Sundae has a minion!

Gelato the Ice Cream Crab


The Custom Sweetheart Celinox
Owner: kenny

Age: 5 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 5th, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: March 5th, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
December 17th, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

ice cream aficionado.

Every detail of Sundae's ice cream parlor is vintage rock n' roll. There is a working jukebox in the corner filled with vinyl records from such Subetan oldies bands as The Telenines, Morti & the Kings, and Clawsion Five. The booths are red leather, designed for comfort. Black and white portraits of famous subetans line the walls.

By far the most notable feature is the display board above the serving counter. All 178 of the flavors of ice cream and gelato offered at Sundae's Ice Cream Emporium are laid out in colorful stripes. Her unique gelato blends have won a combined total of 39 awards to date, including the prestigious Gourmand Flavor Excellence Medal. Her ice cream has been described as cloud fluff wrapped in velvet though it takes twice as long to melt as any cheap soft serve you'll encounter on Delphi Beach. The usual chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are present but these are far from the limitation of the owner's imagination. Rest assured that no matter your taste preferences, there will be a flavor or three to satisfy your needs.

Vegetarian? No problem! Try a nice wheatgrass and spinach swirl or a creamy carrot sherbet. Fruit lover? That's an easy one. Not only does Sundae offer traditional fruity flavors but you can also sample one of her signature smoothie blend cones. In the mood for something really unusual? You won't be disappointed. Peanut butter marshmallow and salted pretzel mint are just two examples of flavors one will not find at any ordinary parlour. There are even flavors to accommodate the zombie, ocean dweller, or intergalactic visitor in your life. There is only one rule when it comes to the flavor board: once a flavor goes up, no matter how well or poorly it sells, it never comes down.

Sundae weaves her way between booths, sharing her bubbly smile with everyone who walks through the door. It is a gorgeous summer day and business is at its peak. She greets her regulars by name, complimenting their newest sandals and gushing over hair styles that are simply too cute. New customers are welcomed and given an extra scoop of sprinkles with a subtle wink. She is literally humming with joy when she spots two of her favorite people entering together.

"Torte! Chamomile! It's been far too long, darlings! You take a table right there and I'll have your favorites whipped up in a jiffy."

Chamomile carefully guides Torte to the unfamiliar seat as Sundae sets to work scooping the right flavors. Seeing Torte's long face, she adds an additional scoop to his birthday cake sundae. For Chamomile, a nice single-scoop mint whip gelato. Sundae takes care to set the spoon within Torte's reach, putting a paw up to her ruff as she considers his drooping shoulders.

"Dear Torte, what is the matter? You know I can't bear to see you looking so gloomy."

Torte takes the first bite, smacking his lips in satisfaction. Ice cream can never replace the love he holds for baked goods, but Sundae does an excellent job of mixing in moist chunks of cake. "It's this city, Sundae. You know how I hate walking the streets."

"Oh dear, I do so know what you mean. Some of the people in this city have the most atrocious manners. Do you know what happened to me just the other night when I was walking home?"

Torte sighs and takes a very large bite of ice cream. There's no stopping a Sundae story once it gets going; you may as well try to halt an avalanche with a water pistol. Chamomile puts a comforting hoof on his arm. "What happened, Sundae."

"Well, I was just passing the Survival statue when these four absolute urchins came rushing past on their skateboards, almost knocking me into a rosebush. They frightened me half to death. Just imagine the injuries they could cause to poor Torte or some other unfortunate Subetan just like him. They wouldn't even see the hooligans coming."

Chamomile shakes her head in sympathy. "That's awful, Sundae."

"It was. It's no wonder the Subeta Police have such a hard time keeping enough officers on the force with so many youngsters turning to troublemaking instead. You wouldn't believe the tidbits I've heard this week about the latest batch of rookies."

Chamomile looks to Torte, who has just finished licking the bottom of his bowl clean. Her own modest dessert is consumed, leaving only a few gooey green drops in the glass serving dish. "I would love to hear more, Sundae, but I really must be getting back to the shop. I'm putting up the summer menu today and I know Torte has a number of orders to fill for the Omen Islands War Commemoration Committee."

"Of course, dears. I wouldn't dream of keeping you from your work. You both be sure and stop back real soon though, alright?"

Sundae hums a little tune she picked up from a Grooming Parlour commercial, her smile freezing in place as a mother mallarchy and her three young children come walking through the front door.

"Brad, you leave that feli alone. She'll pluck those tail feathers right off. Sue, that is not a toy, it's probably expensive. Don't touch. Rocky, don't you dare stick your beak in that! I swear if you three don't settle down and behave, nobody gets ice cream."

The three rowdy mallarchies quickly gather at the counter, oohing and ahhing at the wide assortment of rainbow colors.

"I want the purple flavor."

"No you don't dummy, that's beetroot."

"How would you know, feather brain? You can't even read Music Grade 1."

"Mommy, can I get a two-scoop? Pl-eee-a-see?"

Sundae forces a smile. "Quite a bunch you've got there."

The mother gives Sundae a tired smile. "We're from out by Veta Lake. We're on our way to Delphi for a day on the beach."

Sundae beams. "Delphi is quite lovely at this time of year. Did you hear about the new lifeguards? I hear they've started hiring from the Sacred Lands because-"

"Mo-o-om. I want my ice cream now! I want watermelon!"

The mother gives her son a gentle cuff on the bill. "Don't be rude, Bradley. You can see we're talking. I'm sorry, what was that you were saying?"

"The new lifeguards at Delphi. They're being hired from the Sacred Lands because so many of them know magic fundamentals. Everybody feels better knowing that the one looking out for their life can reach over the water and pull them in if-"

"Ouch! Stop it, Rocky! You're so me-ean!"

"You're such a little tattle-quack, Sue."

The mother gives her head a shake. "I'm so sorry. This was a bad idea." She turns on her children with feathers bristling. "That's it, you three. No ice cream. Outside. Now!"

A triple chorus of protests is cut short by a very angry look. The three hang their heads in shame as Sundae's customers pretend not to be interested in the little drama unfolding.

Truffle holds the door out of politeness, doing his best not to pull a face of distaste as the children rush onto the sidewalk, shrieking their demands at the sight of a traveling cotton candy cart. Sundae's annoyance melts away at the sight of the sweetest jollin she knows.

"Delectable Sundae, I do hope your day has been full of whipped cream with cherries on top."

Sundae begins to primp without even realizing it. "My day is always sweeter for your presence, my luscious Truffle. Please do tell me you've come to sample my latest chocolate creations?"

"But of course. I wouldn't dream of passing your shop without giving my opinion of whatever smashing successes are sure to come from that brilliant mind of yours."

He takes his time eating his way through a triple scoop of chocolate tomato, fudge peanut brittle crunch, and white chocolate chip truffle. As usual, Truffle is incapable of finding fault in any food containing chocolate. He orders a single-scoop rocky road with chocolate chips on top to tide him over until he gets home, promising to visit again as soon as he possibly can.

The sun is setting now and even the evening philosophers with a sweet tooth are returning to their Main Street apartments to ponder the meaning of life in Subeta. Sundae takes her time flipping off each switch, sighing slightly as the face of the juke box goes dark. Seeing the lights go out, even for the brief span of one night, makes her just a little sad inside. The pint of caramel brownie gelato waiting in her freezer at home soon puts that feeling to rest.

subeta's premiere gastronauts


a shy, quiet thing in charge of brewing the best tea in all of subeta.


she's always so upbeat! it must be the caffeine in all those coffee beans.


a sweet, chubby p√Ętissiere with failing eyesight and a great sniffer.


a chocolate fanatic who personifies the phrase 'you are what you eat'.


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