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Bragging and Complaining Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/3/11 at 9:06am
Useful Bragging and Complaining Threads 1 Destiny Destiny 03/19/11 at 6:19pm
(Achieved!) Life uh, Finds A Way 1 Zubuziggity Zubuziggity 07/20/17 at 10:11pm
You are the 939th richest user on Subeta. 7 Elegance EmilyMae 07/20/17 at 3:54pm
Ohhhh I am psychic 2 EagleWing Virus 07/20/17 at 2:52am
Um.... Butthurt much?? 1 CosmosJenise CosmosJenise 07/20/17 at 1:51am
This site's cool but.... 6 Jenise Jenise 07/20/17 at 1:16am
Name Change! 1 DistantFawn DistantFawn 07/19/17 at 11:05pm
Congratulations on winning..... 4 Amanda Brinny 07/18/17 at 10:09pm
Finished Mephostophilis (Sort Of) 5 RinKaari RinKaari 07/18/17 at 3:47pm
So.. Anyone else feel like an absolute SB outcast? 10 CulexTheNineTails Skylar 07/18/17 at 3:21pm
Item Hunt just screwed me big time 9 chuuie Chesid 07/18/17 at 12:49am
Tired of rabid rsers... 48 bonita Vinushka 07/17/17 at 10:51pm
I finally did it! 3 BlueRiver Mouse 07/17/17 at 9:46pm
Holy crap a Riptide! 16 Virus Mouse 07/17/17 at 9:44pm
New name! 18 Symmetra Isabella 07/15/17 at 4:13pm
Changed my name to the same 2 Liliari Lypsyl 07/14/17 at 9:22pm
New Pet AND Got Awesome Experiment w/ Zap 3 Groove Groove 07/13/17 at 5:25pm
ultimate nerd status: achieved. 11 magnus Iridescent 07/12/17 at 11:21pm
Treasure Chest Brag 1 Groove Groove 07/12/17 at 9:00pm
Oops I did it again! 10 Elliot Elliot 07/8/17 at 1:19pm
Username Change 17 Bliss Zakery 07/7/17 at 1:55am
HE's Squidward, YOU'RE Squidward, I'M SQUIDWARD 26 Squidward Peache 07/6/17 at 2:25am
<3 my zap!!!! 1 Peache Peache 07/6/17 at 2:15am
My 35th and newest pet! 2 Elegance Henry 07/5/17 at 7:27pm
The plant has attacked Hedlok! 2 Sopheroo Tali 07/3/17 at 12:22pm
Bathhouse brag 5 Hunnie86 Hunnie86 07/2/17 at 1:38am
gifted wrong person!! 4 Yukiko Lypsyl 07/1/17 at 6:57pm
So I decided to cash in my candy heart stash... 7 Cheezmo Cherie 06/25/17 at 11:15pm
oh my god i finally did it 5 catbreath Cherie 06/25/17 at 11:13pm
Isn't my Pom-tocopus cute. 3 Normandy Normandy 06/25/17 at 12:17am
Little pet brag 5 Ava Groove 06/22/17 at 7:20pm
Kinda Annoyed 20 Mindi Mindi 06/21/17 at 8:56pm
Prince Noctis Caelum is MINE Now! (Pet Brag) 11 NoelKreiss NoelKreiss 06/21/17 at 5:56pm
Changed my username!! 3 RoyalPrincessPrince Groove 06/19/17 at 6:07am
new username! 4 holtby Groove 06/19/17 at 4:01am
Who priced their mage amulets @ 1.5k :[ 4 Zanoya Fluxism 06/18/17 at 11:19am
Does it feel like you're the only person alive? 18 Lukota EmilyMae 06/14/17 at 7:33pm
I'm a confirmed simpleton 7 sickestambition Archer 06/13/17 at 9:21pm
I hate this game 9 Bug Lypsyl 06/13/17 at 8:06pm
PIKOHAN 3 Piko Piko 06/13/17 at 8:32am
Vend Rarity Cap and Baking Vent 1 Andromeda Andromeda 06/11/17 at 2:47am
Raging at Euclid once again >:C 4 BlueRiver BlueRiver 06/10/17 at 12:10am
A New Birthday Pet For Me! (Pet Brag) 12 NoelKreiss Spritey 06/7/17 at 11:33pm
Mispriced Genuine 625 Skull 7 Merida Prophet 06/2/17 at 2:51pm
rest in pieces the achievement i wanted 5 GioGio GioGio 05/31/17 at 12:15pm
Bathhouse Pools Fail 28 GLaDOS Selkie 05/31/17 at 11:55am
Finally a billionaire :D 7 Desolace Wesker 05/29/17 at 12:13pm
BIRDS. 10 Rookie arixen 05/28/17 at 4:02am
I WAS A FOOL 8 FelixCorvus rosia 05/26/17 at 1:04pm