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Enter a fun community where you can adopt a virtual pet, dress up a human avatar with thousands of different clothes, and make friends on our forums! Join today to pick a pet, get a starter kit of cool items and start having fun right away! Hundreds of users are enjoying Subeta right now. Why aren't you?

Latest News and Updates

Cash Shop: Possessed Cookie Spatula

Elsie collapses to the ground as whatever force had a hold of her releases its grip. Elsie looks from the rolling pin in her hands to you with horror in her eyes. She quickly tosses the weapon away and hugs her knees to her chest.

You aren’t sure what to do at this point except offer some comfort. At the very least, she doesn’t seem to be injured. At least, not anymore than normal for an Unliving.

Possessed Cookie Spatula
Remembering something, Elsie leaps up and takes you by the hand, leading you to the entrance of her bakery. She starts grimacing and motioning urgently towards it. At that moment, a loud clanging rings out from somewhere in the thick oven smoke and a Possessed Cookie Spatula lands at your feet.

Volunteers Needed for New Hair Layer!

Replica Dragonfly
Siren Pull the Trigger Tied Hair Tuft
Iced Blue Ponytail
We are looking for volunteers to help tackle one of our most-requested projects: making a hair layer for the wardrobe! That's right: at long last, hair will be getting its own layer, and we're inviting the community to help make it happen!

The new hair layer has already been set up and added to the site, and the custom wearable submission page has already been updated to put all newly-submitted wigs in the right layer. As a volunteer, you will be helping us sort items from the Head layer into the Hair layer. We will provide a special tool that makes it as fast and easy as possible. While volunteers will do this individually, we will have everyone in a private channel in the Subeta Discord Server to collaborate. (Interested in the Subeta Discord? Find it here!)

The requirements for this position are:
- You must be able to work in a group setting with 15-20 other volunteers and Subeta staff members Bug and Jessi
- You must have (or be willing to use) Discord and be a member of the official Subeta Discord server so we can invite you into a private work channel

This is a volunteer-only position, so you will not be compensated. (However, little thank-you gifts might find their way to your account every now and then... ;) )

If you are interested, please fill out this short application! The application form will be open until Sunday, March 7th. You will then be contacted by Staff within the week if you are chosen for this project. Thank you for your interest and continued support of Subeta!

Pet Spotlight - Finbarr

Finbarr the Scribble Malticorn has won the Pet Spotlight!

Quest Shops: Succulents

Purple Banded Succulent
Darkside Potting Soil
Meneb Snail
Darkside Succulents
Darkside Succulents Beanbag
Who knew Maleria was such a plant mom?

Survival Update!

We've found some of the bugs plaguing our survival code and resolved them, finally! Any infection you have from this point forward should correctly unlock in your wardrobe when it hits the final stage. Also, any lag in the forums or wardrobe should be fully resolved.

If you've made it to the final stage of an infection already and don't have it, worry not! On the final day of Survival we will allow every user to select one infection from this year that they did not unlock, and unlock it for free. This prevents us from manually replacing the skins, and should hopefully just be a faster process overall, considering the sheer number of people.

As a thank you, we're sending out 250 cash shop credits to everyone who has participated so far in Survival. We'll also be extending Survival by one full day. Thank you 💖!
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