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  • Level: 1
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Cretaceous the Archoatl
Traits: Curious, loving, playful

Avaceratops lammersi

Avaceratops is a Ceratopsion dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period, almost 80 million years ago. She was a herbivore, meaning she enjoyed the crunch of a good sized leaf over the crunch of a little mammal or fellow dinosaur any day.

Although she is related to the Triceratops, she was quite a bit smaller than her fellow Ceratopsians, her fossil remains being estimated to be just under 8 feet (about 2.4 meters) long. Like her cousins, Avaceratops did have a head frill, though her frill was solid with no openings. This is a feature she shares with her bigger ancestor, the Triceratops.

The first fossils ever found of Avaceratops were in Montana by a fossil dealer named Eddie Cole in 1981. The remains were found scattered down along the Judith River and it's assumed that the Avaceratops was buried under the sandbar after being washed down the river. She was formally named in 1986 by Peter Dodson, given the name 'Ava' in honor of Eddie Cole's wife, Ava Cole. The name 'Avaceratops' means "Ava's horned face". The epithet honors the Lammers family on who's land Avaceratops was found, giving her the complete name, Avaceratops lammersi. Avaceratops was the first Ceratopsid named since Pachyrhinosaurus in 1950.

Besides being a Ceratopsian, a group of herbivorous dinosaurs that had parrot-like beaks, there is very little known of Avaceratops and her taxonomy. Because is it presumed that the skeletal remains found were from a juvenile, a basic anaylsis would most likely place Avaceratops low on the evolutionary tree. For this reason, she is usually excluded from such analyses. An analysis performed by Sampson et al. in 2013 found that Avaceratops was the sister taxon of a recently discovered genus, Nasutoceratops, described and named in 2013.


Her feet cushioned her steps as she walked, chewing, vegetation crackling pleasantly in her jaws as she stayed along the outer rim of he herd. It was a warm day, warmer than the last, which was both wonderful and horrible. Wonderful because they could bask and grow nice and toasty...though there was 'too toasty' and once midday crawled in, they would need to seek shelter in the trees.

For now, the herd was content out in the sun, the rushing river nearby providing at least one wall of protection, their leader being the other wall to the north outer-edge of the herd. She brushed her muzzle against the ground, sniffing for more food, steadily making her way towards some leafy trees that her mother was chewing on - when it grew quiet. Her gaze went up, body stiffening, tail swaying as she turned, trying to see what had caused the change when a shriek of a predator on the hunt rang out.

The herd began to move, quickly pushing younglings to the center as they ran, though she found herself stiff, legs unwilling to carry her as the five - six? - Deinodon came charging in hunting formation, splitting and branching to cover more ground. They were much larger than an Avaceratops and the moment the golden gaze landed on her, Ava's heart throbbed in her chest. She heard the cry from her mother, summoning her, and the young Ava stumbled before turning and running, two of the bipedal terrors on her tail.

She ran as hard as her feet could carry her, hearing their claws tear into the earth as they pursued her and the young female bleated as the fear was constricting her vision. Charging along the raging river, she could see her herd not to far ahead, see their leader fighting two other Deinodons, one of the younger males assisting -

Pain seared up her back and she was hit roughly from the left, staggering, stumbling and falling, rolling painfully and grunting as she managed to shove herself back up on all fours. She felt the trickle of blood down her back left leg, turning and holding her horned head at her attackers with a deep bellow. They clicked to one another, chattering, circling her and walking steadily, their gazes never leaving their prey. A guttural growl left the young Avacera as she tried to keep them both in view, turning her head, thrusting her horned frill at them when they got too close, though her immature horns weren't much of a threat and neither was she.

It was a flash of movement when the two attacked, claws, teeth, shrieking and yowling as she fought back against them. Teeth sunk into her neck and she threw her head, connecting with the face of the other, hearing the satisfying crack as she broke teeth. Her small victory was rather fleeting however as the pain flared, coiling into agonizing torture as flesh tore and claws dug into her... Very suddenly there was confusion and commotion as the battlers fell into the river, having been unaware of how close there battling had brought them to the edge. For a moment, her attacker tried to keep hold of his hard earned prey, though the rushing current soon made it far to dangerous.

The Deinodon clambered out of the river with difficulty, yowling and clacking once he was safely on the river bank and watching their dinner tumble with the water. If they were lucky, she would wash up on shore...

Though she would not wash up on shore. She struggled for as long as she could, blood staining the river that tugged her along. Her injuries and exhaustion soon spelled the end for the juvenile as she sank under the surface, the fast current dragging her along to where she would lay for millions of years, along with the teeth of her attackers, the only traces of what had taken place so long ago.

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Horsetails and cycads
Favorite Season: Summer
Likes: Fresh greens, lounging in the sun, sleeping
Dislikes: Carnivores
Dream Color: None
Previous Color(s): None

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Story by TaintedTamer
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