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Pet Spotlight - Zelenka

Zelenka the Aqua Blob has won the Pet Spotlight!

Weekend Quests

The Library is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Morostide Challengers: Wave 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to face your fears by punching them in the face. Are you ready for the first wave of Morostide challengers? Heal up and go fight!

We will be releasing four waves total, not including Roland, throughout the holiday.

Hexing and Token Shop Goodies!

Collection of Obscene Gesture Photos
Bag of Minion Nip
Happy Morostide, my spooky pals. I just want to clarify some things for everyone.

Are you looking to get hexed more often? Try wearing the Collection of Obscene Gesture Photos. If you don’t want to get hexed, try Random ToTing. There is no chance of getting hexed when trick or treating randomly. Just a reminder, the link on the news sidebar for random trick or treating will show an error when you click, that’s just because the link is timed. Under the “The link you're trying to use has expired” bit should be a button that says “Random Trick or Treat”. Click that and bam, you are on your way to candy town!

Oh, also! As a special treat I’ve restocked the Token Shop with a few items that’ll help you during the holiday. The Hypno-Monocle decreases your chance of being hexed when choosing the house to visit, such as a friend of yours or a person on the forum using sCode. The Bag of Minion Nip will increase your chances of finding one of Jaxon’s wayward minions at the Pumpkin Patch. Make sure to be wearing these items for them to work!

Pet Spotlight - Nando

Nando the Bloodred Dillema has won the Pet Spotlight!
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