Xion has a minion!

the Bonnie

Legacy Name: Psychotic

The Custom Nightmare Lasirus
Owner: Trickster

Age: 7 years, 8 months, 5 days

Born: September 23rd, 2014

Adopted: 9 months, 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Adopted: August 6th, 2021

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Can I help you with something?

Warning: Mention of blood, human's limbs, murder and other not-too-sweeAAAAGGHG!!

The crunching sound of bones crumbling to dust, the nauseating scent of fresh meat and organs ... the scene of a heinous crime hidden beneath the white wards of a hospital. A bar light led over them, illuminating the scene of what was the psychological treatment office for children with cancer.

... GRRNCH .... GRRNCH ....

The strange creature had caught its prey, the crimson painted walls were proof of that, the floor didn't even have that shiny clean white anymore because the feast had begun. The demon began by gobbling up his dinner in parts, slowly destroying the tissue to make it digestible in his system. Xion found some relief with each child who ended his stay in the hospital, each with his story, his dreams, his future ... each one more special than another and with whom she felt really close.

She bring her hand to her stomach, almost feeling that satiety, a feeling linked to nutrition and creation, the memory of the life that was once there, was more and more ephemeral but I could have sworn that behind each cry and each cut, she feel some kind of redension, satisfaction. Devouring another to create life. She thought it was the right thing to do.

The demon umbrella opened its eyes and stretched out a gut-like appendage, bringing a severed arm closer to itself, it opened slightly revealing the row of fangs that were on the inside of the umbrella cover, a black hole with saw-sharp teeth eager to absorb the nutrients provided that afternoon.

And it was because, although each child was special to her, not all had that innate potential to harbor that spark within them. No, some fell into madness, creating deformed, monothematic masks, minions without any conscience or ability to reason, mobilized only by the mere idea of ​​attacking or defending themselves, children persecuted by their own night fears that appeared with the intention of killing them in this reality. Some stopped eating, others stopped talking, others cut their delicate skins with their nails as trying to escape from that imaginary body and the torment that afflicted them in the process.

She only gave them an accelerated death, for a doom process that could last for weeks. Unnecessary suffering, certainly.As a professional that she was, she had to show humanity in these cases and there were many.

But she would not deny that... there was a certain satisfaction in playing at being "the death", taking what was taken from her.

However, her job was to mitigate those blackouts, disturbances that ramified in her patients, ailments and other things that affected the lives of her dear little ones. Cancer was a deadly disease many times, cruel, unable to judge or differentiate gender, social class, race or religion.

Once there, the game was looking to end but for the twins, it was just beginning. Her brother, obstinate perhaps, struggled daily with this fantasy of miracles and she, faithfully by him, sought to maintain the sanity of them patients.

A healthy mind could reflect benefits in the body.

A healthy and nourished body fed the brain and secreted hormones for its development.

A bloodstain would splatter on the psychotherapist's white sleeve. Her eyebrows would arch as she modestly reached for a handkerchief in her pocket, gently wiping the stain.

"Do you wish to have them with you as if they were your babies?"
"Feeling complete again!"

Bonnie spoke in her mind, just like a whisper. The creature had finished swallowing the last remaining fingers of that hand, a body of a minor reduced to nothing more than a great lake of blood under the feet of the Attas. Her mask growls, but her characteristic scream was similar to crying childs, screams and sobs that tormented Xion to the point that she seemed to mute and wait for her mask to remain expressionless like her. But after a while, she got used to it. As well as the nauseating stench that surrounded her every time she had to intervene.

"This kid wasn't the right one either"

She muttered neutrally, her hand gripping the umbrella pole avoiding the misshapen molars on the handle of Bonnie. Her footsteps echo as she advances through the gloomy hospital, while in the locked rooms children call for help, future test subjects for their investigations who are ignored until the moment of them intervention.

Someday ... maybe Xion will find what she was looking for...

But, she will continue enjoying this game.

Not for professionalism

Not for fulfilling a dream

Because it was no longer about hunger and creation.

Rather, it was about life and death.


So, are you here just to check Dani's CWs, right?
Fine, go ahead. But be careful with what are you looking.

Xion doesn't seems very happy but at least she is letting you take a look while she is working on her desk.
You decided to open the gabinet slowly...

Cloudy White Vision Tarot Card
Kpossum Soft Makeup Brush
Clumsy Little Panda Bear Sweater
Cloudy White Vision Tarot Card
Licorice Rubbery Lollipop
Chatty Lunar Messenger Bag
Panda Scroll
Amazing Canine Turtleneck
Alatus Little Dragon Wings
Varsity Tucked Pullover
Cloth of the Misfit Tiger
Dark Warrior Pup Ears
Bag with Aurora Jewelry
Bag with Jade Jewelry
No 1 Cyber Rider Jacket
Basic Cat Filter
Sly Shoulder Kitsune
Locks of the Chilli Snack
Locks of the Dangerous Snack
Locks of the Taffy Snack
Letter for a Lover
Letter for Someone
Escaping Thrifted Longsleeve
Brand New Chelsea Boots
Instant Cat Filter
Lace Wrapped Rose Bouquet
Bag with Lavender Jewelry
Sweet Rose Fascinator
Panda Hammy Sweater
Too-Big White Jacket
Covert Upper Kitty Flowerbed
Half-Eaten Package of Salty Chips
Used Black Tweezers
Very Greasy Shark Jacket
Soft Sakura Mooncake
Golden Sakura Mooncake
Hungry Shoulder Kitty
Monochrome Derpy Snow Leopard Tail
Puffy Black Snake Brow
Fancy Glasses Case
Striped Asymmetric Tights
Bengal Tiger Guardian
On The Go Plain Toast
Snow Leopard Shoulder Kitty
Visual Vial of Twisted Destiny
Snazzy Rabbit Mask
Jar of Stolen Red Eyes
Covert Nightrunner Joggers
First Draft of the Cadmium Inked Halo
Bloody Rabbit Mask
Lost Rose Compass
Sexy Bad Boy Fang
Kpossum Makeup Brush
Infuriated Potat
Intense Potat
Letter for my Friend
Letter for my Rival
Letter for the Shadow
Letter for Myself
Letter for the Apprentice
Survivor Dhole Parka
Sakura Stripe Horse Halo
Memoirs of a Windy Autumn
Blessed Moody Tuft of Hair
Deceiver Rabbit Mask
Sweet Bubble Contact Lenses
Good Boy Sheep Sweater
Striking Silhouette Cameo
Gothic Sakura Mooncake
Locks of the Nuclear Snack
Locks of the Lavender Snack
Locks of the Grape Snack
Locks of the Icy Snack
Locks of the Delicate Snack
Locks of the Delicious Snack
Locks of the Glitched Snack
Locks of the Tasty Snack
Locks of the Spicy Snack
Locks of the Protagonist Snack
Locks of the Aurum Snack
Locks of the Crunchy Snack
Locks of the Vanilla Snack
Locks of the Sweet Snack
Locks of the Royal Snack
Angry Potat
Brave Kitsune Mask
Hand of Seduction
Candy Heart Catpuff Friend
Locks of the Grumpy Snack
Boxing Bunny Soot Ears
Boxing Bunny Blossom Ears
Boxing Bunny Raging Ears
Grungy Licorice Denim Cone
Reckless Misfit Jacket
Classic Jacket of the Gunslinger
Candymania Kitsune Sakura Crown
Sealed Kitsune Summoning Scroll
Darkened White Ringed Vision Tarot Card
Simple Sleepy Sheep Sweater
Monochrome Insta Buff Tonic
Cloudy Black Vision Tarot Card
Cloudy Red Vision Tarot Card
Clean Slate Lucky Strands
Sheared Abyssal Locks of the Cocogoat
Kawaii Fox Face Makeup
Frost Empress Doll
Raven Braided Kitty Tail
Blep Bomb Companion
Deer Me Gold Lashes
Tender Peachy Makeup
Paradise Gateway
Jewel of Halcyon Light
Jewel of Enchanting Light
Warm Snake Sweater
Moody Snake Sweater
Comfy Snake Sweater
Rebellious Origin Stompers
Bronze Crown of the Crown Hareess
Miss Vain Toasty Cat Loaf
Silly Worm Friend
Feathered Demon Wings
Pure Bunny Duo Keychain
Mocha Chilly Scarf
Derpy Snow Leopard Tail
Sea Swell Piglet Cardi
Shy Cosmic Kitty Headphones
Wizard Kitten Companion
Bruised Up Boxing Gloves
Sorbet Sealed Letter Sweater
Sweet Decora Kei Stickies
Fluffy Booty of the Grim Kitty
Authentic Snowflake Ornament
Floating Peppermint Cat Care Sheet
Rimless Slimline Glasses
Rebellious Luna Stompers
Too-Big Black Jacket
Rolled Festive Cardigan
Baby Blue Floral Clip
Periwinkle Cloth of the Fae
Galaxy Bunny of the Space Moon
Destroyed Wings of the Lovebird
Too-Big Denim Jacket
Undercover Black Kitty Tail
Icy Kitty Glint
Basic Pet Rabbit Harness
Pair of Foggy Glasses
Boo Wint-O-Mint Hair
Purrposely Cuffed2U Necklace
Rebellious Revenant Stompers
Classic Cross Dangle Earring
Cheery Blushing Kitty Squint
Friendly Flute Toot
Oddly Cloudy Monochrome Vision Tarot Card
The Claw Candy Cane Hammy
Snowy Doll Hair Ribbon
Sakura Bunbun Bracelet
Bat of the Primal Soldier
Pair of Shiny Glasses
Cozy Ram Hoodie
Sweet Kiss Lipstick
Stitched Romantic Kraken Patch
Beary Polar Pullover
Whipped Cream Catbun Right Ear
Whipped Cream Catbun Left Ear
Apathetic Collared Shirt
Oversized Heavy Chain Nyanigan
Dreadlord Burnt Smoking Jacket
Restorative Opaline Vial of Siotu Dragon
Just Outside the Window
Charm of the Newborn Star
Halo of a King
Hare Raising Foot Habitat Handbook
Emo Boyfriend Fit Denim
Bottled Breath
Grim Trash Child Hoodie
Crown of the Flustered Corvid
Crown of the Selfish Dragon Prince
Ears of the Sullen Priest
Dangerous Summer Bun Ear Decor
Faded Cottontail Denim Jacket
Checked Cottontail Denim Jacket
Kitsune Modern Playset
Heebie-Jeebie Bundled Up Chick
Icebound Fatal Adoration
Elf Luminaire Kitten Companion
Heartstabber Knife
Pointy Black Ears
Melodramatic Dreaming Wolf Strands
Forgotten Book of Hymns
Winter Coat Dhole Parka
Embarrassing Love Letters
Dark Red Mistletoe Kiss
Memories of a Faraway Past
Precious Poetic Concealer
Precious Bright Concealer
Precious Tiny Concealer
Compact Sun Kissed Concealer
Compact Tiny Concealer
Compact Poetic Concealer
Compact Bright Concealer
Compact Soft Concealer
Dragon Jacket
Sneaky Brush Stroke
Gothic Fantasy Dresscoat Study
Delicate Cherry Blossom Circlet
Halo of a Villain
Blackened Cygnus Spikes
Blood Soaked Tissue
Festively Dressed Catpuff Friend
Silk Kimono of the Astute Bunny
Treasured Black Dragon Sweater
Gaze of the Winged Guardian
Shiba Inu Sakura Wreath
Polite White Rose
Spellbound Tome of the Bloody Demon
Golden Stripe Horse Halo
Mischievous Santa Hat
Conniving Chubby Bunny Jacket
Warm Basic Gifted Cardigan
Warm Cranberry Gifted Cardigan
Enchanted Magical Sprouting Trees
Angry Bunny Knight Companion
Rebellious Royal Stompers
Homicidal Chubby Bunny Jacket
Classic Pumped-Up Kicks
Golden Galaxy Pen
No-Shade Juicy Lenses
Citrine Encompassing Ring
Pure Lunar Halo of the Orca
Cheap Black Serum Concealer
Brooding Black Winky Palette
Hand of Fragrance
Hand of Mischief
Gold Star In A Jar
Tender Peachy Makeup
Eyebrows of Sassiness Billboard
Shimmering Halo
Navy Feathers and the Book of the Apprentice
Forgotten Book of Sigils
Tough Bunny Flamers
Quiet Autumn Street JPG
Horrible Long Lurby
Quietly Angry Draconic Mask
Toothy Kitten Smile
Darkened Cloudy Gold Vision Tarot Card
Magical Twinkle Friendship Charms
Luminaire Beary Comfortable Blanket Fort
Broken Window Glass
Forgotten Book of Spells
Intense Bun Stare
Rebellious Cotton Candy Stompers
That Make-up Doe
Obsidian Cloak of the Saved
Charming Cuttle-y Cardi
Rebellious Trickster Stompers
Very Demonic Shark Jacket
Happy Frog Mint Hoodie
Rose Cloak of the Phantom Thief
Water Elf Brows
Targeted Lotus Kimono
Strawberry Boba
Navy Business Bird Sweater
Nestled Crimson Scarf
Stoic Bells of the Kitsune
Melancholic Marble
Heartly Cut Out Pullover
Daring Arcane Tarot Halo
Nuclear Airport Fashion Mask
Bloodshot Sakura Lantern
Risky Rosebud Bottle
Restorative Caberlite Vial of Diamau Dragon
Yandere Kitty Clean Cut
Destroyed Wings of the Starling
Mysterious Phone App of Air
Envelope of Bunny Buttons
Super Cool Catboy Hairstyle
Toe Beans Of the Void Cat
Malfunctioning Slithering Tarot Card
Fruit Machine Lucky Strands
Nestled Plum Scarf
Corgi Pupper Wrap
Sour Lipbalm
High Voltage Koi Halo
Poker Deck Cutout
Three of Swords Cursed Tarot Card
Spooky Kitsune Playset
Yandere Knife
Smallest Snoot
Yandere Love Letters
Brilliant Butterfly Kiss
Vallorond Sacrificial Filigree V5
Cloudy Green Vision Tarot Card
Mountain Bunny Naughty Striped Hoodscarf
Table of Spring
Sand Rice Ball Strands
Himbo Lucky Strands
Watchful Gaze of the Golden Dragon
Rebellious Starstruck Stompers
Starlight Compact
Frostbitten Fatal Adoration
Crown of the Beloved Dragon Prince
White Catpuff Sweater
Ram Away Dark Mantle
Rebellious Omen Stompers
Vampire Bat Fuzzy Tweezers
Problematic Picture
Drawing of a Fluffy Bunny Friend
Corrupted Book of Dririmancy Sigils
Bat of the Daring Soldier
Thorns of a Sovereign Tyrant
OMG Notice Me Senpai Flush
Rebellious Neon Stompers
Sinister Photograph
Quark Sweet Bun Bun
Midnight Rose Potion Wrap
Bitey Bites Origami Mask
Glitchy Television Screen
Collar of Bloodred Fortune
Salmon Loaf of Cat
Raw Dhole Parka
Rebellious Runaway Stompers
Rebellious Outlaw Stompers
Rebellious Army Stompers
Conceited Pumped-Up Kicks
Kawaii Black Fox Face Makeup
Seven Feathers of the Principality
Sharp Knife Choker
New Moon of the Leaping Odango Bunny
Rebellious Danger Stompers
Ellipsis Bubble Speech Decal
Occultism of the Moon Rabbit
Badass Pumped-Up Kicks
Bossy Bad Kitty Collar
Redacted Photo of the 96th Creature
Funny-Bunny Bundled Up Chick
Kpossum Spotless Pose
Cyber Halo of the Hacker
Black Portable Stereo Cloth
Raiments of the Daring Rogue
Cursed Wailing Sight Scroll
Lithe Little Butterflies
Lo-Fi Electronic Scraps
Scary Bunny Scarf
Soft Misfit Jacket
Dismal Trinket Box of the Shadow Bunny
Woodland Trinket Box of the Muddy Bunny
Eyes of a Feline
Loving Taunt
Judgemental Cat Burglar Tail
Shackled Inmate Curls
Masquerading Neutral Lip Balm
Masquerading Smirk Lip Balm
Bottomless Hunger Monster Mouth
Rings of Salvation
Miss U Cheetah Jacket
Illuminating Hopeful Bunny Glitter
Possessed Trunk of Feathers
Koin of Koi
Blueberry Watermelon Bento Sweater
Ominous Photograph
Innocent Kitty Grin
Scintillating Orb of the Aberrant Eye
Infinite Arcane Tarot Halo
Tired But Hoppy Bunny Fabric
Hunter Dhole Parka
Repurposed Shell Casing
Kawaii Kitten Eyes
Thoughtful Bun Stare
Nearly Empty Gift of the Universe Body Blush
Twinkle Twinkle Little Blush
Suspicious Daring Bomber Jacket
Memory Of A Luminaire Past
Festive Mid Autumn Gift
Memories Of The Tsundere Top
Kpossum Power Pose
Never Ending Falling Stars
Noir Purrito Ears
Halo of the Mysterious God
Mad Weenie Flush
Imperial Sovereign Doll
Dearest Snuggly Jacket
Jacket of the Hunting Tiger
Puzzling Rope Bunny Charm
Curious Rope Bunny Charm
Bun Bunny Bundle
Bat Snack
Locks of the Joker
Strings of Solemn Sheet Music
Hand of Poseidon
Lo-Fi Industrial Scraps
Bombay Kitten Pants
Corgi Vanilla Wrap
Elegant Prancing Bun
Sunset Smoke of the Kitsune
Creamy Bunny Puff
Sandy Arctic Locks
Mysterious Phone App
Valorous Misfit Jacket
Very Wicked Shark Jacket
Bittersweet Soapy Magical Hairbrush
Bitty Bunny in a White Dress
Hare Raising Head Habitat Handbook
Moody Crybaby Messenger Bag
Anomalous Bubbles
Flower Blossom Crown of Life
Filigree-Adorned Hare Ears
Darkside Smolders Cigarettes
Snow Bunny Demon Wig
Jeweled Mouse Companion
Navy Locks of the Chubby Hamster
Upple and Downen Companion Pair
Smoking Oni Mask
Demon Conqueror Jade Locks
Potted Lovely Bun
Potted Lovely Bunbum
Imagination of the Moon Rabbit
Azure Emblem of the Wind Demon
Sporty Bunny Bundle
Perfectly Gifted Constellation Cardigan
Space Jar
Rabbit in the Moon
Never Ending Shooting Stars
Oversized Cream Nyanigan
Get Set Cyber Rider Jacket
Blessing of the Moon Rabbit
Hidden Legacy Hooded Tunic

Profile Coding by FallenSamurai (click here to get the code)
Background by Atle Mo/Toptal Subtle Patterns
Story by Trickster
Art (Sprite) by Nyarlathotep
Art (Side Image) by Nyarlathotep
Art (Story section, CW section and Credits ) by Trickster
Overlay by Nyarlathotep

Special Thanks to atempause for letting me adopt her!

06/04/2022 - Yion found this gnome in the Vesnali shop and bought it because looks like Xion.
Actually is on her TC but she hates it.
Cheery Gnomeli Braid Styling Doll

Pet Treasure

Unearthed Bones

Mischievous To-Do List

Tousled Lab Coat

Beauty Mark

Sentimental Shengui Guo Hairpin

Research File Cabinet

Stained White Nitrile Gloves

Morostide Charlie Plushie

Problematic Picture


Cheery Gnomeli Braid Styling Doll


Scientists Key Ring

None Too Clean Scalpel

Sturdy Umbrella

Questionable Tagged Syringe

Creeping Vial

Strange Blood-Filled Dropper

Spilled Blood Flask

History of Philosophy

Scientific Notebook

Mind Cleansing Meditation Techniques

Art Brings Hope

Old Music Box

Childs Turkey Drawing

Survival Stargazer Lilies

Painted Grave Rocks

Rotten Containment Cage

Bloody Patch Kit

Whispering Spirit

Stolen Pancreas

Stolen Rotten Leg

Mystery Meat

Burgeoning Evil Brain

Harvested Kidney

Pancreas Beanbag

Harvested Eyeball

Thing in a Jar

Harvested Lung Piece

Harvested Congealed Blood

Meat Cube Present

Harvested Glob of Snot

Harvested Heart

Chest Bursting Love

Harvested Length of Intestine

Harvested Chunk of Liver

Harvested Brains

Chunk of Infected Meat

Stolen Rotten Arm


Stolen Pieces of Bone

Pet Friends

Her twin brother. We play god, you bringing them hope and me keeping it in their minds.

One of her patient. A rambunctious boy who has decided to run away from mother

The called 'A Miracle'. You were our Magnum Opus, our propiety and then, you were taken from us.