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Frequently Requested Suggestions 1 Permanent Permanent 02/16/17 at 10:10pm
Useful Suggestions & Ideas Threads 1 kbbob kbbob 05/31/16 at 7:34pm
Suggestions and Ideas Rules 1 Rasputina Rasputina 03/31/10 at 11:13pm
Put the Original God Weapons in the Antique Shop 6 THESOVEREIGN Normandy 10/23/17 at 5:29am
Let the wardrobe pull items from the armory 8 THESOVEREIGN THESOVEREIGN 10/22/17 at 7:52pm
sCode for random trick-or-treating/kissing/flowers 13 Frost Jessica 10/22/17 at 5:11pm
Main shops for Holidays 10 storm42 storm42 10/22/17 at 1:52am
Mass add potions? 6 Namira Namira 10/22/17 at 12:20am
Past plot/event archives 1 InvdrZeec InvdrZeec 10/21/17 at 9:54pm
new skin collected 22 omiai omiai 10/21/17 at 8:34pm
Ability to search shop for ANYONE's wishlist 12 Chocolate Frost 10/20/17 at 6:33pm
Transform lizard spray and cage in to perks 12 Aztec jensen 10/19/17 at 3:33pm
The giant list of usability and random improvement 518 Niffler jensen 10/19/17 at 12:07am
Make Loyalty Totem rewards transformable 1 Frost Frost 10/18/17 at 4:23pm
Addition to ToT Alert 3 Kisrah Aries 10/18/17 at 2:34am
Possible Trainer Add-Ons 22 Culex LUX 10/17/17 at 5:07pm
New rule: No false-inflation 16 METROID Aries 10/17/17 at 3:05pm
Reading Books Improvement 3 Serpentina Serpentina 10/16/17 at 11:42am
Delphi Carnival needs a fortune teller machine! 45 Tiobe CakeMoose 10/15/17 at 9:22pm
Option for the Minion Zoo? 10 Desolace Yunn 10/14/17 at 9:24pm
Auto Healer for CSC 15 Sora Yunn 10/14/17 at 9:23pm
Countdown on carnival games? 5 Didi Yunn 10/14/17 at 9:19pm
Polar ice field timer 10 Namira Yunn 10/14/17 at 9:16pm
Please make the zapper show a picture of the selec 9 Shikogo Yunn 10/14/17 at 9:15pm
Costume Ideas for Pete and Quentin 11 Samaritan Skolletta 10/14/17 at 9:05pm
Games for intelligence 22 Squid Wesker 10/14/17 at 3:37am
sP sink for the Bathhouse idea 34 Marlboro Lypsyl 10/12/17 at 7:00pm
Quickstock shop change/addition? 8 Tundra Ligress 10/8/17 at 6:22pm
date format option? 8 LUX Oasis 10/8/17 at 6:39am
Rule clarifications 4 finch Dandelina 10/6/17 at 11:30pm
Add option to fragment within the item screen 7 Selphina Lypsyl 10/5/17 at 2:52pm
Change 30 seconds message buying in Gunter's Shop 7 Selphina Bug 10/3/17 at 2:17pm
More thorough gift blocking? 64 raumlet jensen 09/28/17 at 8:54pm
Scrolling "New Threads" Section 7 Mayonaka Mayonaka 09/28/17 at 4:29pm
Swap up battle quest challengers! 40 Chibois METROID 09/28/17 at 9:20am
Battle set confirmation 8 lull jensen 09/27/17 at 9:57pm
Throw an error when your shop is full 4 Speiro Bug 09/27/17 at 4:11am
Character limit on the "Status" 2 Samaritan Bug 09/27/17 at 4:10am
Help fix the Recycle Beast Wizard Token laggy mess 10 Laurey Rocketlauncher 09/25/17 at 7:26pm
Subeta DND-Type Game Suggestion 17 Artiste Mackenzi 09/25/17 at 1:40pm
Change Collection Order 3 Ligress Hannah66665 09/25/17 at 1:36am
Minion Zoo 4 RachelLynn Permanent 09/24/17 at 9:34am
Pirate item distribution 42 Squid Ciannwn 09/23/17 at 11:13am
Arcade-A-Thone 13 Marlboro Frost 09/23/17 at 10:07am
Items in your shops should show in SS at any price 10 raumlet Lypsyl 09/22/17 at 7:02pm
Weekend Quests double Quest Points? 9 Silvy Morse 09/22/17 at 3:44am
job agency suggestion 13 omiai Solsticesprite 09/21/17 at 5:44pm
Idea for Carl's quests. 12 guro Idair 09/20/17 at 11:33pm
Total income earned for pets 11 Meteorfall Meteorfall 09/19/17 at 10:36pm
Shengui Guo: shrine/temple, related holiday & more 5 Selphina Meteorfall 09/19/17 at 10:28pm