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Age: 6 years, 6 months, 2 weeks

Born: July 1st, 2014

Adopted: 3 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: May 22nd, 2017

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 1st, 2015


  • Level: 2
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 25
  • Books Read: 23
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Attendant

Well, hello there!

Let me start out by saying Welcome to Subeta! My name is Newbie, just like you are right now! But don't worry, this is the place you can learn about everything!

If you're trying to make sP or learn about the site in general hopefully this guide will be of use to you. However if you do have any questions my current owner, User not found: or past owner User not found: queenie will be happy to answer them at any time!

When playing on Subeta the best browsers to use are Firefox and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer and Safari tend to block certain features, the biggest being the Wardrobe.

The SubetaPedia is a great way to learn about different NPC's (Non-Player Characters), Holidays on Subeta and the different Worlds of Subeta.

The Welcome & Introductions forum is a wonderful place to introduce yourself and meet users.

A great way to make sure you stay up-to-date with different updates is to join the #siteupdate ping group!

Subeta Points/sP

This is the common currency. You can make it relatively easily by Questing, Vending, Selling Items, etc. Throughout this guide you will learn how to make sP.

Cash Shop Credits/CSC

This is Real Life Money used on-site in the Cash Shop. By purchasing from the Cash Shop you are supporting the site and helping to keep it running! You can purchase CSC by going Here and choosing either Paypal or Stripe!
*It can sometimes take a bit for your account to be credited the CSC so patience is definitely appreciated! However if you do have difficulties do not hesitate to Make a Ticket to Staff and they are happy to help you.
You can also purchase CSC in increments of 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000 & 5000 in User Shops or Trades.


Humming Power Crystals are used in the Crystal Shop. The Crystal Shop restocks every now and then with rare items and there is always a News Post alert when there is a restock. To get Humming Power Crystals you can either buy them from User Shops or you can Fragmentize/Frag items that turn into HPC's.
To add your HPC's to your currencies, go to The Crystal Shop and click Turn In Crystals at the top.

Wizard Tokens

Wizard Tokens are used in the Token Shop, at Blackheart Hollow, at the Carnival Games and for Vending in the Vending Machines. (For information about Vending, see Vending in Guide Section.) The Token Shops restocks every now and then and there will be a news post when there is a restock. Once a restock happens, there is generally 4-6 RSes in a 24 hour period of time unless otherwise stated.
You can get Wizard Tokens from the Wizard himself by doing his Quests, from the Wise Oracle when she summons you to do her Quest, from Random Events or from User Shops. They come in increments of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000.

Referral Points:

Referral Points you earn when you refer people to Subeta. You earn 1 referral point and you get 10% of each Cash Shop Credit purchase your referrals make when you refer someone to Subeta. Referred person must adopt a pet and have 10k sP in order for you to get your points.
You can spend your Referral Points in the Referral Shop.

Forum Tickets:

You get Raffle Tickets/Forum Points by posting in the Forums. You can spend your points in the Forum Shop.

Recycle Beast Points

The Recycle Beast may look ferocious sometimes but he's really a big softie. He has a system where you can turn in items daily for Recycle Points to use in the Recycling Shop. You can also Smelt 100k sP in exchange for 10 Recycle Points or 500k sP in exchange for 50 Recycle Points.

Subeautique Invitation

Subeautique Invitations are found by Random Events or by buying them in user shops and are used in the Subeautique Shop. Subeautique is a store that carries high-end, designer clothing and make up that tends to range from 150k-300k depending on the item. Esmerelda runs the store and is very much informed on all things fashion!
*You must redeem an invite in order to view the store. This allows you to purchase one item per invite. While you have an invite redeemed you may view the store as often as you wish.

Quest Points

Quest Points you can get while doing Quests for different NPC's around the site. (See Questing Section for more information). You can spend your QuestPoints in the Quest Shop. Each NPC who gives out QuestPoints has a special section of items they sell.

Carnival Tickets - You gain Carnival Tickets by playing different games at the Delphi Carnival and use the tickets at the Carnival Prize Shop.*Most Carnival Games require Wizard Tokens to play.

Loyalty Points

You gain Loyalty Points by earning stamps on your Reward Card. To gain stamps, you Purchase CSC; every $10.00 you purchase you get 1 point on your Reward Card, which turn into Loyalty Points you can spend at the Loyalty Shop.
Reward Cards get replaced every 3 months.

Crypt Treasures

You gain Crypt Points once you get through the Crypts and you can spend the point(s) in the Crypts Treasure Room.

Bathhouse Tokens

You can quire Bathhouse Tokens by visiting the Shengui Goa Bathhouse every day. The Bathhouse gives these tokens out randomly along with many other prizes. You can visit once a day.
*A good way to be reminded of visiting the Bathhouse each day is through Luck's forum group Bathhouse Pools. The group is pinged every day at midnight for a reminder to check the Bathhouse. If you forget one day you are reset back to one.

Blue Building Points

You earn Blue Building Points by doing quests at the Blue Building. *See more info on the Blue Building in the FAQ section.

Intelligence Experience Points

You earn Intellgence Experience Points by playing Mystic Spindles and can spend your points in the Mystic Spindles Shop. *Learn more about Mystic Spindles in the Games section.

Holiday/Site Events Currency:

New Years Tokens: - New Years Tokens are obtainable by doing NPC Quests during the first week of the New Year. You can turn them in and use them in the New Years Shop.

Candy Hearts: Candy Hearts are collected during the Survival Celebration. Candy Hearts are obtainable by kissing other users via the Survival Forums (only available for the duration of the event). Candy Hearts can be turned in to Louis L'Amour and used to purchase items from his shop.

Steamworks & Lounge Trinkets:
Steamworks and Lounge Trinkets are obtainable during the Atebus Revolution Masquerade. To get these trinkets you dance with users on the site via the Masquerade Forums (only available for the duration of the event). You may turn in and use Steamworks Trinkets in the Steamworks Menagerie and Lounge Trinkets may be turned in and used at the Liberty Lounge.

Vesnali Coins
Vesnali Coins are obtainable during the celebration of Vesnali. You can obtain Vesnali Coins by placing flowers that "float" around on Subeta on other users profiles. Vesnali Coins can be turned in to Esther and used to buy items from her shop.

Plot & Event Prize Currencies:

Masquerade 2013 Points: This was a prize shop for those who participated in the Ziara History Plot of 2013 during the Masquerade.

Faded Memories Points: These points were earned during the Faded Memories Plot of 2015, where Shengui Guo was discovered.

A Bad Omen: Points were earned while participating in the A Bad Omen plot of 2016.

Retired Currencies:

EpiCON 2010/2013 Points:
The first EpiCON was a virtual convention/Restock War in 2010. The second in 2013 was a virtual convention/new game introduction event. The prizes/points in the 2010 shop are now retired however you can still purchase Vintage EPICon Point Cards in increments of 100, 250 & 500.

Reading Drive & Islanders/Pirates Points:
The Reading Drive was an event where you turned in books for Reading Drive Points that could be used in a shop; the Islanders/Pirates was during the Omen Islands Plot and you could also use the Restock War points you got for your team in separate shops.
The Reading Drive took place in the years 2008 and 2013; The OmenIslands Plot took place in 2009. You can now purchase the items from these shops at the Antique Shop.

Quests are a wonderful way to make sP! Its one of the biggest advantages a lot of people on Subeta use to get ahead. Below will be a list of all the quests you can do and brief tidbits about each Quest.

There is also something Subeta has called Weekend Special Quest which means that they choose a quest each weekend (I will make a note by which quests participate) and by doing that Quest you get increased prizes, and who doesn't like that? ^_^

Hopefully this page will help you out! If you have questions feel free to ask User not found: queenie or User not found: and they'll be happy to help!
**Tip** I'd recommend adding the “Quests” widget to make earning sp easier:

Customize your sidebar. (Not as scary as it sounds)At the tabs at the top of the page you'll see “Personal” click it. In the dropdown menu you'll see “Dashboard” click that too. Then “widgets” to pick what to add (or subtract) from your sidebar.


Sarah is the lovely Subetan you met in the Tutorial. She is always happy to help newbies out and is one of the kindest around.
You can only do her quests until you get up to 500k sP.
- sP
- sp/Quest Point.


Shinwa is the Goddess of Light. When doing her quests she sends you daily to find the 5 pieces of her bracelet to other NPC 's and by doing their quests they give you a piece of her bracelet as a reward.
**Tip** Shinwa will send you to ALL but Major Drills, Battle & Sarah for her bracelet pieces fo be sure to do her before any other quests!
Exlusive Item Rewards: Click here.


The Old Wizard is a kindly fellow. He sends you on quests to find different items for his spells.
- Combination of sP/Quest Point/20 Point Token (if completed in under 1 minute).
- Quest Point/15 Point Token if completed in over a minute.
- For the last quest he gives out sP/20 Point Token & 50 Point Token.
Suggested Spending Limit: 30k for weekdays/60k for weekend special.


Quentin is theorized to be a friendly demon. They will send you on quests for Graveyard themed items and Holiday Items.
- sP/item/Quest Point.
*Weekend Special Candidate.
Suggested Spending Limit:30k-50k for weekdays/50k-75k for weekend special
Exlusive Item Rewards:Click here
*Note: You can also randomly receive a Mage Amulet from Quentin. See more on Mage Amulets in the Misc. Section.


Alexander is in charge of the library and loves everything in relation to books! Its always best to get him books from The Book Nook as you can usually save a lot of sP doing so!
- sP/item/Quest Point.
*Weekend Special Candidate.
Suggested Spending Limit:30k - 50k for weekdays/ 75k - 100k for weekend special
Exlusive Item Rewards: Click here.

Cursed Quests

Nori and Mori are 1 person with 2 different personalities. *This quest is unique in that depending on which time of the day you will have to complete quests for either Mori or Nori. They switch over from Mori to Nori starts at 6am Standard Subeta Time. The switch from Nori to Mori starts at 8 pm SST.* (Credit for this section goes to Subeta Wikia.
- sP/item/Quest Point.
*Weekend Special Candidate.
Suggested Spending Limit: 30k for weekdays/ 75k for weekend special
Exlusive Item Rewards: Click here.


Pete lives in Riverside Valley and considers himself an exert in cuisine. He will ask you only for food items and can be very generous in his rewards.
- sP/item/Quest Point.
*Weekend Special Candidate.
Suggested Spending Limit: Pete: 30k for weekdays/ 75k for weekend special.


Maleria is not known for her kindness however she is a good quest to do to earn sP. Just don't upset her!
- sP/item/Quest Point.
*Weekend Special Candidate.
Suggested Spending Limit: Maleria: 40k for weekdays/ 100k for weekend special
Exlusive Item Rewards: Click here.


Cinthia is in charge of the Toy Quests and generally asks for a vairiety of items. She is very fae-like and one of the youngest Subetan's.
- sP/item/Quest Point.
*Weekend Special Candidate.
Suggested Spending Limit: Cinthia: 50k/75k-90k for weekend special
Exlusive Item Rewards: Click here.


Saggitarius asks you for very high-priced items but tends to be fair in his reward. You can only do his quests if you have over750k sP and if you go below that while on his quest he will not allow you to complete it. He can be a bit of a pompous butt sometimes but his quests are well worth doing!
- sP/Quest Point only.
*Weekend Special Candidate.
Suggested Spending Limit: Saggitarius: 50k-100k weekdays (up to 50k if only one item though, never more than 50k for one item quests from him.)/100k-300k for weekend special.

Drunk Carl

Carl is the resident drunk out of Port Plunder. He is usually on the look out for items from Rathskeller Inn.
*You must have access to the Omen Islands in order to do his quests.
To get access you must complete the Uncharted Lands Map. You can find the map pieces in User Shops or in Random Events.
- sP/item/Quest Point.
Suggested Spending Limit: Carl: 50k-90k.

Major Drills

There's isn't much known about Major Drills. He resides in Riverside Valley. You can do his quests for achievements and random prizes.
He does not give out sP.

Battle Quests

Reischen is the Battle Master, or so he likes to think. He will send you on quests to defeat different opponents in battle! They start out easy and get harder as you progress. Once you complete the battle, return to him for a prize which usually will include a random battle item and Experience Points to spend in the Experience Shop in the Battle Coliseum.
*You can only skip once a day, twice if you have a Gold Account.

The Games are another way to make sP. By playing them daily you can get up to 2 million sP some days!

Some of the games have animations so if you are Epileptic or prone to seizures DO NOT play the animated/flash-based games.


The arcade consists of games of that mainly run on Flash.

Burerro Basket Bonanza, Cybill Sledding, Matlal's Jewels, Net Gain, Omen Raiders, Spectrail, The Bug Game, Thimblerig& Ziara Racewayare all Flash-based games.
Each has its own goal and all are relatively easy once you get the hang of them. You can send your score 5 times, or if you have a Gold Account you can send your score up to 10 times.


Chance games are based on chance/luck/guessing.

Random - You always get a prize whether its sP or a Random-themed item. You can play once every 3 hours, or if you have a Gold Account you can play every 1.5 hours.

Safe Crack & Stargazer you can play once a day.

Decanter of Indestructibility, & Fishing you have to pay to play and although there is a wait period, you can play multiple times a day.

Slots you pay 50 sP to play but can play unlimited times.

Potion Lottery you can pay 500 sP to enter 1 ticket for your choice of potion or 13,000 sP for a Mega-Ticket to be entered into the days Potion Lottery. The winner is announced at 12 am Subeta Standard Time.
You can enter unlimited times.

Stealth Bomber you can play unlimited times and costs 3,000 sP to play.

Card Crusade, Caliph's Tomb, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Mind Reader & Dark Matter Dice are free to play.


This section is mainly games that use your mind the most, such as puzzles.

Bones you must pay to play.

Reflection you can play once every 4 hours.

Subeta Tiles you may play once every 3 hours.

Item Scramble you may play up to 25 times.

Mazes and Mahars & Seashell Spotter you may play unlimited times per day.

Balloon Sweeper, Divine Discs, Memory, Flight Simulator, Subeku, Mystic Spindles, & Tubular Tiles you can send your score 5 times a day or if you have a Gold Account you send your score up to 10 times a day.


The Collections are where you view your collections of the following:
Beanbags - You can get beanbags from The Beanbag Shop, User Shops or from the Blue Sky Vending Machine.
To add to collection click on the item in your inventory.
- Scroll to "other options""Add to Beanbag Collection".
- A window will pop up asking if you are sure and reminding you that you CANNOT undo this option at which point you click OK or Cancel.

*You can also add from Quick Stock, which you can access from your Shop, if you have a Gold Account.

Plushies - You can get plushies from The Plushie Parlour, User Shops or from the Frosty Claw Vending Machine.
To add to collection click on the item in your inventory.
- Scroll to "other options" and in that section there will be an option to "Add to Plushie Collection.
- A window will pop up asking if you are sure and reminding you that you CANNOT undo this option at which point you click OK or Cancel. *You can also add from Quick Stock, which you can access from your Shop, if you have a Gold Account.

Trading Cards - You can get trading cards from The Trading Card Center, User Shops or from the Blue Moon Vending Machine
To add to collection click on the item in your inventory.
- Scroll to "other options" and in that section there will be an option to "Add to Trading Card Collection".
- A window will pop up asking if you are sure and reminding you that you CANNOT undo this option at which point you click OK or Cancel. *You can also add from Quick Stock, which you can access from your Shop, if you have a Gold Account. Stickers - You can get stickers from Stick It To The Man,he Cash Shop, User Shops or (seasonally) from the Millionaire Center. You can have stickers stuck one of 2 days: You can be stuck with by another user or pay 10,000 sP to The Hustler in Pina Park to stick yourself.
To stick another user with a sticker, click on the item in your inventory.
- Scroll to "other options" and in that section there will be an option to "Add to a friends Sticker Collection".
- A window will pop up asking if you are sure and reminding you that you CANNOT undo this option at which point you click OK or Cancel.

Pumpkins - You can get pumpkins from User Shops or during Morostide in which they "float" around the site, you can click on them and they are placed in your inventory.
To add to collection click on the item in your inventory.
- Scroll to "other options" and in that section there will be an option to "Carve Pumpkin".
- Click on "Carve Pumpkin”.
- A window will pop up asking if you are and reminding you that you CANNOT undo this option at which point you click OK or Cancel.
- Return to your inventory and click on your freshly carved pumpkin.
- Scroll to "other options" and in that section there will be an option to"Add to Pumpkin Collection.
- A window will pop up asking if you are sure and reminding you that you CANNOT undo this option at which point you click OK or Cancel.

You can also complete a Treasure Map in the Collections section. You can get Treasure Map Pieces (of which there are 9) from playing Random (only the 1st piece) in User Shops, or through a Random Event on site.

Item Hunt - Chase is the local Kanis, often referred to as "Bunny of Doom". When you reach the 100th level you get an awesome shiny sward called a Swashbuckle. You can do 5 quests a day and once you get to the higher levels he starts asking for items worth more than his sP prizes but in the end the achievements and Swashbuckle are worth it.

Pets, pets and more pets! The pets here are wonderful creatures and very diverse! There are so many colours and species to choose from, it's difficult to choose just one!

Creating A Pet

So you want to have a pet of your very own? That's wonderful and exciting!
To create a pet go to Pets and click Create A Pet.
There you will have a variety of pets to choose from. Simply click on the pet, type in your chosen name, choose a gender and create!
Congratulations on your new pet! :)

Pet Colour

There are currently 37 pet colours available right now;2 are Exclusive colours for a specific pet.
When pets are created, their first colour is Common. You can change your pets colour by using a Potion, Elixir, Loyalty Potion Totem (obtained from a Loyalty Box) or the Pet Zapper in Darkside.
*The Pet Zapper will change species AND colour at the same time so if you wish to have a specific species be a colour the best thing to do is save for the potion of your choice!
*Steamworks, Nostalgic, Hydrus, Galactic and Angelic are the only colours unobtainable by zapping.
- To make an Steamworks pet, you must have a Yunium Key, which you can create by going to see Ian Asmodeus and using this Combination: Steamwork Key Stone Mold + Yunium Ore + Melting Kettle. You must also have a Steamworks Schematic of your choice which you can buy at Yun Enterprises between 8 am-8pm SST. If you've chosen a Steamworks Neela you can purchase the Schematic in the Cash Shop for 250 Cash Shop Credits.
Once you have you schematic, take that and your Yunium Key to Full Steam Ahead for Isaac to create your pet. It takes 2-3 days for your pet to be finished.

To make an Nostalgic pet, you must have an Essence of Melody which you can obtain from visiting Melody's Cottage everyday leading up to December 25th in December, the Cash Shop for 1,500 Cash Shop Credits or from buying in user shops. You also must have a toy of whichever pet you've chosen to create. To get the toy you can take the Instructions of any pet to Vanya's Workshop in Arctic Frost and do a quest for him. Once you finish the quest he shall present you with the toy. Give him both the toy and the Essence and the pet that is your active pet will become Nostalgic.
*To create the toy you must take the Instructions of whichever pet you wish to have as Nostalgic (i.e Nostalgic Kumos Instructions) to Vanya. He will send you on a quest for items. You bring them back and he makes you the toy.

To get an Angelic pet you can buy an Angelic Potion from User Shops or the Cash Shop for 750 Cash shop Credits.

-To obtain an Galactic pet, go to the Coda Caves on the 6th & 7th of each month to collect Coda Crystals. Take one of each colour to Illtallo and choose which pet you wish to bless to make Galactic.
The different crystals are Black, Blue, Dream, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red and White

-To obtain an Hydrus pet, you will have to go to The Subeta Map. Merana shows up randomly on the map; when she appears click on her. You'll be presented with your pets; click which pet you wish to be Hydrus and she will send you on a quest for items to complete her spell. Once completed, your pet will become Hydrus.
*Once your pet is Hydrus, if you choose to abandon it/transfer to another user, it will revert back to Common.

Day and Night: These two colours are exclusive to the Zentu. From 6 am-5:59 PM SST you can get Day; from 6 pm-5:59 am you can get Night.

Miracle Potions
The Miracle Potion - will allow you to change your pets colour without changing the species.

The Miracle Potion II will allow you to change your pets species without changing its colour.
Both are available in the Cash Shop for 1,000 Cash Shop Credits.

Pet Slots

You can have multiple pets! How awesome is that?
When you join, you get 10 pet slots automatically.
To add more Pet Slots go to Pets. At the top you will see "You are using 0 of your 10 pet slots. Next to that will be a button that says Buy More?. Click that to add more slots.
Pet Slots cost 2,000 Cash Shop Credits/$20 USD.
You can also obtain 1 extra Pet Slot from a Loyalty Box which you get on your Second Subeta Anniversary and every year after that.

Pet Name Change/Name Exchange

For 500 Cash Shop Credits you can change your pets name to another one as long as it is available to use.
To use this feature go to your Pets and click on the Drop Down Arrow in the upper lefthand corner near your pets stats. One of the options will be to Change Name. Click that and it will take you to the proper place.
*Make sure to have your Cash Shop Credits available before changing your pets name.

For the Pet Name Exchange, you must have the two pets you wish to exchange pet names with on your account.
*It costs 750 Cash Shop Credits to use this feature.
Go to your Pets and at the top will be the option for Name Exchange. Once you click that it will take you to the page where you will choose which pets you wish to swap names with.
Choose which pets you wish to swap names with, and click Swap Names, and you are done!
*This feature is handy if you wish to have your battle pet to have the name of another pet rather than training the other pet to be your battle pet.

Pet Species

There are 71 species of pets to create, and that's not including the Experiment Pets!!!

Here are the species you can create:

Aeanoid | Antlephore | Anyu | Archan | Bhakoru | Bovyne | Bumbus |
Cadogre | Celinox | Chai | Charlie | Chelon | Clawison | Cybill |
DarkoniteIDemi | Devonti | Dillema | Donadak | Dragarth | Endeavor |
Escalade | Feli | Fester | Ghostly | Harvester | Hikei | Hipottu |
Illumis | Irion | Jollin | Kanis | Keeto | Kerubi | Kora | Kumos |
Lain | Lasirus | Legeica | Magnus | Mahar | Mallarchy | Malticorn | Manchu |
Montre | Mortiking | Neela | Noktoa | Ontra | Paralix | Pherret | Popoko |
Qrykee | Sheeta | Swampie | Telenine | Terracoon | Tigrean | Torrent | Torrey | Tutani |
Velosotor | Warador | Wyllop | Xotl | Zasaba | Zentu

Special Pets
Aeanoid - To get an Aeanoid, you must plant an Aeanoid Seed in the Gardens. You must go every day for 3 days to "water" the seed to make it grow. Once it is grown, your active pet will become an Aeanoid.
Bhakoru - Bhakoru's were a reward for completing the Sacred Lands Plot in 2011. You can no longer do the plot but there are many kind people who have and are more than willing to create a Bhakoru for you or you can use the preciously mentioned Miracle Potion II to turn your pet into a Bhakoru as well.
Bumbus - You obain a Bumbus with access to the Blue Building. (See FAQ section for more about the Blue Building.)
Cadogre & Endeavor - To obtain a Cadogre or Endeavor, during the Masquerade Celebrations, go to Blackmoon Corporation where you can pay 50,000 sP to create a genderless Cadrogre or Endeavor; for the rest of the year you can make a pet you've already created into either by using any Cadogre Mystical Toy or Endeavor Elixir. You can find either of those items in User Shops
Neela - Neela's are beautiful, exquisite creatures.To obtain a Neela you can create one for 250 Cash Shop Credits in the Cash Shop or buy a potion for 250 Cash Shop Credits in the Cash shop or from User Shops.
Zentu - Zentu are the first species special to Shengui Guo. You can create a Zentu in the Bath House; you can get two types: Day & Night. They also come in other colours which you can find listed in the first link.

The Wardrobe is a place to dress up a Human Avatar in clothes you buy from different NPC shops, User Shops, Cash Shop or can Vend from the Vending Machines.

SubetaLodge has a list of every single wearable that is on site.
There are Achievements for collecting different wearables and prizes that go with those achievements.

This is one of the parts that is super extensive and the best advice I can give on learning more about it would be to create an account on SubetaLodge and explore the Wardrobe section. They link to every shop that Restocks clothing and also an items that might be retired. It's a great reference site for this section!

There are many different worlds on Subeta, each one unique in its own way. So what're you waiting for? Get ready to explore!

-Veta Lake
-Peka Glade
-Delphi Beach
-Shengui Guo
-Sacred Lands
-Arctic Frost

-Ziara City
-Pina Park
-Coda Caves
-Galaxan Wastes

Other Locations
-The Carnival
-SAI Headquarters

To find out more about the different worlds visit the SubetaPedia for more information.

Gold Accounts

A Gold Account is an item that gives you extra perks on Subeta. They cost Cash Shop Credits and can be bought in the Cash Shop.

Gold Account Perks::

- Autopricer - You can use Auopricer on your User Shops; it's very fast and efficient.
- Beta Testing - When Subeta is getting ready to introduce new features, GA users are able to Beta Test the features first and in doing so help provide valuable feedback for the Staff on how to perfect the features coming.
- Decreased Training Time - When training your pets for battle, the training time decreases. You can train for battle in Riverside at the Training Center.
- Extra Gifts - You can send 5 gifts more via the Gift Center (gift wrapping) in Arctic Frost.
- Forum - Access to the Gold Account Forums.
- Games - The amount of times you can send a score in a game increases from 5 to 10 for Flash Games.
- Vending - Vending items increase from 250 items to 500 items.
- Pet Leash - The ability to attach your pet to you so that it is view-able in the forums.
- Shop/Gallery Item Increase - Shops increase from allowing 2,000 items to 2,500 items; Galleries increase from 4,000 to 6,000.
- Trophy - A shiny trophy for your profile to show you're a Gold Account user. (You can add a Trophy display to your profile by going to your profile, clicking Edit Profile and clicking Add Content. In the menu that appears will be an option that says Medals; click that to add to your profile and update order.

Custom Clothing/Custom Wearables

- These are items made by Subeta users, submitted to the site and usable in the Wardrobe. Custom Clothing is bought with Cash Shop Credits. Most usually when a user is getting ready to put an item on the site they will use the Custom Clothing forums to advertise their items and seek interest for the item.
The Official Custom Wearable FAQ is a very helpful forum to read for more information on CWs.

The Blue Building

In order to get into the Blue building you must:

Obtain a blue building password (to get this you have to refresh at the Blue Building entrance
Obtain at least 250 achievements
- Have at least 25 trading cards in your collection.
- Have at least 1 pet with an overall rating of 100 or more.
- Have at least 100 posts in the forums.
- Complete at least one original treasure map.

The Blue Building is a place to make Bumbus', Do special quests and earn Blue Building points to spend in the blue building shop. :)Loyalty Boxes

Loyalty Boxes are something you get once you hit your 2 year anniversary (and every year after that) of being on Subeta. (Huzzah!)
When you open it you have the option to get one (1) the following:
- Loyalty Gold Account Totem. (Gives you a 3 month Gold Account.)
- Loyalty Pet Slot Totem. (Gives you one (1) additional pet slot.
- Loyalty Petname Totem. (Allows you to change one (1) of your pets name.)
- Loyalty Potion Totem. (Allows you to change one (1) your pets color to any color available, no limits.)
- Loyalty Tome Totem. (Will give one (1) pet +10 Levels and an additional +25 to all other stats.)
- Loyalty Treasure Chest Totem. (Will give every one of your pets 10 extra Treasure Chest slots.)
- Loyalty Username Totem. (This allows you to change your Username.)

Remember: You may choose only one (1) of these when opening your Loyalty Box.

Wishlist Searching

I recently had someone ask me if there was a way to know if you had an item on someones WL. There is!

The best way to do it is go to The search function of Wishlists. Put what item it is you're searching and it will list which friends has the item on their Wishlist.

Thank you to Battykins for the question! :)

Mage Amulets

Mage Amulets you can get from doing quests for Quentin or by Random Event. Take them to The Mage for a chance at a Tome of Darkness, Death, Earth, Fire, Life, Light, Magma or Water which when used on your pet boosts their stats.

Delish/Boutique Items

Delish/Boutique items are a special section of Subeautique lines available in the Cash Shop. Delish is the most common Designer name but there have also been Teiss, Viv, and Zoe. After a certain time the Delish lines will retire but they are sometimes brought back for the Cash Shop's Black Friday Sale in November.

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