Restocking Shops


All the items you need for battling can be found here.

Apocalyptic Apothecary

Defend and Conquer

Spells Galore

Weapons Warehouse


Need to dress up your avatar? Find all types of clothing here.

Accessory Bin

All That Glitters

Clothing Rack

Grooming Parlor

Sole Train


Find the items you need to fill up your collections in these shops.

Bean Me Up

Plushie Parlor

Stick it to the Man!

Trading Card Center


Feed your pet with foods from all over Subeta.

Candy Shack

Carnival Stand

Food Market

Get Mugged!

Half Baked

Quick Bites

Rathskeller Inn

The Bake Stop

The Lost Skeleton


Fill up your pets treasure chest with items from these shops.

Bits and Bytes

Home Appliances

Music Shop

Philosopher's Store


The Sable Smithy

Thimble & Co.


Find items to make your pets smarter, happier or change them entirely here!

Book Nook

Minions Market

Paw Naturel

Toy Box


Shops that can be found in the most remote corners of Subeta.

Atebus Shop

Beach Shack

Cavern of Curios

Icy Goods