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Cash Shop: New Foods + Retirements to Come!

Downtown Centropolis Flower Salad
Galaxan Sparkling Water
Veta Lake Fruit Sandwich
Shadowglen Merlot
Riverside Crawdad Roll
Which cuisine fits you best? Try all five delicious items from the Cash Shop!

Count Hair Coupon
Vanity Pawprint Purse
Vanity Merit Top
Mere Hair Coupon
Upcoming Cash Shop Retirements! The following items will retire on June 2nd.

:star: Wigs: Sail Hair Coupon, Stem Hair Coupon, Count Hair Coupon, Den Hair Coupon, Remain Hair Coupon, Tap Hair Coupon, Wry Hair Coupon, Knot Hair Coupon, Mere Hair Coupon, Tumble Hair Coupon

:star: Vanity: Vanity Merit Suspenders, Vanity Merit Top, Vanity Merit Pants, Vanity Merit Boots, Vanity Sea Breeze Sun Hat, Vanity Sea Breeze Sandals, Vanity Sea Breeze Skirt, Vanity Sea Breeze Top, Vanity Tin Pants, Vanity Tin Shirt, Vanity Tin Top, Vanity Tin Shoes, Vanity Outcome Hat, Vanity Outcome Pants, Vanity Outcome Sandals, Vanity Outcome Shirt, Vanity Lemonade Boots, Vanity Lemonade Pants, Vanity Lemonade Cardigan, Vanity Lemonade Top, Vanity Pawprint Top, Vanity Pawprint Skirt, Vanity Pawprint Shoes, Vanity Pawprint Purse, Vanity Terse Sheer Top, Vanity Terse Tank Top, Vanity Terse Shorts, Vanity Terse Shoes

Pet Spotlight - Deo

Deo the Hydrus Ghostly has won the Pet Spotlight!


Let's hope you prepared well because it's officially time for the Annual Masquerade Ball!! The dance floor is open to all those with masks until 11:59pm on June 11. The Masquerade Forums will close on June 16!

You can use the following sCode in your status and other places to have various people share a dance with you.

Want to shake things up and dance with someone completely random? Try your hand at the Mystery Dance feature. You have the chance to get more than just trinkets from these dances!

Golden Eighth Note Mask
Sultry Sharp Note Mask
Cool Eighth Note Mask
Classic Sharp Note Mask

Masquerade Archan Mask
Masquerade Fester Mask
Masquerade Montre Mask
Masquerade Bhakoru Mask
Masquerade Chelon Mask
The most important thing (other than wearing comfortable shoes) is to have a mask on. After all, this is a Masquerade! You won't be able to request or accept dances without a mask. Any item with the word 'mask' counts towards this, no rarity requirements. In need of a mask? Stop by Migrating Masks to restock a few fashionable masks from previous years or try to grab a newly released mask!

How many times can we put mask in this news post?

Berry Lurby Cocktail
Ontra Critter Cake
Paralix Roll
Exquisite Blue Cameo Cookie

Scrounger Plushie
The Many Robots of Ziara
Ziaran Viscountess Daguerreotype
Rainbow Rave Lurboa
Ruby Buttoned Bloomers

Coda Caves Rockhound Bold Tintype
Rave Lurby
Ziaran Sharpshooter Ambrotype
Extremely Poofy Teal Ballgown Beanbag
Cobalt Industrial Pigment
After you accept a dance, you will receive either Steamworks Trinkets or Lounge Trinkets as a parting gift. The Lounge Trinkets can be used at the Libertine Lounge where you can take a break and fill up on delicious foods and drinks. The Steamworks Trinkets will allow you to purchase a wide range of goods from the Steamworks Menagerie.

This is the only wave of items for BOTH shops. Enjoy!

Keep an eye out for the dastardly Boudewijn while dancing. If you manage to win a duel with him, he'll be forced to give you a bag of trinkets. Don't worry; he won't actually kill you in a duel or anything. Maybe slightly maim. Nothing a good drink can't fix.

You need to visit the dance floor after accepting a dance to find Boudewijn.

Last but not least, there are two avatar borders you have a chance of getting while dancing. The Steamwork Masquerade avatar border comes from using the Mystery Dance feature while the Dancing Rave Style comes from dancing with anyone you choose. These are not guaranteed, so you may have to dance a lot to get one.

Pet Spotlight - Takeaway

Takeaway the Riftborn Blob has won the Pet Spotlight!

Almost time for the Masquerade!!!

Dapper Steamworks Dancer Plushie
Elegant Gourmet Food Recipes
Who's ready to dance???

:star: Masquerade will be starting THIS SUNDAY (May 26).
:star: The Steamworks Menagerie and Libertine Lounge will close Saturday evening while items are added. So don't be surprised if you see an error message when viewing the shops!
:star: You can take a peek at the new items by visiting the Item Directory, but try not to mention things outside of spoiler tags for those who want to wait until the holiday starts!
:star: There will be one wave of items for both shops. There are a lot of goodies for those who like a more traditional dress and those ready to join a rave.
:star: The holiday will be for a normal amount of time, and it will be going into June. The actual end date will be included in the news post starting the holiday!
:star: Be prepared for a few items based on this month's theme ;)
:star: There will be new masks this year!

Thanks for being patient, everyone! We're excited to see how y'all incorporate the new wearables in your avatars.
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