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A shady businessman awaits you in this dark alley... What could he have to offer today?

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If you purchase an item and within 10 days the price changes, file a ticket here to get the difference in CSC.
Note: we will not be matching prices for items purchased prior to the Black Friday sale.

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New Reward Card!

Devil Salt
Grinning Demon Plushie
Demonhide Tome
Shrouded Demon Glass
The Red Candle
There is a new Reward Card available to fill out! :smiling_imp: Remember that for each stamp you will earn Loyalty Points (LP) in ascending value to spend in the Loyalty Shop - stamp 1 is 1 point, stamp 2 is 2 points and so forth. Completing a card awards you 5 bonus LP, bringing the total for completing a card to 60LP.

You can fill this card up twice! You will get the same amount of points for filling out each card, so in total you have a chance of getting 120LP. You can spend these points in the Loyalty Shop.

If you’re unsure if you’re on your first or second card, check out your current level. Levels 0-10 are for the first card, 11-20 are for the second card.

August 9, 2019 - [ Go to the news post ]

New Reward Card Coming Soon!

Miniature Crystal Tree
Mezzelune Pasta with Brown Butter
Stamp My Card!
Torn and Singed Catnip Toy
Read with Pup
We’ll be releasing a new reward card on August 9th, so fill out your stamps on your current card while you can!

None of the items in the Loyalty Shop will be retiring.

August 3, 2019 - [ Go to the news post ]

August 2019 Collection + CW Pawn Shop

August 2019 Collection

Kind Angel Figurine
Gentle Angel Trinket

Angelic Portrait
Fallen Portrait

A Turnip Gets Its Wings
Angelic Blob Kitty Dolls
Angel Sugar
Show your more angelic side with this month’s collection from the Cash Shop!

August 2006 Donation Present
August 2007 Donation Present
August 2008 Donation Present

August 2009 Collection
August 2010 Collection
August 2011 Collection
August 2012 Collection
August 2013 Collection

August 2014 Collection
August 2015 Collection
August 2016 Collection
August 2017 Collection
August 2018 Collection
You can also purchase one of our older August Donation Presents or Collections!

Wrapped Innocent Kitty
Black Seashore Updo
Velvet Sewn Wig
Oh, and just in case you were wondering. The CW Pawn Shop is now open! :smiling_imp:

Remember, it’s open until 11:59pm on August 7.

August 1, 2019 - [ Go to the news post ]

CW Pawn Shop: Opening Soon!

Pawn Shop Guy Plushie
Luminaire has come early because we’re going to be opening the CW Pawn Shop soon! Just a few reminders for when it’s open: You can buy (no selling, sorry!) as many CWs as your heart desires, but remember, there’s a 5 minute timer between purchases, so choose wisely.

The CW Pawn Shop will be open August 1 and stay open until 11:59pm on August 7.

Before anyone asks, no we won't let you know exactly when the shop will be opening on the first, you'll find out when we do a news post announcing the opening. <3

July 31, 2019 - [ Go to the news post ]

Cash Shop: Vanity

Vanity Hazy Top
Vanity Hazy Shoes
Vanity Hazy Shorts
Vanity Hazy Tank Top
Vanity Muggy Tattoo Ink
Vanity Muggy Shoes
Vanity Muggy Tank Top
Vanity Muggy Pants

Vanity Sizzle Acid Wash Jeans
Vanity Sizzle Tank Top
Vanity Sizzle Top
Vanity Sizzle Boots
Vanity Parch Sandals
Vanity Parch Sunglasses
Vanity Parch Top
Vanity Parch Lounge Pants

Vanity Mist Jacket
Vanity Mist Jeans
Vanity Mist Shoes
Vanity Mist Graphic Top
Vanity Float Bandana
Vanity Float Jeans
Vanity Float Shoes
Vanity Float Tank Top

Vanity Kind Head Scarf
Vanity Kind Shirt
Vanity Kind Capris
Vanity Kind Flats
Vanity Trail Sandals
Vanity Trail Shorts
Vanity Trail Top
Vanity Trail Knot Shirt

Vanity Idle Pants
Vanity Idle Sandals
Vanity Idle Tank Top
Vanity Idle Shawl
Vanity Balmy Sandals
Vanity Balmy Skirt
Vanity Balmy Top
Vanity Balmy Purse
Add some summer pizazz to your wardrobe with one of these new Vanity sets!

Vanity Miss Headpiece
Vanity Delight Shorts
Vanity Kiss Sunglasses
Vanity Quick Jeans
Vanity Cherish Tied Top

Vanity Blossomed Tattoo Ink
Vanity Day Top
Vanity Plan Top
Vanity Art Pants
Vanity Far Jacket
Note: The following old Vanity sets will retire on Sunday August 11th at 11:59pm: miss, delight, kiss, quick, blossomed, cherish, plan, day, far, art. Make sure to grab any pieces you need while you can!

July 29, 2019 - [ Go to the news post ]