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December 15, 2019

Navigator the Galactic Endeavor has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 14, 2019

Red Lumi Lights
Rainbow Lumi Lights
Classic Lumi Lights
Green and Red Lumi Lights
Green Lumi Lights
Get a little more festival this year with these new lights from Icy Goods.

These will not retire after Luminaire, don’t worry!

Moons the Chibi Chai has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 13, 2019

Autumn Night Candles
People of Leaves
Autumn Detritus
Pumpkin Spice Shark Beanbag
Enchanted Candle
The first day of winter is December 21 so get any fall themed items from the Millionaire Center, Seasonal Quest Shop, and the Recycle Beast while you can!

Dakka the Custom Chibi Chai has won the Pet Spotlight!

Quentin is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

December 12, 2019

Although we tried repairing the wings on the angelic mortiking to give it another chance to be a beautiful angel, it seems determined to be a trash dinosaur who can't have anything nice.

Infatuation the Angel Popoko has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 11, 2019

Portray the Chibi Tigrean has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 10, 2019

Black Friday is officially over in the Custom Wearable shops and Cash Shop!

With the sale being over, we’ve decided to officially change the price for cash shop pet slots. Instead of 2000 csc, pet slots through the Cash Shop are now 1500 csc!

Cosette the Angel Archan has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 9, 2019

Melody and the Snow Fairies
Ruby Lee Leather Jacket
Matlal Bobblehead
Black Friday ends in the cash shop tonight at 11:59pm! That means old items will retire once again, new items will go to their full prices, chance machines will go back to full price, and custom wearables will go back to their listed prices.

Just a reminder:
Delish Energetic, Straightforward, Gentle, Devoted, Clever, Sharp, Observe, Brave, Sincere, Loyal, Tender, Inclined, Stardust, and Nova will all be retired at the end of Black Friday.

Glass figurines, Johnny Misfit, and Ruby Lee will retire from the Cash Shop at the end of Black Friday.

The following themed sets will move to the Themed Set Vending Machine after the sale: Gyrephon and Desert Bone Garden Fairy set.

Bunn the Custom Silver Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 8, 2019

Looking very smug, you certainly wouldn't want to encounter 30-50 of these reborn urubus in your yard! Maybe just the one would be a pleasant companion, though?

It's not clear that even just one reborn zentu would be a terribly pleasant companion. They're rather prone to charging and they are quite large! But if you do manage to calm the dreamy pet, they're certainly good for protection. You just have to figure out what kind of bedding to buy them that won't go up in flames.
The reborn demi has walked into the flames and been born anew! Will you welcome this fiery fury into your home?
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