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June 21, 2024

Larger Trans Pride Flag
Larger Demiro Pride Flag
Larger Bi Pride Flag
Larger Pride Flag
Larger Lesbian Pride Flag

Larger Polysexual Pride Flag
Larger Gay Pride Flag
Larger Demi Pride Flag
Larger Nonbinary Pride Flag
Larger Ace Pride Flag

Larger Labrys Pride Flag
Larger Aro Pride Flag
Larger Genderfluid Pride Flag
Larger Intersex Pride Flag
Larger Genderqueer Pride Flag
Need a bigger pride flag? Quentin has you covered! Now you can wear a small flag in one hand and a larger flag in the other.

Do Wizard quests this weekend for increased prizes and rewards!

June 20, 2024

Painted Tide Pool Rock
Stay Cool Sticker
Ultimate Frozen Treat Guide
Pool Time Lurby
Lucky Summer Dragon Mooncake

A Lil Stars Galactic Travels
Roll of Summery Fabric
Extra-Long Gummy Worm
Little Lovely Clown Plushie
Vibrant Jellyfish Beanbag
It's just so dang hot out there. Maybe you'll find something to cool off with from the Millionaire Center.

Beach Umbrella Plushie
Moon Sand Castle Sticker
Pool Noodle Crafts
Beach Sand Pudding Cup
Ghostly Hiking Stick

Pineapple Pirate Punch
Making Ice Cream
Boater Urchin Beanbag
Stolen Ice Cream
Tidal Dragon
Or you could try your luck at the Seasonal Quest Shop. I'm sure Carl or Pete have provided a nice summer drink that will refresh you. Hopefully.

June 19, 2024

Forum Ticket

The forums will be back soon. Nothing's been lost, so don't panic! There's no need to file a ticket.
We're aware that CSC purchases made in the last day might have given some extra CSC. If you have extra CSC from a purchase, don't make a ticket and feel free to keep that extra CSC 🪙

The bug has been fixed, and the right amount of CSC is going out again. Thanks for those of you that opened tickets.
Crock Roll
The vehicle of this crocodile is old but free!

June 17, 2024

Sumikko the Custom Chibi Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

June 16, 2024

Shinwas Shampoo
Shinwas Weather Orb
Shinwas Soap
There are three new Shinwa item revamps to enjoy!

Not related, but we know the Spotlight keeps running. Amber and Keith are working on it!

Wilf the Blacklight Cybill has won the Pet Spotlight!
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