Ariana has a minion!

Bonbon the Ekarr

Legacy Name: Ariana

The Scribble Neela
Owner: Zombie

Age: 10 years, 3 months, 1 week

Born: January 10th, 2014

Adopted: 10 years, 3 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: January 10th, 2014

Pet Spotlight Winner
April 6th, 2015


  • Level: 99
  • Strength: 179
  • Defense: 152
  • Speed: 152
  • Health: 153
  • HP: 153/153
  • Intelligence: 355
  • Books Read: 332
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Hotel Chain Owner

Hand-painted windows greet every visitor to Ariana's coffeehouse, along with the crisp scent of coffee. Inside, delightfully mismatched chairs and tables invite customers to settle in for a while. It's this cozy, whimsical atmosphere that has people coming back again and again.

Ariana has a very loyal clientele, but occasionally she sees new people as well. Usually, she can just look at someone and know what kind of beverage or dessert they would enjoy the most. No one knows how she does it. The truth is, she learned from her parents. They ran the business and taught Ariana all the tricks of the trade.

When Ariana's parents hit their golden years and decided to go on a long road trip, they left her in charge. Since they'd left the place looking rather dusty and cold, she hired her friends to do all the cleaning and dirty work. Ariana prefers coming up with new recipes and taste-testing.

After placing a few butter cookies in a small bag, she ties a ribbon around the top for the finishing touch. She wonders who will buy these. Maybe her next-door neighbor will stop here on the way home from work. It's also possible that a handsome stranger will show up.

As Ariana sips from a cup of iced coffee, several people walk in through the front door. She introduces herself and holds up a tray of fresh coffee macarons. "Would you like to sample my latest creation?"

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Lovingly Wrapped Butter Cookies

Elegant Nouveau Cappuccino

Vanilla Chai Cupcake

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Classic Coffee

Simple Milk and Coffee

Cinnamon Fireside Teacake

Cream Coffee Pot

French Vanilla Ground Coffee

Vanilla-Dipped Biscuit Sticks

Vanilla Macarons

Sweetheart Cappuccino

Coffee Milk

Deluxe Iced Coffee

Coffee Cake and Ice Cream

Bag of Mini Chocolate Biscotti

Cinnamon Cappuccino

Elegant Nouveau Latte

Cappuccino Cupcake

Coffee Slushie

Mini Sticky Bun

Poems About Coffee

Vanilla Glazed Gingercake

Angel Food Cake

Bun Buns

Butter Cake

Caramel Frappe Coffee

Coffee Macarons

Cinnamon Coffee Beans

Creamy Iced Coffee

Vanilla Wafer Roll

Chocolate Wafer Roll

Chocolate Eggnog

Fancy Coffee Cake

Milky Coffee

Star Latte

Wing Latte

Leaf Latte

Snowflake Latte

Flower Latte

Heart Latte

Cherry Latte

Treble Clef Latte

Eggnog Latte

Coffee Fireside Teacake

Chocolate Dipped Biscuit Sticks

Coffee Cake

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

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