Oha! It is very lovely to have you visit my shop! My life has changed so much in the last year, I did not think I would have the courage to be here, but with the veil finally lifting from Shengui Guo, I felt it was time to lift the veil from myself and show the world who I truly am.

Growing up I was dressed in plain trousers and suits, and it never felt like me. I would see beautiful women wearing the most stunning kimonos and I didn’t just want to wear the clothes, I wanted to be those women. My mother taught me to sew even though my father disapproved, saying it was not a job for his son. My mother's encouragement led me to pursue the hobby, which became a whole new life.

My father never did come around to the idea of losing what he thought was a son, but my mother has always supported me as her daughter. Anyway, I should stop blabbing about myself! Mother told me that the only way to live was as myself, and, well, I’d very much like to help you express yourself through the beautiful colors and materials I have here today!
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