EPICon Cosplay Contest!

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Here are the top 10 EPICon Contest Participants in each category:

Normal Entries

CW Entries

10th Place: Yumemizuki

Rating: 42.7%

In Their Own Words: [Puss] from [Puss in Boots]

10th Place: Shalashaska

Rating: 31.17%

In Their Own Words: Big Boss/Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid

9th Place: Follywood

Rating: 43.1%

In Their Own Words: The infamous 'The Powerpuff Girls' villain, HIM!

9th Place: Troll

Rating: 31.49%

In Their Own Words: Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Image provided wasn't entirely my reference, it's based more from his Nights Watch outfit. That's the best image I could find of Jon with Ghost. c:

8th Place: Fishbone

Rating: 43.22%

In Their Own Words: Super Grover from Sesame street

8th Place: Crash

Rating: 31.81%

In Their Own Words: Princess Leia from Star Wars

7th Place: Composer

Rating: 45.12%

In Their Own Words: [Pocahontas] from [Disneys Pocahontas] Shown here with Flit and Percy; Meeko must be off somewhere getting into trouble. Pocahontas wonders in this scene what is waiting just around the river bend.

7th Place: Pepsi_306

Rating: 32.2%

In Their Own Words: Black Widow from The Avengers.

6th Place: boo_347

Rating: 45.65%

In Their Own Words: Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride

6th Place: thoughtful

Rating: 33.82%

In Their Own Words: Slenderman

5th Place: Eric

Rating: 47.4%

In Their Own Words: Robin Hood from Disney. Who doesn't know the timeless tale of Robin Hood? He is the one that steals from the rich and gives to the poor as he also woos the hand of the fair Maid Marian.

5th Place: Mandark

Rating: 35.5%

In Their Own Words: Thorin Oakenshield From The Hobbit

4th Place: Kristina_Rayne

Rating: 47.81%

In Their Own Words: Widow Tweed and Tod from The Fox and the Hound.

4th Place: Kiarae

Rating: 39.17%

In Their Own Words: [Toothiana/Tooth Fairy] from [Rise of the Guardians]

3rd Place: Immortelle

Rating: 48.47%

In Their Own Words: Maid Marian from Disney's Robin Hood

3rd Place: PhantomHeiko

Rating: 40.6%

In Their Own Words: Abbey Sciuto from NCIS

2nd Place: Nini

Rating: 52.33%

In Their Own Words: Everyone's favorite gluttonous scaredy-cat, [Shaggy] from [Scooby-Doo]. I have many fond memories of watching this nostalgic Saturday morning cartoon, back when I was in elementary school!

2nd Place: Darling

Rating: 41.88%

In Their Own Words: Sharks from Sharknado

1st Place: Fantasyrogue

Rating: 53.19%

In Their Own Words: Ever since I got the Art Student Unused Razor I've wanted to dress up as Vincent Van Gogh. Of course, it helps that I also think he was a great painter and an interesting person. Plus as an added bonus for fandom purposes, he was also in Doctor Who.

1st Place: Cutie

Rating: 46.17%

In Their Own Words: The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs