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Weekend Quests

Pete is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Blake wants to fish!

Ok, far too many strong personalities going on over at the Omen Islands for me to look for the legendary there right now. After all those salt flats in Saherimos, I could do without salt in the water too, so I've got a much nicer idea for my next hunting location! Come find me and let's get fishing!

Autumn 2020

Bumbles Takes A Trip to the Market
Squirreled Away Acorn
Cinnamon Butterfly Bun
Hello Pumpkin Sticker
Gleeful Pumpkin Beanbags

Caramel Green Apple
Falling for Fall
Blustery Gust of Autumn Wind
Autumn Dragon Blob Plushie
Do you smell pumpkin spice and delicious baked apples? Do you feel that strong wind? It can only mean one thing, that Autumn is finally here! Check out the newest Autumn goods from the Millionaire Center today.

The Fanciest Autumn Decor
Autumn Reader Plushie
Leaf-Covered Treasure
Autumnal Ikumoradeekanox Sticker
Poison Carnival Hat

Football Field Beanbag
Polka Dot Pumpkin Soup
The Magic of Bonfires
Plastic Skull Prop
Costumed Matter
Didn’t find that perfect fall item in the Millionaire Center? Try visiting the Seasonal Quest Shop.

Keel Hauliday 2020

Powder Keg Beanbag
Pirate Steed Doll
Oarfish Plushie
Water Nymph Serene Music Box

Mermaid Kelp-Wrapped Fork
Absurdly Small Pirate Hook
Drinking Games with Krakens
Navy Sailor Cap
Ahoy me hearties! It's been a rough year on the seas, one thin' goin' knees up after the other but us gentlemen o' fortune love a challenge an' ye won't find our ship anywhere near the bottom o' the ocean! In fact, the Freyalise Tradin' co. be now open fer business, come by to trade with us if ye dare - treasures old an' new!

We'll be 'ere until the end o' the month, so don't take yer time. Ye can also visit Carl, who be givin' out our treasures in 'is quests, the scallywag. Stop by th' kitchen to visit Angrybeard, or the Rathskellar Inn to drop in on Babette or young Bloodhungry. 'Appy plundering!

Translation: Hello friends! It's been a challenging year hasn't it? One thing going wrong after the other - but us pira…uh, traders have aren't ones to back down from a challenge and with our excellent nautical skills we have brought the Freyalise Trading Co. back to shores once more! Stop on by to trade treasures - old and new, with us!

We'll be docked until the end of the month, so please don't delay! You can also visit our friend Carl, who is generously giving out our wares in his quests, with total permission of course. Stop by the kitchen to visit dear Angrybeard, or the charming Rathskellar Inn to say hello to Babette or young Bloodhungry - they do love a visit! Happy Keel Hauliday!

All quests have been reset. Enjoy!
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