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Latest News and Updates

More Shinwa Updates!!!

Shinwas Health Potion
Shinwas Helper
Essence of Shinwa

Shinwas Life Crystal
Shinwas Level Potion
Shinwas Defense Potion
Shinwas Orb
Shinwa has once again blessed us with updated versions of some of her items.

Bonus Weekend Update: Wizard

Do Wizard quests this weekend for increased prizes and rewards!

Update on Pet Spotlights

The Mistakes We Make
Pop-Up Book of Pets
Pet Spotlight should resume once a week starting July 25 and will continue through the summer on Thursdays!

Originally, it would be every Wednesday, but I goofed it by forgetting to turn the spotlights back on after a few bugs were worked out. So, to get it out asap, it'll start tonight!
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