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Banoffee the Belky


The Custom Sweetheart Anyu
Owner: kenny

Age: 7 years, 1 month, 1 week

Born: September 12th, 2013

Adopted: 7 years, 1 month, 1 week ago

Adopted: September 12th, 2013

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 21st, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 2
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

p√Ętissier extraordinaire.

The word Patisserie above the door could be intimidating but the mouth-watering aroma of fresh-baked goods drew even the most timid little sheetas into Torte's shop. The display case was a gorgeous collection of pastries, decorated with the precision a master artist uses in painting the blush on the face of an angel. Beside each selection was a hand-printed sign stating the price for one, six, or a dozen delicious treats.

Cream and fruit pies took up residence beside double-layer cakes that boasted decorative patterns of whipped cream and cocoa butter frosting. Some were topped with pitted Maraschino cherries while others had smooth tops awaiting messages of 'Happy Birthday' and 'Congratulations'. Brownies, lemon squares and cinnamon rolls were just a few of the tempting treats stacked in small pyramids. Flaky pastries made with real fruit filling were presented in paper lace wrappers designed to peel away for easy eating.

And all made by a chubby sweetheart anyu who can't see more than a foot in front of his nose.

Torte navigated between the giant mixing vats in the back with the ease of long practice, his highly developed sense of smell alerting him to which vat contained pliable pie crust and which one would produce small bundles of sweet dough awaiting their proper fillers. He ran his massive paws over the control panel, reading the function symbols with sensitive pads; commanding the machine to stir and cut each lump of dough to the proper size before lining them with precision on a baking tray. He did not fear the heat of the massive ovens: they were dear old friends that had never once let him down by burning a pastry. The smell of burnt dough was sure to make Torte nauseous.

His dear companion Banoffee served as his eyes for those tasks that a machine simply could not be trusted to do. Banoffee leveled off measuring cups, worked tubes of frosting to form perfect flowers, and saw to it that not a speck of dust was allowed to settle on a single counter.

Torte loved the early morning hours before the start of the daily rush. He used the time to sniff out any goods on the verge of spoil, wrapping them with care in a wicker basket lined with cloth that would be collected by Charity before the day's end. Subetans who settled for what they could find at the Donation Center were always grateful for a special treat and Torte prided himself on the fact that he had never thrown a single pastry into the dumpster outside his back door.

He did not have to read the clock above the front door to know when it was time to turn on the lights. He flinched as the traffic volume on Kumos Avenue increased. He had never cared for loud noises, particularly the obnoxious snarl of motorcycles. He could not hear the tinkle of the bell over the snarling but he could sense his first customer of the day.

Her slightly musky perfume and clear preference for the outdoors marked her as a terracoon. Without saying a word, Torte quickly swapped a plate of chocolate chip bars for one stacked high with gingercakes. He had yet to meet a terracoon that could resist a moist square of gingercake.

She bought half a dozen along with a cherry turnover that would serve as breakfast. He could hear the sharp intake of her breath as she realized his disability.

"All this time I thought you weren't a morning person and here you can't see me at all." She shrugged before realizing he could not see that either. "I heard from a friend this was the place to go for a sugar high. I'm new to Centropolis. Just moved up here from Veta Lake. All that honking is enough to make your ears shrivel up...but I guess you would know all about that."

She favored the blunt, but at least she was honest. She did not try to hold a few coins back when she paid for her purchases.

Torte decided not to tell her that he was only legally blind, and that he could see the antsy drumming of her paws against the countertop as she waited for her change.

There was the usual morning rush: the lain twins who spent most of their time gawking at the selections in Subeautique favored carrot muffins; the telenine who worked as a custodian could eat his way through an entire box of chocolate raspberry tarts in under five minutes; Truffle came down from his apartment to pay his rent and buy Torte's entire supply of Choc Chip Brownies, caving in and buying a half dozen chocolate scones to finish out the meal.

"You could double your sales if you'd cut out a few of those nasty fruit tarts and start up a line of fudge-stuffed mini cakes."

Torte placed a paw over his nose, his own unique version of an eye roll. Truffle was a connoisseur of chocolate and a worthy friend, but he didn't know anything about what it took to run a bakery. He also had a terrible tendency to forget just how much Torte could see. Truffle snatched back his paw at a well-aimed swat, his attempt to pinch a free chocolate eclair coming to no gain.

"How do you do that?"

Torte shrugged. "It's kind of hard to mistake you for anyone, Truffle. You smell like a chocolate bar that's been left in the sun."

Truffle beamed at his friend. "That may just be the best compliment you've ever paid me, dear Torte." He started as he looked up at the clock. "Dolly will have me melted and made into Morostide candy if I don't get back to the Candy Shack. See you later."

Banoffee tugged at Torte's apron, demanding his attention. They had worked out a series of sounds, allowing the belky to communicate with his friend. Torte paled at what was now said: their flour supply was running dangerously low. The anyu shuddered at the thought of going into town at midday but he knew it must be done.

He hated taking up the cane that told the world he was anything but a rather chubby sweetheart anyu, but he knew he could never navigate the chaos of the city streets without its aid. Banoffee trilled his worry, climbing up Torte's arm to nuzzle his cheek. Torte gave the belky an affectionate pat before setting him on the counter. Someone must see to it that the ovens would be properly maintained in his absence. He turned the sign on the door around, stepping to the sidewalk with caution.

He flinched at the passing of every car. The sudden breeze of a skateboarder flying past was almost too much for his nerves; but without flour he would be forced to shut down for the day, and that was unacceptable. He almost waited too long to step from the curb. Thankfully, the only car in the intersection was making a left turn that took it in the opposite direction.

He knew the route to The Bake Stop by heart though no two trips were ever identical. On this day he had to avoid a rreign family on their way to Delphi Beach, the two young ones squealing their delight at the notion of a good swim while the parents discussed the educational value of the Delphi Museum of Modern Art. Their inquisitive marmadoodle sniffed eagerly at Torte until the mother took hold of his collar with a muttered apology.

The Bake Stop had better selection but Torte could not help feeling that some of Fantine's pastries would never hold up to his own in a contest. Fantine smiled on sighting him. "It's good to see you again, Torte. What can I get you?"

"Hello, Fantine. I'm running low on flour, and I could use a few more bags of sugar while I'm here. Make that two bags of white and one of brown."

"Gladly." She packed the bags with care in a sack with just a touch of magic. Though it contained nearly a hundred pounds worth of baking supplies, it was light as a feather. Torte shouldered the load with a last word of thanks, steeling himself for the walk home.

He was making his way past the park that bordered the loft of Saggitarius when a familiar voice hailed him from a distance.

"Yoo hoo! Torte! What a pleasure to see you out and about. But my, it is a hot one. Why don't you come on in and I'll fix you a bowl of gelato?"

Torte did his best not to let his internal grimace show on his face. Sundae had the sweetest nature and her passion for ice cream was infectious, but she had a tendency to take possession of one's ears and never release them.

"Good afternoon, Sundae. I hope all is well."

"Oh, most certainly. I've just added my one-hundred-sixty-second flavor to the menu. How I could be lacking something as obvious as peanut mint truffle is just beyond me." She laughed.

"I am sure it will be appreciated as a new take on a classic flavor."

"Oh, Torte. You flatter me. But what is your rush? Surely you can take the time for one scoop?"

"Alas, a true food lover's work is never done. I've already been away for nearly an hour and there are hungry customers who are sure to come seeking an afternoon pick-me-up."

"Say no more, my dear. I understand completely. Though when you have the time, I would so like to discuss a little idea of mine. Just imagine the sort of business we could draw if we were to combine your delicious scones with my smooth-serve vanilla swirl line. Who could possibly resist such a tempting combination?"

Torte had to stifle a laugh at the thought of a pack of ruffies wolfing the dish from ceramic bowls. Ice cream was fine but it would never hold the appeal of a pastry fresh out of the oven.

His walk gave him quite an appetite. He had been saving a slice of triple-layer chocolate cake for a special occasion. Braving the streets of Centropolis surely qualified. The first bite was divine, the second even better. He was halfway through his third meal of the day when the bell above the door sang out again.

"I can't believe you're dragging me in here when I'm on a diet, you jerk. Just look at that fat load sitting back there, stuffing his face. Ugh! What is wrong with you, Tiri? Were your raised by bovynes or something?"

Torte stiffened in his seat, hearing the embarrassment and annoyance in the tone of the older irion as she told her younger sister Nairi to shut up. "We're here for my party. If you give me any more trouble today I swear I'll drop you off in Darkside and leave you there."

"That hasn't worked on me since Mom stopped reading us bedtime stories. Just order your stupid cake and let's go. I swear I'm getting fatter just looking at all this garbage."

Torte took his last bite of cake, feeling not the least bit self-conscious. He hated when people commented on his weight. It wasn't like the figure in the mirror could shame him and the only foods that truly appealed to him were formed from dough and baked. He could hear every rude comment the younger irion muttered under her breath as he placed the book of decorative options before the older sister.

She decided on a red velvet cake with buttercream icing and chocolate truffles to decorate the rim. Nairi's claws tapped the floor in an impatient tempo. Tiri leaned forward slightly.

"I'm so sorry my sister is such a pile of guano. She was driving the whole family crazy so Mom made me bring her along."

"Want me to slip a few candy worms in her slice of cake?"

Tiri snickered. Torte had to reassure her the cake would be ready just in time for her party before he could get the pair out the door.

Chamomile found him seated on the stool he used to reach ingredients on the top shelf. The mellow sheeta had a knack for reading emotions. Putting an arm around his shoulders, she helped the weary anyu to his feet.

"Rough day, huh?"

He cared for all of his foodie friends, but Chamomile was the one who never failed to make him smile. He did not resent her insistence as she saw to the lockup and led him down the street to her tea shop. She brewed him a soothing cup, giving him her own cushioned chair in the corner. It was at that perfect evening hour when the shop was entirely empty. He told her about his stressful walk through town and the rude child who had not yet learned to control her tongue. She listened patiently, supporting him simply by being there.

When Chamomile arrived the next morning to open up shop, she found a box wrapped in a massive pink ribbon. A thank you note was nestled among a selection of fruit tarts arranged in the shape of a heart.

subeta's premiere gastronauts


a shy, quiet thing in charge of brewing the best tea in all of subeta.


she's always so upbeat! it must be the caffeine in all those coffee beans.


this celinox is sweeter than a triple fudge banana split with extra sprinkles.


a chocolate fanatic who personifies the phrase 'you are what you eat'.


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