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Pet Spotlight - Buddy

Buddy the Custom Angelic Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

Nostalgic Charlie!

Oh but this toy is bringing back to me very joyful rememberings! I am making so many lovely light pictures of the magical creatures, the choo-choo trains and the funny clown-peoples.

The nostalgic charlie is maybe a sneaky little pipka, ya? It is very troublesome pet, this toy is making him nice and quiets! Is perfect. Just making sure you are still keeping an eyes on him though, and ignore him if he is changing the picture to any cheeky naughty words!

Nostalgic Charlie Instructions
Essence of Melody
Nostalgic Charlie Toy

The instructions are to be found in the Token Shop for now if you are being quick, but also in the shop of my daughter, Thimble & Co! The Essence of Melody is being found in the Millionaire Center.

Remember, if you are wanting help to build them, come to see me at my workshop, and bring instructions and an Essence of Melody, ya?

Carnival Prize Tent: Oversized Spectrum Animal Dolls

Oversized Spectrum Lion Doll
Oversized Spectrum Giraffe Doll
Oversized Spectrum Beetle Doll
Oversized Spectrum Whale Shark Doll
Oversized Spectrum Sloth Doll
Which oversized spectrum doll will you spend your carnival tickets on?

Pet Spotlight - hijiki

hijiki the Custom Hydrus Zasaba has won the Pet Spotlight!

Pet Spotlight - Thunderpunch

Thunderpunch the Storm Endeavor has won the Pet Spotlight!
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