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sCode is a special version of BBCode used by Subeta. You can use it to dress up your text on profiles, comments, forums, and more!

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  1. Formatting Text
  2. General Subeta-specific Codes
  3. Holiday and Event Codes
  4. Miscellaneous (Emoji, Pings, etc)

1. Formatting Text Back to Top

Description and CodePreview

Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough

[b]Bold Text[/b]
[i]Italicized Text[/i]
[u]Underlined Text[/u]
[s]Strikethrough Text[/s]
Bold Text
Italicized Text
Underlined Text
Strikethrough Text

Superscript and Subscript

Normal Text[sup]Superscript[/sup]
Normal Text[sub]Subscript[/sub]
Normal TextSuperscript
Normal TextSubscript


[h1]Big Heading[/h1]
[h3]Medium heading[/h3]
[h6]Tiny heading[/h6]
Sizes h1 through h6 are available.

Big Heading

Medium heading

Tiny heading

Change font size

[size=10px]Text in size 10 pixels[/size]
[size=15pt]Text in size 15 point[/size]
Different units of measurement are allowed (for instance, points versus pixels)
Text in size 10 pixels
Text in size 15 point

Change font color

[color=red]Text in a red color[/color]
[color=#113388]Text in a blue color, using a hex code[/color]
You can use both color names and hex codes.
Text in a red color
Text in a blue color, using a hex code

Change font face

[font=monospace]Text in monospace[/font]
[font=times new roman]Text in Times New Roman[/font]
Not all fonts will show up on all computers. You can specify a general font-family (such as monospace or serif) instead of a specific font.
Text in monospace
Text in Times New Roman


[url=]Subeta Home Page[/url]
Subeta Home Page


[img align=center][/img]
[img align=right][/img]
Must be a secure image (starts with HTTPS)

Line breaks


The br and p tags do the same thing.



Horizontal rule


Change Alignment

[center]Centered Text[/center]
[align=right]Right-aligned Text[/align]
Centered Text
Right-aligned Text


Here is a list:[ol][li]Item one[/li][li]Second item[/li][li]Last item[/li][/ol]
Here is another list:[ul][li]Item one[/li][li]Second item[/li][li]Last item[/li][/ul]
Use ol for numbered lists and ul for bulleted lists. The processor inserts line breaks automatically after each list item, so leave them out for nicer formatting.
Here is a list:
  1. Item one
  2. Second item
  3. Last item

Here is another list:
  • Item one
  • Second item
  • Last item


[row][col]Row 1 column 1[/col][col]Row 1 column 2[/col][/row]
[row][col]Row 2 column 1[/col][col]Row 2 column 2[/col][/row]
Row 1 column 1Row 1 column 2
Row 2 column 1Row 2 column 2


[spoiler=Title of your spoiler]Text you want to hide goes here.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Spoiler without a title[/spoiler]
You may not have special formatting within the spoiler title. The title is optional.
Title of your spoiler
Spoiler (click here to toggle)


[quote]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[/quote]
[quote=@Bug]Welcome to the sCode reference![/quote]
Using an @ will ping the user. The @ symbol can be omitted if you don't want to ping the user you are quoting. You can also leave out the source completely.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
Quote by @Bug:
Welcome to the sCode reference!

Code block

[code]<style type='text/css'>
#content { 
background-color: #eee; }
This will not ping any forum groups within the block.
<style type='text/css'>
#content { 
background-color: #eee; }

Inline Code

Normal text.. [tt]Hello world![/tt] .. Normal text.
This can also be used if you simply want to write something in monospace real quick!
Normal text.. Hello world! .. Normal text.

Edit Note

[edit] Just kidding
Just kidding

Unicode Heart


Custom Icons


Randomized Text

Put two hyphens between each option. It will randomly pick one of the choices to display.

2. General Subeta-specific Codes Back to Top

Description and CodePreview

User hover


User hover, using user ID number


User hover for an NPC

[npc=ian asmodeus]
[NPC] Ian Asmodeus

Pet Link

The format is Username/Petname.

Legacy Pet Link

This will display the pet that currently has the given name as its legacy name.

Item hover

[item=Red Ball]
Red Ball

Item hover with caption

[item2=Red Ball]
Red Ball

Red Ball

Specific user's human avatar

This will always display what the user is currently wearing.
's human avatar

Shared Avatar

Code is found on your wardrobe's Shared Avatars page.
Shared outfit

Outfit created by Bug

View In Wardrobe

Preview wearable item

[preview=chilly red scarf]
Wearable preview: Chilly Red Scarf

Link to forum topic

Get the ID number from the thread's URL.
Topic: Frequently Requested Suggestions

Link to trade lot

Trade Lot: #12345

3. Holiday and Event Codes Back to Top

Description and CodePreview

Trick or Treat sCode (Morostide)

Trick or Treat @ keith

Egg sCode (Morostide)

Egg keith's House!

TP sCode (Morostide)

TP keith's House!

Dance sCode (Masquerade)


Flower sCode (Vesnali)

Flower keith

Kiss sCode (Survival)


Tree and Gifting sCode (Luminaire)

This will automatically resize to a smaller size in specific places like the Friend Feed and user statuses.

4. Miscellaneous Back to Top

Description and CodePreview


[box=#eeffee]Lorem ipsum[/box]
A general-purpose box you can use to divide your text into visually distinct sections. You may customize the background color.
Lorem ipsum

To ping a user, use the @ symbol before their username like this: @Keith
If their username has special characters/punctuation that breaks the normal ping, you can still ping them by putting the ping in square brackets: [@Keith]


Emoji conversion is automatic, and all standard emoji are supported. Check out The Emoji Cheatsheet (external link) for a list of emoji you can use! To type one, use the code that has the keyword in between colons, and it'll get automatically converted when your post is displayed. The way the emoji will be rendered depends on your device.

Using with HTML

Some sections of the site allow you to write with both HTML and sCode. Most notably, you can use both HTML and sCode on your user profile and your pet profiles. Because of how they interact, there are a couple quirks to be aware of:

  1. Line breaks won't show up. To insert a line break, you will need to use the br tag (either HTML or sCode). This is because line breaks are not interpreted in HTML.
  2. CSS cannot contain square brackets. This is due to the way sCode is interpreted (by looking for square brackets).

There are a few other CSS/JS quirks specific to pet and user profiles, especially on user profiles as it uses a different layout from the rest of the site.