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⭐Items with non-white item backgrounds 29 Reya whisperly 11/20/17 at 4:45pm
✦ Broken Images 112 Reya Kathy 10/21/17 at 4:08pm
shiny cherry ornament 4 lull lull 12/10/17 at 2:53pm
Can't buy Dapper Miniature Pinscher Figurine 1 PUNK PUNK 12/10/17 at 11:16am
Items in wrong inventory category 41 Jessica Truffula 12/8/17 at 12:48am
Dark Matter Dice 3 SpiritedLass SpiritedLass 12/6/17 at 8:37pm
Eye Makeup Set/Eye Makeup Kit 2 raumlet Laurey 12/6/17 at 3:28pm
Item in Wrong Category in Wardrobe 15 rainestorme rainestorme 12/6/17 at 9:35am
Requirements for Achievements not showing as owned 2 caterose Bug 12/6/17 at 12:07am
Multiple broken wardrobe images 1 Pandaslowpoke Pandaslowpoke 12/5/17 at 11:57pm
Crypts Random Event - tiny item image 2 Evy Sorcerer 12/5/17 at 12:05am
Chibi Peppermint Archan Plulshie 3 Amanita Amanita 12/2/17 at 6:20pm
Liquid Smoke Not Artifact 3 Ciannwn Destiny 11/27/17 at 1:50pm
Vanity Fey Jacket - Stray Marks 1 Firebolt Firebolt 11/27/17 at 1:06pm
CW Pawn Shop - Incorrect Category 2 Kathy Digitalis 11/24/17 at 6:34pm
Misspelled "Fennic" fox 2 Sarvek Destiny 11/16/17 at 11:23pm
Battle Challenger Image Issues 1 Thomas Thomas 11/16/17 at 7:25am
scrolls have the wrong rarity 1 jensen jensen 11/13/17 at 12:08am
Sougara Emeralde Hair Ribbon color mismatch 6 Frenchi Laurey 11/4/17 at 4:46pm
I have two Dark Charms in my wardrobe 1 Sielbee Sielbee 11/3/17 at 3:23am
Weird Arrangement at Quick Stock 3 amber_sapphire3 amber_sapphire3 10/23/17 at 8:59am
Floating Candle Lights 3 Desolace Desolace 10/16/17 at 6:17pm
Glitched Wardrobe Items 9 Aline Bug 10/2/17 at 9:22am
Morostide site theme white space, inconsistencies 1 abra abra 09/30/17 at 6:42pm
weapons? 1 Eelric Eelric 09/16/17 at 8:45am
Multicolor Hibiscus, Mystical Magical Celestial Lo 5 Squid Squid 09/11/17 at 2:48pm
Not pink? 4 Magma Magma 09/9/17 at 8:05pm
* Clothing with no male version 10 Destiny Aline 08/30/17 at 5:28pm
loyalty totem -potion 4 Solo Rah 08/22/17 at 8:26am
Standard Subeta Profiles - pets outlining 11 Evy Bug 08/16/17 at 2:00pm
Ruinous Hexbloom item sizes 3 Eevee Eevee 08/4/17 at 8:04pm
Transform issues: Ball Thrower to Feather Wand 2 Jinjah Destiny 08/4/17 at 3:36pm
Item description needs touch up 3 Iridescent Speiro 07/30/17 at 7:35pm
Item previews 24 Vegan Meteorfall 07/28/17 at 1:18pm
Items not transferring from inventory to shop 2 leisa831 Frenchi 07/22/17 at 11:27pm
different colors for item in wardrobe vs wearing? 13 holtby Malibu 07/22/17 at 1:26pm
Saving overlay images from site? 7 Pika Pika 07/14/17 at 9:40am
Probed Moonrock Weapon or toy? 1 Nine7tales Nine7tales 07/7/17 at 12:12pm
Soda Lime Strands - item shows up as "held" layer? 1 holtby holtby 06/20/17 at 11:50am
* Electric Piano - slight error in the overlay? 11 Paddy Paddy 06/13/17 at 1:30pm
Broken overlay for orange polo 4 Bug Destiny 05/14/17 at 10:19am
White Pixels On Black Cat Romper 1 MagnusTheRed MagnusTheRed 04/17/17 at 7:50pm
Can't delete saved outfits from Wardrobe 5 Jotaro Luck 04/8/17 at 9:54am
rain overlay doesnt completely cover oatmeal image 1 Frenchi Frenchi 03/20/17 at 2:21am
redeemable wig problem 4 Raggy Raggy 03/17/17 at 11:44pm
Broken image when activating loyalty GA 2 grouse bixbite 03/9/17 at 10:31pm
wardrobe not reloading/changing eyes or mouth 3 Kalliste Destiny 03/7/17 at 8:58pm
Orange Ornamented Top - missing male overlay 3 Speiro Xezvi 03/7/17 at 3:01pm
Wardrobe layer achievements not updating. 6 Poet Destiny 02/10/17 at 11:15am
WL adding duplicates 5 Stiles Stiles 01/30/17 at 9:09pm