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Blessed be upon you, poppet. The blue sky above sing with me in pleasure at being able to meet with you out ‘ere, in the freedom of the open ocean. I am Merana, if you ‘aven’t already ‘eard. I used to spend me days trapped in the prison of the Omen Islands, but it turn out that prison were made of bars weaker than her what put me there hoped. Don’t be afraid, child. Them stories of me are lies and exaggeration from them what is jealous of me power. I don’t wish to ‘arm anyone. I want to help you, by giving your pet me blessing. Bring me what I seek, and I will turn your chosen pet into a true servant of the sea.

Choose a pet below to make hydrus, and you will be asked to fetch certain items to complete the hydrus quest. Don't see one of your pets listed below? That is likely because they are already hydrus or aren’t available in the hydrus color. It could also be that you have recently cancelled a Merana quest with that pet.