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Hustler Plushie

CS Hustler

A shady businessman awaits you in this dark alley... What could he have to offer today?

Landshark Disaster Sticker

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If you purchase an item and within 10 days the price changes, file a ticket here to get the difference in CSC.
Note: we will not be matching prices for items purchased prior to the Black Friday sale.

Very Angry Bee

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Cash Shop: June Collections

June 2019 Collection

Hen Pepper Shaker
Rooster Salt Shaker

Farm Stand Playset
Farmer Aeanoid Goes to the Market
Handwoven Market Bag
Extremely Fresh Veggie Basket
Do you enjoy visiting farmers markets? What’s the best food you’ve gotten from one? Let us know in the comments before you stop by the Cash Shop! <3

June 2006 Donation Present
June 2007 Donation Present
June 2008 Donation Present

June 2009 Collection
June 2010 Collection
June 2011 Collection
June 2012 Collection
June 2013 Collection

June 2014 Collection
June 2015 Collection
June 2016 Collection
June 2017 Collection
June 2018 Collection
You can also purchase one of our older June Donation Presents or Collections!

Cash Shop: Spicy Takeout

Hello battlers! I’ve found another location where my magic has attached itself to a discarded piece of something or other. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this first, really. The Souk in Saherimos is close enough to my home that I’m often there partaking of the culinary delights! I absolutely own up to this one. Sorry, fellows! It does seem that you’ve been taking to these challenges with gusto, so I’m inclined to feel less guilty about this whole kerfuffle as it goes on.

Spicy Takeout
Onward ho to the next spicy monster, I say! To attract this particular beastie out into the open, you’ll want to use the Spicy Takeout from the Cash Shop and King Capsaicin will ready to attack in no time! Don’t rub your eyes after dealing with this one, that’s some hot sauce it has there!

Greasy Old Diner Menu will retire on June 1st.

Cash Shop: New floral

Antique Iron Frame
Bottled Flowers
Fragrant Blossoms
Pressed Flower Frame
Memory Pendant
Enjoy these floral themed items from the Cash Shop!

Carnival Gift Cart
Fantine Gift Box
Zippered Cat Bag

Round Insect Hotel
Square Insect Hotel
House Insect Hotel
Star Insect Hotel
Hex Insect Hotel
The insect hotels, carnival gift cart, fantine gift box, and zippered cat bag will all retire from the Cash Shop on May 24th.

Cash Shop Bonus Weekend

Verdant Emerald Brush
Emerald Dragonfly Trinket
This weekend is bonus weekend for the Cash Shop! If you buy Cash Shop Credits this weekend with Braintree/Paypal (Verdant Emerald Brush) or Stripe (Emerald Dragonfly Trinket), you'll get one of these awesome items plus 20% bonus credits on top of your purchase. The bonus weekend will end at 11:59pm on Tuesday!

New Reward Card!

Oaths Maiden Breastplate
Three-Eyed Blackbird
Flaming Heart Pommel
Uses of Maharglass
Miniature Crystal Tree
There is a new Reward Card available to fill out! Remember that for each stamp you will earn Loyalty Points (LP) in ascending value to spend in the Loyalty Shop - stamp 1 is 1 point, stamp 2 is 2 points and so forth. Completing a card awards you 5 bonus LP, bringing the total for completing a card to 60LP.

You can fill this card up twice! You will get the same amount of points for filling out each card, so in total you have a chance of getting 120LP. You can spend these points in the Loyalty Shop.

If you’re unsure if you’re on your first or second card, check out your current level. Levels 0-10 are for the first card, 11-20 are for the second card.