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Vent Room 218 Voice Thunderbird 03/29/17 at 3:37pm
I feel like the magic died too early for me. 5 Nightingale fashionisto 03/29/17 at 2:14pm
Therapy for Anxiety 9 Imperial RNA 03/28/17 at 5:35pm
I never felt really bad about this issue until now 2 Dialga BackgroundNoise 03/26/17 at 9:20pm
idk what is happening with my life 3 pizza Alana 03/26/17 at 8:12pm
apples,onions,potatoes,carrots ?!?! 6 moon12216 moon12216 03/21/17 at 7:54pm
can i just complain for a second 16 Eft Britney 03/21/17 at 11:53am
My job is wreaking havoc on my anxiety. 1 Cheese Cheese 03/20/17 at 3:34pm
OKAY I never felt this bad 11 Shooke Maka 03/16/17 at 6:40pm
My husbands depression is more important than mine 2 Squid Tinkerbell 03/15/17 at 4:16pm
What if I don't change? 38 Fearoflife Fearoflife 03/14/17 at 2:58pm
Another Rant 8 Engrave Lush 03/14/17 at 2:00am
15 pounds of potatoes! Lock please 15 moon12216 moon12216 03/13/17 at 8:21pm
How to move on? (friendship etc) 6 far far 03/10/17 at 8:23pm
what category would I put.. 3 moon12216 moon12216 03/4/17 at 9:10pm
I CAN'T SLEEP! Help me sleep please! 10 Hibiscus EleanorLamb 03/4/17 at 12:46am
general tips for staying alive and ok? 13 Cybertron MasterSir 03/4/17 at 12:35am
Need Help W Google Sheets!(Excel->Google Sheets) 2 Lavy twin12spica 03/2/17 at 11:08pm
Need a Gyno visit but can't go? ~Ladies 20 Mayonaka Mayonaka 03/2/17 at 3:10pm
I don't get it (mini rant) 2 Engrave iGetThePoint 03/2/17 at 1:00am
Not feeling welcome in Gay community (BI) 25 Happiness Mib 03/1/17 at 5:03pm
HOW DO I MEET LESBIANS 11 Cybertron Fearoflife 02/27/17 at 4:12pm
Advice on a new hair dryer for thick hair? 6 Tali poppet 02/26/17 at 10:53am
Have to face my group tomorrow... 3 Happiness Lisa 02/24/17 at 2:12pm
Grade Me! (Said in Lisa Simpson voice) 7 Beldam Engrave 02/22/17 at 7:00pm
How to focus during a bad situation 6 Skylar Skylar 02/20/17 at 9:17pm
What would you do? [Female/Medical Info Within] 7 Lisa Aztec 02/20/17 at 10:27am
selfies & self esteem (help!) 11 wings cryxl 02/19/17 at 6:04pm
My neighbors are the epitome of white trash... 4 Lisa Lisa 02/14/17 at 8:55pm
The house is too small for me but I can't move out 7 Princezz Shelbi 02/10/17 at 4:17pm
Postgraduate studies aboard 3 Tardis Tardis 02/6/17 at 8:32pm
Did I do the right thing? 5 Lisa Juice 02/4/17 at 10:01am
Come Engage with me...? 16 Alana Alana 02/3/17 at 3:49pm
Feeling crappy... 6 MarchOnOff Strength 02/2/17 at 11:58pm
Help picking out a Graphic Card for my Pc 3 Scyther ectoBiologist 01/31/17 at 7:36pm
Am I wrong? 3 moon12216 Britney 01/30/17 at 5:00am
Insomnia 7 Engrave thoughtcrime 01/28/17 at 3:19am
My ex bf keep stalking me ┬┐advice for this issue? 10 NekiiChan Engrave 01/26/17 at 9:10pm
Scared and don't know what to do. It's my uncle. 31 Reiiha Engrave 01/26/17 at 9:06pm
Want to come out, but I can't- Advice? 5 MusicEmo Dot 01/26/17 at 2:07am
Should I drop out of college or not? 9 Dialga JAY 01/25/17 at 6:21pm
Advice for Student Teaching? 2 Lavy nymphet 01/23/17 at 10:08pm
freezer meals.. LOCK please 1 moon12216 moon12216 01/21/17 at 5:21pm
lock it 1 Alexy Alexy 01/21/17 at 10:07am
Acne 10 Logic poppet 01/19/17 at 7:24pm
18 weeks pregnant. Any advice? 3 xKellySue Disasters 01/19/17 at 6:19pm
NovaSure? TL? 1 Lisa Lisa 01/18/17 at 11:08am
Friend Stole My Character! 12 KittyKitten Hanzo 01/16/17 at 9:48pm
Binding/Binders. 11 Hanzo Selkie 01/16/17 at 1:41pm
Help! (COLLEGE) 9 Negan MusicEmo 01/15/17 at 3:43am