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Amber posted on Old Random Event:
@Karen It's still an enabled event, so yes it's possible to still get it. The odds of it are a lot lower than some of our other events, which means it's rare.
Amber posted on Old Random Event:
@Virus Not a bother at all! The rate is lower than some of our other random events for sure, like minions/pies.
Amber posted on Old Random Event:
Nope, they haven't been removed @Virus. There are actually two possible random events that give out potions/elixirs. One is like you find an elixir and one the wizard gives you a potion.
Amber posted on "Visit [pet]'s profile!":
This was a user suggestion from a while ago! If you ever think of other things like that, please suggest them here! I look through those forums all the time for things to do when I have some downtime!
Amber posted on Extra coins for last day of Vesnali?:
We didn't increase coins this year since we have flowers going out via quests and they're floating at a higher rate than when it started / than normal!
Dill posted on Easiest way to sell CSC:
However, if they scam you, we can't necessarily get back what they took from you. We handle it from a disciplinary standpoint. I would personally advise against this unless it someone you know and trust.
Dill posted on Easiest way to sell CSC:
@Lustful You're pretty much stuck using the provided denominations, so yeah, a 500 and 3x100s.
Dill posted on Easiest way to sell CSC:
@Lustful I would definitely say that the CGCs from the Cash Shop are the best way to sell your CSCs (in my opinion).
Destiny posted on making bouquets:
@aiya Can you please post what you are trying to make and the flowers you are using?
Amber posted on Sell the bouquets in the Vesnali shop post-wedding:
@Lypsyl Ugh gravedigger. That was actually the worst. The issue with that wasn’t that we were forgetting about it, it was because when we moved servers we somehow lost all the coding for it. So grace had to do it from scratch when she had a lot of other projects. It was really a horrible situation, because Gemma and I were so pumped to have it back out for Morostide and then it ended up being way longer because of that. FUN FACT THO i know how to make levels now, so I can totally add some new maps in the future! I’m learning how to do games in JS and what not, so if grace doesn’t have the time for some of the other games we lost (or have but just need to do a bit more for), I might be able to knock those out this summer with some other stuff!

@Laurey We’ll make it very obvious about it coming back around when we start the wedding post!

@Rocketlauncher Flowers will still float during the Wedding! Esther’s shop will still be open and what not (I’m pretty sure we’ll have the honesty pot up as an NPC while they get married / go honeymoon).
Amber posted on Sell the bouquets in the Vesnali shop post-wedding:
@Frost The donating was an after thought, because it's a user suggestion I've enjoyed and want to do. The other stuff are things I've been discussing with staff and have shared (which Rah is gonna kill me) because I don't want you guys to think that we're never going to touch this again but also don't want to like ruin the surprise of when it'll pop up, outside of Vesnali.

And you'll understand why the garden thing wasn't released with it from the start when we get to the Wedding. :)
Amber posted on Sell the bouquets in the Vesnali shop post-wedding:
@Rocketlauncher True on the uncertainty factor, but also sometimes you gotta let things play out. I posted in the news that it'd most likely be coming back (because we haven't decided all the ways we'll be using this so I didn't say specifically how) because I realized people freaked out thinking they had five days and then never again.

And yeah, we made the bouquets different from our other "building" things because we wanted it to be a little different (just like Genentech/cooking/alchemy aren't exactly the same either).

(@Lypsyl wait what things were promised and took ages, like at the very least this will be back next Vesnali but we're discussing other times too)
Amber posted on Sell the bouquets in the Vesnali shop post-wedding:
I don't think you guys saw my post that other things are going to be worked into this in the future, like outside of the one-week event here. Flowers can brighten up a lot of our events! And making use of gardens or something else to get flowers out outside of just floating. We went with quests for now, but that doesn't mean we won't donate some during the event. Again, just because you can't get them on the first day doesn't mean you won't be able to make them later.
Destiny posted on Carnival Manchu Plushie Not a Plushie:
Can you guys tell me if this is still happening for you? I just added a ton of wearables from the vesnali directly to my wardrobe and don't have the problem anymore (I did before!).
Destiny posted on Locked flowers still showing up to give away.:

Yes, I did already let them know that it is not just with duplicates.

The 0 coins thing is part of the weird 10:38 glitch that they are looking into and they are aware of it. But your coins are safe!

Amber posted on Sell the bouquets in the Vesnali shop post-wedding:
Quote By @sentiel:
Awaiting the canned "you're not supposed to get all of them" response though. :pensive:

i got u boo.

We knew that most people wouldn't be able to make every single bouquet, that's why the achievement is to only make one. This will be a feature that comes back, though. Rah and I have discussed many different ways it could happen outside of Vesnali, even. Those talks discuss other ways of coming across the flowers (yo gardens becoming useful) etc. Just because you can't get them all right this second doesn't mean there won't be opportunities in the future. :)

(You will not get them by buying them straight out, though. We want you to work for them not just drop x sP on them.)
Amber posted on Sell the bouquets in the Vesnali shop post-wedding:
Just because they're tied to the wedding this year, doesn't mean we can't make this a yearly event. Esther and Emma practically work around lovely flowers every day -- they are just wedding things. I personally want to bring it back next year to have forum titles, etc.

(I already posted in the news comments that this will likely be a thing to happen again :))
Dill posted on HELP!! Newbie!:
@Morien Are you looking for your sMails? You'll find your Smail inbox under the "Interact" tab.
Dill posted on Items, items, everywhere:
@audreynichole The items that aren't collectible, wearable, weaponry, readable, edible, etc., are mostly quest fodder or used in galleries or pet treasures. :)
Dill posted on Old, returning user:
Welcome back, @Emmit ! :) You came back at a great time -- Vesnali is in full swing!
Destiny posted on Locked flowers still showing up to give away.:
@karen @paddy

OK so I got an answer on this. The thing where it gives away a locked one if you have duplicates in your inventory, this is not an easily fixable thing (which is as I thought). So if you have duplicates, it is easier to vault them. But they said they should be able to stop single ones from showing (like if you ONLY have the locked one) and hope to fix that sometime today (or maybe tomorrow whenever that certain programmer is able to). I will update the board once that happens!
Amber posted on Item previews not working again:
Just want to pop in and say we are still working on figuring this out! It's a really weird issue (like Keith, Grace, and I have been brainstorming together why it's not working).
Amber posted on Vesnali 2017 - Previews:
@Ambition I was wondering if someone would ask about those since they were added a good hour before the post, haha.

Just some notes I said in the post for those:

- I've got all five types in the news post. Most of them are pretty obvious as to what's in them (check the name and colors)! You won't need more than two of each of a flower from a bouquet!

- I've even included flowers at the top of the post as hints to some that are used for the combination. I don't think it'll be too hard for you guys to figure out (for those that aren't in the overall bouquet name you should be able to look at the image and guesswork it!)
Dill posted on time to reset our passwords?:
I'm closing this up now, as the News post contains all of the pertinent info! :)
Dill posted on time to reset our passwords?:
A News post is forthcoming, but we are asking that users change their passwords immediately as a precaution.
Dill posted on Forums:
This has been resolved. You may need to clear your browser cache and cookies if the old broken page is still what is loading for you.
Destiny posted on Global cyber attack:

Thank you for your board. Unfortunately, this forum is for reporting bugs with our individual site. We have had news posts before when the admins think that it is something we need to be vigilant of so you may (or may not) see a post about this. I am going to lock this up since this is not a site bug report.
Destiny posted on Bird Watching Game:
@luck I don't think the price is because it is impossible to find. I think it is because most people give up? When you search for that specific bird, do you look in Port Plunder as well as the actual island? I am checking with Amber JUST to make sure on this one but I am pretty sure that the rate hasn't changed. Now I know it is going to be more difficult now that the event has started but I know this board was made before. But I have had to check on bird watching several times and each time they have checked the code and it is working. But like I said, I am asking again :D
Destiny posted on Shoutbox is closed?:
locking as this was not a bug and the SB is open again hopefully without interruption YAY!!!
AeriaLure posted on Shoutbox is closed?:
This isn't a glitch or a bug. There was a user repeatedly making accounts to spam in the shoutbox, so it's been temporarily disabled.
Amber posted on Give Flower sCode:
I'm going to try to get this knocked out this evening when I'm on for more than five minutes! If it gets done, I'll make sure to do a news post and everything for you guys about it! :)
Destiny posted on Bird Problem:
Sorry guys, this is not really something to fix because it is not a bug. It is always going to be harder to find the birds during events because of the floating items. It competes with the normal random events. I know this is not the answer you are looking for but I constantly check and make sure it is possible and I always get the same answer.

Locking as this is not a bug.
Amber posted on Vesnali 2017 - Previews:
Quote By bean:
The hair bits are meant for layering over the hats (or any time where you'd want to layer the bulk of hair behind you while having a bit in front). The nests are a side bun. The guinea pigs fit the Vintage Seed Packet.

Just going to go ahead and admin post this so lots of people see!
Amber posted on Extravagant Borrowed Vase:
That's actually why we split some hair up this year, was so that we had something that fits under hats/hoods/etc. We're planning on doing more this summer (during our lull between holidays) to fit lots of hair colors and what not!
Amber posted on Filled wardrobe achievement??????:
We're aware that this is an issue and we're waiting for a programmer to fix it! Grace pushed a change last night to try to fix the count on some of the layer related achievements and it seemed to have ... worked too well ... :X
Destiny posted on Broken overlay for orange polo:
I will check with the art dept but given the age of that item I am guessing that it will have to wait for a redraw to get the male version fixed.
Destiny posted on Shop pricing problem:
@seephira yup! Do you think that you were trying to price the legacy shop? That would explain why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Nvm you deleting it suggests you had nothing in there. OK I will see what I can find out.
Destiny posted on Shop pricing problem:
@seephira I see two shops named stock on your profile. One is a legacy shop. On your dropdown, any legacy shop will have a triangle with a !
Amber posted on Upcoming Section on the News!:
@Chocolate Nah, @Laurey's board has a lot of the obvious each month stuff that some people forget about that I won't be adding to the side. Like free gift, the monthly collection, monthly challenger item, etc. :) So it'll still be helpful!


I have nothing to do with the wardrobe, @Silvy, so I can't really say.
Destiny posted on Comment Page Error:
@brinny Is this still happening? Feel free to comment and I can see if it happens for me :D
Amber posted on Vesnali 2017:
@canebrake Well, the actual NPCs do dress up for quests for Morostide. But we have some NPC HAs that will dress up for the wedding :)
Destiny posted on Shop pricing problem:

Which stock shop are you talking about? You have 2 and one of them you cannot price anymore because it is a legacy shop.
Amber posted on Upcoming Section on the News!:
@Flux The other programmers are still around and they do a lot of stuff on the backend and other things. There have been a lot of small/cosmetic changes (all things that users have suggested at that) I've done recently because I enjoy posting/spamming people with them so they're more obvious.
Amber posted on Vesnali 2017:
Quote By @dice:
As unlikely as it is, I'd like to get a glimpse of other NPCs in their dressy wedding guest garb. It's always fun to see them in different outfits. I'd also like to know who is going to get very drunk and pull some embarrassing moves on the dancefloor.

;) ;) You will see quite a few NPCs dressed up at one point