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Latest News and Updates

Fireside Challenger Extension

Lord Wybert and his Fireside colleagues will stick around until 11:59pm on December 7. Get those last battles in while you can!

For those asking about Melody achievements, we will have more information this week. I don’t want to extend something by a day when it might need just another! Just know we will simply require less days for the achievement but still retire on the 25th and 31st, so instead of needing all 25 days you might only need 24 or 23. Again, we’ll have more information soon!

Server issues clearing up

Black Case
Candle of Unity
Miniature HLPR Bot Clipboard
You should be able to see your avatars now! Other wardrobe and New Subeta features should also be working, such as submitting CWs.

Autopricer has also been reset, so please give it another try if you already used it today. If you used the super autopricer and got errors today or within the last few days, please file a ticket for CSC reimbursement and include all dates you need handled.

Tree display may still be having issues, we are working on that still. We are also monitoring and investigating and will update as we get it, stay tuned for more news!

Update on Site Loading Issues

Curse This Lag Sticker
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Hello, Subeta!

Last night Subeta's servers had a severe outage, bringing the site down for about two hours. Keith brought back-up servers online, but several features are still being impacted. The reason for the outage is still under investigation and, while a fix is being worked on, there may still be disruptions to features such as wardrobe, access to forums, and autopricing.

Subeta was one of the earlier pet sites and continues to provide fun and content, integrating old features and adding new ones, but this means that problem-solving for its unusual server load and output can take time. We will be posting more information on #siteupdate as we get it, and those posts can be read through the Staff Forum Posts on the sidebar even if you're unable to log into the forums. The status page is also being updated!

This was not put in as a news post earlier because we wanted to have more information for y'all if at all possible, but we're open to feedback on whether that works. Please let us know what you'd prefer in the comments!

Job Agency: Space!!!!

Plastic Shooting Star Pin
Spaceman Friend Plushie
Romero NOVA Star Chart
Learn about the stars and maybe even travel to far-off planets with this new job at the Job Agency!

Your pet, if it meets the requirements, could become one of the following: Stargazer, Planetarium Assistant, Planetarium Tour Guide, Telescope Calibrator, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Astrodynamicist, and finally an Interstellar Traveler.

Weekend Quests

Pete is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!
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