Legacy Name: Sheltered

The Chibi Antlephore
Owner: Nyarlathotep

Age: 1 year, 11 months, 2 weeks

Born: July 13th, 2020

Adopted: 5 months ago

Adopted: January 28th, 2022


  • Level: 11
  • Strength: 25
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 23
  • HP: 10/23
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Books Read: 4
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Unemployed

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Wheel of Fortune


This boy is the result of an underground experiment gone wrong. Jin is an unpredictable wildcard with a curious case of mutation! He has the ability to transform into the persona he summons, but the trick is, he has no control over the roll of his own dice. Whether he's your enemy or your ally seems to have no influence on this battlefield. Get ready to mess with the wheel of fate. Good luck!


  • NameJin Cho
  • NicknameSyn
  • Age16 Years Old
  • GenderMale
  • OrientationAsexual
  • BirthdateJanuary 1st
  • ZodiacCapricorn
  • EthnicityKorean
  • Blood TypeType B-
  • Occupation...
  • School---
  • Class---
  • SeriesPersona
  • ArcanaWheel of Fortune
  • PersonaMithras

" . . . "

General Bio (Scroll for more⇩)

An unpredictable wildcard who was housed in secret within an underground facility, being the baseline of experimentation to forcibly awaken the power of persona in those who are unable to summon it naturally. Being referred to as 'Project Sym.', the initial experimentation resulted in failure, yet created a rather unique case of persona metamorphosis; Or, one's ability to transform into their persona instead of simply summoning it.

Jin's mutation awakened several issues, however. He has an inability to control his persona (see: Backstory), and his power of metamorphosis seems to linger on even after its recalled, leaving behind traces of the unusual. Because of this, Jin will try to conceal his imperfections with his clothes, gloves, or mask. The two most notable features of this are his pointed ears and vicious front fangs.

He is an awkward child, having lived within the care of only scientists and researchers all his life. He doesn't speak much (see: Backstory), and generally has a hard time forming a link with anyone but himself. He is mysterious, and his appearance can come off as suspicious. Whether or not he wants to wreck havoc seems to be entirely dependent in the fate of the dice.

" Jin doesn't have an ordinary Persona. He is certainly someone unique. "

  • AlignmentChaotic good
  • Positive TraitsAdventurous, eccentric, curious
  • Negative TraitsDistant, uncontrollable, loner
  • OutlookSomewhat positive
  • StrengthsPretty confident, stays positive
  • WeaknessesUnlucky, constantly judged
  • PersonalityEccentric
♪ Seven Colors『七色』♪
by Jazztronik


Jin is generally described as a mute. He was raised to keep his mouth shut and to not show much of his emotions. Outside of his confinement, and when he is allowed to speak, Jin has what would be described as an eccentric personality. He is awkwardly social, and may say or act in a way not appropriate to modern society. His dresscode of the high fashion victorian-esque clothing speaks to his personality. He stands out because of the way he is.

It seems that when Jin opens his mouth to speak, however, those around him will stop to hear what he has to say.

✓ Likes

  • Picture books/Fables
  • Learning
  • Music
  • Feeling free
  • Medical Science
  • Black Rice (food)

✗ Dislikes

  • Containment
  • Experimentation

♪ Hobbies

  • Fashion
  • Playing around

★ Skills

  • Shapeshifting (limited)
  • Wildcard

" Ahh!! Shoot, shoot, shootshootshoot!! "

Trivia (Scroll for more⇩)

  • ▶ Jin is dyslexic, or unable to read well.
  • ▶ Jin uses his facemask as a type of security blanket. While it's used to help hide his fangs when he speaks, it's also a way for him to feel like he can't talk. The cover reminding him of the PSU device he grew up wearing.
  • ▶ His favorite color is salmon pink.
  • HairBlonde, choppy, and short
  • EyesAmber orange
  • SkinPale-ish
  • Height5'8"
  • Clothing StyleVictorian
  • Skinny
  • Short
  • Fat
  • Groomed

" Bio-weapon… "

Design Notes

  • ▶ Jin dislikes wearing long pants, so he'll rarely wear them. He prefers shorts, and on occassion thigh-high socks if he's cold.
  • ▶ Jin's outfits of choice are designed to stand out on purpose to modern society. Keep the colors grim, and the style victorian. He would never wear anything too bright, too baggy, or too business...
  • ▶ Any glasses he wears is purely cosmetic. Jin has fine vision.
| Guidance |

"We explore the world together. When he calls for me, I come. I feel safe by his side."

| Guardian |

"He raises me. Keeps me out of trouble. Gives me shelter."

| Arthur's Friend |

"He's a bit bizarre. It's like he's hiding something from us all."

| Akari's Friend |

"I see him with Akari a lot. They get into a lot of fights..."

| Mad Doctor |

"That's the doctor...that's who did this to me..."

| Mad Therapist |

"She worked with The Doctor..."

| Missus Guardian |

"Hi, Missus Yoshizawa! I'm on TV!"

Character, story, and artwork by Nyarlathotep

Profile coding by Nyarlathotep

The Persona series is owned by Atlus

Special thanks to Idiot for allowing me to adopt the legacy name.

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