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Avatar Games and Contests Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/3/11 at 8:30am
What would you steal from the HA above you? v.22 2,237 Yugyeom Chrysariel 12/17/17 at 12:26pm
What is the superpower of the HA above? 2,164 Halfling Polenta 12/17/17 at 12:09pm
* be a friend -- lumi event! 1,132 Tori Angelica 12/17/17 at 12:08pm
What is the alignment of the HA above you? 1,705 Bot Polenta 12/17/17 at 12:06pm
What's the NAME of the HA above you? 2,817 Quantum Polenta 12/17/17 at 12:04pm
best HA on the page? 736 nell Gypsy 12/17/17 at 11:32am
Kanna's HA Contests - Lightsabre 24 Kanna Lucci 12/17/17 at 8:38am
Who has the better HA? 2,381 Smaug RipfangDragon 12/17/17 at 7:59am
Which of the two above HAs would you kiss? 833 3_Wishes_Keyblade RipfangDragon 12/17/17 at 7:59am
What Pokemon TYPES is the HA above? 4,854 Hazi Thespian 12/17/17 at 6:48am
What Subeta pet is the HA above you? 703 quit Thespian 12/17/17 at 6:47am
Which Hogwarts House Is The HA Above? II 605 Annet Inari 12/17/17 at 5:53am
The first word you think when you see the HA above 1,273 Annet Inari 12/17/17 at 5:48am
What does the above HA smell like? [2] 562 SAMARITAN Coraychi 12/17/17 at 3:48am
Stimulate Your Style! 4,163 Thomas ney 12/17/17 at 2:16am
How old is the HA above [4] 538 Annet Solsticesprite 12/17/17 at 1:16am
Which Element is the HA above? 405 brooke15 Fetchling 12/17/17 at 12:53am
Hot or Not (3) 299 ShadyLass ShadyLass 12/16/17 at 2:10pm
Why did the HA above you go to jail? 4,176 Arvore Solsticesprite 12/15/17 at 9:22pm
What does the HA above you have in their pocket? 4,689 Annabelorina Solsticesprite 12/15/17 at 9:17pm
Yes, no, or I would have to be drunk v.5 298 Yugyeom Solsticesprite 12/15/17 at 9:09pm
Single or Taken? 4,121 Crow Ryna 12/15/17 at 5:57pm
What gemstone is the HA above? 191 Mabon ScarletKilometers 12/15/17 at 9:30am
What pokemon would the HA above you have? 1,426 Snowchillies ScarletKilometers 12/14/17 at 8:18am
Would you dress like the above HA in real life? II 526 Annet ShadyLass 12/14/17 at 2:50am
Is the HA above rich or poor? 1,122 LilMissChibi ShadyLass 12/14/17 at 2:49am
Where is the HA above you from? 1,050 LilMissChibi Mausi 12/13/17 at 11:37pm
You're stuck in a room with the HA above you! v3 37 Samurai Vioran_Soldier 12/13/17 at 6:41pm
If the HA above was an animal.. 1,865 Wolfy SAMARITAN 12/13/17 at 5:59pm
Which known person is the HA above you. 7 Annet SAMARITAN 12/13/17 at 5:36pm
What type of animal would the HA above care for? 731 Hatsune Hatsune 12/13/17 at 10:58am
What does the HA above study at university? 1,059 LobA Polenta 12/12/17 at 7:32am
What is the leitmotif of the HA above? 379 ScarletKilometers Solsticesprite 12/12/17 at 2:29am
Is the HA above you straight, gay, or bi? v.2 104 Jimmy Solsticesprite 12/12/17 at 2:22am
What's the HA above you do for a job? 2,427 Ace_Moneymaker Pokuu 12/12/17 at 12:17am
ENDED - Kanna's HA Contests - Winter Fairy 35 Kanna Kanna 12/11/17 at 1:58am
What 7 deadly sin would the HA above have? Why? 1,373 Mausi ValShaldom 12/10/17 at 7:39pm
Is the HA above you naughty or nice? 2,788 ALEJANDRA ShadyLass 12/10/17 at 9:57am
☕ // HA contest with CW/CSC prizes. Come & chill 115 Waijay Isabella 12/9/17 at 2:11pm
Would you sleep with the avatar above you? v2 1,326 Fezoca10 ShadyLass 12/9/17 at 8:53am
Who has the better HA theme? 4,977 brooke15 ShadyLass 12/8/17 at 1:29pm
Movie , Video Game, T.V. show, or all three? 1,393 Ace_Moneymaker Keoh 12/6/17 at 6:53pm
If the HA above was Ice Cream, what flavor v2 164 Solsticesprite Solsticesprite 12/6/17 at 3:58am
Pop, Rock whats the HA musical style? 1,668 P@T Zoetrope 12/4/17 at 11:19pm
ENDED - Kanna's HA Contests - Layer Limitations 21 Kanna Kanna 12/4/17 at 7:59am
what's the most moons you can wear at once 5 Bug Amicorn 12/3/17 at 1:43pm
Whats the HA above's one true weakness? 903 Moth Zoetrope 12/2/17 at 7:46pm
Which zodiac sign is the HA above you? 545 moscato Solsticesprite 12/2/17 at 7:38pm
Angel, Fallen Angel, Demon, or Ghost 3,904 sakurablossom Solsticesprite 12/2/17 at 7:29pm