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Otani the Sweetheart

Risa Koizumi
Legacy Name: Risa Koizumi

The Scribble Demi
Owner: Chie

Age: 12 years, 10 months, 2 weeks

Born: September 5th, 2011

Adopted: 12 years, 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: September 5th, 2011

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  • Level: 406
  • Strength: 1,002
  • Defense: 1,000
  • Speed: 1,001
  • Health: 1,010
  • HP: 1,010/1,010
  • Intelligence: 635
  • Books Read: 614
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

[ree-sa koe-ee-zoo-mee]

Full Name: Risa Koizumi
Koizumi Meaning : Small River
Full Name Meaning: Little Spring
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 3rd
Age: 15-18

Height: 172 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Build: Tall and slender
Hair: Pinkish-orange
Eyes: Light brown

'Little Quirks':
• Doesn't have a lot of experience with boys
• Quick to anger and has a lot of determination
• Energetic and outgoing, especially when around Otani
• Very fashionable, later studies to become a fashion designer
• Wants to be lovey dovey with Otani but isn't sure how
• Can be really stubborn and sometimes says things she doesn't mean

Hey there! Risa Koizumi here, just your average high school student. Well that is, aside from my height. It's all because I've grown this tall, that no matter what I do, I stand out. I've been aware of that fact for a long time. I've always been tall for my age, and even though it can come in handy at times, overall, it's just a total pain. Typically when it comes to guys. As if finding a boyfriend weren't hard enough, my height has to get in the way. Either I'm too tall or because I'm too tall, guys don't even consider me a girl. Not that I had any appeal to guys anyway. But even so, I came to know a certain guy that I never thought I would fall for. This guy really pisses me off sometimes. But I probably understand his problems better than anyone else. Our problems are the exact opposite...but we have the same complex: Our Height.

We started out as friends, but the kind that are constantly bickering. Maybe it's because we're so alike. At least, that's what everyone says. Nobu-chan claims we're a perfect match. Fighting or not, Otani and I have fun together all the time. Especially if it has to do with Umibozu. Ah! Umibozu. He's amazing. I hadn't met a single person who shared my same love for Umibozu until I met Otani.

After spending more and more time with Otani, I started to feel something towards him. I couldn't really explain the whole feeling at first, but in time, I came to realize that I had fallen for him. I know, me, a giant falling for a midget like him.
I started to drop subtle hints whenever I was around him, but he would always just act like his normal idiotic self, clearly not understanding what I was trying to do, which would just result into one of our normal fighting matches. Realizing that just dropping hints wasn't going to work with a guy like Otani, I summoned all my courage and told Otani how I felt. And what does the idiot do? He laughs in my face! Totally disbelieving what I had just confessed to him! I got so frustrated with him that I had decided to just give up. He's not worth it. Thinking about it, it would just be better anyway if we just stayed friends. I mean, he is my best friend and all, and I don't want to lose what we have together.

Some time went by, and I simply couldn't do it anymore. It just was too hard to suppress my feelings for Otani. Whenever I'm with him, my feelings are just too overwhelming to just stay friends with him. So I made up my mind and I was ready to try again to dig my way into Otani's heart. I confessed to him once again, and again he just brushes me off! Now I really want to give all this up. Angered and upset, I ran off, trying not to believe this just happened another time.

Walking into homeroom the next day, Otani confronts me and drags me outside the classroom. He apologizes to me saying that he just isn't used to me liking him, he's not sure how to act since we've always just been friends. But, he's willing to try. Finally! Otani and I are finally together. But our friends sure would give us a hard time if they found out we were dating. We agreed that we weren't going to tell them.

School had just concluded, and summer was finally here. And so was my birthday. To celebrate, my friends and I went to see the fireworks that were taking place that night up on the school rooftop. The fireworks sure were pretty, and I was beaming. All of a sudden, something of a whisper called my name. I turned around, and there was Otani, sitting in the corner, gesturing me to come over. I made sure none of my friends were watching, and I dispersed myself from the group. As I went over and sat down next to him, he began to rummage in his bag and handed me a small box. He urged me to open it, and inside was a silver necklace, with a charm of a bunny on it. I smiled, it was adorable, but I couldn't help laughing and rambling on about how he probably looked buying that in a store filled with all women. As I continued to ramble on, something entirely out of the blue occurred. As if to shut me up, Otani kissed me. I was totally taken aback. Did he really just do that? Is this really Otani? But none of that mattered. I was with Otani, and I couldn't be happier.

Everytime Otani says or does something, I end up going to heaven, or hell. My whole world has been revolving around Otani, going round and round.

A girl who's taller than average. And a guy with a height below most average guys, both in the same class. When other people look at it, it does look rather funny. At least, that's what everyone says. But I like who I like, what are you gonna do about it?

You ask me how I feel about you.
I wouldn't say that I don't like you
Could it be you've been crying? Ahh, you can be kind of cute

As you run away, I grab hold of your hand
Deep within my chest, something suddenly begins to stir

It would be nice if a study guide for love existed
There are too many problems I don't understand
It would be nice if a teacher for love existed.
Does you plus me equal LOVE?

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Pet Treasure

Rap CD



White Upper Armband

Blueberry Umbrella Drink

Dark Chocolate Heart

Broken Beaded Bunny Keychain


White Rad Game System

White Remote Plushie

Argo Agent Orange Wig

Beige Vest and Shirt

Seductive White Button-Up

Nude Long Lace Cardigan

Gray Tiered Buffalo Check Skirt

Red Tennis Shoes

Black Knee Socks

White Summery Dress

Giselle Rosebud Sweater

Brown Cap

Pet Friends

"Why can't you just understand already, you stupid midget!"

"You always know what to say, and you're there for me whenever I need you most."

"We may not always talk much, but I know our friendship has been strong since the beginning and will be 'til the end."