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The Emoji Cheatsheet




[b]Text[/b] Text
[i]Text[/i] Text
[u]Text[/u] Text
[size=15pt]Text[/size] Text


[br] New Line
[p] New Paragraph
[color=red]Text[/color] Text
[quote]Quote Text[/quote] Quote:
Quote Text
[code][/code] Code:
<?php echo 'Test!'; ?>
[edit] Just Kidding EDIT: Just Kidding
[spoiler]Text you want hidden[/spoiler]
Spoiler (click here to toggle)
[spoiler=Custom Spoiler Title]Text you want hidden[/spoiler]
Custom Spoiler Title
[user=keith] Keith
[userid=1] Keith
@Keith Pings the user
[@Keith] Pings the user
(for usernames that break the normal ping)
[tot=keith] Trick or Treat @ Keith
[flower=keith] Flower Keith
[dance=keith] Dance with Keith
[kiss=keith] Kiss Keith
[url=]Subeta Pets[/url] Subeta Pets
[topic=5265] Topic: Frequently Requested Suggestions
[trade=123456] Trade Lot: #123456
[item=Red Ball]
[item2=Red Ball]

Red Ball

[img align=right][/img]
[preview=Chilly Red Scarf]