Gipsy Danger has a minion!

Raleigh the Catico

Gipsy Danger

The Custom Steamwork Tigrean
Owner: kenny

Age: 14 years, 6 months, 5 days

Born: April 19th, 2006

Adopted: 4 years, 3 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: July 23rd, 2016


  • Level: 550
  • Strength: 1,376
  • Defense: 1,344
  • Speed: 1,301
  • Health: 1,320
  • HP: 1,320/1,320
  • Intelligence: 507
  • Books Read: 430
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Fight Promoter

The Jaeger touches without feeling. She has eyes that cannot see, a heart that does not beat, a brain that calculates without reasoning. But around the Shatterdome, it is said that the Jaeger knows without knowing. Rangers talk about these giant killing machines as if they have thoughts, feelings, souls; those who have never set foot in a Jaeger or gone into the Drift make excuses for this behavior. The bond shared by pilots is as important as the one between man and machine, and as such, it is only natural to give human attributes to that third party. But Jaegers don't really know without knowing, do they?

One such anomaly can be found at the Hong Kong Shatterdome. Gipsy Danger is haunted; her pilot Raleigh Becket knows it. He looks up at her and she watches him back with distant, unfeeling yellow eyes. Beside him, his co-pilot Mako Mori observes the exchange; she knows what's happening, she's seen it in the Drift. She's seen Raleigh's dual-memories, the memories from inside his brother's head as he died; she felt that agony, that helplessness, and she knows that Gipsy felt it, too. Gipsy is stained with Yancy, his invisible blood slick and sticky on the inside of the conn-pod -- his spirit lingers there, Mako can see it through Raleigh's eyes. And as they look up at her, Gipsy Danger looks down at them, welding torches hissing and throwing sparks from her joints.

They regard each other with passive respect.

Inside, the pilots are connected to cables and harnesses, the Jaeger's organs, her lifeblood. Their feet feel as though they stretch on forever, down through two hundred and sixty feet of steel and cables from where they're locked into pistons and crankshafts. They become her synapses, the seat of knowledge and reason and reaction that causes her mechanical muscles to contract, her plasmacasters to fire, her fists to throw decimating punches. Without them, she would be a useless hunk of sophisticated machinery. Without her, they would be carrion for interstellar scavengers. Man and machine wear each other with pride, and as Gipsy's heart screams to life and fills the conn-pod with her characteristic growl, Raleigh looks over to Mako and smiles.

Through the Drift, they can hear Yancy chuckle amid the Jaeger's sounds. His presence is strong tonight. For Mako, it's like the neural load is being shared by three bodies rather than two; for Raleigh, it's like he's home, safe in his brother's arms, watching a blizzard blanket Anchorage out their bedroom window. It fuels his connection with Gipsy, opens neural channels he didn't know he had and allows him to feel connected to his Jaeger on levels that enabled him to be one of two solo pilots in all of history. All around him, his body hums with Gipsy's familiar purr, a purr that is undeniably Yancy: 'Are you ready for this?' it asks. The ever patient and respectful Mako watches the memories, the exchange between man and haunted machine, whisk past her into the murmur of the Drift; their bond is strong, so strong that where the two brothers end and she begins is a mystery, and she can taste on her breath-damp lips that Yancy approves.

Gipsy Danger is the most accomplished Jaeger in service; whether it's Yancy's guiding spirit or Gipsy's indomitable heart, or a bit of both, the Shatterdome will never know. But if a Jaeger has thoughts, feelings, a soul, then the Becket boys have seen it. Yancy, the one who went down in the line of duty and stains the inside of the conn-pod, can be found in the Drift, a guiding force behind his old Jaeger's strikes; and Raleigh, the one blessed and cursed with the intimate experience of sharing in his brother's death, puts his frenetic memories at ease and lifts his foot in time with Mako, urging Gipsy Danger out into the stormy sea to combat the Kaiju threat.

"Let's go fishin', Yance."

Spinejackal -- You're going down, Kaiju scum!
Dr. Newton Geiszler -- This is your research division?

fanpet for Gipsy Danger and her respective pilots from the film Pacific Rim; I do not own the character, only the changes made to suit Subeta.
overlay by adam.
story, profile, and coding by kenny.
custom cursors from oficinadehtml.

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Damaged Tiny Robot Figurine

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