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Destiny posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
Please remember to stay on topic and only post here if you are reporting a problem.
Amber posted on Don't let the Freyalise turn into an event shop:
@Sopheroo If we can think of an interesting way to do it, sure. I don't want another Holiday Shop situation where that's literally all holidays were. We've moved sort of to the other end of the spectrum, where most of our shops are just buy with your currency from given holiday, so I'd like to get sort of to the middle where there's a nice variety. I like that Morostide you have to go ToT/run around the pumpkin patch to get the items you want or restock for the pirate loot. Gotta get more cool things, which I think in the future we can play with for mini events or add-ons to holidays.


@Laurey The holiday shop was the worst. It's basically Keel Hauliday but for all the holidays. You'd have a short time frame to restock your holiday stuff in between just a lot of wrapping paper restocking lol. PEOPLE DIDN'T APPRECIATE MY LIKE R85+ ITEMS I'D PUT IN THERE EITHER. Before I completely phased the shop out, I was extending the time for restocking because people were very loudly upset with how little they could grab during it etc etc. Vending helped some and that was before quests were the way they are where we can very easily get some holiday bonuses out etc.
Amber posted on Help fix the Recycle Beast Wizard Token laggy mess:
@Laurey Yeah, I specifically unhide the code when Ariel and I want a round of currency to be asked for, otherwise there's no chance for it to be requested. So now it's hidden so it won't request it again until we want it to pop up. Though in the future, we'll likely do something else (still with the RB but less crazy on the site).
Amber posted on Don't let the Freyalise turn into an event shop:
Freyalise won't turn into just another special shop. This is my hill and I will die on it. It fits in with pirates (barter for the wears, fight other people to the death) and is honestly the last restocking shop we have for any holiday.
Amber posted on Help fix the Recycle Beast Wizard Token laggy mess:
@Ryuu Candy hearts and 1pt wizard tokens were specifically tagged to be asked for by Recycle Beast at some point. We have this turned off most of the time, we had it on for the anniversary (just took a few days for it to finally pick one) and maybe half a year ago? We don't have him ask for the currency often at all.

Ariel and I are looking into other ways to have these things be asked for without killing the site. I've been sick this weekend, so I wasn't aware he asked for the 1pt token (finally) and wasn't on to monitor the servers.
Angelina posted on Tokyo Ghoul:
@Neon Don't necro threads that haven't been posted on for more than 3 months.
Amber posted on Freyalise Items in Mystery Box:
Bug posted on Wish List Search not Working:
@ATrueHeart When you say it doesn't work, can you describe what that means? For instance: Does it load the results page, and if so, what does that look like? Does it give any error?
Bug posted on Update to Pet Friends feature:
Quote By @Kisrah:
So, staff don't want us to have control over who can friend our pets? That makes no sense to me. I'd love to hear the reasoning behind this.

No, that is not at all what I meant. Sorry if it was unclear.

The second half of my sentence was: " I'll ping Amber to be the voice of authority on that." All I meant is that I can't give a yes or no for that suggestion, so I'm passing the mic to a staff member who can. That's because I don't have the authority to make that decision, regardless of whether I agree with it. Again, sorry if it sounded like I was dismissing that suggestion, that was not my intent at all and I can see how my wording could've been confusing. It was more like "That's not a decision I can make, so I'll see what the other staff think when they wake up!"
Bug posted on Update to Pet Friends feature:
I have talked with Keith about adding the ability to custom order pet friends, as well as to other things like wishlist categories, drawers, etc. The problem with these is that our database is not set up to do it. The good news is that the database can be changed. However, it requires some prep work I need to do, and then the site needs to be offline for a bit while the changes are made, so we'd have to schedule downtime as well to get it done. So basically, custom order for pet friends (and other things) will not happen super soon, but it is something that will happen eventually.

What will happen soon is a slightly updated interface, with the ability to edit descriptions of the friends without having to delete and re-add.

As for rejecting pet friends and seeing who has your pet listed as a friend, I'm not sure that's a feature we want to have, so I'll ping @Amber to be the voice of authority on that :)
Bug posted on Wish List Search not Working:
@ATrueHeart Can you make sure you are using this URL to wishlist search?
(Just to make extra sure!)

What are some examples of specific items you are wishlist-searching, that have not been working for you?
Destiny posted on Issues loading site:
Guys, as was said before, we are aware of the lag and we are working on it. I am going to lock this board as it is getting out of hand. I have all ideas that we will be better after midnight.
Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
Just general lag today, folks. Recycle Beast kinda did that to everything. Should be good in 2 hours or so when the items he asks for changes.
Bug posted on Issues loading site:

Today is worse than usual because the Recycle Beast is asking for a very common item. It's been getting worse throughout the day as more people become aware of this and rush to turn in items, so even though extra servers spin up automatically to accommodate the lag, it's been hard for us to keep up. It should be much better tomorrow, and we've modified the Recycle Beast so that this does not happen again.

Making tickets does not help. We are already aware of the lag, and we are already doing our best to address it. We do not need users to tell us via tickets when there is lag, because we also use the same website and we can notice it too. It's frustrating for us too. It makes it harder to do our jobs. We want to get rid of the lag just as much as you do, trust me.

Over the past year, Subeta has gotten significantly better at dealing with lag and 502/504 errors are much rarer than they have been. And this is an ongoing effort that includes much more than just "adding servers" - because we don't have infinite servers, and adding servers costs us significant expense, we've also been working on changes to every layer of infrastructure to improve efficiency. I hope this gives you a better understanding of the situation.
Bug posted on Wish List Search not Working:
@ATrueHeart Hey there, sorry it's been so long without a response! Are you still having troubles with this?
Bug posted on Donation Corner timer:
Today is a bit weird because the Recycle Beast stole some servers to use as scrap metal for his projects. Let us know if this problem persists tomorrow, when he should be more calmed down.
Destiny posted on Issues loading site:
Sending in multiple tickets does NOT help when we are already aware of the lag. Please do not send in tickets regarding this.
I apologize for the lag but this does not mean that they are not working on it.
Bug posted on General Updates: September 21:
@Laurey Oh lol how strange. Well that shouldn't be too hard to fix. Still in bed but I'll look at it soon :)
Rah posted on What pets do you think need to be revamped? v.2.5:

Quote By @Emrah:
:snowflake: Hmm. My english isn't very good to explain why I would like that the glacier Telenine should be revamped, but I'm gonna try, cause I really like the color and the species but think the artwork isn't up-to-date anymore.

The glacier Telenine looks like it's from a decade ago. The darkmatter Telenine, for example, is more detailed, has more "life" in it as the glacier one. The Telenine is one of the glacier pets, which definitely needs a revamp (hopefully asap :D).

Here is what the glacier Telenine looks like now:

And here are some other glacier pets, as a example what I mean with "more detailed":

I really like Telenine's and I know that there is way to much people in the Subeta Team, that they can revamp every pet, but I would really like to see the glacier one get revamped. It has so much more possibilities to make him look more like a real ice wolf :D

:mask: I should better go to english class or move to a country where I don't need to speak english ^^'

Did you know the glacier telenine was released on 09/7/07? So it is literally a decade old! And it's definitely on my list for revamping :) (And your English is great!)
Bug posted on Wishlist - No Such Item:
@Kathy Very weird indeed, but I'm glad it seems to be good now. In any case, now you know that even if it vanishes, it's still there and you can still see it if you visit the page directly. Here's an easier to remember URL for that, in case you need it:
Bug posted on Wishlist - No Such Item:
@Kathy I... I am so confused XD
I just noticed that it came back too! I don't think it was something I did though, because I was just looking at your database data to see if any of it was in a wrong format or something. It all looked perfectly fine.

I guess... since it is working now, consider it fixed? And if it happens again, try the link again and let me know if it works :o

The original problem you had (with the No such item text) you somehow had wishlisted an item with the item ID of 0. So I deleted that and saw it was fixed. At that point the category was also showing up fine.

I wonder if adding an item to it is what causes it to vanish? Do you want to try?
Bug posted on Wishlist - No Such Item:
@Kathy I found your Unsorted category here:
So it exists, it's just not showing up in your wishlists page for some reason.

Thanks, I'll work as fast as I can so you can get back to wishlisting stuff asap :D
Bug posted on Wishlist - No Such Item:
@Kathy The Unsorted category was there last I looked. I'm guessing that it disappeared after you added items to it? Did you see my fix before adding the items? I'm just trying to figure out what made it vanish between now and earlier this morning...

Can you hold off on editing your wishlist for now? Gonna try to fix it again.
Bug posted on Accounts clearing too early:
I just pushed a fix for this. Fingers crossed?

If it happens again, please make a new topic and give me a personal ping :)

@Destiny This can be locked.
Bug posted on Achievements being displayed incorrectly v.2:
There are many known issues with the Achievements page. At some point I'm going to fix it up. Just haven't gotten there yet. So many things to work on D:
Bug posted on General Updates: September 21:
@Laurey @arixen Birthday icon has been fixed! Thanks for reporting it!
Bug posted on Quickstock Unlocked Item:
Hello! Just looked into this. Fixed the quickstock issue, as well as the wizard tokens issue. Quickstock shouldn't touch your unlocked items now, and neither should the wizard exchange.

While I was at it, I also made the Genetech Lab stop showing locked and Not Tradeable items, cuz that's been bothering me for a while too.
Bug posted on Wishlist - No Such Item:
@Kathy Just fixed it for you :)

@Destiny @Reya for locking after OP verifies the fix jk
Bug posted on Different IP addresses (Lock Please!):
@Serpentina What the other responses said is true: staff does not check profiles so don't leave notes for us there. The correct thing to do in this situation is to file a ticket letting us know. That goes for everyone; if you're moving a lot and afraid your IP address patterns will look suspicious, the best and safest thing to do is create a ticket explaining your situation.
Bug posted on Beta Testing: Mass add items to treasure chests!:
Quote By @Solsticesprite:
If you don't pick your active pet as the pet to deposit items into their TC but some other pet, the Back button *does* forget that.

The Back button should remember this now. Nice catch! :D

Quote By @sentinel:
This might be a personal preference, but I kind of wish that your active pet was the one selected when you first load up the page. I also really, really wish the page saved who you just added items to

Done and done. Let me know if it's working correctly?

Added a link to the TC page. There will be a news announcement about this after the holiday - don't want to make one now since there's so much going on right now.
Destiny posted on Quickstock Unlocked Item:
I asked bug to look into this. The reason this is happening actually makes sense for how it is set up but he is going to look into changing it.

When you lock something in your inventory and you have multiples, it locks the first one that was in your inventory. The way quick stock (and things like donation drives) is set up, it also stocks/donates the first item in your inventory...but it doesn't take into account locked items. So it is stocking your locked item since it was the first one in your inventory. But we are going to see about fixing that.
Destiny posted on Why isn't the layer achievement counting my item? :
There is actually a newer link to update it! Go here and see if that works!
Bug posted on General Updates: September 21:
@Laurey Thank you for letting me know! It should be working however so I'll have to look into why it's not. It's possible that the example is an edge case I missed. Time to stalk users' birthdays to see who has one tomorrow for debugging...
Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
@storm42 Nothing's up. Haven't touched it at all recently and it's been working fine for me and most users I've talked to. The site has been lagging a bit however - I noticed this this morning - so that can result in errors/things not loading. I can't tell you more without a clearer picture of what you encountered. But if you're encountering that, don't rush to reconvert your HA as that can result in weird things happening to your data. Wait a few minutes first and try again - it's more likely that it was momentary lag and will fix itself if you wait a bit :)

I am going to edit Keith's HA conversion script so it stops doing weird things to already-converted HAs...

@SpiritedLass Did you convert your HA and/or convert and reconvert the same drawer multiple times? I'm looking at your data and it looks like a lot of your items are inside of drawers that no longer exist. I manually moved those to no drawer instead. Can you check and see if your items are showing up now?

I empathize with your frustration, and I know it's been many years but I've only been here for 2 months and I'm doing my best to help :D Right now 99% of the errors people are having with drawers/items are due to weird things happening during converting. So hopefully once we get your data cleaned up, you'll have a smoother experience.
Amber posted on General Updates: September 21:
I'm always open for suggestions for holidays and things @Shark! I understand people are frustrated with just restocking (or whatever issue with a thing), but there isn't much we can do to help alleviate that without actual suggestions and dialogue. I'm really happy with the thread users made in S&I about some cute ideas to get some of the items out. We obviously won't be able to implement anything huge this year, but it's def given us some larger ideas for next year. :D
Amber posted on General Updates: September 21:



I don’t have much time to devote to the sprint this week, unfortunately. It’s the Jewish New Year, so I’m busy at work irl doing things for that + going to services/celebrating. I’m also using what free time I do have to develop something rad to get some pirate items out (not many, but a chance at a few!) outside of quests and restocking. Tomorrow is also the first day of Autumn, which means seasonal Quest Shop/Millionaire Center change. There will be a slight change to how the Quest Shop seasonal items work because I’ll be adding a seasonal tab! No longer will you have to scroll to the end of each Quest Giver’s shop to find the seasonal goods!

I DID DO A THING, THOUGH. A thing many of you have requested! When you go to use an item to unlock a challenger, if you’ve already unlocked that challenger the NPC Kain will remind you that you’ve already unlocked that challenger and you’ll still have your item! If you haven’t unlocked the challenger, the item will work like normal. I have tested this on so many challenger summoners, but if I happened to miss on or messed one up, let me know <3

As you all know, holiday season is here. Suggest items you’d like to see! There are threads in the items subforum and avatars, I believe, for Morostide, Fireside, and Luminaire at the moment.

Oh, I want to mention also that I’m keeping an eye on the changes we’ve been making to the Recycle Beast. The next week or so, you’ll notice possibly more items each day being asked for. My goal is for the RB to ask for around 25 items a night. Sometimes all the requirements we have in place won’t yield an item each time, so he might ask for 20 one night or 19. We’re working on it! :)


Hi everyone! I've been super busy lately with wardrobe stuff so there's less small things today, mostly just one medium-sized thing :D

I've introduced a new feature to pet treasures that allows you to move multiple items to a pet's treasure chest at once. This is currently released for GA Beta Testing and you can find more information on it here: Topic: Beta Testing: Mass add items to treasure chests! If you're a Gold Account user, do check it out and help us test! This feature will be opened to the general public once the testing stage is done.

Another small fix to mention: I went and fixed a couple of the forum bugs related to user information. This mostly affects minimods: Your purple icon and pet leashes should show up properly now! Frozen accounts (the strikethrough) and birthday icons should also now show up correctly on the forums.

Finally, as always: If you want to bring up something off-topic, please do so in the Problems and Suggestions forums, not here.

Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
@SpiritedLass So you're saying inside of the wardrobe, it's not loading all of your items?

Can you double-check what you're setting your Per Page to, and that there are no more pages of items after the first one you're looking at?

I understand the frustration. I can help you better if I have more details about what's going on. How many drawers do you currently have, and do you have items inside of the drawers? Are you saying that the wearables inside your drawers are not showing up, or is the problem happening to all of your wearables? Can you give me an example of the filter options you're using (in the wardrobe app, when searching for items) that are not working for you?
Bug posted on Confirmation for feeding pet removed (returned):
@Astronite Oh I'm not offended or anything! Just... trying to decide whether I should put it back to how it was xD

It's annoying because now I don't think I actually can remove the minion popup confirmation without removing those too >_<
So I guess I'll revert it but ... grrarrghhrghh

Reverted! 8c
Bug posted on Beta Testing: Mass add items to treasure chests!:
@Solsticesprite Uhh you did them 10 at a time right? :D
Bug posted on Confirmation for feeding pet removed (returned):
Oh geez. Yeah, that was me trying to remove the confirmation on giving minions to pets... >_>

I'll switch it back I guess? Didn't realize it would affect so many things T_T why is subeta's code like this
Bug posted on Beta Testing: Mass add items to treasure chests!:
In the spirit of Keelhauliday, I bring you a new feature that allows you to add multiple items to your pets' treasures at once!

Just a few notes first:
- To prevent server strain there will be a limit as to how many items can be moved at once. Currently this is set at 10 items , but depending on how testing goes this may be adjusted.
- If your pet doesn't have enough space in its treasure for all the items you're trying to move, none of the items will be moved.
- This has been tested, but should anything go wrong and items be lost, file a ticket and a UA will help you restore the lost items.
- If you find an exploitable glitch (like a bug that lets you dupe items), please tell me immediately and do NOT abuse the glitch. Abusing a glitch on purpose is against the rules and can get you frozen :( so don't do it :o

For now, you can try out this feature here! I'll add the link to the main pet treasure page once a couple people have tested it, just in case anything goes wrong. Link added! News post will come after the holiday. (Don't want to make the post when there's so much going on already.)

Please post here (and ping me!) with your feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, and most importantly Bug reports!

Thank you and much love to you all. <3
Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
@SpiritedLass Sorry, I'm a little confused what you're describing. Would you be able to provide screenshots to clarify the issue?

Are you sure you are using the new/converted drawers?

"Just checked in organize for a particular drawer and the new item I put there is showing up but nothing else." It sounds like the items might be stuck in unconverted drawers. Can you open a ticket about this, and I'll see if I can fix it for you manually.
Amber posted on Pirate item distribution:
@Squid Yeah, they can go out as their regular items because of key words, item types, etc since they're restockable! I'm just talking about having them as bonus items, like Carl has them. Carl is giving a regular item + a chance at a bonus pirate item (just like Vesnali Alexander would give a possibly bonus item of old restockable Vesnali items).
Amber posted on Pirate item distribution:
I'd rather not have other quest givers giving out items from this holiday because most of them have their own holiday assigned to them they give stuff out, so a new thing (like the cubs or even dueling in the future) is much more likely to happen!

Also in regards to the retired/new things @lypsyl - the items aren't weighted for what goes out via quest as a bonus item. We include retired things because that's a way to get old restockables out at that we don't want restocking anymore (and at the moment don't go out any other way). Whatever we end up doing new feature wise, I'll likely gear it towards putting out items that are currently restocking (generally current year + previous year)
Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
@storm42 Hm, I'd check your internet connection, because that sounds like a connection issue rather than an issue on Subeta's end. The images do work correctly, they're just not loading completely for you. If you load the item's image on another page, that might help it show up in the wardrobe too, because your browser should cache the image so it doesn't have to reload it once it's loaded it recently.

@chookie Okay a lot of confusing stuff yeah. I have no clue why your drawers would unconvert themselves. The only thing I can think of, is that if you converted your HA again, that would cause them to unconvert. The unfortunate news is, since all of those things happened to you, it's not likely that your items are still sorted into any drawers. (There's just so many ways the data could've been messed up - Like when your drawers got unconverted, or when they were reconverted - however many times) I'm sorry >_<

The glitch with the drawers dropdown inside the wardrobe app is a known issue that I'm working on a fix for. So that's some good news at least "^^

Do drawers work for you if you use the Create Drawer thing to make a new drawer, and add stuff to that? Because it sounds like your issues have been with conversion, and the easiest way to move forward may be to just make completely new drawers since your old/converted ones seem very uh.. rebellious. If you want to do this, I can manually clear your unconverted drawer data so that they do not pop up randomly again.
Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
@SexyFart If your drawers are working fine right now then you've got nothing to worry about.
Bug posted on Shinwa Didn't Reset:
Shinwa should be reset now. If anything else has not reset like it should please let me know.
Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
@Truffula Tagging sounds like a great suggestion, one that warrants its own thread in Suggestions & Ideas! Why don't you make a topic there, and it can be discussed/fleshed out more? It's the kind of thing that would take discussion with all the other site admins too since it's such a huge change (big new feature!)

Right now my focus is on improving existing features and bringing back old features people want (like color search!) No major changes to drawers or other features - just major fixes/revamps perhaps, but that's all :)