Community Guidelines

These guidelines apply to the public areas of the site, like the forums and shoutbox. We don't want to load everyone down with rules and regulations, but we want being on Subeta to be a positive experience for every user playing.

Have A Nice Time

Our community is full of people who are just looking to have a nice time and escape from day-to-day drama, so please don't ruin the fun with a negative attitude when dealing with others! If your only contribution to a discussion is to insult anyone else involved, you don't need to participate in that discussion.

The Golden Rule

If you want your suggestions, ideas, feedback, and kitten pictures to be taken seriously, give appropriate attention to the suggestions, ideas, feedback, and kitten pictures posted by others. You don’t have to like their kitten, but you do have to be fair and polite.

Don’t Be That Guy

Think of what a jerk would do, and then don’t do that thing. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other types of phobia/ism/hate speech, no matter how subtle you think you’re being! Remember, "freedom of speech" only applies to freedom from government persecution, it doesn’t mean everyone else has to put up with your gross behavior.

Be Patient

Nobody knows everything, and new users (or old users, don’t judge) should be comfortable asking questions about features and the community. Don’t make people feel stupid for not knowing something "obvious", give them a hand!

Fair Play

These guidelines for conduct apply to not only your interactions with other users, but also to your interactions with members of staff. Statements that are crude/verbally abusive are uncalled for, no matter whom they are directed toward. Remember that there is a very large gap between criticism and abusive language, bullying or ad hominem insults aimed at the people who work on Subeta will not be tolerated.

Anything Else

We wish we could come up with every possible outcome, but we've been on the Internet long enough to know there will always be that one person who will come up with some offensive thing we haven't covered here. If you're writing something to make someone mad, don't do it. If you're trying to be more offensive than someone else, don't do it. If the police could ask us for your IP because of something you've posted, don't. If you think that a moderator is going to delete your post, don't post it. If you see something that insults you, report it to a user administrator, don't try to outdo it. We also aren't mean people, and understand sometimes it's hard to get your point across on the internet. If you're ever confused if something is okay, you can make a ticket and ask a user administrator.
We appreciate users that are active in following the guidelines and helping their fellow players - you are the ones helping to build our great community. Examples of great community are creating helpful threads for improving the site, leaving good feedback and creating great guides for other members.
Those that habitually find that they are unable to follow the code of conduct may be unwelcome to participate in the community; from negative posts being removed, to suspension from interactive areas of the site, to account suspension. Bad experiences with users (or members of staff) can be reported through the Ticket Center.

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