The regular zapper can zap items unlocked in your inventory, change your pet into a strange new species or destroy the minion it has attached. You've been warned!
Hey, science fans. I’m Euclid: the one and only, in human form, absolutely not a wyllop, creator of the Ultimate Pet Zapper! Are you looking for a change in your pet but just don’t have the funds or the imagination with which to start? Well, look no further! For the low low price of 15 wizard tokens, you can put your chosen pet forward as a live test subject! Just pick the pet you’d like to restructure the very atoms of below, press the button and then step back because we are about to be in for a bumpy ride..

Wait, what’s that - you’re just here for the Experiments? Well my friend, I am all for your voyage of volatile variety! But my Experiments are rather special, you see. I require a very necessary fee to set my Zapper to ‘Experiments only’. It helps me develop future Experiments! For an additional 400,000sP you can ensure that your zap will be a random experiment. Now isn’t that fair?

Pay 400,000 sP and 15 wizard tokens for a guaranteed (but random!) experiment.
Actually... can I ask you something?
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a regular person stepped in front of this thing. I've always wanted to know myself, but if a bunch of people are seen leaving my laboratory with extra limbs or mutating growths, then I get the wrong kind of people showing up and asking me questions, and I certainly don't want that. Then again, it is Morostide season, isn't it? If something were to go wrong, you wouldn't look out of place among all the revelers and trick-or-treaters. Hey, yeah! I bet you could even win a few costume contests or something! You think a rubber mask stands a chance against an organic face mutation? I mean, I don't guarantee anything. Maybe nothing will happen at all. But, for the modest fee of say... 50 tokens, we could take a chance and find out. For science!

Step in front of the zapper