Melika has a minion!

Ocean the Aquami


The Custom Aqua Celinox
Owner: kenny

Age: 4 years, 2 months, 2 weeks

Born: August 2nd, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: August 2nd, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 10th, 2019


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

It was a calm, clear, cloudless night. The full moon hung over the vast ocean; a focal point to draw the eye among a myriad of lesser stars. Their fiery ranks were as vast and uncountable as the clouds of plankton swarming the ocean.

In the depths, deeper than man’s technology will ever reach, lived a gorgeous creature neither cat nor fish that looked on the moon with adoring crystalline eyes the color of amethysts. Melika worshipped Luna with all the adoration of a dying peasant healed by the touch of a passing prophet. In a way, the caress of the moonlight had been a cure. Soft white light opened her eyes for the first time, drawing her out of the sands of the ocean floor. She gave up a life of burrowing in the dirt to feed on the blind, colorless denizens of the forgotten corners of the world for one full of color and endless flavors.

There were the tangy tropical fish with flashy scales that she could eat by the dozen. There were the sweet, nutty pufferfish with spines that were laughable against her sharp claws and massive teeth. There were the blubbery seals of the north with a savory musk no other creature could come close to imitating.

Her cat-like reflexes served her well in pinning the most agile prey with ease. The needs of her body were easily met in the new world she’d discovered in the upper ocean but the needs of her spirit were not so easy to sate.

Luna was her goddess and tormentor, hanging high above in a separate ocean that Melika could not reach. It was Luna that taught Melika the hunting techniques of the great white shark, allowing Melika to diversify her prey and enjoy new options in fine dining. It was Luna that cast a gentle light over the deep cliffs, illuminating one that would be perfect for Melika to take shelter when the violence of the weather got bad enough to affect the very currents of the ocean.

Luna’s brother, the wicked Sol, would shove his way across that other ocean every twelve hours or so, hiding Luna’s softer, gentler light and the smaller points of light that had to be her children. Melika nearly lost her sight the one time she went to the surface to worship Luna at the wrong time. Sol’s fiery light was not for the eyes of an underwater dweller.

It took Melika a few months to learn Luna’s patterns…and to memorize the difference in auras between Luna and Sol. The water distorted the light but she could always distinguish the celestial siblings by the size of the aura surrounding their perfectly round faces. Sol’s was much wider and sloppier, a clear symptom of his inferiority as a swimmer in the sky-ocean. (Melika was heartily convinced that Luna was the maker of all creatures of the ocean and Sol had shaped the odd land creatures that could not hold their breath under the water for even one hour. Poor, pathetic beings.)

The waxing moon was a slowly building anticipation in Melika’s belly, one that burst forth in rituals of worship she herself created to show her love and appreciation of Luna at the full moon. Those few nights when nothing hid the full glory of the goddess were a time for blissful celebration. Melika’s eerie cries of worship caused many a sleeping sailor to shiver and turn over in his hammock.

Her energy faded on the waning moon. The new moon – and cloudy nights that hid the face of the goddess – were times of black depression.

It was on a night when the clouds hung heavy in the sky that Melika set her mind to leaving the ocean she knew to become a resident of the great sky-ocean.

She plotted for hours, using her instinctive knowledge of the stars and tides to determine the angle and get her velocity just right. On the next clear night with a full moon, she executed her plan, fully confident that she would kiss the face of her goddess before the night was over.

She swam as low as she could, until the tip of her tail was raising dirt from the ocean floor with each powerful sweep. Transparent, googly-eyed squid watched warily from the shadows, releasing their ink in a panic when she launched herself straight up.

A nimbus of bubbles formed around her entire body, giving her the unearthly appearance of a jellyfish with only a single leg moving at impossible speed.

The surface of the ocean broke with a sound like a thunderclap. She shot up…up…up…

…only to return to the ocean with an enormous PLOP!

She swam back and forth, tail lashing in frustration, her tail churning up even more bubbles until her scaly skin was covered in a light froth. It was a sea dweller’s version of pacing and it helped her to think.

She watched the bubbles out of the corner of her eye, an idea gradually forming.

To the east was a fissure that the land dwellers had named the Devil’s Nostril. Geysers of hot steam would shoot high into the air twice a day, killing any creature fool enough to be caught in the steam.

Melika swam to the calm pool that would soon be filled with turbulent heat, thrashing about until she’d shaped a protective bed of bubbles that would cushion the violence of the steam burst while protecting her soft skin from any harm. When the blast came, it was every bit as powerful as she had hoped. She was flung clear of the water by a thousand feet, shaping a giant bubble that floated with her inside.

The shock of the cold surface air quite literally burst her bubble, sending her tumbling head over fins.

She lashed her tail at the invisible enemies of the sky so intent on keeping her from her goddess. Gravity remained unimpressed. All she got for her efforts was a sore tail.

The night was drawing to a close. Soon the waning would begin, forcing her to endure another month of misery.

She resolved not to waste the time moping. If she couldn’t find a way to reach her beloved Luna, there had to be someone in the world that would have that ability.

She swam tirelessly until she came to the seaside cliffs of the seagulls. She had heard their annoying cries and constant squabbles countless times but had never thought of them as much more than a food source too tricky to waste time on. Now she paid attention to their wheeling motions between the sea where she resided and the one she desired to reach. Surely these pests could take her high enough to reach her goal…if only she had a way to convince them.

The gulls screamed their alarm across the community about the fish-cat that was half fish, half cat and all appetite. She could clean out an entire nest in less than a minute with her voracious appetite.

To save themselves from extinction, the seagulls made a deal with Melika. They would build a great net of seaweed and lend her their strongest fliers to carry her to the sky if she would promise to never again devour a seagull or seagull egg. Melika agreed.

They flew as high as their wings would carry them but it wasn’t enough. Not even the warrior gulls that had weathered tempests and fought off foxes could push their bodies past the point of physical endurance. They muttered to each other in the language of birds, a language Melika couldn’t understand.

She had no idea they were planning to betray her until they set her in a field of tall grass to fend for herself and flew away.

Sol’s hours of reign were fast approaching. In a land where storms were constant, Melika’s thunderous growls did little to impress the local farmers. They commented how odd it was to hear thunder with not a cloud in the sky and went on with milking their cows.

The local prairie dog population was much more impressed. It didn’t take many sentinels popping out of the ground to have their heads bit off before the underground community determined their whole tunnel system was in danger. Melika suffered under the heat of the sun but she still had the reflexes of a cat and the appetite of a shark.

The prairie dogs tired of being kept from the favorite eating places. They came to Melika with a deal of their own. They would return her to the waters of the ocean if she would eat any predators they encountered along the way.

She got a taste of snakes, falcons and one elderly fox that mistook her for a common house cat. Thousands of tiny paws heaved together, rolling her body ever forward toward the cliff side. She was familiar enough with the pull of gravity by now not to react much when she tumbled off the side of the cliff into the welcome coolness of the water.

It took nearly a week of hiding in the shadows of her cave to overcome the brutal sunburn that made the smallest motions painful. She had sworn to never eat another seagull but she would not soon forget the way she’d been mistreated by those foul-mouthed birds.

She was free of Sol’s cruel punishment but no closer to her goal. It was a time for last resorts. She shuddered and set out to find Okudoba, the sea witch.

Okudoba had no true body of her own. Her scales, tentacles and countless locks of hair had been assembled from offerings made by mortals asking for some small portion of her magic. She listened politely to Melika’s request.

” Sorry, cave dweller. I can’t help you. The only creatures foolish enough to leave their natural element through flight are the humans…what do you mean, can I draw you a map to the humans? Are you so eager to die?”

Melika was persistent, begging the sea witch to reconsider.

Okudoba shrugged. “It’s your life…though it won’t be for long. Give me one of the spots from your right hind leg and I’ll not only get you to one of the human flying machines. I’ll throw in a shrinking potion so they won’t notice your presence.”

It was a small enough price to pay. Melika nodded her assent. The skin on her leg tingled for a moment. A beauty spot appeared on the witch’s cheek.

” I always knew I’d look good with a beauty mark. Now let’s see…”

The bottom of Melika’s stomach dropped out as she was suddenly hurled a thousand miles across the globe at the speed of light. To the astronauts, she was an unnoticed speck of dust in the corner of the shuttle as the countdown commenced. To Melika, the entire world had become a gargantuan dome of strange curves and angles done in silver metal and sterile white.

She howled in fear when the shuttle launched but the humans took no notice. Nobody can hear the sound of a dust particle hitting the floor.

Melika waited until all the giants were gone to venture down the ramp that ended on a cratered surface eerily familiar to the sea caves she knew. She could feel the shrinking spell wearing off. She darted behind a rock formation before she could attract the notice of the nearest human.

The pressure that had kept her from getting close to her beloved moon was gone. She let the buoyant lightness of zero gravity have its way with her body, rising…rising…rising.

She was high above the cratered surface before she realized where she’d been standing.

The humans had taken her to kiss the very face of her goddess. Melika was on Luna.

She did a few midair cartwheels in sheer joy. Swimming in the sky was not quite like swimming in the ocean but it was well within her abilities.

With a little practice she found she could return to the moon’s surface whenever she liked or bounce from one asteroid to the next with a few well-timed flicks of her tail. The radiation of space did her no more harm than the fumes of deep ocean vents.

Seeing the humans depart was a great relief. They were mostly dull-witted creatures but every once in a while, one would raise his head in an observant manner which was most annoying.

Everything about her new home was ideal except for one thing.

What was she going to eat?

She wasn’t much concerned. Her goddess had provided for her every need in the ocean. Surely now that she was here, showing Luna the greatest possible level of devotion, she would be well rewarded.

She didn’t have long to wait. Instinct took over at the motion of an approaching creature. The shiny beetle was the size of a small bird. Its upper shell was hard as metal but the underbelly was soft and smelled of freshly cracked clam shells, one of her favorite meals. The next bug she caught had the unmistakable flavor of eggs.

Oh, yes. She would be provided for here.

Her throat vibrated in a bubbly purr of gratitude, the best tribute one of her kind could offer to a benevolent goddess.


profile and coding by kenny with tons of help from Lea.
story by Pureflower.
custom cursors from oficinadehtml.
bubble code by asad saeeduddin.
bubble vector from mmls.
profile art by pandoras-island.
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