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Terrified of Government 23 Jillian ectoBiologist 07/21/17 at 3:10am
Chester Bennington has died 18 Celthric what 07/20/17 at 7:36pm
BC Wildfires. UPDATED July 16th *1st Page* 33 ShesUniique Bliss 07/17/17 at 9:46pm
2017 solar eclipse 3 Sharl Aveture 07/13/17 at 10:12pm
Who is making the decisions in this world? lol 7 youngexplorer youngexplorer 07/6/17 at 3:39pm
Michael Nyqvist has died 1 Whitemoon Whitemoon 06/28/17 at 5:41am
Major Blaze Spreads Across DoƱana Natural Park 1 Whitemoon Whitemoon 06/26/17 at 9:39am
Forest fire in Portugal causes 62 dead :cry: 1 Whitemoon Whitemoon 06/19/17 at 11:28am
Adam west has died 5 Ipsi Whitemoon 06/12/17 at 5:56pm
Incidents across London, multiple fatalaties 9 Tomorrow Whitemoon 06/7/17 at 2:17pm
Terrorist attack in Manchester at concert arena 7 PUNK Canidae 06/6/17 at 4:25am
RIP Roger Moore 1 PUNK PUNK 05/23/17 at 12:30pm
The recent cyber attacks. 3 Hanzo far 05/21/17 at 3:49pm
Chris Cornell has died. 3 Necropolis Juice 05/19/17 at 3:54pm
Jim Parsons weds Todd Spiewak in New York 3 Canidae usagi 05/16/17 at 5:09pm
Like sheep, wool, and/or yarn? This weekend... 6 mathietremas Jethros_Dark_Angel 05/5/17 at 9:33am
Update on missing woman from my town 10 Rebekah Rebekah 04/29/17 at 11:04am
U.S. Launches Secret Missile Attack on Syria 25 Pseudonym Pseudonym 04/29/17 at 5:45am
10 things we didn't know last week 6 usagi Juice 04/23/17 at 1:43pm
Chaos in Good Friday Procession in Seville 4 Whitemoon Lisa 04/15/17 at 5:57pm
April 29, 2017 - Climate March on Washington 4 Lisa Lisa 04/14/17 at 6:39pm
Sweden Terror Attack 3 Pseudonym Pseudonym 04/8/17 at 2:32pm
London terror attack 5 Raggy usagi 03/26/17 at 10:45am
Police Paralyzation in Brazil -- Over after 1 mont 9 Ferinsy Ferinsy 03/19/17 at 1:19pm
Chuck Berry dead at 90 1 MamaBear MamaBear 03/18/17 at 9:18pm
I kind of felt we needed feel good news right now. 8 Normandy GEN 02/16/17 at 3:40pm
Fox News does atrocious cover on asexuality 34 Sweetheart Strength 02/16/17 at 10:57am
Executive Order - Temporary Immigration Ban 20 Skylar Normandy 02/6/17 at 5:05pm
Cancer girl 14, is cryogenically frozen 15 Ipsi laurendoodler 01/31/17 at 9:57pm
John Hurt has passed, age 77 :( 7 Serena922003 Normandy 01/30/17 at 1:53am
Women's March on Washington 30 Tardis Britney 01/26/17 at 6:59pm
Obamas Farewell Speech 8 Rinkaaaaa Mouse 01/23/17 at 10:19am
Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds has died 34 Ipsi alwayzlisten2music 01/7/17 at 4:49pm
Get wrecked, 2016. 5 Sharl Geek 01/2/17 at 11:11pm
George Michael has died 12 MamaBear Normandy 12/29/16 at 2:19pm
Richard Adams (Watership Down) has died. 3 DaringSpirit Whitemoon 12/27/16 at 5:12pm
MASSIVE SNOW STORM OF DOOM 17 Lisa Normandy 12/17/16 at 7:03am
Alan Thicke dies at age 69 1 Serena922003 Serena922003 12/14/16 at 8:10am
Fire breaks out during rave, many feared dead 4 Ipsi Selkie 12/13/16 at 5:01pm
Dakota Access Pipeline to be re-routed 18 Ipsi Kwai_Rix 12/9/16 at 1:02am
Pokemon Go: Game and Danger 9 AlexisRose Strength 12/7/16 at 10:57am
Three more now... 9 KimC Strength 12/7/16 at 10:56am
USA election is the day after tomorrow.. 149 Sharl Rasputina 11/12/16 at 1:49pm
Leonard Cohen has died :( 2 Whitemoon usagi 11/12/16 at 9:46am
So all these clown attacks... 12 Lisa Mythology 11/9/16 at 8:13pm
So, the debate is on tonight... 6 Lisa usagi 10/23/16 at 10:38am
Montreal passes controversial pit bull ban 11 Ipsi Talespin 10/5/16 at 10:00am
RIP Arnold Palmer 2 Krystal PrincessJudith 09/27/16 at 1:49am
5 killed in WA mall shooting; suspect at large 2 Ipsi Chiibi 09/24/16 at 3:05am
No charges for Hillary 32 Ipsi flamboyantCuttlefish 09/16/16 at 7:08pm