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Pet Spotlight - Saros

Saros the Custom Galactic Serpenth has won the Pet Spotlight!

Pet Spotlight - Asko

Asko the Custom Chibi Wyllop has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cash Shop: February 2023 Collection

February 2023 Collection

Sweety Dead Hair Oil
Sweety Dead Hair Ties

Deathly Sweet Tombstone Cookie
Sweetydead Cardigan
Decaying Candy Pack
Scooping up a Suitor
Thanks to this month's Cash Shop Collection, there is no need to wait for Survival to showcase your love for the dreary yet lovely sweetydead.

February 2007 Donation Present
February 2008 Donation Present

February 2009 Collection
February 2010 Collection
February 2011 Collection
February 2012 Collection

February 2013 Collection
February 2014 Collection
February 2015 Collection
February 2016 Collection
February 2017 Collection

February 2018 Collection
February 2019 Collection
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February 2022 Collection
You can also purchase one of our older February Donation Presents or Collections!

Possessed Cookie Spatula
Darkside Ravines Legendary Track
Hot and Fresh Takeout
Eerie Mash Tun

Rusted Tin of Wrole Fangs
Bag of Beans
Surge Signet
Glittering Feather
Vandalized Research Notes
You have until the next monthly collection is released to get these challenger summoners from the Cash Shop. They are were all released in February of previous years. Note: The Glittering Feather is a winter based challenger and will stick around February and come back December.

Bonus Weekend Update: Cinthia's Quests

Cinthia's Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Pet Spotlight - choi

choi the Nostalgic Kanis has won the Pet Spotlight!
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