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Robbie the Rabbit
Legacy Name: Robbie the Rabbit

The Bloodred Kanis
Owner: Burton

Age: 9 years, 4 months, 3 days

Born: June 19th, 2011

Adopted: 2 years, 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: September 5th, 2018

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  • Level: 8
  • Strength: 20
  • Defense: 20
  • Speed: 15
  • Health: 17
  • HP: 17/17
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Store Clerk

There's this museum in Pennsylvania called 'The Museum of Modern Oddities and Supernatural Artifacts.'
A few years ago, I went there with a couple friends on this pilgrimage to several haunted houses, towns and museums dedicated to such things.
We checked into a hotel about three miles from the museum.
The morning we went to the the museum, we planned to stay together and check out each and every item from the front to the back, but when we got there, we ended up splitting up. We agreed to meet back at the entrance in four hours; that would give us plenty of time to examine the exhibits.
I wandered around aimlessly for an hour or so, until I happened upon a black door with a sign on it.
It read: "Robert The Rabbit Exhibit; Enter at your own risk."
"Enter at your own risk? Alright," I snickered as I turned the knob. On the other side of the door is nothing, save for one display case on top of a pedestal in the exact middle of the room. The display is roped off, and on one of the ropes hangs a metal placard that says "Do Not Enter."
Inside of the ropes is a display case positioned on a pedestal, and inside is an oversized pink stuffed rabbit, like the ones you can win at a carnival. He's sitting upright on a shiny piece of red velvet and is wearing overalls, and a ridiculous grin on his face. His pink fur is spotted with deep red splotches. Blood? It's on his overalls, too.
Atop the case is another placard. It says, "Please do NOT touch the glass."
A third placard is just under his name. It reads, "Absolutely NO flash photography."
"My god, what's with all the warnings?" The voice behind me scared me so much that I nearly jumped out of my skin.
"What's up, brother? That's a mighty fine pink bun-bun you have there!"
"Hilarious, John. I almost wet myself. This is Robert the Rabbit.
Behind John, a tidal wave of people began flocking in. Among the voices, I can hear things like, "Have you heard about him? That he lures the unsuspecting into Silent Hill and eats them alive?" and "I've been waiting for this exhibit to open for ages."
"You can't touch him? But you could touch the shrunken head from Tenochtitlan!" whined one acne-blessed teenager, "That's because it was fake, you nerd!" the large, brutish man next to him retorted.
The bickering became a dull roar behind me when all the sudden, I hear, "Hey."
I whip my head around, but there was no one there. Just Robert. The stuffed bunny can't be talking to me, can it? Just wishful thinking. But, wait. His head is turned to the right a little bit. He was looking off to my left, but now he's looking directly at me. No one else is paying attention, so I take another step forward, and another. Robert's head jerks ever so slightly, and he says, "I need your help. Please come back after closing," and he snaps his head back into the position it was just in, and like that, it was like nothing happened. We all wandered around for a bit longer, but I couldn't wait to get back, so I suggested we go to dinner and head back to the hotel.
The entire time we were at the restaurant, I was mindlessly picking at my food and internally counting down the moments until 9:00. John was asking me how my day was, and I hadn't realized he was speaking to me until a french fry smacked me square in the forehead.
"Command to Space Cadet, can you hear me?" He sounded really irritated.
"Sorry, man. Was just thinking about that rabbit. There's not much known about it, other than the fact that it's been involved in some crazy shit." My food is cold at this point, but it had just occurred to me that I was actually hungry, so I took a few huge bites, regardless.
"I heard that it came from this town called Silent Hill. It's actually not too far from here. There were several attempts to colonize the area, all ending in death by plague, before the early 1900's. It seemed like nothing was ever going to become of this silent town. It was reinvented as a penal colony at one point, a prison and hospital were even built. But even those people vanished practically into thin air," at this point, we were all leaning in towards the table, and John was loving it. He put on this fake, horror movie narrator voice, and continued, "And then another attempt at a settlement occurred. The prison having been shut down and the coal mine was mined dry, they needed another way to get money into the town, so they set up a historical museum on the site of the old prison. Some time after, there was a massacre. Many people that were promoting the town as a tourist attraction died. Locals believed it to be the work of a cult, The Order, that had been around for a long time, even back during the settlements that vanished. Their involvement was never proven, and even though they were implicated in many other cases, including the PVT scandal that ultimately sucked the town dry, they were never found or charged. It's a fuckin' ghost town."
I'm not sure how long the waiter stood there, but he had a horribly white complexion and he looked as though someone just stabbed him. "Are you talking about Silent Hill?"
"Yeah," I answered, puzzled, "Why? Have you been there?"
He set down the pitcher of water that he was grasping so tightly and swallowed hard. "I've never been there, but I've heard things. There was a little girl, her name was Alessa. The Order had been predicting the rebirth of their God-King for generations. They had tried many times to create a vessel to birth their God, and all had failed until Alessa. Her mother agreed to a plan to impregnate her with the seed of their God, and then to incinerate her body." He paused for a second to allow another server to pass, all color still drained from his face.
"Her own mother... She sacrificed her without a second thought. But she didn't die. Her mother hid her in the basement of the old Alchemilla hospital, and she was suspended in a horribly painful state, being unable to give birth to God. This suffering she endured caused her to vow to never give birth to the Devil inside of her, and she summoned the good half of her; Cheryl. Despite her actions, Cheryl's father, Harry, helps her mother stop her from containing the Hell inside of herself. As a last-ditch effort to ensure good in the world, Alessa conjures a portal and returns Cheryl as a newborn infant to Harry."
"What does this have to do with the Rabbit, though?" John asks, audibly irritated at this stranger, who clearly stole his thunder.
"I'm getting there," he was fidgeting with his tie now. "Several years after these incidents, Alessa's incarnation, that Harry named Heather, was also summoned to Silent Hill, and ultimately, to Silent Hill Amusement Park. This is where Heather met Robert the Rabbit. She was under the impression that she was just passing several different mascots around the Park, but that wasn't the case.
"You see, Heather's existence is a miracle, her being is composed of a large amount of energy. So much, in fact, that it would definitely rid him of his curse. Robert stalked Heather around the Amusement Park the entire time she was there, in hopes of catching her by surprise. All hope was lost, however, when Heather and Alessa became one that night."
"Vincent! I need you to come run these entrees!" a voice from the kitchen bellowed.
"Sorry, gentleman, it seems that our story time is being cut short."
He bowed his head slightly, grabbed his pitcher and backed away, and before I knew it, I asked him. "Your name is Vincent?"
"Yes. Vincent Smith."
We went back to the hotel and I said I wanted to go for a drive to clear my head.
I arrived at the museum around 9:15 and it was dead silent, there were no lights on save for the parking lot light. The museum, if you can call it that, looks even more derelict at night without the kind light from the sun. The parking lot is really just a flattened old lot with enough room for 25 cars at most, and the light is at the closest end to the museum. I parked at the far end of the lot, hopped out of my car and turned my cell phone to vibrate.
My short walk to the museum felt much longer. Small animals were running about, mocking my fright by bouncing from branch to branch.
The back door to the museum wasn't locked. As excited as I was, I didn't question it. I made my way to Robert's room and peeked through the door. No one was there, so I entered slowly and turned the knob when I closed it, and tiptoed over to his case.
"Hey, uh, Robert, it's me. I came back."
For several minutes, I just stared at the rabbit. He didn't move, he didn't speak. "Please. Please tell me I'm not crazy. Robbie, please. Answer me."
Nothing. That damn rabbit didn't say a thing. He didn't move. I turned around to walk away, mumbling to myself about how I need to sleep more, when I heard a thud.
Turning around, I see that Robert has flung himself against the glass in a very cartoon-y manner, and I laugh. A high-pitched, hyena like laugh.
"Alright, Robert. I'll let you out. But first, tell me why you need to leave," I chuckle and pull up an empty bucket to sit on.
The rabbit shifts a small amount and he resumes his position on the raised part of the pedestal, very twitchy and disconnected.
For several minutes we stared at each other, neither of us moving, blinking. Finally, I hear him speak.
"It's been 15 years since I've been there. Silent Hill. It was a dark, deserted town, and to be completely honest, I can't even remember why I went there. I wandered around until I ended up at this Amusement Park, and at that point, I was resigned to never seeing another living soul again. However, when I walked past the carousel, there was a large, pink rabbit sitting on a bench. It looked like a mascot costume, so I ran over to it, relieved.
"'Hey! What's going on here? Where is everyone?' I put my hand on his shoulder to get his attention and his head falls off. It's head. Black blood comes pouring out of its neck, and out of the decapitated head. The shrill shriek that came from my mouth was alien to me. I thought something malfunctioned nearby. It wasn't until after I gasped for air and the noise stopped that I realized it was me."
Robert shifted his position a bit more and sighed. "I would be much more comfortable if you would just let me out of this case, you know."
"I will let you out, just as soon as you explain to me why I am. I don't need you going on a killing spree on my conscience."
"Alright. I'm getting there. After the initial shock wore off, I noticed that the whole area was littered with merchandise of this rabbit. Plush toys, flyers, shirts, everything. On the bench next to the decapitated Rabbit was one of those flyers.
"Robert the Rabbit. He was the mascot of the park.
"Just then, a loud bang came from my right. A trash can fell over and the contents spilled all over the ground, but the cause wasn't visible.
"To this day, I regret investigating that noise. I peered behind the trash can and there was another damned rabbit. This one moved, though."
His eyes were closed, and he looked really uncomfortable. I shifted my position, he cleared his throat, and he continued.
"It leapt at my face and began clawing, gnawing on me. the flesh being torn from my bones was all I could hear at first, then the laugh. It was a mix of high-pitched, chirpy laughter and a deep, throaty gargling. Then everything went black."
"My god. It attacked you?"
"Please don't interrupt me; I don't want to have to talk about this any longer than I have to," he interjected, and without missing a beat, continued, "I don't know how long I was unconscious. Or... Dead. I don't know. But when I came to, I was in this damned case. Somehow, when he attacked me, he turned me into this. This isn't a costume, you know. In any case, the reason I asked you to help is very simple. I want to go back to that place and reverse this. I want my life back. Will you help me?"
Somehow, his face became very morose. I wanted to help him. Before I knew it, I was on my feet, walking towards him.
"Of course I'll help you, Robert."
The mechanism to open the case was just a simple latch. I flipped it open and lifted the lid, slowly. I wasn't sure if opening it would trigger an alarm. But no alarm sounded.
I snapped my head to the side so quickly, I thought I was going to fall on the floor. The window had slammed shut. Then there was a quiet thud behind me, followed by muted footfalls. I turned around just in time to see him, in midair, arms outstretched and blood-streaked face adorned with a wide, toothy grin.
I ducked, but not in time, and he connected with my face, sending me reeling backwards. In an attempt to catch myself, I spun backwards and my face smacked against the windowsill. The last thing I heard was that little bastard laughing at me.
It was practically echoing in my head when I opened my eyes. Then deafening silence. Aside from myself, there wasn't a single living being in the area. All I could see was knocked over trash cans, litter and stuffed rabbits. Directly to my right was a wooden bench with a trash can chained to it, and on the bench was a small, pink stuffed rabbit. It looked exactly like Robert. It was then that I realized where I was: The theme park Robert was telling me about before he attacked me.
"Did he bring me here?" I rubbed my forhead. It was caked with blood, and so was the whole left side of my face. The spot that connected with the windowsill was a goose egg now, the size of a golf ball.
The next step I took brought to my attention just how much blood I must have lost, because the next thing I knew, I was holding on to the back of the bench, nearly blind through the black spots in my vision. There was red, too. But that was all over the front of my clothes.
"Maybe one of the shops is unlocked," I mused to myself and set off into the direction of the restaurants.
The first door I tried was rusted shut, and the windows were boarded up. As if that weren't enough, there were also 1-inch thick bars on them. So I moved on.
There were a few letters above the doors. Most of them had fallen off, so I wasn't sure what it was. Regardless, I opened the doors. They opened relatively easily, even though they groaned as though opening was effectively breathing life into them.
My entrance revealed to me the meaning of the letters above the door. This was a souvenir shop. If nothing else, it was the smattering of Robert the Rabbit dolls, shirts, buttons and food.
Directly in front of me was a round display with a massive standee of Robert, surrounded by boxes of granola bars.
Before I knew it, I had eaten a whole one and reached for a second. They were delicious. Fresh. Which was weird, seeing as everything else was rotten, but I still devoured it, and put a couple in my pockets for later.
Suddenly, the door flew open. Somehow, I managed to dive behind the counter unnoticed, and I held my breath.
The intruder was a short, young woman with a blonde pixie cut. She was wearing combat boots, a khaki skirt, a white vest over an orange shirt, and a light splatter of blood.
The frantic look on her face wasn't helping how anxious I was. As a matter of fact, I was becoming more anxious at the prospect of her hearing my explosive heart beat. There was a minor disturbance of the detritus on the counter in front of me, but other than that, the room remained stagnant.
I could hear her breathing - Light, shallow breaths.
"Why is there no one around?" she whispered, and then exited the room as fast as she entered.
Now that I think about it, I should have announced myself. Maybe things would have turned out differently.
All of the sudden, my stomach did a back-flip and my body lurched forward. The fountain of granola bars and bile that spouted out of my mouth was atrocious, and it reeked like rotten garbage.
The hands that reached up, my hands, they looked weird. Almost paw-like.
"No, that can't be right. All this Robbie Merchandise must be making me see things," I mumbled.
A small snicker to my right almost caused my skin to leap off of my body, and my eyes to pop out of my head.
A man in a rabbit suit - no, a man-sized rabbit - walked out from behind the counter. He looked exactly like all of those stuffed rabbits outside. The only difference was the blood. Oh, my god, the blood. His maw was stained red. The whole front of his overalls covered in the sticky red liquid.
Seeing the contorted grimace on my face halted it's cartoony waving long enough for me to realize that it's real.
"Well, hi there! My name is Robbie! What's yours?" The creepy little bastard began bounding towards me like he was frolicking through a field of daisies.
I stumbled backwards and went head over heels over a display. I squealed like a child.
"Robbie! How did we get here? Isn't this the place you were telling me about?"
He giggled quietly and leaned in. "It is! Isn't it delightful?" The smile that is permanently on his face looked somehow.. sinister. It made me really uneasy.
"No, Robbie. It's not delightful! I saw some really weird shit. There's a girl here. She looks so confused and lost, but I wasn't sure if she was okay. I just hid here while she looked around. Who is she? Did you bring her here, too?" All that time I was looking at the ground. Looking back up, there was no rabbit to make eye contact with. He was gone.
"he he he he" came from behind me. The moment I turned around, there he was, in midair. Arms outstretched, bloody smile inches from my face.
I put my arms up to defend myself, and they were pink. These little fuzzy arms were mine. It was then that I had realized that I was changing. That cautionary tale was more than that - he was preparing me.
Now I'm stuck in this hell. Only glass between me and the outside world, but I can't get out. Not unless you help me. I need you to help me. Get me out, please.

Robert The Rabbit is a character from Konami's Silent Hill. I do not own this character (and man, am I glad).

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