 98
  • Defense: 92
  • Speed: 86
  • Health: 51
  • HP: 43/51
  • Intelligence: 189
  • Books Read: 184
  • Food Eaten: 293
  • Job: Gold Specialist

Art/overly by fee.
Profile by Fluffy (me).

I was born a very, very long time ago. I have been called many names, none of which are important. In these days, I answer to Vahlour. You see, I was what you'd call a Viking. I spoke a language that is long dead; even I haven't bothered remembering it. I was the bastard child of a greedy half-god and his wench. I barely remember those days, as many years have passed since my birth.

How did I become what I am, you wonder? Well, that is a long and complicated story. While my blood may hold only a fraction of the power that a true god possesses; you cannot imagine the effect it had on the human body that originally housed my spirit.

Humans are ordinary. They are not meant to hold such greatness, as a god is not limited by the physical laws of science. They are formless. They can be whatever they choose to be. From the day I was born into my useless human body, my spirit fought to break free. Only when my spirit could be separated from the prison of a body, could I truly know the power that I had inherited.

I never met my father, you see. I can be sure, though, that his human life was even shorter than mine. A prisoner inside my human body, I was a great warrior. The powers of the gods cannot be fully developed in a human form. However, they're still there. Thus I was given a subtle advantage over my opponents. My human life was but eighteen short years. However, my spirit has far exceeded that.

Unlike a true god, however, my power is not limitless. I only possess a fraction of what my father's power, and even less than that of a true god's power. I have only encountered a true god once in my existence. She is the key to my current form. I do not know why she showed me such kindness, only that I am in her debt for as long as I exist.

Esmerelda was her name. I do not know if she was a god of anything in particular. I know you're used to hearing so and so god or goddess is the God(dess) of Darkness, War, Love, and so on. While the gods may have the ability to govern anything that a human mind can imagine; that does not mean they choose to spend their limitless existence meddling in the lives of mere mortals. After all, it is a choice. They do not have to bestow a kindness upon you. Many of them do not acknowledge anyone outside their own realm. Even I am beneath their worthiness.

Anyhow, Esmerelda was her name. She was an old god; had existed far before the creation of humans. I had been a roaming spirit for a millennium or so. Frequently I invaded the bodies of other beings, but my spirit could not stay housed in such a prison. Even after such a long time, I understood little about myself and the power I possessed. Still, I do not understand much more.

Pet Treasure

Lotus Goddess Gathered Brown Locks

Black Rose Summit Scroll

Viqueen Apron

Viqueen Corset

Shinwas Key

Viking Weapons

Viking Shirt

Cane of the Wind

Shinwas Staff

Shrine of Apollonia

Anyu Battle Axe

Legendary Staff of Mists

Shinwas Staff

Viking Arm Warmers

Viking Pants

Viqueen Boots

Viqueen Dress

White Gladiator Sandals

Viqueen Helmet

Basic Viking Helmet

Viking Helmet

Ice Viking Hat

Yellow Hibiscus

Gold Sun Relic

Lotus Goddess Golden Dangle

Lotus Goddess Earrings

Lotus Goddess Golden Shoulder Drape

Maleria Gloves

Yellow Hibiscus Seed

Lightning Bolt

Mystical Orb of the Gods

The Archan, The Goddess, and The Bathroom Cabinet


Shinwas Backpack

Maleria Trading Card

Shinwa Trading Card

Pet Friends