Yanai Kotaro has a minion!

Skorn the Great Flamewing

Yanai Kotaro

The Reborn Paralix
Owner: Camilla

Age: 6 months, 2 weeks, 6 days

Born: April 24th, 2019

Adopted: 6 months, 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Adopted: April 24th, 2019


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read:
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


  • Name: Yanai Kotaro
  • Age: Doesn't age. Lives eternally.
  • Height: 1.72m
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Status: In a relationship with Skorn Darkwatcher

Life Excerpt

Yanai was in the back of his shop, unpacking his latest delivery. He had several boxes to deal with. Some of them contained fabrics, leather and other stuff that he needed for making custom corsets and other custom items that discerning customers of his sex shop might want. The other boxes contained ordinary, non-custom, variants of sex toys. The most interesting stuff was the new stock that were also new to him. It was always exciting when new designs hit the market.
He was brought back to reality by the bell at the door. Someone had entered his shop. Like a good shop keeper he headed out into the front of the shop right away so see if he could be of any help, other than just ringing up any potential sales. As he walked into the shop front he could hear someone coughing. A lot. It sounded pretty bad. As the coughing stopped he could hear the person say in a low, raspy voice:
-”What the...”
Yanai was now passing by the shelves that were blocking his view of the visitor. Just a couple of days ago he would have been surprised by what he saw. But just last week he’d met someone that looked similar. It was an elf with demon horns and his eyes blindfolded. As he was walking towards the elf he took the chance to check out the rest of him as well. Like the one he’d met before this guy also had a muscular build. And he wasn’t wearing any shirt so Yanai was treated to a view of his naked chest and the tattoos on it. Said tattoos looked a bit like tribal tattoos, but simpler in design. And glowing. Letting his eyes wander further down he could see that the guy was wearing what looked like pretty tight leather pants. As he closed in on the elf, the guy turned his head towards him and despite the blindfold he seemed to be able to see Yanai clear as day. There was a pained expression on that handsome face of his the whole time. He looked at Yanai and then at the nearby shelves, and then back at Yanai.
-”What kind of sick place is this?” He sounded really hoarse, and genuinely concerned about what he’d seen in this place. Yanai supposed that he couldn’t blame the guy if he’d never been exposed to this kind of stuff before. After all, the shelf he’d just looked at contained vibrators and dildos. To the uninitiated it might look like a wall of cut off genitals. Although many of them didn’t look especially realistic. He smiled at the elf.
-”This is a sex shop.”
-”Sex shop? Wait, you mean like a...a...brothel?” Yanai burst out laughing, which really surprised the guy.
-”Sorry about that.” Yanai wiped away a tear. “But no. It’s not a brothel. I sell sex toys. Not sex itself.”
-”What?” A particularly loud truck went by outside which made the elf wince and cover his long pointy ears.Yanai’s expression switched from entertained to concerned. He put his hand on the new guy’s shoulder.
-”Are you okay?” The elf shook his head, making his ears move. Kinda cute, thought Yanai.
-” is too loud. And the air feels...toxic. I can’t breathe out there. And my head hurts from all the noise...”
-”I take it that you’ve never been in a modern city before?”
-”No. I’m...used to forests and...quieter places. With breathable air.”
-”I think I know someone that could help you. I think he’s from a similar place as you.” The guy looked over at the door.
-”You...want me to go out there again?” Yanai smiled.
-”Only for a little bit. I do own a car after all.”
-”” Yanai chuckled.
-”It’s one of the smaller versions of the loud things out there. It’ll be a lot faster than us walking there.” He winked at his new acquaintance. To his surprise he got a slight smile as a response. “My name’s Yanai, by the way.” The elf’s smile grew bigger. And there was something about the way he looked at him that made Yanai feel a bit excited.
-”Skorn.” Yanai’s mind had been...elsewhere.
-”Huh?” Skorn chuckled.
-”I wonder where your mind went there?” There was a playfulness to that hoarse voice now. Yanai looked around as if trying to figure out an answer to that question.
-”Hm. Where oh where could it possibly have gone. Maybe the surroundings are a clue?” Another smile. This time it was different though, as he looked at the wall of dildos next to him before looking at Yanai again.
-”Yeah, good question...Anyway, I was telling you my name. Which is Skorn. Skorn Darkwatcher.”


Story by me. Humanoid art by me using a chibi base by Waitress. Overlay by CORE.

Pet Treasure

Giselle Kinkylove Corset

So Coy Underbust Corset

Giselle Kinkylove Whip

Giselle Kinkylove Short Leash

Kinky Gothic Harness

Giselle Kinkylove Erotic Feather

Police Cuffs

Pink-N-Purple Handcuffs

Monochromatic Handcuffs

Cool Neon Handcuffs

Bloody Handcuffs

Giselle Kinkylove Blindfold

Giselle Kinkylove Boots

Giselle Kinkylove Mesh Pants

Giselle Kinkylove Frilled Panties

Giselle Kinkylove Tassels

Giselle Kinkylove Pole Dancing Kit

Giselle Kinkylove Paddle

Blue Striped Stiff Corset

Red Striped Stiff Corset

Olive Striped Stiff Corset

Brown Striped Stiff Corset

Underbust Corset

Scientist Loose Corset

Black Open Corset

Black Corset Laces

White Open Corset

White Corset Laces

Silver Open Corset

Silver Corset Laces

Gold Open Corset

Gold Corset Laces

Orange Open Corset

Orange Corset Laces

Green Open Corset

Green Corset Laces

Cyan Open Corset

Cyan Corset Laces

Pink Open Corset

Pink Corset Laces

Plain Blue Waist Corset

Plain Yellow Waist Corset

Plain Turquoise Waist Corset

Plain Red Waist Corset

Plain Purple Waist Corset

Plain Pink Waist Corset

Plain Orange Waist Corset

Plain Green Waist Corset

Plain Gray Waist Corset

Plain Burgundy Waist Corset

Plain Brown Waist Corset

Lovely Heart Printed Corset

Gaslight Corset

Aviator Side-Tied Corset

Viqueen Corset

Young Edible Body Paint

Romantic Edible Body Paint

Passionate Edible Body Paint

Courtly Edible Body Paint

Pure Edible Body Paint

Intense Edible Body Paint

Red Corset Cookie

White Corset Cookie

Black Corset Cookie

Mighty Fine Booty Sticker

Free Your Willy Sticker

Pet Friends