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Destiny posted on Virus finished - skin not unlocked:

You should get an event when it turns into a skin. How long have you been at the last stage? (it is not instant)
Destiny posted on Missing Virus skins :

You had to have the classic virus still when the skin system came out to get it OR you had to have gotten it since then. It was not retroactive when it was released.
Rasputina posted on Full of love:
Full of Love should be fixed now, as well as showing its requirements properly. :)
Rah posted on 2017 Strain Tracking:

Quote By @Drusilla:
@Rah thank you for posting! (and uh .. ignore the ticket I put in? lol) poll results were essentially Cepsis > Cordysis > Picnic Plague > Ant Agony so personally either Cordysis or Picnic Plague should be the name.

I'd suggest another poll simply because those who had voted one of the sepsis related names might want to change their vote to ant agony rather than picnic plague! And Cordysis was never really a choice on its own, it was an alternate spelling, so I would go the different route entirely.

Rah posted on 2017 Strain Tracking:
In cases like these, what we'd do on staff is get rid of the offending name altogether, and choose between the two other non-offensive names.

Another poll between Ant Agony and Picnic Plague, maybe? Get rid of the sepsis relation altogether.
Amber posted on Fraggable Currencies via menu/frag option:
@Yoshi Hoarding isn't my concern here for currencies with recycle beast. With the Recycle Beast, Ariel and I can cycle in currencies as we see fit. Wizard tokens very very cheap right now? Let's have it pop up in the RB. Candy Hearts expensive? Let's make them not pop up in the RB for a bit. The flexibility is nice. Crystal Shop, we don't have that kind of control and when we're discussing currencies, that's important.
Amber posted on Fraggable Currencies via menu/frag option:
okay so I read this as recycle beast, which is a thing we want to have currencies (candy hearts + wizard tokens I believe are what we have tagged right now) to pop up in. (in short for those curious if currencies will pop back up in RB: yes! We want to get a few more new items going in there first to entice you to part with your lovely items, and perhaps not test the fates of having tokens or something requested during a holiday on our servers but we are planning on having them show up again)


I'm very very hesitant for this. We'd have to add new programming to the shop to work out the menu you want to do and to be honest, people will still end up fragging things they didn't want to (tokens, etc). We currently have *plenty* of things you can frag from (@ariel and I have made almost all the rarities fraggable at this point!), I'd rather the low currencies go out via RB points where it's a bit harder to get (if you don't want to part with your sP every day)
Amber posted on Amoryl Cream and Amoricone:

We had plans to bring them back, we just had to update the code to work with the new hex system for the wardrobe. Enjoy getting the achievements :)
Amber posted on Items to put back into circulation:

Quote By @volkner:
Quote By Clockwork:
What about all the Dr. Lockhearts stuff? Subetalodge says they used to restock in MC.

'tis the season, etc etc? (if i remember right, these all gave temporary overlays? it'd be neat if they were wearable ;>> )

Rasputina posted on Survival FAQs:
@bcsam I'm glad to hear it's showing up for you now! I know you do need to have your avatar converted for the viruses to work, so that may have been the issue.

@rivalous Older viruses can take a while to progress if you don't receive any bites, but they should progress to the first stage in three days, even with no bites. (Updating this in the FAQ.)

@darkvixen28 That's correct.

@Kurenai Yes, once your virus has completed you can go back to the VIP page and choose a new virus. Just make sure you're not wearing any skins first. :)

@kellijuana That's also correct. It shouldn't cancel out your infection progress either way.
Amber posted on More Tiers on beanbags:

Don't worry, @Marlboro, we'll add some new stuff too ;)
Amber posted on More Tiers on beanbags:
@Nonchalant Oh, wow. Yes. We can def add some more tiers to this! I'll get with @ariel and see what other achievements we can add some tiers to and do a nice lil news post :)
Amber posted on How Cat Collection Items Were/Are Obtained?:
@Sudianna They're from different Monthly Collections! For example, the Cat Carrier is from the October 2011 collection. You get it from transforming it from the Dog Kennel (like the desc mentions). When we did the cat/dog items, we switched every month as to what would show up in the collection and what you had to transform to. One month the dog would show (and you switch it to the cat) and another it'd be a cat that you'd transform to a dog!
Keith posted on Fixed!:
@Bug Significantllyyyyyy better mobile support :)

Our IE usage is actually fairly low, less than 10% of users use IE and less than 1% of them use anything before IE 10. We'd be able to have a fallback to inline-block for those users. The flex implementation in edge/11 leaves a lot to be desired, which is what we're waiting on :)
Amber posted on Site is lagging:
@Bug We started spinning them before the event went up, but like I said they take a bit to balance out the users / set up! But, yes, that's our goal. Is to get them up right about when events start. They don't help much if we spin them up before when there are less users / activity going on!
Keith posted on Fixed!:
Ahh, thank you! This was my fault, the last round of changes I pushed to the wardrobe weren't in version control, so when grelca bundled them it didn't include my changes.

I just merged in the display being at the bottom :)!


@Bug Thanks for that :) I agree on inline-block, we're actually waiting for IE to finally finish implementing flex so that we can just move it (and other areas of the site) to flexbox.

Otherwise, we've got a pretty heavy visual overhaul coming to the site this year, and that includes the wardrobe, so we didn't put a ton of effort into styling it at the moment.
grelca posted on Fixed!:
@Bug thank you! i thought you guys were talking about the overlay preview since... the topic title says preview :joy:

keith's looking into it! :)
grelca posted on Fixed!:
can anyone post a screenshot/browser information? i'm not able to duplicate this in safari/chrome/firefox.

okay we're good i know what y'all are talking about now
grelca posted on Which Strain is Which + # of Stages (Help Thread):
posting to confirm that all 2014 vial strains will still be their original 4 stages (they will no longer regress) :)
Rasputina posted on Survival FAQs:
@kurenai Not signing up for a virus should keep other people from being able to bite you. (There was an issue with the correct biting icons showing up earlier, but this has been fixed.)

@thatshamefulhabit Sorry, but no, we will not be applying these retroactively for past years


@laurey Survival will last until the end of the month. We'll give a reminder a few days before it ends.

@andromeda Yes, you can wear those skins and bite people. The way it works currently for skins is that you cannot sign up for the VIP while wearing a skin. You can put the skin on after you sign up, however, and be able to bite with it. Even if your virus advances to the biting stage, your bites will be based on the skin.

I'll be updating the FAQ with some more of the questions asked recently. Big thanks to everyone helping out here!
grelca posted on Omen Islands Face Painting + Replacement Limbs:
@Skitters rachelle was already updated for the start of survival! it's very possible that this fact did not get highlighted anywhere, though, because i was at my other job when survival started and was not around to remind that she should be included in the news post :x

#siteupdate again since this didn't get announced otherwise!
grelca posted on Survival Threads Won't Load?:
can one of you guys with a non-zombie skin check if you can get into the survival threads now, please? thanks!
Amber posted on Genetech Item Combos:
We haven't had any because we want to replace the system (or change it up a bit) before we do more. We've always tried to use restockable items etc and it's still a matter of the people online at the time have the advantage and try to screw over the users who aren't. Ariel and I are looking into a better way to do things :)
Dill posted on Pet site addict, ready to join the community!:
@DiamondDog Not beyond collecting! They're just around during survival for the memorial -- thought there are a lot of tiers to that achievement.
Dill posted on Returning to Subeta after a few years away!:
@GAMECUBE Oh gosh, I pretty much missed the last Survival because of my then-full-time-job and new baby, so I'm pretty much useless. But they are still together, as far as I know! Now the big thing is voluntary infection, due to the zero birth rate among zombies. xD

Yessssss, the new pets have been awesome!
Dill posted on Returning to Subeta after a few years away!:
Welcome back, @GAMECUBE ! You've missed... well, probably a lot, depending on how long you've been away! Is there anything specific you're wondering about?
Dill posted on Pet site addict, ready to join the community!:
@DiamondDog Welcome to Subeta! Games are more for entertainment purposes, and aren't the most efficient way of earning sP. Quests are where it's at! :) As for feeding, you can pop your pets in the resort and the feeding is taken care of for you (unless you're after the Gourmand achievement -- in which case, you have to feed 'em the old-fashioned way).
grelca posted on Don't Bite me! Quick help please:
by the way, any of these problems are only related to the display of the button only, they won't affect anyone's ability to bite or not, because that code did not need to be changed! so no need to worry about being bitten when you aren't signed up for it, no matter what button may be showing :)
grelca posted on Opera shows No Biting but Firefox shows Infected:
should work now! there was a bug in the new code where it was checking the logged in user's strain twice rather than both theirs and the post's user's strain, which has been corrected!
Amber posted on Kiss a User achievement:
We only added one tier (so far) to the flower memorial and kiss a user!
Amber posted on Kisses not showing on HA?:
I believe this has to do with how hexes show on the avatar. Grace is aware and is going to work on this today!
Rasputina posted on Not sure if this is okay?:
Surveys are generally fine, so long as they aren't breaking any of our other rules, and aren't asking for personal information. A case of them being against the rules would be offering money, items or onsite funds to each person who filled it out. You can, however, offer something like a prize draw, where one or a few people receive something. It just can't be per person.
Rasputina posted on I paid to pick a new zombie strain, but can't:
We pushed a fix for this, but it will not be retroactive. There is also a queue for virus removal, so if you tried to cure before the fix, it may or may not work for you depending on your position in the queue. If your virus hasn't been cured and you paid to remove it before about 10:07 by the site's clock, please go ahead and file a ticket. We'll be able to check on this soon and see if you are in the queue, in which case it should work, or if your removal processed before the fix, in which case we will reimburse your sP. :)
Rasputina posted on Survival FAQs:
@drayk @laurey Yes, they will still progress on their own, bites speed it up.

@seephira We're working on the lag and have spun up some more servers.

@MarchOnOff It is random, but you can remove any flowers you want to keep from your inventory before visiting.

Kissing is now working in the Survival forum, we're still working on biting!
Amber posted on Site is lagging:
The holiday just started and we had quite a few users jump on for it. We've spun up some more servers to help with the lag. They don't start up instantly, so it takes a bit for them to kick in. You should start to see a change!
Rasputina posted on Survival FAQs:
@spiderwebby Biting and Kissing are currently not an option in the forums, and we're working on a fix. I'll post with an update soon.

@chocolate @girlikecupcake Regarding the naked HA link, we may not have that any longer. If you remove the clothing from your avatar, however, and replace the #'s with your UserID this may work:
Dill posted on Are we havin'thatzombie time yet?:
I think this has been adequately answered! (Check the news!) ;)
Rah posted on Pre-Survival Zombie Appreciation Thread:
I don't know what you mean about botflies, I think they're just delightful to watch youtube videos of.

Not as good as mango worms though.
Amber posted on Items to put back into circulation:

Quote By @interstellar:
A fool's dream, since it's a plot prize from several years ago and very, very few were given out as prizes to the top people that won it;

Hoping for a release to the Antique Shop for a hefty sum of sP.

(It's literally been on my wishlist since it first came out, haha.)

It won't be antique shop because it wasn't part of a plot, just a contest. So it'll likely come back via Millionaire Center like we've done with some of the other contest prizes in the past (@facade this goes for that mask too)
Amber posted on Items to put back into circulation:
@Destiny girl the bloodred montre one just went to crystal shop
Amber posted on Items to put back into circulation:
@probabilistic The Squirrel would be a good Crystal Shop, I’ll let Ariel know! Lovebunny Plushie is a restockable item, so I’ll bring that back with other vday goodness. :)

@Vanessa Oooh. One of those minions that come from getting the others. I’ll look into bringing those minions back soon (and at the very least for BF).
Amber posted on Kitty, what are you doing?:

Quote By @Muerte:

Give me more wearable minions.

Especially the adorable food-based ones, OH GOSH


This was a wearable back in the day and minion, I believe it was a custom item from like way way back in the day. @Ariel and I made it just a minion BECAUSE WE DON'T GET THEM BOTH USES the new wardrobe is wrong
Amber posted on Pre-Survival Zombie Appreciation Thread:

Quote By @Avel:

Better be soon!

Also, is it possible to be get some more tiers for the bite achievement?


(i will look into the various achievements we have for survival :x)
Amber posted on Pre-Survival Zombie Appreciation Thread:

Quote By @Sumi-zome:
Ahhhh. I really hope we get survival this year! I am sitting here in such anticipation!!!

Don't worry, there will be a Survival Celebration :)
Amber posted on Resort pet overlapping:
@Rocketlauncher I'll work on adding more per row, right now my goal is to make sure nothing is overlapping on people. :)

@Lull Yeah, I made them all 100x100 because lbr you don't need huge pictures of your pet when you're putting them in the resort. Good to know they aren't overlapping for you anymore, though!