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Latest News and Updates

Set Sail with the Freyalise Crew (sort of)

Freyalise Plushie
The Freyalise Trading Co. has closed up shop and the crew is back on the ship until next year.

Did you know the first week on the ship is painfully boring? First Mate Rita is hoping you will help get everyone back in shape by battling them before they get too far out to sea.

You’ll have until 11:59pm on October 8 to defeat the Freyalise crew.

Cash Shop: Riverside Meander Legendary Track

I’ve learned two things on this little excursion to Riverside. One, the locals have dubbed this particular beast “Talveg” and the area is just lousy with hole-in-the-wall shops hawking keychains, mugs, and blurry black and white photos of a long-necked water-dwelling creature. Two, every single resident has a cousin twice-removed who knows a guy who knows a guy who swears he once caught a glimpse of a giant flipper when he was a kid. Really starting to think I’ve been taken in by some tourist trap.

On the upside, I scored this cool novelty swampie license plate with my name on it. And it’s spelled correctly! They usually never even have my name, it just goes straight from “Bill” to “Bobby” or they spell it “Blayk.” Who even knows a Blayk?

Riverside Meander Legendary Track
Anyway, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel. There’s still one place left to search: an old lake that used to be part of the main river. The shallow bends dried up years ago, leaving only a deep body of water and providing the perfect hiding spot for a legendary beast. As you can see from the Riverside Meander Legendary Track, there’s definitely been some kind of activity around here. Only one thing left to do, and that’s trying to lure this overgrown swampie out into the open. Grab your gear and let’s see if there’s any truth to these fish tales! 

Saherimos Salt Diapir Legendary Track will retire on October 1.

Alchemy: Algae-Painted Jewelry Box

Underground Algae-Painted Jewelry Box
Bright Algae-Painted Jewelry Box
Gloam Algae-Painted Jewelry Box
Fiery Algae-Painted Jewelry Box
Bubblegum Algae-Painted Jewelry Box
This new jewelry you can make with Zosi seems totally safe. Completely 100% safe.

Item Revamps

Kora Wand of Transformation
Kora Sword
Kora Gem of Power
Darkonite Shield
Darkonite Dagger

Wyllop Tail Whip
Wyllop Eyepatch
Wyllop Shield
Mallarchy Battle Helmet
Mallarchy Shield
Golden Mallarchy Beak Mask of Death
Will these revamps help you in battle? I doubt it, but hey. At least these weapons look cool?
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