Legacy Name: Imbibe

The Harvest Jollin
Owner: Burton

Age: 3 years, 6 months, 1 week

Born: April 16th, 2017

Adopted: 3 years, 6 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: April 16th, 2017

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 13th, 2018


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


Sweet, liquid ambrosia.
Smooth, foamy, earthy, nutty; the variety of tastes and colors fills me with pure joy.
Some may call me an alcoholic, but that's untrue. If they knew me at all, they would understand I'm no different than a gourmand, but my area of expertise is fluid.
When I drink, it isn't to become drunk. In fact, I haven't experienced that fuzzy, disconcerting, dizzy feeling in quite some time. I know my limits and I never push them.
I enjoy a drink with every meal. It enhances the flavors. The rich, earthy flavor of stout with my pancakes in the morning; a lager at lunch alongside my grilled salmon and salad; a deep, intense IPA with my steak and potatoes.
Not to mention my dessert- blueberry beer, my ultimate favorite. The sweet, light tartness of the blueberry paired with aromatic hops fizzles around my mouth, each refreshing pop resonating louder than the previous.
I've made it my life goal to try every alcohol on Subeta and Atebus. So naturally, when Gunter began his beer of the month club, I had to join. Gunter, ever the crowd pleasing host, managed to get his Archan-sized paws on a variety of beer.
Just recently, he has introduced me to a sweet, deep ale by the name of Honey Bumpkin. The moment I walked in the door, his face lit up like a Luminaire tree.
"My friend! I have just the thing for you, today!" His voice boomed across the room, filling my ears with a warmth unlike any other.
For just a moment, his hulking body vanishes behind the counter and then he resurfaces, a bottle in one hand and a large Stein in the other.
He slams the Stein on the dark mahogany counter and removes the cork from the small neck and begins pouring. The frozen vessel crackles when the slightly warmer ale hits it, the difference in temperature causing an icy mist to escape from the sides of the Stein.
My jaw ached in that familiar longing for a thirst quencher. In just a few small strides, I arrive at the counter and reach out for the Stein.
"This one took a long time to get my hands on. Enjoy it, eh?" He cautioned just as I brought the Stein to my mouth.
The sweet warmth of the honey encapsulated my tongue and held on, allowing the slight carbonation to dance about, bringing out the light, crisp hops with each popping bubble.
Something was different about this ale, though. A second sip brought a smile to my face.
"This is nitrogen infused!"
"It is indeed, isn't it refreshing?"
My answer came in the form of another greedy gulp. My Stein empty, I set it back on the counter, aligned perfectly with the condensation ring left there from just a few moments ago. The bottle is much lighter than I imagined, but still has a fair amount of heft to it as I lift it off of the counter. A knowing smile crosses Gunter's face as he turns away from me.
Bottle in hand, I walk outside and embrace the chill of autumn as it envelops me, covering my skin in gooseflesh. The fallen leaves whoosh past and bring with them a light earthen scent. My home is fairly close to the brewery, so I walk briskly, admiring the burnt orange and dark brown leaves taking over the once green landscape.
Once I arrive home I walk over to my bar and take a seat. The walk raised the outside temperature of the bottle, causing most of the condensation to dissipate. Across from me sits the shelving unit that holds my prized possessions; bottles from my travels around this world. Each one holds not only a delicious beverage, but also a story. An experience and a memory that I will never forget. Among those memories, I will place one more bottle.

Before doing so I always pour myself one small hiball glass to savor one final time. There is a beautiful glass rack to the right of my seat for these specific occasions, so I simply remove one and place it on the table next to the bottle. The cork comes out with a resounding pop and I pour approximately two ounces into the glass. Replacing the cork, I stand up and walk around the bar. At the very end of my top shelf is just enough room for this new memory.
"Here we go," I whisper as I place the bottle in its final resting place, knowing that although it will always be on that shelf, it will also always remain with me.
premade profile by Chen, edited by me, background sourced from pattern cooler
story by me

Pet Treasure

Spring Street Pale Ale


Honey Bumpkin

Metal Beer Keg

Miniature Beer Stein

Mug of Dark Green Beer

Mug of Helles

Pilsener Beer Horn

Pilsener Glass

Rreign Tamer Mead

Sample Size Ale

Sample Size Dark Lager

Sample Size Oatmeal Stout

Sample Size Pale Lager

Sample Size Stout

Sample Size Wheat Beer

Serene Spring Citrus Punch

Six Pack of Amber Ale

Six Pack of Hard Cider

Six Pack of IPA

Six Pack of Pilsner

Six Pack of Pumpkin Beer

Six Pack of Stout

Spring Street Black Label Lager

Spring Street Pale Ale

Spring Street Pale Lager

Strange Ale Barrel

Strange Green Ale

Sweet Blonde

Toxic Apothecary Bottle

Traveler Keg

Tsushiin Sake Lager

Scoop of Hops

Velvet Whiskey with a Pink Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a Purple Bag

Velvet Whiskey with an Orange Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a Red Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a Lime Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a Gray Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a Teal Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a Blue Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a White Bag

Velvet Whiskey with a Yellow Bag

Wheat Beer Horn

Vegetarian Ale

Wood Bourbon


Ale Flavored Beer

Beer Flavored Ale

Beer Flavored Beer

Beer Keg

Beer of Champions

Beer Pong


Free Beer

Filled Beer Bottle

Feuer-Chili Beer

Empty Beer Bottle

Cheap Green Beer

Boot of Beer

Ginger Beer

Alegarten Lager Sampler

Dark Ale Beer Horn

Filled Dimpled Beer Stein

Glass of Bock Beer

Alegarten Ale Sampler

House White Beer

Zombie Beer

Mug of Dunkel Beer

Melonbeer Slush

Blacklight Octopus Ale

Alegarten Stout Sampler

Bloody Stale Ale

More Than Light Beer

Earwax Stale Ale

Grand Gunter Pale Ale

Filled Gold Lovely Ale Mug

House Oatmeal Stout

Timely Stout

Filled Bronze Lovely Ale Mug

Regular Stale Ale

Spring Street Old Ale

Glass of Green Beer

Glass of Smoked Beer

Glass of Wheat Beer

Esther Homebrew Vesnali Ale

Fresh Pumpkin Spice Ale

Grand Gunter Amber Ale

Roach Stale Ale

House Abbey Ale

House IPA

Grand Gunter Blonde Ale


Honey Comb Harvest Ale

Grand Gunter Stout Ale

Grand Gunter Brown Ale

Rotten Stale Ale

House Amber Lager

House Honey Lager

Spring Street Dark Lager

Veta Lake Lager

Centropolis Stout

House Pilsner

Cockroach Killer

Gunters Vetan Hops

Gut Champagne Beer

Autumn Harvest Brown Ale

Pet Friends