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Cash Shop: Possessed Bits of Matter

Maleria’s eyes return to their natural pure white hue as the possessor releases her grip. You could swear Maleria is stifling a laugh, but she keeps her composure as she addresses you with a sneer.

Mm, I should… thank you, for assisting me. Truly, I wasn’t in control of my actions at all. Completely and utterly at the mercy of that evil being. I have no idea what her plans are, I can’t remember a thing. You mortals may want to keep an eye on Saherimos, though. I, ah, merely have a feeling, of course. I don’t remember anything.

Possessed Bits of Matter
Maleria smirks as she absentmindedly caresses a dark matter orb. The orbs have also returned to normal, or at least as normal as dark matter can be. As Maleria turns to leave, you both notice a group of malformed Possessed Bits of Matter floating erratically nearby. They struggle to stay aloft and can’t seem to form a cohesive group for very long. Maleria sneers again.

Ah, yes. While I was… possessed, that being attempted to create a powerful life form. I don’t think she succeeded. The pathetic thing is still lurking around here somewhere. I’m certain you will be able to handle it.

Pet Spotlight - Shade

Shade the bloodred kumos has won the Pet Spotlight.

This pet won the pet spotlight back in November but did not get a news post. We're catching up on a few that missed their posts before we reinstate Pet Spotlight this month!

Subscription Monthly Item: Filigree Iron Bell

Filigree Iron Bell
We’ve changed the special item for our Subscription Quester, Councilor, and Goddess plans. We will be changing this special item slot every month.

A huge endeavor (revamp)!

No, this isn't your robot overlords coming to take over. No wars today! (Stop being upset you can't beat up a legion of robots, pal. Today is about new looks and new cuties to feed)

The endeavor has been revamped! We've tried to keep it close to the old one, and just update the lines and colors to better represent our palettes. We hope that you enjoy your new robot overlor....uh, your new pets!
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