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Cash Shop: Possessed Alembic

You take a breath. Your battle with the possessed Zosi has come to an end, and concerned people soon began swarming the Commerce District. Elsie tends to Zosi’s wounds before turning and smiling slightly at you. Esther begins searching the area for signs of the spirit. You’re about to leave the Underground and get out of everyone’s way until you notice a scrap of paper flutter toward you.

It floats gently into your hand. Unfolding it, you see some kind of glittering magical handwriting that reads:

“You think you’re helping, but you are not. I break contact with each of my volunteers willingly and painlessly, so when you show up and and sic your pets on them, YOU are the one hurting them. Not me. I value each one of my volunteers, as they are contributing towards a noble goal. I am writing this against my better judgment, as you are starting to annoy me. None of this concerns you. In fact, if you knew my reasons, you’d step aside and let me continue my work unimpeded. You will understand soon. Everyone will. Those who don’t shall be destroyed alongside her. It would be a shame, but I have little patience for insolent worms.”

Possessed Alembic
Somehow, the letter detects when you’ve finished reading it and bursts into magical flames before disintegrating completely. You become aware of movement in Zosi’s alchemy shop. There’s a tinkling of glass bottles and a sudden burst of light. The glow is coming from a Possessed Alembic…

October 13, 2021 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: October 2021 Collection

October 2021 Collection

Flower-Covered Manchu Skull
Flower-Adorned Lasirus Skulls

Spookical Soft Serve
Dark Spookical Soft Serve

Haunted Omen Islands
Uncanny Tropical Bouquet
Jungle Omenflower
Tropical… but make it spooky.

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You can also purchase one of our older October Donation Presents or Collections!

October 2, 2021 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: Possessed Paintbrush

Aarrrgh, so this whole goat-rope be the work of some nefarious puppeteer? I s’pose we could put this little event behind us then, aye. Some o’ those Islanders even came ‘round, helpin’ t’ fix the place up. No reason t’ cross sabers over spilled paint, especially with the festivities comin’ up. Emma’s lass from the mainland swung by n’ explained what ye’ve been dealin’ with. Fer once, I’m glad t’ve been seabound and missin’ out on th’ madness. We’ll keep our peepers open, with any luck this bilge-suckin’ spirit will shove off.

That islander wench — er, eh, I mean, Miss Noijatat, seems t’ be feelin’ better. Rita n’ Anabelle’ve been tendin’ to her. Gettin’ along rather swimmin’ly, all considered. Arr, but thar be one last fly n’ the ointment. Somethin’s still lurkin’ about n’ causin’ a right ruckus. We found this accursed bit o’ tat, seems t’ be connected. Kick that knave in th’ aft decks n’ send ‘em to th’ depths fer good, then we’ll all splice the mainbrace when yer through!

Possessed Paintbrush
Translation: Ah, so this fiasco was the work of an unrelated third party? I suppose we could overlook the destruction then, yes. Some Islanders came by and helped fix the mess. No reason to start a fight over spilled paint, especially with Keel Hauliday coming up. Esther came by and explained what’s been happening on the mainland. For once, I’m glad I was stuck at sea. We will remain diligent, hopefully this is the last we’ve seen of this evil spirit.

Miss Noijatat is feeling better. Rita and Anabelle are taking care of her and everyone is getting along. Unfortunately, there is still a problem. A creature is causing trouble. We found this Possessed Paintbrush in the Cash Shop, which may be related to it. Please take care of this minor issue and we shall celebrate with a round of drinks!

September 3, 2021 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: September 2021 Collection

September 2021 Collection

Swallowtail Hair Oil
Silk Moth Hair Gel

Nectar Soda
Nectar Pop

Sugar Luna Moth
Fresh Wildflower Bouquet
Into the Flame
When it comes to the newest monthly collection from the Cash Shop, are you team moth or team butterfly?

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Cash Shop: Adopt-a-pet Kits & Retirement Warnings

Adopt-an-Ontra Kit
Adopt-a-Zentu Kit
Adopt-a-Qrykee Kit

Adopt-a-Manchu Kit
Adopt-a-Legeica Kit
Adopt-a-Lain Kit
Adopt-a-Jollin Kit
Which Adopt-a-pet kit from the Cash Shop do you like the most?

Gilded Kelpie Stolen Treasure
Subdue Hair Coupon
Fantastic Florists
The following items will retire on September 4th: Loft Hair Coupon, Bowman Hair Coupon, Fair Hair Coupon, Dollop Hair Coupon, Clamor Hair Coupon, Subdue Hair Coupon, Wistful Hair Coupon, Raffle Hair Coupon, Root Hair Coupon, Pique Hair Coupon, Fantastic Florists, Beautiful Bakeries, Stunning Skulls, Lavish Libraries, Cozy Cafes, Gilded Kelpie Dripping Scrap, Gilded Kelpie Stolen Treasure, Gilded Kelpie Plushie, Gilded Kelpie Gathered Strands, Vain Kelpie Sticker, Gilded Kelpie, In Weed-Choked Lakes, Gilded Kelpie Waterweed Soup, Gilded Kelpie Watery Scrap, and Gilded Kelpie Beanbag.

August 29, 2021 - [ Go to the news post ]