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What Are You Listening To? 353 Bionic Virus 04/28/17 at 7:09pm
Sub Division -- the gorillaz chat 693 Murdoc BlueberrySans 04/27/17 at 5:28pm
Dubstep! 9 Kitten BlueberrySans 04/27/17 at 5:24pm
Make EVERYTHING dubstep. 4 Bailey BlueberrySans 04/27/17 at 5:20pm
Favorite bands! GO! 29 Ambellina1994 BlueberrySans 04/27/17 at 5:14pm
Infinity Song Title Game 298 Frella Paradox 04/26/17 at 11:37pm
Can you fill the alphabet with bands you love? 496 hipster Paradox 04/26/17 at 11:35pm
beatles fans!! 5 cryforjudas Lindsayf82 04/26/17 at 3:50pm
Post the lyrics of what you're listening to! 2,115 Southie Lindsayf82 04/26/17 at 3:48pm
Comedic Music 8 STENCIL Lindsayf82 04/26/17 at 3:40pm
What is your favorite band? 88 dancingwithsqirrels Yew4ia 04/26/17 at 2:38pm
Who is your music idol? 44 FallingInReverse Yew4ia 04/15/17 at 6:10pm
The Official K-Pop Thread! 257 SHIBITO MOKONA 04/8/17 at 8:36am
local bands vs famous bands 6 jukebox Uhdridri 03/15/17 at 4:39pm
Anyone know a good song about revenge? 4 CopperGoblin Dill 02/8/17 at 10:27pm
New Black Sabbath album! 3 Dio Gem 12/24/16 at 1:28am
Christmas music suggestions 14 Rii Rii 12/21/16 at 2:13pm
Green Day: Revolution Radio 2 Hug Rinkaaaaa 12/19/16 at 10:44pm
Favorite guitar riffs and/or intros 9 usagi Uhdridri 12/19/16 at 8:25pm
Most Recent Concert Attended? 177 liigowitts Uhdridri 12/19/16 at 8:21pm
Hamilton Mixtape --December 2! 3 Julia Julia 12/10/16 at 6:14pm
The OFFICIAL K-POP Thread ^_^ 11,393 Silverstone1000 Saturn 12/4/16 at 5:08pm
What Are You Listening To? 20,177 NIKKI Virus 12/3/16 at 5:34pm
Songs you like that are beautiful, but sad. 277 cryforjudas Hatsune 11/29/16 at 11:15pm
Great bands no one has heard of c: 3 cryforjudas devils_flame666 11/19/16 at 1:22am
Share your favorite workout music? 7 Lisa OCEANE 11/16/16 at 8:50pm
I cannot understand lyrics :') 3 Rheariel Rheariel 11/7/16 at 12:53am
Recommend me your favorite tunes! :D 10 Savie TaintedLuna 10/5/16 at 11:19pm
Shoot me some of your favourites 4 PoorInsaneSon TaintedLuna 10/5/16 at 11:17pm
Rate the song posted above you 36 Musiica TaintedLuna 10/5/16 at 11:11pm
WiLLiaM SiNGe 1 TaintedLuna TaintedLuna 10/5/16 at 10:49pm
Tool 2016 Tour 30 SexyFart SexyFart 08/29/16 at 12:20pm
The song thats stuck in your head 92 Squishyfish Gem 08/26/16 at 8:55pm
Hamilton the musical! 23 cryforjudas MamaBunyip 07/25/16 at 2:27am
Linked Song Title Game. 10,370 Azshua Gem 07/14/16 at 6:35pm
In need of opinion from indie pop lovers ~ 15 Shelbi OCEANE 06/13/16 at 5:49pm
Dimaag Khraab | Miss Pooja | Latest Punjabi Song 1 tanveerkaur757 tanveerkaur757 05/3/16 at 3:59am
What song is this? 1 CoconutJess CoconutJess 04/19/16 at 6:40pm
Lets play the IN MY PANTS GAME !!!! 2,546 Paradox 03/25/16 at 5:44am
The song you are currently listening to 24 momo_the_peachy alyx_kyle 03/20/16 at 10:27pm
Post apocalyptic songs? 3 Nepeta cryforjudas 02/13/16 at 8:26pm
Getting Over Singing in Front of Others? 8 Brachar Selkie 01/28/16 at 12:19am
What was your Year In Music on Spotify?? 4 Silverstone1000 goofy 12/27/15 at 5:00pm
FU iTunes!! I want ALL my music damnit! 4 Lisa Hanzo 12/17/15 at 12:21pm
Help me find the video? 2 Hemophage Khadki 12/12/15 at 8:12pm
A moment of silence, please. 1 osterizer osterizer 12/8/15 at 3:29pm
The Sick Irony: MCR's Break-up 5 Rebane Rebane 10/30/15 at 12:03am
most recent cd/albumpurchase? 20 ImpalaFreak8877 Anabie 10/29/15 at 8:42pm
Favorite Songs 10 Cybertron Lackey 10/25/15 at 3:05am