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Masquerade 2022 is HERE!

Are y'all ready to dance? The Annual Masquerade Ball has officially begun. Make sure to stay hydrated because the dance floor will be open until 11:59pm on June 12. The Masquerade Forums will close on June 17.

Use the following code in your status and other places to get friends (and strangers) to share a dance with you!

Want a little more surprise in your dancing? Try the Mystery Dance feature! Note: Mystery Dancing has its own timer separate from dancing on the forums/chosen user/etc. So you can do a mystery dance and then go dance on the forums right after!

Red Saheric Dusk Mask
Masquerade Zasaba Mask
Ytivan Chisel Mask
Cracked Shadowglen Doll Mask
Purple Studded Mask
Before you step on the dance floor, make sure you are wearing a mask. You can grab one from Migrating Masks. There are no new masks this year but quite a few old masks have been unretired! Note: any item with the word 'mask' in the name should work for dancing, rarity doesn't matter.

Green Musical Light Pen
Midnight Black Cage Skirt
Send Noods Sticker
Neon Atebus Sign

Spirit in the Machine
Fig Sherbert
Cucumber Wingy Zingy Bracelet
Ziaran Byte Bite
Coffee Alexander
While dancing, you have the chance at getting Steamworks Trinkets or Lounge Trinkets. The Lounge Trinkets can be spent on delicious foods and drinks at the Libertine Lounge while Steamworks Trinkets can be spent for all sorts of goodies at the Steamworks Menagerie. This is the only wave of items for both shops, enjoy!

Keep an eye out for Boudewijn while you dance. If you manage to win a duel with him, he’ll give you a bag of trinkets. He won’t actually kill you in a duel, so no worries there!

Oh, and just a reminder! You have a chance of unlocking the Dancing Steamwork Style achievement when using the Mystery Dance feature. This achievement will give you the rad Steamwork Masquerade avatar border. When you dance with people you choose (like friends, on threads, etc), you have the chance to unlock the achievement Dancing Rave Style which will give you the bright Rave Masquerade avatar border. These were added last year and are back for you to get this year!

Pet Spotlight - Gwenn

Gwenn the Graveyard Illumis has won the Pet Spotlight!

Masquerade starts TOMORROW

Rave Vic Plushie
The Masquerade will be starting TOMORROW. There will be one wave of items so you'll know from the start how many coins you'll need to dance and duel for! The shops will likely close sometime tonight so we can add items. <3

Token Shop Restock

Pile of Brass Tubing

White Neck Ruff
Slow Dog
Tritium Keychain
A History of Masquerade Fashion
What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

Pet Spotlight - Lopunny

Lopunny the Cream Kanis has won the Pet Spotlight!
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