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Rah posted on Humanoid pets?:
@Meteorfall - I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that was written before we had human avatars - so it would have been an event for your pet. Originally, your main pet was Kind of? Very undeveloped time of Subeta!
Rah posted on Experiment Pet Poll: some praise and criticisms:
@Frost - Something like that! I don't like to say 'never' for something like this :)
Rah posted on Experiment Pet Poll: some praise and criticisms:
@Frost - Not 'the last' FOREVER. Just the last for a while :) We want to draw new things too!
Rah posted on Experiment Pet Poll: some praise and criticisms:
As @grelca mentioned above, the peacock deer had the most unique votes as well as the highest number of sP donated :) So, either way, it would have won!

We're very happy on staff to be able to draw the blob in various colours - it's a real morale booster for us to discuss silly and fun ideas with our userbase and bring them to fruition, so from our point of view we are pleased with this result - one very clear winner and one fun winner.

The blob will not be assigned to just one artist, it's going to be a team effort based on which pet colours we are each best at drawing - so more fun there! Of course we know that not everyone will consider this "fun", so we hope you will enjoy the other things we have to offer on site, and we'd love to keep seeing you guys suggesting your ideas for the future.
Rah posted on Experiment Pet Poll: some praise and criticisms:
This was a very character driven "poll", and I don't think Euclid would have done it any other way - just as I think the way we did the poll for Esther and Emma was very much their style (that is, all will be done, but users influenced the order). It's unlikely that the next time we do something like this for something of similar site interest that it will be in this format!

The poll result order was actually very much what we thought it would be based on what we've seen from the users since each of these pets were created. The vast amount of user suggestion and participation on just thinking of what the blob experiment could be grew our hearts 2 whole sizes, and as it was such a close second place (and we knew that WE would enjoy it behind the scenes), we declared it a second winner.

I'm very interested to see all the comments on the squid post-poll. I think I would look into a future squid pet that isn't based on the experiment, as I'd like our next set of pets to not ALL be based on things we've seen already. 3 in a row is plenty, I believe!
Bug posted on Scroll Searching:
This is on my list of things to tackle on Thursday.
Bug posted on Romero Post Mortem achievement:
Thanks for letting us know! Luck is correct about why this is happening. The code is getting confused by the word "post" in the event text.

I've made a note, but probably won't tackle this immediately, since it's a minor error and would take a lot of effort to fix. We would have to rewrite the events system so that it doesn't rely on what words they contain to sort them - and while that's something we'll definitely do someday, it's not a priority at the moment. Thanks for understanding.
Amber posted on Your pet x has checked out of the resort! event:
This will be done eventually, but right the same alert is used for both inns, so if you link one it'll use that one link for both. It's not very high priority so I haven't really sat down to fix it but it is on my list!
Rah posted on Humanoid pets?:
@Ryuu - Haha, I slipped there on my generalisations! I don't like to give lore that specifically kills any kind of creativity. I love the stories made from the snippets we give, so I should amend that to 'Authorities would like to have you believe that the wilds are not full of feral anthropomorphic children'!

Rah posted on Humanoid pets?:
@Frost - seems like a really good reason to become a pirate, to be honest! A lot of anger and feeling out of place in society. And yes, I do think that there is a lot of cruelty and unpleasantness in the making of a world.

Gosh, now you have me thinking about Captain Jacques origin story.
Rah posted on Humanoid pets?:
@Frost - Well, it was explained that Shengui Guo has only been hidden for many years, it didn't just come into existence suddenly! It was behind a veil. So anthro pets like the pirates, Bonesy, Alexander - they're all descendants of once residents of Shengui Guo, or even just creatures that had passed through there.

Euclid was turned into a wyllop by Ian Asmodeus as a mad science prank!

If pets had tried to get rid of the offspring, the human owners may have stopped as many as they could - but still not enough for there to be a huge population of them. Subeta's wilderness isn't full of feral children! There would likely be some form of service/group of people that would rehabilitate any of these types of creatures.

I imagine there are other ways of anthro creatures existing (as Euclid existed in wyllop form) - but this is our established canon at this time.

@Meteorfall - Anthro 'pets' (I've always wanted to change that word on here to something else, as I don't think the word 'pets' fully describes what these creatures are to us, or to themselves) marry whomever they please if they do even believe in marriage. I'm not here to speculate on those mechanics, I leave that up to interpretations - we have one anthro couple who have had children, and they are coincidentally the same species.
Rah posted on Humanoid pets?:
We actually had a thing about this in the Shengui Guo plot - that our anthro 'pets' were relics of the spirit world, with spirit energy elevating quadrupeds into having higher (or at least, different) forms of intelligence and understanding. And walking in a more human form. Which is why there are so few of them - as Shengui Guo was shut off for so long.

Personal headcanon is that higher exposure to the Spirit World can affect pets in different ways, and particularly affect their offspring. Our Subetapedia tells of pets in their 'base' form, and how the majority of those types of creatures in the Subetan world behave - but there will always be outliers (which are the ones I feel are the most interesting to write stories about)

(The jobs center irion and the scratchcard malticorn DO need revamps, as does Selina the healer actually but hers is being worked on whereas the others aren't yet!)
Destiny posted on (Not) Broken Avatar:
@Handroanthus On the left of your screen in the wardrobe, there is a list of all your clothing and then the base layers. Drag the one that says "base" all the way down to the bottom. Then save and voila :D
Bug posted on Polar Ice Fields Alert is weird:
Please check out my post here if you'd like to help troubleshoot the issue. Thanks :)

Bug posted on General Updates: July 20:
@Its_Just_Me @Silvy @Luck @Evy @BoaConstrictor @Solsticesprite (pinging you cuz of your topic in the other forum)

Can you check ice fields again? When you reach the end of the Ice Fields, make a note of which ending you got because this is helpful info if the alert's still not working. If the alert is still incorrect, please let me know which ending you set it on as well as what the error is.

Setting the alert will cause the page to refresh or something like that, but you'll still see a "Set Alert" button cuz it doesn't check if you already have one set. I won't be changing that for now, and there's no need to click the "Set Alert" button again as the first time should have set it. Thanks for the patience.

whoops, sorry for the double-ping.

much later edit to say I made some bigger changes, hopefully it works smoothly now. please ping me if there's anything that needs to be fixed.
Bug posted on content smooshed to left on custom overlay page:
@Frenchi Is it better for you now? This was one of the things I addressed during the sprint this Thursday :D
Amber posted on General Updates: July 20:
@Lugosi What do you mean by 'fixed'? If it's a bug/glitch, we generally pick from things that have been reported in the Bugs & Reports threads. If you mean just updating a feature, we keep an eye out on Suggestions & Ideas. :)
Bug posted on Subeku Numbers Graphics:
Just to update you guys, I brought this up with Chrome developers today to clarify that it is a browser bug and not a Subeta bug. It's been submitted as a bug report to them, and the people who work on the web browser are looking into it.

In the meantime, if you want to play Subeku without the weird glitchy numbers, you'll have to use a different browser such as Firefox. Hopefully the browser devs will have a fix for us soon.
Amber posted on General Updates: July 20:

Quote By @Its_Just_Me:
@Amber Thank you for the updates and fixes; however I think the Ice Fields alert is broken. I haven't gotten an alert since your last post. I hope you and Bug are feeling better.

Edit: I just went there and got an immediate Alert in my feed, so not sure what's happening.

I'm not near a computer right now, but I'll look into this when I can tonight! :)
Destiny posted on No Drawers in the Wardrobe:

I am asking about this and will let you know what I hear. I just have a few questions:

Were these drawers (the old ones you mentioned) created in older wardrobes?

How long has it been since you used them? Or did they JUST disappear?

Have the new ones shown up yet?
Amber posted on Tempest Bug:
@Gintama Tempest isn't a quest, you don't have to bring her anything! The item on the page from her is something she's giving you, because she wants to be your friend.
Amber posted on General Updates: July 20:
@Ryuu @Sorcerer Should be fixed now sRY wanted to test to make sure they worked
Amber posted on General Updates: July 20:
Taken off the second alert for the polar ice fields for a second. The one when you go back works fine (like you can see when you hover over it). I think I got it, though, I'm just waiting to get the alerts to make sure they went through :)
Destiny posted on * ➦ Sad Pumpkin Stitch Marker:



Locking as resolved
Amber posted on Donating to the Free Food Center:
I'm adding a link back for our sprint today (should be pushed soon) and will look into making the page, in general, easier to donate when I have more time!
Amber posted on Quentin not distributing Beetles?:
I fixed the issue with this, Quentin should be giving them out soon. :)
Amber posted on Bear Balloons - only some in Carnival shop:
It was intentional when we moved things there. It was the same thing we did with the New Year Shop, when I only added the items that were really expensive from each year at first. :) I'm going to go through soon and add in any missing out of sets, though!
Amber posted on Needing last 4 Beanbags. Please sell to me!:
@Senti The Cheepilah should've been in the themed chance machine when I moved over the transforming minions. It must've slipped through the cracks when I grabbed the others, unfortunately. It's in there now though, so you should see a few pop up on the market soon!
Bug posted on stat leech does not remove 1 stat:
@Rocketlauncher Thank you for confirming this.

Got a lot on my plate, but I've made a note to fix this. It will probably be mentioned in a Thursday sprint update when it gets fixed so keep an eye out :)

Have you guys noticed this is a problem with ALL the stat-draining leeches, by the way? No worries if not sure, I can probably figure it out by looking at the code later too
Amber posted on Please increase vending rarity cap:
@Rocketlauncher The Token Shop generally restocks weekly. I've been waiting on some new art for it + having some RL issues so it hasn't been as constant as it usually is. But it'll be back on a weekly schedule this week. :)

I don't see us increasing the rarity for every vending machine. @Ariel and I will discuss some things we can do with tokens. :)
Keith posted on Quentin needs adjusting again:
Their quests are fine as they are, and TBH if you aren't willing to change how you refer to them why should we change the quests ;)

But really - we're happy with the payout currently happening. I'm locking this topic.
Angelina posted on Quentin needs adjusting again:
Keep all discussion on the topic of Quentin's quests and the quest payouts, and within the Community Guidelines.
Destiny posted on SB not working properly:
I have reported it and hope to have a resolution soon. I also added this problem to the status page so everyone knows we are aware of the problem. Thank you for your patience!
Destiny posted on Luminaire Layout Broken?:

Have you run a virus scan? Check to see if any custom CSS is messing with it? Maybe some add-ons to your browser are causing it to mess up?

I am using the same Chrome and my luminaire layout and delphi layout work fine with no errors or color problems.

The only other thing I can think to try is to see if this happens on another browser like FF.
Rah posted on Pear Milk:
I feel like we should just change Pear Milk Sticker into Lime Milk Sticker - because green milk should always be lime flavored.
Rah posted on Tribute item for George Romero?:
We don't tend to do many "requested" tribute items - we're of the opinion that a tribute should come from a place of understanding and so if one of our artists isn't personally connected, we don't usually do a tribute. Other things factor in, but that's the main reason that not every celebrity that passes gets a tribute.

That being said, this is the sort of tribute that we'd more likely fit into our own zombie-apocalypse holiday as there is a definite place for it there!
Destiny posted on Birthstone Collectible Mugs:

Were these toys at one time? Should they still be?
Bug posted on Notepad is still spaced out:
Couldn't sleep so decided to look into this. I think I fixed it.

I noticed it happening in these places:

- Profile comments

- News comments

- Notepad widget

- Ticket center

- Forum posts (after you submit an edit)

Those are the only places I knew it was happening and they should be fixed now. If it's still happening somewhere else just let me know and I'll look into it.

smh it seems to be happening in "recent posts" as well.

I should actually sleep now though. if you notice it anywhere else please ping me!
Bug posted on Forum sCode for trade lot link!:
Just did this. It should also show you the sCode when you make a new trade, for maximal convenience. The code is trade=NUMBER instead of lot=NUMBER because I thought that was just clearer.
Bug posted on User ID Tag for CSS/Forums:
Just did this along with flowering and trade lot sCodes. It is just userid=NUMBER as suggested here.

Try it with mine if you like, my userid is 668753. Hope this works: Bug
Bug posted on Give Flower sCode:
I had some time so I did it just now. It's indeed just flower=username so give it a try. Note that the link itself won't do anything though since it's not Vesnali right now.

Any problems with it, please ping me!
Bug posted on Shop Search Names:
I just fixed this. Please let us know again if there's other places things should be filtered and aren't. Thanks!
Bug posted on General Updates: July 13:
@arixen No worries, it's in my plans to give you a "view all" option. As well as other things, like making the dropdown better haha. I just had to sleep for a bit first X)

More and better changes are coming!! I know what you have now still isn't ideal, but I appreciate everyone's patience as I roll out more improvements. I do want to roll these out though, instead of making all the changes at once, because if something is not working and I overlook it, it's much more of a headache to fix it later than if I do a little at a time. (Does that make sense?)

Please be patient, I'm doing my best ""^^
Bug posted on Saving overlay images from site? :
First, I recommend you guys check to make sure your browsers don't have any updates. My browser had the same problem, but as soon as I updated, it allows me to save PNG files as PNG again. I am using Opera, by the way, but Chrome should be similar since they both use Webkit.


Quote By Frenchi:
apparently sites can check whether someone is using a browser that is compatible with webp to determine whether to show them images in this format. i imagine this means you can code the site so that it doesn't run this check and just loads normal image formats, which would be ideal. basically this is completely on chrome's end unless subeta decides to stop serving up webp images.

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Subeta does not have control over this. The article was worded a bit confusingly so I'll try to clear it up.

The section you read was talking about maintaining backwards-compatibility with older browsers that do not know how to interpet the webp format. If a website serves an image, let's call it "picture.png", to this browser, the browser will happily render it. But if the website serves its image as a webp file - "picture.webp" that is - the older browser will not even display the image, because it can't read that data format.

So if your website wants to use "picture.webp", there are ways to detect if the browser is too old to support webp, and to send it your "picture.png" instead.

However, newer browsers like Chrome are moving towards supporting webp as the new standard, which means they're sort of doing the opposite. If you send them "picture.webp", they'll display "picture.webp" correctly. But if you send "picture.png", the new browser will take that data, convert it to webp, and display the picture.

To recap, older browsers fail if we send "picture.webp", and display PNG if we send "picture.png".

Certain newer browsers, however, display WEBP if we send "picture.webp", and convert the file and display WEBP if we send "picture.png".

Subeta does not use WEBP images (nor do we plan to, in the foreseeable future). We serve the "traditional" image formats (.png and .gif mostly) to your browser. We can't control what your browser decides to do from there. I hope this makes things a bit clearer. I just wanted to clarify that I looked into this, and unfortunately it's not something we can control from the website, it's entirely up to the web browser what it does.

I think the browser extension is one solution. Another thing you can do, without installing anything new, is right-click the image and select "Copy Image" and then try to paste it directly into your image editing program, such as into a Photoshop layer or even MS Paint.

bug goes on minor rant

@Frenchi @Pika @Destiny
Bug posted on General Updates: July 13:
@Jessica Yes, in fact, those suggestions are part of the plans I mentioned in the sentence where I told you I'm not looking for suggestions right now. :P
Amber posted on General Updates: July 13:
@Jessica Like the first post says these were just the pushes for today! Bug has a lot of plans for the future of the gift center, these were just a first step. :)
Angelina posted on Pets Of Unlogged-in Users:
@Groove You can either change the name on existing pet, or create a new pet with that name to get the name. The inactive account's pet is automatically renamed to indicate that the name was taken.