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Amber posted on Unbe-LEAF-able Achievement:
@aiya Are you sure you are adding Suspicious Leaf Pie and not Living Leaf Pile? They are two very similar items, one being the minion (the living leaf pile) and the other a wearable (Suspicious leaf pie).
Bug posted on Gift center item selection:
I can't reproduce this with the information given, so there's nothing we can do about it. If it only happened one time then it could have a number of accidental causes, but it's probably nothing to worry about unless it's happening consistently.
Bug posted on page not secure message in firefox:
In the URL bar, make sure your URL begins with https and not http. If you see the URL begins with http, just change that part of the URL to https and it should work.

(Https (with the s) indicates that the connection is secure. Subeta is supposed to redirect you to the https version automatically, but I've also noticed that this redirect sometimes doesn't happen in Firefox so for now you can make sure you're on the right version manually.)
Keith posted on Gifts of Fashions Past Chance Machine. Let's talk.:
We want things like this chance machine to be valuable to the people using it, however wherever we put the sP limit means that items above that limit will drop in value immediately because they're the ones coming out, so we have to be conservative with our estimates.

I think this is a good case for our once a year (or so) subeta team buyouts of items on the site. I think that we've explicitly said that we want subq (and vanity) items to be rare on the site and so enforcing that by purchasing up bulk stock is something I have way less of an issue with than I did in the past.

So instead of increasing the bottom of this chance machine, increasing the value of items that come from it by reducing/restricting the amount of them on the site.
Bug posted on Carl asking for retired items:
Good news! Both the non-restockable items and the large rewards you might get sometimes are intentional, so enjoy :)

Locking as it's not a bug.
Bug posted on 2 Weapons with the same name, but different mods:
I'll look into this but I'm not sure with the way it's set up if it's possible to fix it.
Bug posted on Rreign Burn and Kiss Not Showing Up:
This was something I noted too but I didn't get a chance to fix it yet. I'll try to look at it soon.
Bug posted on The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe:
@Anne @MisstressDomino

Is drag-and-drop working elsewhere on Subeta? Example: reordering pets, reordering items in a pet treasure

I recommend checking all of your browser settings and extensions/addons to make sure you don't have any scripts disabled.
@Lallabella Same advice to you. The issue is on your end unfortunately and has to do with failure to load required CSS and JS files, which could be blocked by browser settings. In some cases they could also fail to load if you have a break in the internet connection.
Amber posted on Where did Vanity items come from?:
The individual items weren't brought back because they're always available via the GoFP. The magazines double as books, which is why we brought back vanity + fringe books.
Amber posted on Battle Chat 2017 (IV):

Quote By @Laurey:
I like the themed crafting and such books, those are neat ~

We should be getting the monthly challenger for November soon too, I think. Maybe we won't get it tonight with the sale starting, but hopefully in the next couple of days or so.

Yeah, just throwing it out there: We'll have the challenger sometime this week. There's already so much going on in this news post, I didn't want to bog it down with the cool lore for this month's challenger. IT IS SO COOL LOOKING, YOU GUYS.
Bug posted on Option to arrange Armory by tier?:
Hi everybody c:

The armory revamp I'm working on will give you a way to filter your weapons by tier.

So just sit tight for now!! It's gonna be great :D
Bug posted on Forj Matriarch achievement not counting:

Just make sure not to confuse it with the event challenger (also named Cursed Effigy, but not so Tormented I suppose!)
It is a bit confusing, there are two challengers that look the same, but have separate achievements. One is a seasonal challenger and the other is unlocked by the fireside lantern.

(You may already know this but I just want to say it for anyone who might be confused by it.)
Bug posted on Can't delete notifications from the item menu page:
I've intentionally excluded this page from my fixes because Amber is working on a new page. This will be addressed when her changes are done.
Bug posted on Item giver achievement is messed up. :
@sparkyrav File a ticket and a UA will be able to double-check and fix your achievement count (as well as reward anything you are missing)
Keith posted on Omg hi:
so how is everyone doing this end of 2017 #irc
Amber posted on Cursed effigy achievement not unlocking:
Fill out a ticket for now guys to get your achievement! We're looking into this :)
Amber posted on Battle Chat 2017 (IV):

Quote By @Virus:
No event tab open yet so. Maybe they could get new loot later. :)

nope they aren't getting new loot, they are in the BC now tho
Bug posted on Pets Page Issues:
@Frost I mean, I guess you can keep it, but you'll have to just put up with anything that's broken as a result of the invalid name. It's not officially supported.
Bug posted on Pets Page Issues:
@Frost The pet name is not valid (by current naming rules) and will need to be changed.

From the Adopt a Pet page:
The following characters are allowed when naming your new pet:
alphanumeric characters (abc123), periods(.), spaces( ), dashes(-), and underscores (_)!

The pet naming rules have changed over time, which means it's possible to adopt an old pet with a now-invalid name - just as you did. The best course of action in this case is to make a ticket to have your pet's name changed to a valid name.
Bug posted on Forum Search:
I checked for you guys and unfortunately this feature needs to be taken down for a while. We will restore it as soon as we're able.
Bug posted on General Updates: November 16:
@Mackenzi Haha no it was actually a pretty small thing! If there's anywhere else things are showing up with the weird backslashes btw you guys can point em out and I can probably fix them too. Those were just the main places I noticed it.
Bug posted on Profile comment error text:
@Laurey Yes, it should. Awesome, I'll lock this up then.

@Zay That's a result of an unrelated update and shouldn't be too hard to fix. However I have to point you to this forum if you need help fixing it, as staff can't offer official help with custom code.
Bug posted on Pete won't die:
This should now be fixed.

If you are currently stuck in a battle, refresh the page so that it loads the fixed version and you should be able to click the button to proceed. Refreshing the page alone will not count as making a move in battle, so it's safe to refresh the page.
Bug posted on Battle UI Changes, Pt 2.5: SPEND EXP:
I'll take care of it first thing when I'm out of bed later :)
Bug posted on Layout Changes:
Quote By @Bug:
This topic is for reporting problems/feedback related to our recent layout changes, which started in mid-October. Please try to stay on topic here, and only report things that you have noticed changed AFTER the layout changes began. If something has been a certain way for months, it's unrelated to the changes we made and off-topic on this thread.

Gonna put this in the first post so it's clearer. Sorry for the confusion @judykm
Destiny posted on Misspelled "Fennic" fox:
I went ahead and reported it here. If you come across anymore spelling (or grammar) mistakes, you can report them on those forms!

Locking this up since I reported it through the spelling error form.
Amber posted on General Updates: November 16:

Next Thursday (23rd) is an American holiday Thanksgiving, so we won’t be having a sprint thread.


This week I’ve been preparing for our Black Friday Sale and Fireside! Both which are coming up pretty soon. If you’d like to see a particular forum title pop up for Fireside, suggest it here! Use this thread for any Fireside items you’d like to see come back or Cash Shop things for Black Friday. :)

I’m still working on making item menus rad. <3 Some of you gave feedback on the previous thread about not wanting a lot of scrolling (which I completely understand, I have like 60 pets and scrolling is the worst) but others don't want a lot of extra clicking. I'm working with Ariel to find the right balance and will hopefully have another sneak peak for you the week after Thanksgiving. :)


Bug and I completely missed each other today (I’ve been sleeping most of the day fighting off the start of a cold). I’ll edit this section with all the cool things he’s worked on this week in the morning! I just wanted to make sure to get this out on Thursday I REFUSE TO LET OUR STREAK DIE.

# siteupdate

HI I'm Bug and risen from the bed finally to give you my updates this week.

This week's updates:

Itty Bitty Bugfixes
- Aboxalypse no longer says "you won a medal" every time you defeat it
- Backslashes before apostrophes bug: Fixed on ticket names, pet friends, and pet descriptions!! You can now write code without having backslashes show up before all your quotes!
- Sidebar events no longer persist in the cache after you delete them. Delete an event and it's gone right away!
- In addition, the Events Page has been made actually functional. (A link to this page shows up when you have more events than can fit in your sidebar.)
- Eyes in the wardrobe now show the name of the eye under the picture :)

sCode Previews! Now you can...
- Preview news comments!
- Preview user profile comments!
- Preview tickets before creating them!
- I also increased the width of the preview modals; they were somewhat narrow before.

Battle stuff!
- Continued work on the EXP page. I moved things around a bit and made other tweaks based on the feedback. Continue giving your feedback on this thread: Topic: Battle UI Changes, Pt 2.5: SPEND EXP
- Stats page shows opponent stats for other users, not just pet stats. Also got a bit of a facelift :)
- There were a few other random battle bugs that popped up this week. They should all be fixed now. If you encounter anything new, please post about it here.

Bug posted on Forj Matriarch achievement not counting:
@Sirensong Aww thank you :)

Unfortunately I think these achievements are still broken, and so everyone will need to file tickets to get them awarded properly. (Both Forj Matriarch and Here, Kitty Kitty)
Bug posted on Battle Chat 2017 (III):
@Senti The achievements don't get reset, so if you already got that achievement prize - even years ago - then you already have that achievement. If the newest tier isn't triggering for you, make a ticket and a UA will help take care of it.
Bug posted on Battle Chat 2017 (III):
Hey guys, Idk if any of you visited the Achievements page recently. There was a glitch that would've awarded you the "Here, Kitty Kitty" multiple times (including multiple malerias arm bangles) if you visited the page. It was a mistake I made and has now been fixed so the glitch is no longer exploitable.

I posted in Problems + Bugs but wanted to post here for extra awareness:
Quote By @Bug:

Please delete the extra items and file a ticket if you experienced this glitch.

And also, just a reminder that glitch abuse is a rule violation and can result in official warnings and even freezings. The safest thing to do if you experienced this glitch is to file a ticket (even if you've already deleted your extra items) so that the UAs can make sure it's properly taken care of c:

Thank you so much! And very, very sorry for any inconvenience caused by my error T_T
Bug posted on Forj Matriarch achievement not counting:
I made a mistake >_<
It should be fixed now. I'm very sorry about that.

Please delete the extra items and file a ticket if you experienced this glitch.

And also, just a reminder that glitch abuse is a rule violation and can result in official warnings and even freezings. The safest thing to do if you experienced this glitch is to file a ticket (even if you've already deleted your extra items) so that the UAs can make sure it's properly taken care of c:
Bug posted on Layout Changes:
@Virus I noticed that for a day in Chrome. I think it has to do with a browser update. Try checking for updates?

Otherwise please let me know what browser + browser version you are using so I can look into it. Thanks.
Purge posted on tattered scroll combos:
Man. I wish I could have things scale based on the opponents difficulty. I'm stuck with stats :(
Purge posted on Battle Coliseum Update Q&A Thread:

Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Should have the correct one now!
Bug posted on Layout Changes:
@Didi it probably has to do with either your computer or the firewall blocking something, maybe one of the scripts. Unfortunately it's not a problem on our end, it's on your end, so there is nothing we can do.
Bug posted on Battle UI Changes, Pt 2.5: SPEND EXP:
@Rocketlauncher looks like you found a little ui bug. I will take a look.
Bug posted on Layout Changes:
@Autobot User profiles got a minor update recently, which is why some custom code will look different now. Staff can't help fix your profile code, but you could try asking for help in the forums :)
Bug posted on Battle UI Changes, Pt 2.5: SPEND EXP:
Hi guys, quick update. No max button yet though (sorry!)

I implemented a couple tweaks, some of which were suggested by @buddleia:

- Clearer column labeling of input column
- Limits added to the bottom row for visual ease
- Switched input and cost columns
- The new stat total (right-most column) turns green when there is a change for that stat

I added instructions to the page on the most convenient way to use it (for computer users - mobile will get their buttons.)

I also fixed a bug by @Rocketlauncher where it incorrectly included Level in the tier calculation. It should be correctly excluded now. It would be great if you guys could double-check it for me.

Finally I cleaned up the stats home page a little bit, as it was created before we moved to Bootstrap, so I had to go back and convert it. Enjoy the swords :D
Bug posted on Cannot Move Profile Sections Around:

Quote By @bonita:
Not sure if this goes here... but I went to add the ach box to my profile page and it keeps saying that I already have that displayed and I don't. Is this a temp bug thing or do I need to file a ticket or what?

You already have it on your profile, but you've named it something else.

It's like the "Interests" box where it's basically just a blank box you can put stuff in. So on your profile it could be one of any of the custom boxes you have, you'll have to figure out which.

I know a lot of the sections are kinda poorly named/unnecessary or even obsolete like the Multimedia one, but this is something I need to discuss with the other staff before making any changes.

@Luck The spoilers thing will be fixed when we update the filter, hopefully soon. I'm going to lock this up since the topic's main issue was addressed and confirmed.

Feel free to make new topics for anything else that comes up :)
Bug posted on Cannot Move Profile Sections Around:
@Lantern It wasn't moved, it was always under the Profile section. Gad you got it figured out in any case :)
Bug posted on Cannot Move Profile Sections Around:
@bonita I'll check on that.

Quote By @Lantern:
Since the 'fix', the profile color theme options dropdown is no longer there. I hope this will be added back in.

It's still there. Maybe you're accidentally hiding it with your custom code.
Bug posted on Battle UI Changes, Pt 2.5: SPEND EXP:
@ Rocketlauncher ooh good catch. Working on a fix!

@Rocketlauncher Just pushed a fix. Wanna try it out for me?
Destiny posted on Got the Here Kitty Kitty achievement, BUT did not:
Yes you should file a ticket. I know they are having trouble with the achievements that were there before the reset. You should still get credit for the pre-reset wins but if it is showing more then they can fix it.
Dill posted on Username Help:
If a name gets stolen while you're inactive, you are typically eligible for a free rename. You should have an event with the link for it in your sidebar (if you didn't accidentally delete it -- that's easy to do). If you've lost the link or it's not working for some reason, just send us a ticket and we can help. :)
Destiny posted on Problem searching items.:
Also if that is not it, please run your antivirus.
If that does not work, it may be one of your browser add-ons or extensions. Try disabling those one at a time to see if that is the problem.
Bug posted on Account search not showing equipped pylonics etc:
Thanks for reporting! It is an error and will be fixed within the hour.
Bug posted on Pet Profile Code Not Applied Correctly:
The escapes might be an easy fix so I'll look into it if I have time :) It's just low priority since the feature still works correctly and there is a lot on my plate.