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⭐Items with non-white item backgrounds 28 Reya Reya 02/12/17 at 9:42am
✦ Broken Images 97 Reya Frenchi 01/21/17 at 2:37pm
Unlocked Straightforward hair BLANK again :( 1 Fable Fable 02/17/17 at 10:49pm
Censor Bar makes HA turn black 2 Laurey Luck 02/17/17 at 5:42pm
Spaces in Notepad in dashboard 2 Pac Romanyinu 02/17/17 at 1:24pm
Kitty, what are you doing? 10 Digitalis Zay 02/15/17 at 4:12pm
February 2013 Collection Rarity 1 Kisrah Kisrah 02/15/17 at 4:52am
Images randomly shrunken around the site 55 Speiro Reaper 02/15/17 at 3:10am
Black Bauble Beanbag in wardrobe 1 facade facade 02/15/17 at 2:02am
Chocolate Rabbit use option 3 Zyte Zyte 02/14/17 at 9:42pm
Wardrobe layer achievements not updating. 6 Poet Destiny 02/10/17 at 11:15am
Items not adding to collections 15 ashleighsaur Paddy 02/9/17 at 1:17pm
Ruinous Hexbloom item sizes 1 Eevee Eevee 02/2/17 at 9:10pm
Item previews 5 vegan vegan 02/1/17 at 4:23pm
WL adding duplicates 5 Stiles Stiles 01/30/17 at 9:09pm
My breadroll is an account upgrade. 3 TheGreyOne Zay 01/17/17 at 7:27pm
Gloomy Fruit ended up in my wardrobe? 6 Clue Bathory 01/16/17 at 12:02pm
Pet's Book List - High Score List 2 Kathy Destiny 01/16/17 at 9:28am
New years Shop owner has no face 6 miha Kathy 01/8/17 at 8:33am
Pet with no owner, but not in the AC? 2 Una Destiny 01/7/17 at 8:11pm
Delicate Mermaid Wrap catagorised as Charity Pin? 1 Selphina Selphina 12/22/16 at 8:32pm
It's raining but Oatmeal's image still sunny? 2 Bug Amber 12/19/16 at 8:01pm
preview glitch on lights and garlands 3 Turokai Kathy 12/19/16 at 7:02am
Blurry Images in NPC Shops 2 Kathy shylarah 12/18/16 at 5:39am
Item in Wrong Category in Wardrobe 1 rainestorme rainestorme 12/12/16 at 8:49am
Issue when opening a Dilapidated Circus Trunk 1 Pandaslowpoke Pandaslowpoke 12/3/16 at 9:13pm
Transform issues: Ball Thrower to Feather Wand 1 Jinjah Jinjah 12/3/16 at 4:04pm
cant get item show up on avatar 2 HoneyDew Destiny 12/2/16 at 11:14am
Inaccurate Text On Blocked User Profile 6 Sorcerer Sorcerer 11/18/16 at 8:21pm
stray pixels on a few wears (+ other probs) 2 Frenchi Mistress_Murder 11/13/16 at 1:51pm
Zapper skins not showing in item hover? 4 Paddy starlesswinter 11/13/16 at 10:26am
Wetsuits have wrong image in wardrobe 9 Lypsyl Lypsyl 11/12/16 at 4:14pm
Missing Face When Saving/Sharing Outfits 3 rainestorme rainestorme 11/8/16 at 3:44pm
No alert for new beer - already joined club 1 Cherri Cherri 11/4/16 at 2:30pm
missing skin in wardrobe 2 JackyMedan Destiny 11/2/16 at 9:03am
Don't Toss Dwarves Links 14 BranDivah AlanaBanana 10/29/16 at 2:44pm
Professor New Polarity Lipstick item art blurry 4 Setsunaela Laurey 10/29/16 at 8:56am
Fish heads 2 Bathory Destiny 10/28/16 at 9:17am
No such item: (numbers here) 1 Chromatus Chromatus 10/27/16 at 11:18pm
* Clothing with no male version 8 Destiny Xezvi 10/22/16 at 12:16pm
wrong item image for blue dancing shoes 1 Frenchi Frenchi 10/21/16 at 10:46pm
Starry Pie Has Stray Pixels 3 Sorcerer Wintear 10/21/16 at 6:21am
Puss Caterpillar non-existent? 3 Pirate Pirate 10/20/16 at 3:28pm
Some shared outfits are broken 14 Luck Vibe 10/16/16 at 1:50pm
Black Pumpkin Lip Gloss... 2 Lisa Virus 10/13/16 at 6:44pm
Brown Short Overalls (overlay issues) 4 Speiro luvotomy 10/3/16 at 4:50am
Heart-Cut Pink Tourmaline error 3 Silvy Silvy 10/1/16 at 2:40pm
A little too much GA time 35 Clopin Templar 09/19/16 at 11:49am
Money Tree is 63x63 pixels 1 Morse Morse 09/7/16 at 2:19am
Long item name in inventory 1 Kisrah Kisrah 09/1/16 at 2:13pm