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Kuu the Aeon

Legacy Name: Nephili

The Glacier Sheeta
Owner: raichu

Age: 14 years, 1 month, 3 days

Born: August 22nd, 2009

Adopted: 14 years, 1 month, 3 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: August 22nd, 2009 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
December 3rd, 2011


  • Level: 334
  • Strength: 835
  • Defense: 835
  • Speed: 832
  • Health: 832
  • HP: 714/832
  • Intelligence: 28
  • Books Read: 26
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Register Clerk


Name: Nephili
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown

Nephili is very cold and mysterious. Although she doesn't often show any feeling, she loves any type of life and can't idle when nature is in danger.
She has a great knowledge about medicinal herbs and remedies.
It's said that when a disaster or epidemic appears on the village, Nephili comes to help people and then leaves.
Nobody really knows about her, since she got fed up of human's arrogance and careless about life and went to live alone in the forest, where she couldn't see the human's atrocities.

Everyday's Life

Padding softly through the snow, my Kuu and I ventured out into the day. The storm had long since passed, and in its wake, left a graceful wonderland.

Kuu flapped her wings rapidly, and I saw what had excited the small butterfly. Miraculously, a small batch of wild carrots had survived the late spring storm. I pulled the plants up; known for their cleansing properties, wild carrots will be quite useful to me.

Kuu and I scoured the hillside for other herbs until lunchtime, when we headed back home.

I had always been a recluse, as the humans of the valley are incapable of perceiving my existence. At one point, the loneliness had been terribly unsettling, but I had grown to enjoy being disassociated from them. I loved the life that existed in this place and interacting with the spirits of nature on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the humans can't seem to perceive life's existence to the same degree that I can. Though not bad beings, they are careless, and I do not appreciate their disrespect toward nature.

Kuu pressed a light kiss to my cheek and I smiled for her. She was a sweet companion, who always inspired me to be kind and gentle.

We climbed to the top of the hill and dove into the dark forest, looking for more herbs as we walked. After a twenty-minute stroll, we reached a Giant Sequoia that stood about 100 feet in height. Though it looks solid, a quick pull on a knot in the bark revealed the door that opens into our home.

Inside, I set down a straw basket where I had collected our find. I went to set water to heat for tea, while Kuu began sorting the herbs. Wild carrot, wood betony, yarrow, passionflower, perilla, pokeweed, and red clover. It had been a good hunt.

I pulled the water off the fire, and began to pour hot water into a glass when Kuu dove toward me. I dropped the kettle - luckily missing my feet - and huddled her in my hand. I nuzzled her green wings with my nose, intending to comfort. She calmed down, and I felt for the essence of the creature that had inspired such fear.

A human? Pausing a moment, I double-checked, and certainly, the ebb and flow of life in the air certainly belonged to a homo sapien.

I slipped out of our home and back into the woods, Kuu close behind me. We went to investigate the distress that was plain in the air.

A quick walk to the east led us to the origin. A young woman cowered on the ground, howling out in pain. I approached cautiously. Though she probably couldn't sense me, there was no need to risk my well-being.

As I stepped over her bare legs, which were likely growing cold in the snow, I saw that her tongue was unnaturally long. She opened her eyes at that moment and snarled, "YOU!"

I leapt away from her. I hadn't expected her to notice me, but as she sat up, I realized why she did. The right side of her face was covered with ghastly green bumps and her tongue hung down out of her mouth. It was certainly the unfortunate interfering of others of my kind. They really should learn to stay away from humans.

The woman was crying and attempting to glare at me at the same time; it was quite odd actually. "You!" she snarled again. "Come to hasten my death?"

I narrowed my eyes and a harsh, cold wind ran through the area. "Calm yourself," I ordered in a level voice. She shivered and seemed to calm down a bit, hesitating to threaten me further.

I paused for a moment to give her a chance to speak, but she didn't. "Come," I directed. I swiftly turned around and left, not waiting to see if she would follow. I didn't need to anyway. Her stumbling about in the snow on numb legs was more than enough of an alert.

We headed back toward the Giant Sequoia and entered quietly. She stumbled in after Kuu and myself, and collapsed on numb legs on the floor, the warmth inside the tree overwhelming.

Kuu silently flew through the air and landed on the freshly picked red clover. I nodded at her briefly to share my approval for her choice. She gathered the red clover and brought it over to the table while I cleaned up the kettle I dropped earlier and set more water to heat. I took the flowers Kuu gathered and cut off three poultices, which should be enough. Meanwhile, Kuu picked the petals off three more red clovers.

The kettle whistled sharply in the air, signaling that it was hot enough. As I went to go get it, I saw that the human had moved closer to the fire. "Out of the way," I told her coldly and she sidled to the left a bit. I grabbed the kettle, and at the table, gathered the red clover petals into a mug. Pouring the water over it, it made a powerful healing tea.

I poured the rest of the water into a separate bowl. Without turning around, I knew the woman had sat down at the table and was watching me intently. "Drink," I said, as I thrust the mug into her hands. As she warily did so, I dipped a cloth into the remaining hot water, mashed the poultices into it, and handed it back to her. "Drape this on your infection."

She obeyed much more readily this time, and I knew that she had already felt the effects of the tea. When she opened her mouth to speak, I saw that her tongue was almost back to normal now. "What are you?" she asked quietly. I didn't answer.

The young woman finished her tea with her hand holding the cloth firmly to her face. When she finished, she handed her cup toward me. "Can you read leaves?" I offered her a bored glare and didn't reply. Once she realized that I had no intention of indulging her odd, human habits, she set the tea and cloth back down on the table. She touched a hand lightly to her face, and when she felt smooth skin, she squealed in delight.

"How did you do that?" she exclaimed and leapt toward me, as if to embrace me. I quickly stood up, extended to my fullest height, and offered her my sternest gaze. She faltered and paused, inches away from pressing her fingers to my flesh. "Goodbye," I stated.

Though I made no move to show her the door, she backed out slowly, a look of confusion plastered on her face. I could practically hear her thoughts. "Should I be frightened or thankful?" I sat back down on a stool and kept my eyes firmly on the rows of drying medicinal herbs in front of me, not giving her any indication that I noticed her conflicted emotions. She made a small noise in the back of her throat, as if to speak, but seemed to think better of it. Quietly, she slipped out the door and away.

Exhaling softly, I looked up at Kuu, and knew that we shared the same thought at that moment. Humans, eh?

Pet inspired by the manga/anime Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara.
Check it out, it's wonderful!
Profile by zou
Story by twocents
Overlays by raichu

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