Legacy Name: Malon

The Nostalgic Legeica
Owner: Burton

Age: 6 years, 11 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 3rd, 2013

Adopted: 6 years, 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: December 1st, 2013


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 16
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


Hi there!

My name is Malon. It's very nice to meet you! Tee-hee.
May I be so bold as to tell you that your eyes remind me of someone? They're very kind, like his. His name was Link, but I called him Fairy Boy.
No matter how busy he was trying to save Hyrule from the rise of the evil Ganondorf, he still had time for little old Lon Lon Ranch.
I'll remember that day forever. Father was on a delivery for the King - he hated doing them alone, but he needed me to stay with the cuccoos, so he went without me. Several hours had passed and I was getting anxious, having received no word, so I set out to find him.
In Castle Town, I saw this boy... He was wearing these very odd clothes, and was followed by a fairy. He looked very peculiar, yet something was very alluring about him...
I arrived at the palace gates and asked the guard if he had seen my father pass through.
'He entered the gates just a few hours ago; I'd expect him back any minute, young lady,' he said, bowing.
So I walked over to the tree nearby and sat there, waiting.
The sky was a most beautiful blue that day. Oddly enough, there was a Triforce shaped cloud just above the entrance from Castle Town, and when I looked down, there he was. Fairy Boy.
He smiled at me, and I stood and waved. Once he got close enough, I asked him if he would help me find my father, explaining that he may have fallen asleep. Father usually took his naps just after returning from a delivery.
'Are you going to the castle, fairy boy? Would you mind finding my dad? He must have fallen asleep somewhere around the castle. What a thing for an adult to do! Teehee!'
'Oh yeah, if you look for him, I'll give this to you. I've been incubating this egg very carefully.'I knew the cuccoo I had was just about to hatch, and if father had fallen asleep, it would most definitely wake him. It was getting rather late, so I watched him climb the vines up the rock wall and ran home.
The whole time I ran, all I could wonder was why I'd trusted this stranger. What was it about him that made me think he would do nothing to harm my father?
It wasn't until i got to the stables, laid down next to Epona and closed my eyes that I'd realized: it was his eyes.
Those kind, warm, calming eyes.
The second time we met, he told me of his plans to save Hyrule.
It was no secret that Gannon wanted to overthrow the King; the only secret seemed to be why the King actually met with him, in a futile attempt to create peace between the Gerudos and the Hylians.
There was talk that the King had hired Gannon to take his throne because he was tired of ruling, and 'in no way capable of producing an heir,' because his wife died giving birth to Princess Zelda.
This news was given to the King by Impa, the King's advisor and guardian of the Princess. She told the King that she had seen that he would never re-marry, and his unwavering faith in her foresight immediately ceased any and all search for a new Queen.
The rumor of him hiring Gannon was just a rumor, of course.. Spread by that impetuous, nasty -- AHEM! Excuse me. Spread by Gannon and his cohorts.
Link and Princess Zelda divised a plan to save Hyrule because the Princess had dreams of his coming, and knew that he was the one to dispatch the evil lout.
So upon his arrival, she told him of her dreams, expanding minimally on his knowledge of the Spiritual Stones, an enlisted his help. All they knew, unfortunately, was that the next Spiritual Stone was held by the Gorons. The Princess wrote a letter to be shown to the guard stationed at the Kakariko Village gate, and off he went.
It did take some time, but Link eventually garnered the trust of Darunia; at least enough for him to ask Link to go to the Dodongo's cavern, which was, until recently, feeding grounds for the Gorons.
In defeating the Great Dodongo, and dispatching of the remaining Dodongos, Link earns brotherhood in the Goron family, and gained the next item needed to thwart Gannon - or so he thought - the Goron's Ruby.
Hee-hee... You seem to be enjoying my little story, but would you like to stretch your legs a bit while I go fetch us some of our famous Lon-Lon Milk?"
Before you can answer, she's off, having produced two empty jars, her skirts flowing wildly in the wind, only matched by her fiery red hair.
While she's away in the stables, you wander off to the small roofed area, occupied by two hungry horses. You feel very content when you sit down, breeze blowing through their tails and manes, delicious oaty air wafting towards you. Surrounded by the relaxing sound of their muted chewing and the sporadic mooing coming from the direction Malon vanished to, your eyes begin to wander.
It really is a beautiful place; the well-maintained exterior boasts of all the Rupees their famous Lon-Lon Milk brought in, and the lush green grass, despite being constantly galloped on by the dozen or so horses, is very comfortable to sit on.
When you look up, however, you see something that doesn't quite fit in with the refined surroundings. A large heart has been carved into the roof. "L & M" is carved inside of it. All around are music notes, some with heart shapes carved into them.

You mouth, "Link and Malon?"

As soon as your eyes lower, there she is, two full jars of milk in her hands, and she's smiling. But that smile isn't a smile borne of happiness. That smile is a long-worn smile of a heart-broken woman. Those beautiful eyes, usually so bright and shining, they're darker. Like she's looking into a black hole. Her smile is full of pain. Sadness. Maybe even resentment. But she straightens and makes an abrupt clicking noise, causing the horses to back up immediately and huff, stamping off.
You've seen my artwork, I see, she says, gesturing to the heart with the milk in her left hand, and her smile warms.
For awhile there, I'd forgotten all about it. I'd seen so much of my Fairy Boy when we were younger, and papa liked him so...
Part of me always thought he would end up with the Princess - they were destined to be together. But the rest of me. My heart. It had hoped that maybe he would see me the way he saw her. And maybe, just maybe...
She sighs and takes a sip of her milk, immediately wiping at the inevitable milk moustache, before she resumed her story.
Now, where was I? Right. The Goron's Ruby. Link came back to me shortly after he acquired it, animatedly relaying the story of how he made it through the cavern. We talked for quite some time and discovered that, if the first two stones represented earth and fire, that the third must represent water. Other than that, however, we had no idea what to expect or where he should go. So Link set out for Lake Hylia in search of distress.
By distress, of course, I mean distressed fish! What else could you expect from someone so young with such a burden on his shoulders? Tee-hee.
After his fishing expedition, Link decided to go for a swim. At the bottom of the lake, there was a bottle with a note in it. That note was the clue he needed. Princess Ruto was swallowed by Lord Jabu-Jabu and she needed to be rescued. Not knowing what to do to get to his shrine, Link showed the King the note and was asked immediately to save her. Rembering that the note mentioned feeding him, he caught a fish and was pulled into the belly of the beast.
Link refuses to speak about the goings-on of that day, but was proud to say that he had won the Princess' favor and came out with the spiritual stone, although he felt like he would never wash out the fishy smell on his clothes.
Three stones, she muttered, three stones means it's time to go to the temple of time. Upon his arrival at the castle town's gates, Link is stopped by a rather large commotion.
Zelda, accompanied by Impa, storms out of the gates on horseback. Zelda throws something back at Link and it lands in the moat. When he turns around to see what it was, however, his view is blocked by a rather large man on a midnight black steed.
Ganondorf, Malon seethes, is there, smiling at him. He asks where the Princess has gone. Instead of giving her up, however, Link draws his sword and is immediately thrown back by Ganondorf's power. He storms off in search of the princess and link dives into the moat to retrieve the ocarina. When he touches it, princess Zelda comes to him in a vision and teaches him the song of time.
Overwhelmed with the days events, Link comes to visit me and tell me everything that has happened. Along with the story he brought me, she reaches into a pocket in the fold of her skirts he also brought me this ocarina.
'Keep this with you, Malon. I'm not sure when I'll be back.'
He set off the next day. And that's the last I've seen of him.
It's been near on seven years since Link went into that temple, and I've been waiting on pins and needles since. I've just got my hopes up that, someday, he will come back and stop this madman once and for all.
In the meantime, the search for the princess has all but come to a halt, and we will just wait. Wait for our hero to dethrone the monster that overthrew and killed the rightful king of Hyrule.
More milk?

The Legend of Zelda

The world she lives in, waiting for Link to return.


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Thatched House Playset

Ancient White Pot

Bloodred Chelon Gem

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Arid Chelon Gem

Ancient Blue Pot

Dusk Chelon Gem

Ancient Gray Pot

Dawn Chelon Gem

Ancient Yellow Pot

Cream Chelon Gem

Ancient Black Pot

Rainbow Chelon Gem


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Musical Note




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Eight Maids-a-Milking

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