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Bragging and Complaining Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/3/11 at 9:06am
Useful Bragging and Complaining Threads 1 Destiny Destiny 03/19/11 at 6:19pm
That moment you feed a gender berry to your pet 6 Fletch Juice 11/24/17 at 10:59am
Comic book pet name brag 3 Arkham Arkham 11/23/17 at 5:17pm
Always check what you have in your inventory D= 6 Lia Ickle 11/22/17 at 9:35pm
Noooooo!!! Unclick! Unclick! 4 Allegria Rogue 11/22/17 at 9:35pm
Jollin Hunting permits available? 3 Speeters Speeters 11/22/17 at 9:11pm
daylight savings killed my bathhouse streak 9 hermes hermes 11/19/17 at 11:29am
You have 35,000 RBP! 8 intermission intermission 11/19/17 at 10:16am
I quit! 6 quit quit 11/18/17 at 6:56pm
first time ever having 100mil SP!! 4 cryforjudas Rogue 11/18/17 at 6:06pm
Don't frag and watch TV kids! 4 Ying Rogue 11/18/17 at 6:06pm
>110,000,000sp 4 Cosmic Rogue 11/18/17 at 6:05pm
Just wanted someone to admire them with me ^_^ 6 Hera Kathy 11/18/17 at 3:38pm
Won the jackpot twice in less than 2 minutes lol 12 Marlboro Marlboro 11/18/17 at 11:16am
Vended another Riptide! 4 Mouse Hera 11/16/17 at 3:02pm
Ugh my luck ;; 6 Virus Julie 11/16/17 at 2:52am
Leave for years, Discover all your items are $$$ 7 CARRAWAY JennyContrary 11/15/17 at 7:16pm
Missed a Bathhouse day... 2 Mia Juice 11/15/17 at 12:26pm
Guess who just pressed refresh after... 6 GLaDOS Lypsyl 11/12/17 at 3:49pm
At 64 Years Of Age... 6 Benzin Lypsyl 11/12/17 at 3:47pm
I was known as McKay, now... 8 Fray Fray 11/12/17 at 2:22pm
What? Sora is evolving! 5 Pegasus Rogue 11/12/17 at 2:20pm
Yes, it happens. 6 Rogue Rogue 11/12/17 at 2:16pm
I messed up.. Laugh at me to cheer me up?? 7 PsychoticGiggle Mouse 11/12/17 at 11:43am
used to be mar, now i'm toxic 16 toxic toxic 11/11/17 at 9:01pm
I just won a 2,340,000 jackpot! 4 Luckycharms288 Bliss 11/11/17 at 2:27pm
Pet Brag: Dyrre, Karv and Bleidd 11 Alkuna Kellijuana 11/8/17 at 9:05pm
Small Rant On Subeta Adoption 8 MusicEmo Sopheroo 11/5/17 at 9:13am
well, that happened 5 jensen jensen 11/4/17 at 11:53pm
Do you include customs in your collections? 3 Opheliac Lypsyl 11/4/17 at 7:56pm
Euclid, ILU! ;o; 3 Kisrah Kisrah 10/31/17 at 7:52pm
*Dr. Evil voice* One BILLION dolla... er, sP! 3 Allegria Allegria 10/31/17 at 7:31pm
An Amazing Pet Profile Done! 12 NoelKreiss NoelKreiss 10/31/17 at 12:09pm
Name Change and Thanks for the Gifts 9 Hisenys Hisenys 10/31/17 at 1:33am
Huh?! 3 MagnusTheRed MagnusTheRed 10/30/17 at 11:10am
Username Change!!! 7 Angelica Angelica 10/26/17 at 3:24pm
Thanks, Euclid! 5 NoelKreiss NoelKreiss 10/26/17 at 2:05pm
TheSunlitGarden → Shark 8 Shark arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 11:09pm
its the little victories 6 mondactyl arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 11:07pm
Lil Lord Fauntleroy 13 Lypsyl arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 11:05pm
Bathhouse Pools Brag 8 Ciannwn arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 11:04pm
HE's Squidward, YOU'RE Squidward, I'M SQUIDWARD 27 Squidward arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 11:04pm
Oops I did it again! 11 Elliot arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 11:02pm
Finally beat Nightlady five times and... 5 Allegria arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 9:39pm
I can't bEAR it anymore. 12 Shou arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 9:38pm
Donation Corner Horror Story 7 MagnusTheRed arcanis_angelicus 10/24/17 at 9:34pm
those c-dubz man > m > 3 Cereza Virus 10/21/17 at 10:50pm
Noooooooo 2 Moran Evy 10/20/17 at 4:51pm
Three-letter name snag!! 1 Lisa Lisa 10/20/17 at 1:37pm