Possibly one of the cutest experiments yet discovered, #4423 is most similar to the mythological Amphisbaena, a serpent with a head on either end whose name means "to walk both ways." However, it is certainly no serpent, with its four feet.

As an experiment, it falls into no real classification of animal, but a random attempt would most likely make it a species of lizard, for it is covered in scales and has a flexible ridge of spines on its back. The #4423 always has at least one head awake, and they take turns sleeping. This has earned it a reputation for being alert and aware, and the National Subetan Army uses it as a symbol of watchfulness. As a small, cat-sized creature, it is always in danger of being eaten by larger experiments and pets, so this system of guarding works very well for it--very few of the #4423s are ever caught by surprise.

Despite the fact it is a horrible disfigured mutant by-product of science, #4423s made terrific pets--they love to climb on your shoulder and lick both of your cheeks! So if you're lucky enough to get one of these pretties from the Zapper V2, be sure to keep it!

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