Zoom has a minion!

Robo the Purrglar


The Steamwork Kora
Owner: Trithie

Age: 3 years, 1 month, 3 weeks

Built: September 17th, 2016

Adopted: 3 years, 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: September 17th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
December 21st, 2018


  • Level: 40
  • Strength: 101
  • Defense: 100
  • Speed: 100
  • Health: 100
  • HP: 100/100
  • Intelligence: 100
  • Books Read: 100
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Zoom had once been a normal kora. He’d been the runt of his litter of four, and looked down upon by his siblings. One unfortunate day he had been out for a walk with his family when his brother tricked him into a wrong turn. The brother had run off laughing and Zoom had gotten hopelessly lost. A Subetan had found him days later huddled under a bench and had bribed him into coming out of his shelter with a bowl of water. After only a quick drink, he had found himself picked up and taken to The Warehouse.

The Warehouse was a large, concrete building in the seedy underbelly of Centropolis. Inside it was very dark, but Zoom could see it contained several large rooms that were filled with cages. He tried to send out telepathic messages to see if any other koras were there but, as soon as he did it felt as if he had run headfirst into a wall. He had been told later that the facility had learned of a way to block telepathic communications.

He was thrown into one of the many cages. Time passed, but in the dark it was impossible to know how much. Occasionally, a guard would come in and take one his fellow cellmates from their cage. He would never see them again.

Finally, after what he eventually found out was about a year in captivity, a guard had come for him. He had been taken to a sterile room and was told that he was needed to complete an Order. Without saying anymore, they had stabbed him with a needle full of some sort of anesthesia and begun the Conversion.

He didn’t know much of what had happened during his Conversion and he wasn’t really sure he wanted to. Somehow, his organic body had been torn apart, and most of him had been replaced with metal and wires. It wasn’t a physically painful transformation, as metal couldn’t hurt. But emotionally, something had snapped inside of him and he fell into a deep depression.

His creators in The Warehouse soon realized what had happened to him. They’d hooked him up to many machines in an attempt to fix his cerebral wiring. Eventually, they seemed to decide he couldn’t be easily fixed, in which case he wouldn’t be able to fulfill the Order they had been given. They cast him out on the streets, after reminding him that if he told anyone about The Warehouse he would trigger a self-destruct mechanism.

He’d had to turn to the life of a petty criminal to survive. He didn’t need food or water anymore, but he found his mechanics were constantly breaking down and needing replacement. He was eventually profiting enough from his thievery that he was able to begin completely replacing his outer body. It was expensive, difficult work, and he began to look less sleek and more like a hodge podge of parts. Maybe, once he had shed the body given to him at The Warehouse he could begin to come to terms with what he was.

Zoom had eventually been caught. He’d snuck into a home after getting a tip that it might contain a good haul of mechanical parts. The human there had caught him, but after a long conversation had offered him a spot in her family. Not being able to think of another way out of the situation without involving the law, he had accepted.

Completely accidentally, Zoom had found a family again.

He still stole things sometimes, though. It was a hard habit to break.

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Pet Treasure

Small Wind-up Key

Copper Steam Powered Arm

Steamwork Power Suit Core

Zephyre Brand Cybernetic Eyes

Steamwork Wrist Pistol

M4 Replica Arm Cannon

Brass Steam-Wing Kit

Veta Lake Cabin SimuLife Chip

Blue Circuit Card

Hypercooled Microprocessor

Cyan Tinted Lenses

Cyan Attenuator Goggles

Steel Masquerade Head Goggles

Rift Queen Code Cracker

Clear LED Mask

HiTech Replacement Cornea

Bronze Single Goggle

Steampunk Contact Case

Panzer Hydra Gas Canister

Steamwork Power Suit Helmet

Endeavor Chest Armor

Lasirus Bionic Arm

Sleek Augmented Leg

Sleek Augmented Arm

Endeavor Gauntlets

Demi Horn Protector

Antlephore Back-Mounted Missile Launcher

Mechanical Battle Boot

Terracoon Suction Cups

Roll of Blue LED Rope

Water BattleTech Bracelet

Void Lord Holographic Schematic

Silver Attack Claws

Rusted Arm Brace

Long Tan Shop Apron

Cogged Leather Shin Guards

Hostile Model 1544-C Plushie

Metal Workers Kit

Silver Screwdriver Set

Repurposed Voltmeter

Repurposed Calipers

Power Drill

Sharpened Draftsman Chalk

Rusted Crescent Wrench

Oversized Steam Adjustable Spanner

Crescent Wrench

Rift Queen Spanner

Claw Hammer

Socket Wrench

Cross Head Screwdriver

Flat Head Screwdriver

Metal Casting Thermometer

Metal Brush

Triangle Handled File

Pewter Casting Ingot

Metal Casting Ladle

Metal Ruler

Metal Half Square

Standard Components

Mask Carving Tools

Mechanical Parts

Panzer Hydra Bent Brass Piece

Studded Moon Crown

Simple Components

Crude Components

Hammer and Nails

Mechanical Grating

Box of Cream Scrap Metal

Box of Copper Scraps

Pin Vise

Carbon Steel Step Drill Bit

Carbon Steel Flat Drill Bit

Pin Vise Bit

Loose Screws

Busted Bolt Wreckage

Busted Nut Wreckage

Thin Black Backed Copper Tape

Tangled Ball of Copper Wire

Loose Wires

Misshapen Spring

Useless Wires

Bent Copper Pipe Wreckage

Layered Copper Pipe

Bent Metal Grate Wreckage

Bent Antenna Wreckage

Gold Embellished Lock

Ornate Radiator Key

Iron Summit Key

Fragile Radiator Key

Set of Safe Keys

Dusty Old Key

Iron Lock Picks

Tarnished Hover Bike Ignition Key

Survivors Crowbar

Heavy Duty Flashlight

Non-Candy Coins

Gold Special Coin

Stolen Aztec Coin

Gold Foil Gelt Coins

Gold Flipper Coin

Gold Pirate Eyebrowloops

Oracle Accessories

Five Golden Rings

Bairin Simple Gold Ring

Ruby Cabochon Ring

Apatite Silver Wing Brooch

Golden Mahar Earring

Sapphire Heart of Veta Necklace

Million Dollar Diamond Necklace

Crystal Collar Clip

Amethyst Jeweled Cuff

White Ziaran Honors Medal

Purple Atebus Revolution Medal

Baron Pachyderm Seal

Norlander Brooch

Steamwork Jeweled Headpiece

Dove Gold Hair Barrette

Aquamarine Tragus Stud

Emerald Crystal Hair Pin

Citrine Teardrop Earrings

Amethyst Shard Earrings

Single Gold Coin Earring

Archduke Amber Seal

Green Ornate Fan

Ornate Comb

Delicate Brass Pocket Watch

Rare Lost Pearl

Holy Warrior Gemstone

Professor New Sand Gemstones

Ghost Gems

Gate Keeper Forehead Gem

Common Chelon Gem

Solid Gold Bird Trinket

Gold Rose Trinket

Courtly Perfume Bottle

Ornate Blue Bottle

Pearled Gold Chain

Warm Spice Purse

Forged Ident Card

Cracked Green Holo-Phone

Otherworldly Gold Compact

Stained Napkin

Hustler Money Clip

Thieving Squirrel

Pet Friends