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Bathhouse Counter..... 5 Marlboro Darkrai 03/21/17 at 5:47pm
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Update Blue Building Requirements (Pet Rating) 27 Archer arixen 03/21/17 at 12:11am
Speaking of the Blue Building... 15 Delirium Raggy 03/18/17 at 4:03pm
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Put a link to the pet transfers on the pet page 11 Athene czar 03/12/17 at 8:37pm
Alert for the Bathhouse Pools? 47 Hanzo kbbob 03/12/17 at 6:27pm
More ways to earn small CSC allotments 20 PiplupMagby34 kbbob 03/12/17 at 6:26pm
Missing link: Return to Employment Status 3 Cerex kbbob 03/12/17 at 4:48pm
Costume trunk items in shop search 12 Samwise kbbob 03/12/17 at 4:04pm
Item option drop downs 14 Muerte kbbob 03/12/17 at 2:20pm
2048 Gives out SP 25 Be_braver teacup132 03/12/17 at 10:56am
Pet Rename Tokens for purchase? 4 Dirk kbbob 03/12/17 at 12:52am
Idea for Pet Slots 9 Lukota Sopheroo 03/11/17 at 9:53pm
Quick Stock made simple 5 Diana Diana 03/10/17 at 1:25pm
Make your Masquerade suggestions! :) 20 Whitemoon Andy 03/10/17 at 8:37am
"Read/Feed to Active Pet" 12 Energy Fortune 03/9/17 at 5:12pm
Collapse Battle/Scroll Sets 14 Kestrel Astronite 03/8/17 at 6:32am
Pop-up before buying a CW from the shops, please!! 58 Coraline Reaper 03/7/17 at 3:17pm
feed/water the iku? 8 Tiobe Bug 03/7/17 at 5:07am
Sub wishlists 3 Aztec Lypsyl 03/6/17 at 8:40pm
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Survival Vials 7 Jillian kbbob 03/3/17 at 5:39pm
gender options 35 Fungii Morgana 03/3/17 at 5:34pm
Shengui Guo Bathhouse Pools Reminder 2 iGetThePoint kbbob 03/3/17 at 3:32pm
Put CSC in vault 74 Aztec Ursa 03/3/17 at 12:50pm
Notes section for friends 9 teacup132 Lypsyl 03/2/17 at 3:39pm
item hovers in scroll library (similar to armory) 1 probabilistic probabilistic 03/1/17 at 10:59am
Vault: Organize Categories ABC 4 gemajgall gemajgall 03/1/17 at 9:58am
Option to view larger numbers of your Foods etc 8 FLUX FLUX 03/1/17 at 7:33am
Improvement suggestions for Pandemic. 31 guro Lypsyl 02/28/17 at 8:35pm
Multiplayer Game at Subeta 2 Maibonsai05 kbbob 02/27/17 at 1:02am