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June 1st, 2016


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
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  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
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  • Job: Unemployed

the sensational chocolatier.

The ideal world would be constructed of chocolate.

Forget the foul fumes of acrylic paint and drywall cement. Walls could come in white, milk or dark chocolate slabs with rainbow-coated candies serving as patterned wallpaper. Pretzels would take the place of wooden beams and every yard would contain at least three gingerbread trees heavy with chocolate leaves.

Truffle sighed as he looked around his small apartment. His world was not ideal, but he did the best he could. All of his furniture was upholstered in warm shades of brown and the bookshelf in the sitting room was crammed with cookbooks that featured a selection of the most delectable chocolate recipes. His personal favorite was 10,001 Chocolate Creations.

His nostrils twitched in appreciation of the wonderful aroma of fresh sweet rolls out of the oven. If one had to live above a shop, one could choose no better type than the local Torte. Waking up to the temptation of a hundred tasty morsels just one floor below was second only to the cozy warmth of falling asleep in a room kept toasty by the ovens below.

Truffle poured himself a bowl of cereal with a generous helping of chocolate milk, cleaning every last drop from the bottom of the bowl with his spoon. As he went to put the gallon away, a plastic food tubby on the top shelf caught his attention. Crafting artisan chocolates was his hobby and passion. Tucked away in cupcake liners were tiny chocolate figures that took the shape of Subetan inhabitants, famous figures, and popular holiday symbols. Truffle grinned, plucking a tiny Luminaire reindeer from its stack and popping it into his mouth. Chocolates made by Truffle were guaranteed to never spoil and to hold their shape even on the volcanic slopes of Darkside's outer limits.

He nibbled a chelon and a miniature of Jaxon Skelly before he could contain himself. These were intended for a friend and well worth the reward. He slapped the lid in place before he could change his mind and eat through the whole supply.

He descended the stairs with care, avoiding the third one from the bottom that always creaked. Rounding the corner, he could see that the morning rush had come and gone, though there were a few customers still pondering what to buy for breakfast.

Torte held his usual place behind the counter, wrapping those items his customers called for with expert paws. He did not need to see the contents of the display case to know where every item was placed. Truffle admired a creamy chocolate pie while he waited. The cherry on top seemed a little overdone though the presentation was beautiful as ever.

"I know you're there, Truffle." Torte rested an elbow on the counter, cloudy eyes trained exactly on the spot where Truffle stood. "All the cocoa powder I have in stock can't hold a candle to you."

"Nor will you, if you truly care about me." Truffle chuckled as he set the box on the counter. "You could put the whole squad of Centropolis Police Ruffies to shame with that sniffer, you know."

Torte shuddered at the thought of running the streets. "I'm quite happy to bake, thank you. What is it you've got there?" He felt around until a paw encountered the edge of the container.

"Enough chocolate miniatures for you to add the perfect touch to every pastry in this room."

Torte's sensitive claws traced the shape of a lasirus with wings extended in flight. "Excellent. These will be perfect for a new Morostide line I'm planning. Let me just put these in supply and then I'll pay you."

Truffle had to swallow twice at the sight of the double-layer chocolate cake with fudge frosting that Torte brought from the back. Chocolate shavings rimmed the icing on the edge and the cake's surface held a perfect ring of dark chocolate truffles. It was all he could do not to plunge a paw right into the surface and pig out on the spot. An elderly tigrean reminded him to exercise some self-control, though he did manage to nibble one chocolate curl without attracting notice.

The cake occupied a place of honor on the top center shelf of his fridge. He stared at it, trying to convince himself that this time he would make it last beyond two days. Shaking his head, he pulled the cake back out. He would only have a small piece, and a second would go in his lunch. He would work on improving his mastery of willpower at supper time. Yes, supper time sounded good.

The cake was simply scrumptious. He even took the time to lick the crumbs from his plate, saving himself the bother of scrubbing his plate later. The second slice went into his lunchbox. Looking over at the clock on the oven, he groaned. So much for enjoying a leisurely walk to work.

Walking the streets of Centropolis was always fun. Everybody who passed him was an admirer, and why shouldn't they be? He was one gorgeous jollin with his whipped cream ruff, chocolate-drizzled body, and adorable peanut spots.

He strode confidently through the front door of The Candy Shack, raising a hand in greeting to the candy tasters hard at work in one corner. His office was back in the factory where all of Subeta's candy was made. His work station was covered in memos, old recipes that had not made it to market, and new ones he intended to pitch during his meeting with Dolly that afternoon. The wall behind his desk was dedicated to portraits signed by Subeta's rich and famous. It was Truffle who had convinced Saggitarius to add Gold Flake Cake Slices to his quest rewards and Truffle who had come up with Trick or Treat candies for the last seven years, despite Jaxon's vehement protests that they were too cutesy.

Dolly came trotting in shortly after noon, wearing her usual sugary grin. "Hello, Truffle! I'm very excited to see your latest proposals."

"I have them for you here. I really think we would do well to expand our truffle line. Peppermint and marshmallows are great, but just think of how many options we have available. We could stuff truffles with chocolate sauce, combining flavors not commonly seen. Just imagine a a white chocolate shell around smooth, rich, dark chocolate. It would be like a mudslide from Libertine Lounge without the bother of dancing!"

"It does sound delicious, but I was thinking if we expand the truffle line, it would be best to add a few popular flavors like peanut butter and mint. I may even start up a line with fruit fillings."

Truffle wrinkled his nose. "We have too many fruit candies as it is. Young Subetans don't come here for health food so why make our candy taste like fruit?" He cleared his throat at Dolly's small frown. "I mean no disrespect and I'm a huge admirer of your work. I just think it makes sense to focus our energy on what we know will work and our chocolates outsell our fruit candies three to one."

"I will certainly take your suggestions under consideration, Truffle. Goodness knows you have given us many fine products. Your fancy chocolates just fly off the shelves, but we need to think of all our customers if we want to keep them coming back. We can't afford to ignore what the customers desire, and there is without a doubt a place for fruit candies as surely as for chocolates.

Truffle waited until Dolly had left to roll his eyes.

He was happy to hear the whistle of the lunch bell. On such a lovely day he could not resist shouldering his lunch bag and taking a walk to the nearby park. A group of youngsters played on the distant playground equipment while Subetans in business suits nibbled their way through the contents of brown paper bags. Many of them did not even make it through a half-sandwich before their cell phones went off.

Truffle started with with a wrap spread with chocolate and honey, moving on next to a bag of apple slices he paired with his own chocolate dipping sauce. Chocolate-covered potato chips came next, washed down with a bottled chocolate energy shake. He did not notice the celinox gaping at him until he was halfway through his slice of cake.

"How ever can you eat like that? Don't you realize how hard it is on your body? You'll weigh more than a battle-trained Mortiking at the rate you're going." She smoothed the fur on her chest with a smug grin. "You really ought to try some of the produce over at Food Market. I've been eating there every day for six months and I've already lost twenty pounds." Her pride was so thick that on the last two words, her voice was nearly a purr.

"I'll have to take your word for it with all that fur. You could save yourself a lot of coin just by getting a haircut."

"Oh!" She stood, snatching up her purple leather bag. "Some people just can't take good advice." She continued to mutter under her breath as she walked away.

Truffle shrugged. She was jealous, obviously. Most people were. It wasn't his fault they weren't smart enough to add more chocolate to their diets.

He could not resist paying a visit to Chamomile on his way back to work. The soft-spoken sheeta made friends easily, building up those around her with well-worded compliments and listening patiently to complaints. Her small tea shop was tucked between two massive skyscrapers constructed by Blackmoon Inc. On such a fine day, it was no great surprise that the outdoor tables with their purple umbrellas were all occupied.

Chamomile was inside, seated in her usual plush chair next to the fireplace that would not see use before Morostide. She smiled and rose at the sight of Truffle.

"It is so good to see you, Truffle. I hope you will join me for a cup of tea."

Truffle had to work on not pulling a face. Wads of leaves soaked in water were not his idea of a delicacy. He liked Chamomile enough that he didn't want to hurt her feelings. "I'm sorry to say I only have a moment. I was hoping you could tell me if those superb cocoa blends of yours will be returning for Luminaire this year? I do swear, you could put Icy Goods out of business."

"You are much too kind, Truffle. I would bring them back just for your sake, but not to worry. My vanilla bean cocoa is my best Luminaire seller behind my special peppermint tea blend."

"Delighted to hear it. I really am sorry to come and go like this." He placed a few gold coins on the counter, holding up his hands when she tried to give the money back. "We'll call it a deposit on the new mixer you'll no doubt need for all the cocoa I'll consume."

A stack of papers from the suggestion box awaited his attention when he arrived back at the office. The box had been Dolly's idea, a way to encourage their customers to have a say in the candies that would appear on the shelves. Truffle snorted at the notion of gummies shaped like the heads of Subeta's minions and gagged at the thought of chocolate-coated insects. That one had to come from a citizen of Shadowglen. Nobody else would come up with such a ludicrous flavor combination.

He was only halfway through the pile when the closing bell rang. He was only one block away from his apartment when the bubbly voice of Sundae called his name.

"Truffle, my dear! I know you weren't thinking of walking past my parlor without sampling one of my new flavors."

Truffle licked his lips. Nobody could build an ice cream cone like Sundae and her gelato was a sin far greater than any devil's food cake.

"You are looking marvelous as ever, Sundae."

She primped the delectable Sundae ruff that ringed her neck, offering Truffle an indulgent smile. "Knowing you, darling, nothing but a triple scoop will do."

Truffle agreed to try the cocoa mallow cheesecake swirl, along with the usual rocky road and fudge caramel crunch that he loved so much. Once she had stacked the cone, Sundae dipped all three scoops in the vat of chocolate sprinkles, throwing him a wink as she handed over the cone. "Don't go trying to overpay me now. You just be sure and bring me some more of that fabulous chocolate syrup you make so well."

He made a mental note to bring her a double portion.

The tip of the waffle cone vanished down his throat as he came to his apartment. He could see Torte through the side window, spreading pink icing over the edges of a cake while his pet belky saw to the finer points of decoration. Truffle's thoughts immediately turned to his own cake. He took the stairs two at a time, putting the wrong key to the lock in his excitement to get inside.

He took his dinner in front of the TV, enjoying a hearty portion of pasta with chocolate marinara sauce. His station of choice was The Baking Network. Honestly, their programming was the only reason he had bothered to get cable.

He did a fist pump as the announcer came on to remind viewers that tonight's programming was a marathon of Chocoholics. Digging his fork into his third slice of cake for the day, Truffle settled in to enjoy the best show of all time.

subeta's premiere gastronauts


a shy, quiet thing in charge of brewing the best tea in all of subeta.


she's always so upbeat! it must be the caffeine in all those coffee beans.


this celinox is sweeter than a triple fudge banana split with extra sprinkles.


a sweet, chubby p√Ętissiere with failing eyesight and a great sniffer.


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