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Luminaire FAQ

Luminaire Sweater Ghostly Plushie
Merry AF Sticker
Bebemelody Plushie
It’s the jolliest time of the year, didn’t you know? Let’s unpack just what you can do during Luminaire.

Each day throughout the month, Melody will be giving out new treats. There are two achievements regarding Melody’s Cottage. If you visit every day through the 25th, you’ll receive an Essence of Melody, which is essential to making a nostalgic pet! If you make it every day of December, you’ll get the Melody Regular 2021 achievement. We haven’t added an item prize yet, but there will be one before the month finishes.

For those worried about old Melody items they still need, we will be re-releasing them sometime this holiday and not through the Free Shop. <3

Luminaire Holiday Palm
Old Box of Ornaments
DIY Ornaments
What would Luminaire be without a tree? Choose your 2021 tree and have fun decorating it. You can even add a backdrop to your tree! If the tree or ornaments aren’t showing up, clear your browser cache and try again. You can mass add all ornaments from your inventory to your ornament inventory here.

How do you get ornaments? You can donate sP to Melody after visiting her cottage for the day and receive an Old Box of Ornaments. When you open the box, you’ll find a random selection of ornaments. If you are missing ornaments, please file a ticket.

Only want friends to leave your gifts under your tree or maybe no gifts at all? You can adjust your Luminaire gift settings here.

Just a reminder that trees "open" on December 25th! We will have a news post when you are able to receive your gifts. <3

Gingerbear Beanbag
Leftover Gift Ribbon
Wrapping Paper Beanbag
Mysterious Melody, as you may have noticed, is still closed even though Luminaire has started. There will be some fun changes this year and there will be a news post explaining it when it reopens in a few days!

Note: When the feature gets released, this section will be edited with the changes for quick reference for everyone!

White Snow Fairy
Green Snow Fairy
Red Snow Fairy
Keep an eye out for the snow fairy minions, which you can give via random event. There’s an achievement, Fairy Catcher!, when you find one.

You can release snow fairies from your inventory for the Free all the Fairies achievement. There is also an achievement, Fairy Collector for having one of each color snow fairy in your inventory.

Royal Sire Snowball
Skull Snowball
Grinning Beast Snowball
I know you are all itching to throw a snowball or two but the Snowtapult won’t be opening until Winter properly starts on December 21. When the feature reopens, we will have a post explaining how it works and items that may help you avoid getting hit in the face with snow.

Spread joy on the Luminaire Forums. We’ll keep these forums open until January 5, so any contests can be finished up after Luminaire ends.

Luminaire ends at 11:59 pm on December 31.

The Free Shop will not be happening during Luminaire.

Cash Shop: December 2021 Collection

December 2021 Collection

Shimmering Feather Clip
Fanciful Feathering Shears

Fancy Fowl Yarn Bowl
Flying Fish Snack
Feather Watercolor Project Kit
Things with Wings
Be birds of a feather… or something like that with this new monthly collection. Maybe you'll see a new bird or two this month. ;)

December 2006 Donation Present
December 2007 Donation Present
December 2008 Donation Present

December 2009 Collection
December 2010 Collection
December 2011 Collection
December 2012 Collection

December 2013 Collection
December 2014 Collection
December 2015 Collection
December 2016 Collection

December 2017 Collection
December 2018 Collection
December 2019 Collection
December 2020 Collection
You can also purchase one of our older December Donation Presents or Collections!

Note: We will be delaying the Luminaire Information post to tomorrow! <3 <3 <3

Luminaire is here!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Luminaire!

Make sure to visit Melody at her cottage every day this month for a daily treat. While we’re all excited for what Melody will give each day, please use spoiler tags on the forums or this news post when commenting directly about an item the day it’s released! <3

If you visit the cottage and receive your gift all 31 days, you’ll receive the Melody Regular 2021 achievement (prize to be added later in the month). If you visit the first 25 days, you’ll receive the Lumineve Regular 2021 achievement.

We will be having a more in-depth news post about Luminaire later today. It will discuss everything from tree decorating to how to get those pesky little Snow Fairies.

Quest Shop: Stripes

Striped Yarnaby Plushie
Striped Crochet Patterns
Striped Phulon Fruit Bar
Cozy Crochet Sweater
Patchwork Bouncer Beanbag
Even though she doesn’t wear stripes herself, Cinthia clearly understands stripes are great.
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