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Frequently Requested Suggestions 1 Permanent Permanent 02/16/17 at 10:10pm
Useful Suggestions & Ideas Threads 1 kbbob kbbob 05/31/16 at 7:34pm
Suggestions and Ideas Rules 1 Rasputina Rasputina 03/31/10 at 11:13pm
A school for Pets 16 Ruesa Lirikai 06/27/17 at 12:01pm
Make the drop down menu trades link useful 2 Mike Morse 06/27/17 at 8:44am
SuBingo? 2 MarchOnOff Chesid 06/27/17 at 6:47am
Making forums a bit easier 5 Cherie Knockout 06/26/17 at 4:19pm
Crystal Shop NPC 3 Bug Solsticesprite 06/26/17 at 2:27am
Addition to Fantine's baking 28 Clopin errant 06/25/17 at 9:40pm
Easy/Quick Battle Coliseum UI improvements 250 THESOVEREIGN shylarah 06/25/17 at 8:19pm
a remove from vault option on shop search 24 usagi Cherie 06/25/17 at 7:34pm
Put CSC in vault 80 Aztec Cherie 06/25/17 at 7:33pm
Update item pricing thread rules 8 THESOVEREIGN Vanity 06/25/17 at 7:25pm
Add "Already in your Wardrobe" to inventory items 50 Laurey Ruesa 06/24/17 at 10:25pm
Quest-A-Thon 44 amandajean beer 06/23/17 at 10:34pm
Gifting Pet Slots? 5 Fyreheart kbbob 06/21/17 at 4:13pm
Gift Center sent gifts history 76 lull Thistle 06/20/17 at 7:30pm
New Battle Shop Item Suggestions 8 Rocketlauncher Lypsyl 06/19/17 at 7:57pm
books read suggestion? 20 Idris Ziva 06/19/17 at 10:37am
Ping for Shengui Guo Bathhouse 9 Aynjell kbbob 06/13/17 at 1:42pm
Crypts, gifts, frag suggestions 5 Canidae Canidae 06/13/17 at 2:36am
Books Read 4 aesop Permanent 06/11/17 at 2:38pm
Suggestions for Job Agency Jobs! 83 Amber Bug 06/11/17 at 6:24am
Notification For CW Slot Decline 24 Athens Reaper 06/7/17 at 12:51pm
'Add to Currencies' option to Event currency types 10 Chesid Chocolate 06/7/17 at 7:31am
Deleting forum group needs a confirmation 7 raumlet poppet 06/6/17 at 11:29pm
Battle Challengers Suggestions 19 Canidae Rocketlauncher 06/4/17 at 6:59pm
Pop-up before buying a CW from the shops, please!! 76 Coraline capper09 06/3/17 at 2:16am
Manymany Shop/Gallery Improvements 14 Frost Skolletta 05/28/17 at 3:49am
Already in your wardrobe. 2 PointyBubbles kbbob 05/22/17 at 5:46pm
Shop / gallery item size 14 lull lull 05/22/17 at 2:48am
mark items as bought before in shops 8 trystopia Solsticesprite 05/21/17 at 10:22pm
Sub wishlists 11 Aztec Keliora 05/21/17 at 10:05pm
date format option? 2 LUX kbbob 05/18/17 at 11:16pm
"Read/Feed to Active Pet" 14 leaf ShortAxel 05/18/17 at 1:47pm
Give Flower sCode 7 red5luke Jessica 05/17/17 at 9:27pm
dying 10 Ursa Skolletta 05/16/17 at 5:24pm
Withdrawing Currency 'Stacks' 7 Ichigo777 twocents 05/15/17 at 4:08pm
Confirmation when buying CW from user stores 2 Ray Permanent 05/15/17 at 1:19pm
Please Lock 1 red5luke red5luke 05/14/17 at 5:25pm
Paginate the Gift Center/Remove Old Gifts 31 Virus Virus 05/14/17 at 4:51pm
Option for Shop Sales History 7 erynamrod erynamrod 05/14/17 at 11:09am
When you finish a quest without all the items... 4 Bug Lypsyl 05/13/17 at 9:45pm
Add Bird Watching to dailies on the news page? 11 holtby Bug 05/13/17 at 11:04am
Make banners easier to tell apart on shop search 3 Tris lull 05/13/17 at 7:56am
Gallery sorting? 2 MissFae Lypsyl 05/12/17 at 11:51am
Official Subeta Survey? 17 Thunderbird Bug 05/10/17 at 10:35am
site Cake Decorating event suggestion 6 omnibless Solsticesprite 05/9/17 at 8:09pm
Bank Option 7 Arsenal Lypsyl 05/9/17 at 2:39pm
Search Subeta - Items - CWs 14 IMPULSE Chocolate 05/7/17 at 11:11am