Cyr has a minion!

Philemon the Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly

Legacy Name: Liberator

The Scribble Neela
Owner: Nyarlathotep

Age: 4 years, 1 week

Born: June 21st, 2018

Adopted: 6 months, 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Adopted: December 8th, 2021


  • Level: 16
  • Strength: 36
  • Defense: 20
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 35
  • HP: 11/35
  • Intelligence: 55
  • Books Read: 54
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Volunteer Tree Planter

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The World


A mysterious boy with a mystifying aura. He came to the city one day to guide the boy known as 'Syn'. He is often seen as a young mentor of sorts, offering a vague sense of guidance or speaking vast knowledge, although never clear to give a genuine answer. He seems to stop anyone with just one look, filling yourself with the strange sense of deja-vu. Although comforting, he never sticks around for too long...


  • NameCyril / Kareru
  • NicknameCyr
  • Age18 Years Old
  • GenderMale
  • OrientationBisexual
  • BirthdateJune 21st
  • ZodiacCancer
  • EthnicityJapanese
  • Blood TypeType O
  • OccupationWanderer
  • School---
  • Class---
  • SeriesPersona
  • ArcanaThe World
  • PersonaIch

" Our meeting here was fate. "

General Bio (Scroll for more⇩)

An orphaned boy who used to spend most his time within the confines of a children's hospital, undergoing treatment of a cancer that proved near fatal and his ultimate undoing. When at his most bleak, the boy would discover the presence of a mystifying blue butterfly, faltering in flight across his windowsill from the outside. Curious and captivated, the boy snuck out of his room to follow it to the garden, discovering it's ailed state of body as the creature gave up its final flutter to rest within his hands.

As if overtaken by the butterfly, the two came to a silent pact; a deal that would be settled as the boy consumed it whole. Cyr would find that this was no ordinary creature, but the dying remains of a figure who called himself 'Philemon': A guiding force that used to live within consciousness and unconsciousness, until his power gradually grew weaker as humanity leaned closer to its own destruction. Now intertwined together, the two would form a symbiotic relationship, existing together in one body that became miraculously healed of its ailments due to its merging. In a sense: Being reborn.

Cyr's unlocking of such a power would not go without it's errors. Being just a child, he'd experiment his newfound abilities on doctors and nurses. Finding that he had the ability to awaken the power of Persona in others. His tests would ultimately cause the undoing of the entire hospital; causing doctors to go mad, and children to be sacrificed in wake of their newfound desire to research the birth of persona.

One such boy who would find himself becoming the baseline to the now-insane doctors' experiments was Syn. Only two years younger than Cyr, he would find a connection with Syn after awakening him to the power of persona, only to find that he had created something far more unique: A wildcard with the ability to transform into a persona rather than summon it from the heart.

Invested in Syn and viewing him like a useful partner, the duo would eventually escape the deranged hospital. Cyr acts as the boy's guardian, in some cases also his guide. The two are often seen together, but when Syn is alone, Cyr will never be too far off.

" It's sad to see us go. "

  • AlignmentChaotic good
  • Positive TraitsLaid-back, efficient, intelligent
  • Negative TraitsSelfish, God-complex, manipulative
  • OutlookInterested in both the good and bad
  • StrengthsGuiding others, keeping his cool, sticking to his beliefs
  • WeaknessesComing off suspicious, impulsive nature
  • PersonalityEnigmatic
♪ Rising In My Heart ♪
by Jazztronik

Battle Theme:
♪ Inexpressible Emotions ♪
by +TEK


Upon first glance, Cyr gives off the vibe of a troublemaker; from his slyish expression, to his unkempt appearance. Being that he's often vague with his words, it's easy to assume he's more of a mischievous kid with something to hide. Generally, Cyr is laid-back, going with the flow regardless of the situation. You will never catch this boy in distress, but often find he is the one calming the group down. His levelheadedness helps him to analyze situations and come up with the best course of action, but staying silent in the meantime.

He is often not one to discuss things with a group, but rather, say his piece and observe how the others will take it. His opinions are hardly swayed, but he is the type to sway yours.

✓ Likes

  • Observing the world
  • Playing around
  • Experimenting
  • Butterflies
  • Snacking

✗ Dislikes

  • Being silenced
  • Restrainment
  • Complete destruction
  • Death

♪ Hobbies

  • People watching
  • Exploring
  • Tombstone touristing

★ Skills

  • Awakening Personas
  • Controlling Personas
  • Persona fusion
  • Levitation
  • Art (Sketching)

" It's kinda funny watching you all run like ants just because of a little music.
His playing ain't that bad.
I think mine will be worse. "

Trivia (Scroll for more⇩)

  • ▶ Some of Cyr's hobbies can be considered quite strange to people. One such hobby is his quiet interest in visiting graveyards; respecting the dead.
  • ▶ When he was 13, Cyr used to suffer from thyroid cancer.
  • ▶ Although he can be vague, when he opens his mouth to speak, most of those around him will stop to listen to what he says.
  • ▶ Cyr has a god-complex. He often views those around him as 'pawns', usually valuing himself above everyone else. That isn't to say his nature is evil. He wants what's best for humanity, often helping to guide others. He finds there isn't an issue that is off his limits. If someone is lost and in need of help, he may very well show up...
  • ▶ Cyr is fascinated with shades of blue.
  • ▶ Cyr's concept came to be when workshopping ideas of reintroducing Philemon and Nyarlathotep back into the series as characters, and less silent entities.
  • HairIcy blue/silver, short, and choppy
  • EyesIcy blue, striking
  • SkinCream
  • Height5'10"
  • Clothing StyleSimple and unkempt
  • Skinny
  • Short
  • Fat
  • Groomed

" They locked him up like some experiment. Lucky I found him. "

Design Notes

  • ▶ Cyr's hair is loosely based on the form of a butterfly. The spikes on the sides represent the wings, as the tufts on the top represent the antennae.
  • ▶ He rarely conveys these emotions: Shocked/Sadness/Anger. Only use them sparingly.
  • ▶ He is an enigmatic boy, so be sure to convey it with his expressions. Cyr speaks with his eyes.
| Other Self |

"A second chance given; we are now as one."

| Antithesis |

"Opposites as we are, a world cannot function without yin and yang. And while the world may fear you, I welcome your challenge."

| Partner |

"Dance! Show the world your colors--you can sing. Sing it loud."

| Doctor |

"It was an accident."

| Otherwise known as: Psychotic |

"I recall that I used to call you 'Mother'. Where did those feelings go?"

| Potential |

"You're too focused on learning to control it. Let loose. Chaos can bring about the biggest change; maybe your world simply needs that?"

| Bright Emperor |

"What are you talking about? My hand slipped. That's all~"

| Someone Important |


Character, story, and artwork by Nyarlathotep

Profile coding by Nyarlathotep

The Persona series is owned by Atlus

Special thanks to Trickster for allowing me to adopt the legacy name.

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