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Custom Clothing

Create a Custom Wearable

Basic Info
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Upload Files

If your item has a unisex overlay (the same file for both M and F avatar bases), upload it below.

Or, if your item has gendered overlays, upload them below.

If this upload is a recolor of an item you've already released, please choose that item from the dropdown below. If the original color of this item is not shown in the dropdown below, make sure you have enabled the item to accept recolors!


You have the option to submit your custom item directly to your custom wearable shop without first creating a batch of slots. If it is accepted, one copy of the item will be placed in your inventory, and it will be placed your shop immediately. You will not be able to remove your item from your shop.

You will still have the opportunity to review your uploaded item before submitting it for approval; you will not be immediately charged upon submitting it on this page.

Batch Limit

Please select the maximum number of items that may be released (batch size is five). You will not be able to release more than the number of items you select and cannot change this number later, so please choose carefully and double-check before submitting! If you intend to release your custom item in the Cash Shop, you must select unlimited releases. Limited releases have a maximum of 9990 items, and must be a multiple of ten.


Please include the following in the Notes box when submitting an item:

  • If the artist of the item is not a Subeta user
  • If the item is an original design or if you used a reference
  • If the item is a tribute, include a link to the source material and a list of four changes

The more you put here (links to the original source, the name of the movie) will help us accept it faster!

sCode is accepted.