Reina has a minion!

Minion the Calucko


The Sun Tigrean
Owner: Morgan

Age: 10 years, 2 days

Born: May 22nd, 2010

Adopted: 7 years, 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: July 27th, 2012


  • Level: 25
  • Strength: 60
  • Defense: 62
  • Speed: 60
  • Health: 61
  • HP: 61/61
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Pet Treasure

Hot Chili Peppers

White Tiger Squishy Doll

Tiger Squishy Doll

Coin of the Tiger

Zodiac Tiger Spirit

Tiger Bones

Red Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus Barrette

Korean Textbook

Male Clothing Patterns

Female Clothing Patterns

Which Stitch

Layer Card: Back

Male Dressmaker Form

Adjustable Dressmaker Form

Wireframe Dressmaker Form

Vintage Dressmaker Form

Red Craft Scissors

Orange Craft Scissors

Teal Craft Scissors

Blue Craft Scissors

Purple Craft Scissors

Professor New Old-Skool Scissors

Tailoring Scissors

Red Seam Ripper

Yellow Seam Ripper

Green Seam Ripper

Blue Seam Ripper

Black Seam Ripper

Flower Pincushion

Tomato Pincushion

Cactus Pincushion

Measuring Tape

Hand Sewing Needles

Needle Threader

Straight Pins

Safety Pins


Sewing Machine

Vintage Sewing Machine

Red Tailor Chalk

Yellow Tailor Chalk

Blue Tailor Chalk

White Tailor Chalk

Red Scrap of Fabric

Orange Scrap of Fabric

Gold Scrap of Fabric

Turquoise Scrap of Fabric

Green Scrap of Fabric

Indigo Scrap of Fabric

Blue Scrap of Fabric

Violet Scrap of Fabric

Pink Scrap of Fabric

Brown Scrap of Fabric

Black Scrap of Fabric

White Scrap of Fabric

Antique Floral Scrap of Fabric

Bold Floral Scrap of Fabric

Striped Scrap of Fabric

Green Survival Scrap Cloth

Blue Survival Scrap Cloth

Pink Survival Scrap Cloth

Black Survival Scrap Cloth

White Survival Scrap Cloth

Length of Black Cotton

Length of White Cotton

Spool of Red Thread

Spool of Orange Thread

Spool of Gold Thread

Spool of Turquoise Thread

Spool of Green Thread

Spool of Blue Thread

Spool of Indigo Thread

Spool of Violet Thread

Spool of Pink Thread

Spool of Black Thread

Spool of Brown Thread

Spool of White Thread

Box of Red Buttons

Box of Yellow Buttons

Box of Green Buttons

Box of Blue Buttons

Box of Pink Buttons

Box of White Buttons

Box of Brown Buttons

Box of Black Buttons

Salvaged Pink Buttons

Salvaged Orange Buttons

Salvaged Green Buttons

Salvaged Purple Buttons

Salvaged Gray Buttons

Mimi Moe Abigail Handmade Buttons

Large Buttons

Bairin Small Blue Button

Red Glass Beads

Yellow Glass Beads

Green Glass Beads

Blue Glass Beads

Purple Glass Beads

Pink Glass Beads

Salmon Craft Beads

Chartreuse Craft Beads

Green Craft Beads

Blue Craft Beads

Indigo Craft Beads

Violet Craft Beads

Pink Craft Beads

Red Maxi Skirt

Burnt Orange Maxi Skirt

Mustard Maxi Skirt

Pea Green Maxi Skirt

Turquoise Maxi Skirt

Blueberry Maxi Skirt

Purple Maxi Skirt

Brown Maxi Skirt

Black Maxi Skirt

Gray Maxi Skirt

White Maxi Skirt

Decorative Chopsticks

Plain Chopsticks

Fancy Chopsticks

Green Chili Pepper

Garden Carrot


Orange Bell Pepper

Yellow Bell Pepper


Wasabi Root



Nappa Cabbage



Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

Raw Duck Eggs

Raw Sirloin Steak

Slab of Raw Meat


Uncooked Fish

Raw Shrimp

Raw Sea Scallops


Button Mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom

Matsutake Mushroom

King Trumpet Mushroom


Soy Sauce


Steamed Rice

Fried Rice

Poached Eggs

Fried Eggs

Spicy Seaweed Salad

Miso Soup

Tanuki Udon


Pet Friends